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  1. Horation

    [POLL] Which Prizes Do You Find Most Enticing?

    I feel like the best way to do it is a couple of big prizes spread out over the contest's duration rather than a melange of prize types which'll confuse newcomers
  2. Horation

    Rocky Mountain Minifigs

    Interesting selection, the post captain looks great, I might end up using it make a new sigfig!
  3. Horation

    Displaying the Eldorado Fortress

    @Mister Phes, from what I've seen, fully closed shelves work, anything else is basically useless.
  4. Horation

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    Most of it is likely rather boring (ex : legal or production requirements), but they probably also explain how to "lego-ify" someone correctly. You can surely send that man a message requesting a copy or ask Lego's customer services for it. They might just let you take a look.
  5. Horation

    [ENTRY] [LARGE] Steve's Double-crossing

    Arguably, if there was more darkness on the building (ex: dark green vegetation), it would look more in tune.
  6. Horation

    [ENTRY] [LARGE] Steve's Double-crossing

    A fitting story for Steve, one knows he would not dare spy on his own kin, his own flesh (after all, redbeard and he are clones of each other). Indeed, this looks like a lovely brawl, but for additional chaos, I'd add a few ice cream pieces for smoke on the muskets. The tower looks well-built, with a great roofing technique and some small details on the walls. However, it doesn't fit the other part of the build (the pirates' camp). One would expect their meeting to be in a secluded area, and not next to a small tower in flawless shape that would surely draw attention to them. It'd be easy to make it look like ruins so as to improve coherence. The beach is well shaped, but the black water, I must say, looks disappointing, as it damages the colourfulness of the whole build. Either replace it or use a piece of blue paper/cardboard like @Juhlhaus. A good selection of aptly-posed figures rounds out the entry. There's a lot of skill behind this, and with a little more time, it'd be even better
  7. Horation

    [MOC] VOC Galleon (eastindiaman)

    A lovely build, with clever techniques and a nice colour scheme! 2 questions, though : a) where is all the crew? 4 men for such a ship feels a like a little... b) the ladders are nice, but they make it impossible to access the guns under them, maybe modify it a little? But these are tweeny nitpicks from someone still in contest mode. The sails look custom-made, where'd you get them? Or how did you make 'em?
  8. A nice build that correctly captures the nature of the Steve we know and love! The fluff around the build is well thought out, and instead of some lazy prose, it reads well. There's however little mystery, since we know our Steve would never hoard his money to no end! It is original enough for what it intends to be. One small critique is the fact that there's a little too much foliage (it is a small isle, so it should have small amounts of stuff), and you mention a digging operation, but I see few traces of such an operation, maybe add a little sand here and there to improve the illusion. But these are small nitpicks... If I can make another recommendation : make a follow on! Where does the money end up? Does he get cursed (is it how he lost a leg and became a pirate captain down the line)? Does he buy a merchant boat with and tries again with the redcoats instead of the bluecosts? That's what I want, more, because this is already great!
  9. The only thing missing is a couple of rock monsters! Lovely build, it is chockfull of details, even at such a scale.
  10. Horation

    [ENTRY] [SMALL] Quadruplets?

    That's your choice, but it is definitively going to bother some people, and might cost you valuable votes.
  11. The greedy pirate in me sure prefers the bigger prizes (especially since I've got a real chance of winning 'em). Also, in all seriousness, a bigger prize draws in more interest from top talents (ex : Wimbledon gives 2 000 000 in prize money to the winner, while the Granby open has total prizes under 300 000, guess which one Roger Federer went to the most often...).
  12. Any chance of getting a hint at what the next challenge will involve, or is it, like Steve's background, a mystery?
  13. Horation

    [ENTRY][SMALL] Mini Imperial Trading Post

    It is in fact an advantage, as Lego sets tend to be cheaper in Canada than in Europe, so I got 42 Euros per European prices, but which retailed for an amount equal to only 35 Euros in Canadian dollars... Just don't forget to follow the prize claiming rules...
  14. Horation

    [ENTRY] [SMALL] Quadruplets?

    I see you moved the head a little on young Ironhook, which is good, but now there are two pictures where we can see him without his head at all, which is a little strange, maybe take those pictures and stitch 'em once more so they fit better? Because, headless Ironhook wasn't on my pirates bingo card...