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  1. Yeah, on top of the stunning visuals, the clever, deliberate and carefully crafted use of music in this episode was quite frankly astonishing. There is a musical moment near the beginning that will just leave long time fans shattered. This might actually be a reasonable contender for overall series best episode to date, just for how tightly woven and flawlessly executed it is. Just as the characters have grown up, aged and matured, particularly Lloyd, this is the show itself maturing to match them. The tone, the color pallets, the animation, the action. For the kids who started watching this at 9, this episode proves it can still engage them at 16. Or 35. Or 50.
  2. The Arrowhead has nothing to do with Classic Space. Most of the ships used for the sets in the Lego Star Wars cartoon lines such as Freemaker Adventures or Yoda Chrinicles etc, come from the old Star Wars EU/Legacy Materials. Primarily the “Essential Guide to Ships and Vehicles”. For example the Lego “Stealth Fighter” is an EU New Republic E-Wing. The Arrowhead similarly is based on art found in those books.
  3. LEGO Star Wars Restoration

    At the top of the page click on the “forums” link, then scroll down to the “Minifig Customization” forum under Special Interests.
  4. LEGO Ninjago 2018

    There have been some blurry pics leaked. They look pretty good. Hard to make out any real details beyond a few really nice dragons. The largest set has a kind of badlands or cave feel to it. A lot of light tan. Hard to judge minifigs in anything since most were placeholders. There did seem to be a small-mid sized set that featured Skylar and Samurai X in a small temple of some sort. Edit, oh and instead of the ground spinners it looks like there are a new flying Dragon spinner. It was hard to tell in pics, but they look like the Airjitsu ones, but with wings that deploy.
  5. So just saw episode 79. Ummm? Wow! Just Wow! Without getting into spoilers it might be the most well crafted, well paced, action packed and cinematic episode of the show to date. No major things revealed beyond one that we all knew the answer to already. I don’t think I saw a single negative or even slow moment in the episode. An amazing emotional roller coaster. When you see it the biggest question you will still have is “why the holy hell didn’t they let these people make the movie!?!?”
  6. 2018 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Let’s not forget the ever present number of off road quads. I think I have a huge bin just stuffed with those. Bonus when we get a set of a helicopter carrying a quad bike!
  7. Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Kristel one of the contributors here did a really nice Hotel that seemed to solve most issues you mention. https://modularsbykristel.com/lion-heart-hotel/
  8. Future Castle Sets?

    There are 6 gorgeous copper colored LOTR Orc swords in the Ninjago City set. Used as architectural greebling. Crazy idea for those seeking to revitalize Castle a bit. Go through Ideas. Propose a set. A real legit set. Not one of the over the top super detailed impress everybody MOC's that seem to be the only Medieval sets ever listed there. Put forth something like Mill Village Raid or Medieval Market Village. Something smaller in scale, that tells a story and works as a playset. Maybe a Knight Fighting a Dragon in a small village with a Barn and a House or Shop? Push something through that could prime the pump if you will.
  9. LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm not sure that they will bounce this one for that. They did make Wall-e. The Disney stuff kind of gets into a really grey area I suspect. It's a broad license with a lot of sub licences that may or may not be in force. While they don't want people submitting more projects from ongoing licences, I don't think it will be an auto fail for a grandfathered in project such as this. It has always been so tempting to take an Ewok Village set. Change the tree and leave colors, swap out the minifigs and submit it as "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves" to see if anybody gets the joke?
  10. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    As a Lego and a Ninjago fan, it's worth watching once for the art designs. The voices are horrible compared to what you are used to. Best think of these fools as the Mirror Universe Ninja.
  11. Modular rebuild. Some thoughts

    I think PR really pairs best with Pet Shop. Heck for a near perfect effect split the Pet Shop and put its to buildings on either side of PR. The Blue building then makes a great transition to DO, with in turn transitions perfectly to the Brick Bank.
  12. Future Castle Sets?

    My theory is look at some of the toylines most prone to be banned from grade schools. The ones driving the teachers mad. The real toys, not the fidget spinner type stuff. But the stuff the kids bring to school to share with their friends. That’s the stuff that sticks and holds that nostalgia draw.
  13. Future Action and Adventure Themes

    I still remain astonished that we have not seen a story based Space Pirates theme. The closest we came was Space Police III. I think we are overdue for an Underwater Adventure Theme as well. Also given that Nexo Knights is ending a wave early, I would not rule out a quick one and done placeholder like we got with Monster Fighters to fill the space. Maybe something like a “Kailua Fighters” Theme? Brick built/construction giant monsters and a team of heroes using tech vehicles and mecha to capture or combat them? That would seem to find a good sweet spot in the pop culture kiddy zeitgeist given the string of Godzilla, Kong, Pacific Rim And Now Rampage movies.
  14. Future Castle Sets?

    Sure they will. Just as the kids from way back still fondly talk about their Mego action figures and playsets. All the Super Heroes, Star Trek etc. or the group after them raves about those original Kenner Star Wars toys. G1 Transformers anyone? While I don’t think the Lego Movie or Lego Batman Movie will be some future nostalgic nerds Holy Grail, the Ninjago stuff certainly will.