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  1. Faefrost

    Central Perk Big Bang Theory Modular

    So finally gathered all the parts to make this wonderful design. Thank you Berthil for making the plans public. And of course just as I am getting ready to build Lego announces they will be doing a Seinfeld Ideas set... Damit! Now I'm going to have to figure out a third floor!
  2. Faefrost

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Actually for most waves Ninjago has been very clever in putting some diferentiation in the henchmen and minions. There is a perception of ranking. The Snake waves show it best where each snake clan had the Leader with snake legs. The 2nd with Leader head but human legs. The upper minion with the clan style head and normal legs and the low man clan type head with short legs. You see a similar pattern in the Stone Army. And to lesser degrees in most other waves. The only ones that went full generic bad guys were this last waves Red Visors group. For Monkey Kid they gave each Bull a name. Some minor difference, be it horn color or arm color would have greatly helped.
  3. Faefrost

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    The Jackie Chan Jet Li movie is cool, but didn't hit real big, and is barely a Journey to the west adaption. More an influence. The Thomas Gibson miniseries was pretty neat for actually exploring the original story and myths. But I suspect you and I might be two of the few that remember it, or even watched it. Didn't it air on SyFy and Hallmark channels? The two Stephen Chow Chinese language movies (2014 and 2017) did get some attention on Netflix. But I'm not sure the sets western target audience would watched them much. It always amazes me just how little exposure the western world has to Journey to the west and the Monkey King? I still can't figure out the price points of these sets. The Piggsy's Truck one is actually pretty good. But the Dragon Horse Bike feels like a $20 Ninjago Bike set And the Monkey Kid Jet set feels like a leftover $30 Chima set. Do we know is this intentionally a Lego Store exclusive, or is it just that because of all the lockdowns and disruptions? Feels like the same stuff they use for the CMF's to me. I don't see anything that points to a potential issue yet.
  4. Faefrost

    LEGO Monkie Kid 2020

    Agreed. I found it to be almost seizure inducing. No character development. Not even any explanation for any of the a Hero characters. Like why Does Mei show up like some sort of Superhero? The show is pure short attention span randomness blended with seizure inducing animation. I also picked up a few sets. My views are mixed. The builds seem decent. The minifigs get split right down the middle. The main cast such as Monkey Kid and his friends are some of Lego’s all time best minifigs. But every set undercuts that by piling in an equal number of identical Bull Minions. They compound this by giving each a specific name, even though there is no way to tell them apart. It just rubs salt in the wound. The line itself has some problems. The biggest being there is no reasonable entry point. The cheapest set is $35 US. There re no impulse sets. No small sets to hook the kids. For an 8 set theme, where you want the kids to collect the named characters, there are three sets well over $100 USD. Heck all three are above $120. With two at or over $150. Lego is normally much better at hitting a well balanced and scaled series of price points than this. It’s a nice theme with some really cool figs and a few fun sets. But It’s missing some desperately needed hooks and approachable pricing. The story elements need more polish. For most Western consumers the sum total of their exposure to Journey to the West begins and ends with Dragonball Z. Unless they are over age 50, and might remember the Great Alakazam movie when some tv stations would run it late on Christmas Day. Actually delving into the story and mythology instead of going with complete random visual hash in the videos might have made for more compelling characters, that you want to play with. But that’s just my opinion. With all that said the Monkey Kid minifig is currently competing with The a Hidden Side’s Wave 2 Jack with new hair and hood pieces as my favorites so far this year.
  5. A lot of other "Blind Bag" lines solved the "squeezing and feeling" problem by putting a folded cardboard insert in the packet. So the parts are between the Cardboard and can't be really felt through the bag. Heck they could just print the little checklist/instructions on heavier cardstock and use that.
  6. Faefrost

    Is this the end of Lego Police?

    Be warned, the Misandrist Pop Culture Grifter and all around outrage pimp, Anita Sarkeesian, having finally worn out her welcome over in the Videogame world is back trying to stir up sh@t with Lego. I would advise do not engage Sarkeesian directly, it's how her grift works. Just politely let Lego know that you are dedicated customers of their City Police and Fire lines. That you are a supporter of the Police and Emergency Services, and that you would view any decision to end those product lines to be anti-consumer, and one that would cost them your business.
  7. I get that. Although the logo is a little obscure even by Lego fan standards. It’s still a cool little nod. But honestly the printing on the torso is lousy and looks awful. The white and red printing is translucent over green plastic.
  8. On a slightly more positive spin than most of the doom and gloom of the last few pages. I picked up a few at Target while traveling (I'm one of those Unicorns that just takes random bags, no squeezing, just to see what I get). I got the Karate Guy (he's okay, and I have a spot for him. The Kid with Pinatta who is amazing, the Rocket Girl, Great shirt and hair, The 80's Keytar player (interesting and I have a use for him) The Drone Pilot (dullest of the series. Nothing interesting in torso, head or anything) The Raven Knight (decent, but others have been better. Great Torso for Castle) The Pirate Queen (Great Figure) The Green Brick dude (pointless) and my Favorite the Red Sentai Hero. I had not realized that Lego Red here is a really nice homage to the original Super Sentai Team he's based on Sun Vulcan Red. Not the later and more modern Power Rangers.
  9. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    My other thought on the new Haunted House is it would make a fantastic starting point for a Modular Church for your city.
  10. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    It looks amazing, but it has some display challenges. In case anyone missed it, it's taller than the D2C Ninjago City. Which means my display options for it will be very limited unless I get out the hammer and saw.
  11. Faefrost

    Newbury High School MOD

    I love it! I assume it starts with 3 or 4 of the basic sets?
  12. Faefrost

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Damit! I was hoping for the Winter Village Fruitcake Factory. A gloomy and poisonous place populated by Zombie slaves and Goblins. Ruled under the iron booted heels of Santas Elves. You know a traditional Christmas setting.
  13. Faefrost

    Octan Gas Station Moc

  14. Faefrost

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Some of the wave 1 sets are seeing a discount. Mainly the smaller and mid sized sets. I got the Stunt Truck, Cemetery, School Bus and Train for 20% off in Target over the past few weeks. The School and the Wave 2 sets are still MSRP.
  15. Faefrost

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    There are a few other pics out there. But the sparcity may mean its a retail exclusive. Probably Target. The one thing we know from other pics is the big blue thing on the back comes off and forms a mecha. Sort of like that one Galaxy Squad Green set.