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  1. Faefrost

    Lego City 2023 Leaks, Rumours, Speculation And Discussion

    I think it will pair really well with the Harry Potter Hogsmeade set.
  2. Faefrost

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    Much of it has to do with the complex logistics involved in manufacturing Lego. They tend to do Staggered Releases for the huge Mass MArket themes and lines with an offset between Europe and North America. There are a number of reasons for this. All involving logistics. But here's one of the big ones that we don't really think about. Europe and North America both have huge full service manufacturing plants. So outside of special run stuff like D2C etc, Most sets released on European Shelves are manufactured at the Euro factories and most sets sold in North America are made in the Mexico factory. Lego tool sets. The molds that they use to make Lego parts are extremely expensive. The tooling will cost between $100,000-$500,000 USD. To put this in perspective due to the extremely high precision needed from every Lego piece in all axis, plus the need for the highest quality ABS, Lego's tooling costs are the highest in the toy industry, and possibly the highest for any Injection Molded plastic manufacturer. Mattel's Barbie does not need to connect to every other Barbie ever made with 6 axis of precision. So the tooling is expensive. So While each factory has one or more toolsets of the most commonly needed elements, for stuff that is new, or is used less, or is very specialized, there may only be 1 set of tooling company wide. And this tool set is shared among the factory's. Because it is cheaper to move the tool for a few weeks use at a time than it is to ship millions of pieces. So the European and North America Factory's will be careful planning and scheduling, have production offsets. The factory's will not and pretty much cannot be making the same sets at the same time. So each is working on a slightly different schedule. And this results in some regional offsets for when product hits the street. Because unless dictated by a license contract for a Hard Date, such as stuff related to a movie, you don't really want or need finished product clogging your warehouse shelves waiting for the other side of the world to catch up. So one region may be getting new Ninjago this week while another gets City. It's all about the Logistics of keeping the factory's humming with maximum efficiency.
  3. Faefrost

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The Nike one would be a license (albeit a really really expensive license) to print money. There's a Nike store a short distance down the Mall Aisle from my local Lego store. I notice the massive line there for each new Air Jordan's release. I can't help but imagine the weird synergistic chaos of moving that line down to the rather nerdy crew in the Lego shop. But it would be a breakthrough set that would unquestionably grow Lego's brand into new customer bases. Assuming of course there isn't some element of Lego's Adidas License that would block a Nike project. You can imagine Lego coming out with a whole new line of brick built shoes. Air Jordan's, Dorothy's Ruby Slippers, Giant Clown Shoes, whatever.
  4. Faefrost

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    39 Projects under review for the 1st 2022 Review Period https://ideas.lego.com/blogs/a4ae09b6-0d4c-4307-9da8-3ee9f3d368d6/post/80b29f94-d8e0-47d8-ab43-f9cec25cc98e Some really incredible ones this time. I mean there really are no bad ones this quarter. There are no obvious ones that they would never make. This might be the single strongest group we've ever seen hit at once. Just no or very few obvious flaws. At a glance ones that I think (to my eye at least) have a good chance; - The Concorde, just the nice sort of aerospace display piece that would go well with the Shuttle. A comfortable $100-$150'ish set for AFOL's. - Steampunk Airship, Just a nice sort of meeting point between Pirates/Ships/Castle/Fantasy/Adventure. Gorgeous Model at a rational size and scale. Add in a Baron von Baron minifig and it's perfect. - Lego Insects, I think this one is a gimme. The only way they don't do this is if they already have plans for something along these lines - 221 Baker Street. They've avoided doing straight up Modular Buildings for Ideas. But seem okay with Modular Adjacent. This seems a great period piece with a probably accessible license. - Adventure Box, basically a classic type Sewing Box. It's gorgeous, distinct, outside the norm, functional and altogether something Lego has never done before. But it works well in Lego form. - Hanging Flowers, a really clever execution and a nice piece(s). The only thing that may work against it is the need for something to hang it from. - Antique Cash Register, talk about a follow up to the typewriter. Although if they do make it I somehow doubt that we would see that much Metallic Gold. - Notting Hill Market, just a gorgeous little slice of city life while not stepping on City or Modulars. Longshot stuff Less likely, but you never know? - Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers, I would almost say this set is a decent possibility. But there is a new movie coming soon, which might make this set unlikely. As there might be an actual normal license issued. Or Disney might want any product geared towards the movie. - Farm Life, If only City wasn't doing Farm stuff this year - The Toilet, because Lego is weird. Stuff that probably will not make it. Which is remarkably small this go round. These are all A list projects this time. So I may be wrong about these. - The Original Kit Kat Clock, I think there is some licensing involved with that clock design. Which may preclude it. I may be wrong and the design may be public domain by now? - Mach Patrol, a perfect execution, of a 1970's Anime vehicle who's show did not see huge distribution or popularity outside of Japan Italy and parts of South America. Plus the shows subject matter might be a little risque by Lego standards. Here's the OP for Daitarn 3 if anyone is curious what this thing is. Basically it's a Womanizing James Bond Super Spy with a Giant Robot, and his two hot assistants fighting over him. 1978 folks! What a time to be alive! - The Polar Express, Major license. May be precluded by Lionel's longstanding licensing. - Polaroid Onestep, A little too strongly branded. Lego tends to avoid paying for licensing that mainly advertises somebody elses product. (Adidas sneakers aside) - Air Jordan, While I would never say never, I suspect that their Adidas License likely precludes this. At least in the short term. - Lancia Delta Integrale 16V Rally Car, The car is doable. and gorgeous. The stickers/sponsor markings are not. As Hasbro discovered with their more modern Masterpiece Transformers line, they need to separately license each sponsor logo and markings. It can get real annoying real fast. Everything else will likely just come down to size of project and if they see a market for it?
  5. There is a language table in the Ninjago City instructions. It's got to be online somewhere. Like Star Wars Aurabesh its just a straight swap to english letters.
  6. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    There are a few non Modular sets that work with the Modulars. Ninjago City, Ninjago City Docks, Ninjago City Gardens all are on a Modular footprint with the same connectors. Although the sidewalks dont quite lineup. Marvel Daily Bugle is for all purposes a Modular. (Except one of the connection points is slightly off in the instructions. Ghostbusters Firehouse works, but is 2 baseplates and feels a tad overscale. Ideas Old Fishing Store is in scale and style 10228 Monster Fighers Haunted House works but you may want to put it on a tiled baseplate to preserve the dollhouse type opening. Be warned this one is as expensive as the oldest modulars. Also look around on Rebrickable. There are some great MOC plans available. Many that are conversions of non modular sets. For example there is a great one that takes 2 Ideas Sesame Street sets and turns them into a full modular corner. All you need to add are the baseplate and sidewalk tiles.
  7. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Piece count has remarkably little to do with the cost or cost planning by Lego. Piece count is an AFOL thing. Part selection is driven more by ability to easily differentiate in the instructions, and the limitations of part type per bag of the automatic bagging stations.
  8. Faefrost

    Lego City 2022 Rumours, Leaks, Information And Discussion

    This years releases are impressive for the breadth of subject matter. New Police Station, fire station, hospital, school, factory fire and the crooks hideout. Where this wave feels a little lacking is in the vehicles. They feel very crude in some cases. Very blocky. For example while the schoolbus feels too short, the nose also lacks some basic shaping that make it look wrong. Where sets from last year were doing this easily.
  9. Faefrost

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    Harvesting mind altering drugs and violent conflict. Ummm that same description fits Lego's Chime IP.
  10. Faefrost

    Thoughts on 3D printing Legos?

    Here's the biggest issues with 3d printed lego, FDM printers are nowhere near precise enough for regular lego pieces. But they are the only ones that can do durable ABS. Resin printers have reached where modern consumer 6k monochrome printers have more than enough precision. But you get resin parts. Plus mess cleaning and curing. Right now 3d printing is good for certain types of limited connection accesory pieces. Monorail track. Minifig accesories etc. It's not really there yet for print your own lego set.
  11. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Figure the designer burned a huge amount of parts budget on getting flesh pink bricks. And yes they design the sets to an internal points system in order to hit a target price. Each piece has a point value. Things like color changes cost more. Prints cost more etc. The designer is given a point budget to work within.
  12. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So we're in the; "We Hate It!" "How dare it not have XXX?!?!" "How dare it be THAT color!" "For $xx we expect something much better!" "WORST MODULAR EVEER!!!!!" ...Phase of the Eurobricks Modular Lifecycle? It's become something of a Holiday tradition. The new Modular releases Jan 1 and we spend most of December complaining about it. Often with ever more bizarre complaints. (Lack of Wheelchair access? Really?) Only for it to be declared "BEST MODULAR EVER!" By the Spring.
  13. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Good points; Gorgeous colors and very visually striking. It will stand out on the shelf and draw the eye Build looks to be complex and engaging Nicely done interior with a good amount of details (and room for some extra tweaks) The Minifigures seem well matched and distinct. We always complain that a modular needs one more. This one does, but not as much as the Police Station needed a crook. The Cons Due to it's unusual shape and it's short terrace on one side it will be difficult to place alongside other modulars. Like I said above for a shelf display it will almost have to be the Right corner. Otherwise the Hotel itself will completely block the more complex art kiosk and terrace area. But you are also a bit restricted in what building you put it next to as that low terrace exposes the adjacent buildings side. So you need something with a clean side without a lot of color clutter. It combines the positioning problems of the Brick Bank and the Parisian Restaurant together. Yay?
  14. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I really don't think so? Looking at the Brickset pics of the two attached the BH is much closer to the street than the Police Station. It sticks out a full 2 stud past the PS and most other modulars and only has at most 3 studs of sidewalk on the Art Gallery side. The Art Gallery/Art Kiosk whatever it is is almost touching the Police Stations Streetlight. The only thing on the Police Station that sticks out that far is the entry steps. And the Police Station has one of the more crowded sidewalks of the modulars because of those steps. The other side looks to have 5 or 6 studs of sidewalk
  15. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Another thing that stands out. There looks to be almost no sidewalk. Or am I imagining that?