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  1. Faefrost

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    Oh no, I’m not saying anybody stole ideas from anyone else. I’m just reflecting more on the concurrent Zeitgeist. I find it interesting that Lego is thinking in the same direction as the new Ghostbusters team. Not to mention Stranger Things, etc. I actually think there might be a greater chance that Ghostbusters Afterlife kills off Hidden Side in much the same way PotC impacted Classic Pirates. What are the odds that Lego doesn’t license Ghostbusters?
  2. Faefrost

    LEGO Hidden Side 2020

    So I just watched the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer. Hmmm? Does anyone else notice some marked similarities with Hidden Side?
  3. Faefrost

    Creator Expert 10270 Modular

    I like this one. It's pretty much what we have been asking for for years. Another Pet Shop type building. Yeah the Bookstore is not as cluttered as the Pet Shop in details. But we forget how sparse the PS's town home is in details. They cheated by making it be under renovations. As usual most of Lego Social Media is going "I HATE IT!!! HOW DARE THEY!!! WORST THING EVER!" And by this time it will be a classic building on par with the PR (which they did exactly the same thing regarding). AFOL's in the Lego community are nothing if not predictable.
  4. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We can hope. It would be nice to get another split building like the Pet Shop. Plus that would make sense. I keep picturing this as a small cluttered Old English Bookstore. Something Like Azeriphale's shop in Good Omens. With some other shop or townhouse next store.
  5. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A day which will live in infamy? So a Japanese Restaurant then? (sorry sorry I'll see myself out)
  6. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    What we consider "Modular" offerings can vary abit based on the observers tastes. They have been made across several line names. The most notable Creator Expert. Market Square was a Factory set, was it not? A fan design just using Modular rules? Ninjago City and Ninjago City Docks both use the basic Modular rules and footprints. So some consider them part of it. The Haunted House while a D2C and a Doll House style design, does blend well with the Modulars as it shares footprint and scale. The old Fishing Store similarly works well with Modulars. As does the Avengers Dr Strange set. Pair 2 of those together and you have Stranges house a Pizza Parlor and Peter Parkers run down appartment. If you really want to get creative the Ninjago Air Temple set makes a nice inside corner if adjacent to your Ninjago City or Docks. And the Ninjago Monestary also workds well. Just my 2c. Things that you think would work, but don't are the two Simpsons buildings. The scale is just way off.
  7. Faefrost

    Will Hidden Side Age Well?

    A few of the sets will age well and be sought after aftermarket going forward. The School, the Shrimp Shack, the Lighthouse seem good candidates. Maybe the School Bus. Most of the others not so much. Does anybody remember those special tablet game pieces that came with Ultra Agents?
  8. Faefrost

    LEGO City 2020 - Rumors, Speculation, and Discussion

    Honestly the flying spinny helicopters look like a much better gimmick than the new net cannons, the new squeeze bulb firefighting gimmick and the parachutes. (Ok the Parachutes are kinda fun although the minifigs are too light to work well with them.)
  9. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A Soda Shop was an evolution of a "Counter Dining" establishment. Back in the day you couldn't just buy a bottle of Coke Cola. You would go to a Soda shop and the Soda Jerk would mix you up a glass. Think of it as a sort of pub for non alcoholic things and ice cream. Often they were part of Pharmacy's. (In fact the Modular Pharmacy plans in the book The Lego Neighborhood build a nice Pharmacy/Soda shop.), Most of the old Soda Shops evolved into either Ice Cream shops or Hamburger joints. You would probably know one if you saw one. There is a seen in one in Back to the Future/Back to the Future 2. Oddly the Corner Garage and the Fire Brigade are 2 of the most American style buildings in the entire line.
  10. Faefrost

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    The only place I have seen the Mega Futurama characters recently was at 5 Below. So that license may have faded.
  11. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    But honestly there is a strong strategic reason for doing one of the City stalwarts in a more realistic grown up form every now and then. Can we all agree that the all time best seller of the line was the Fire Brigade? That one dodged cancellation for almost as long as the Death star, and got 2 or 3 production runs past the initial. Part of the reason for that is it has the most crossover appeal. It functions as both a wonderful playset for the younger family members and as a nice town centerpiece for we grumpy old AFOLS. It's the one the kids eyes gravitate towards. Similarly the recent trend of adding a vehicle to some sets is likely for a similar hook. They have never quite matched the FB's crossover appeal. The way it attracted newcomers to the modular line. The Pet Shop and Parisian Restaurant may be the Modular Connoisseur's preferred sets. But FB is one that introduces them. They can use another like that. I think they tried that a little with CG. Not sure how well it succeeded? But they were clearly seeking to hook the City Boy fans with the garage and the Friends Girl fans with the Vet. I think a Police Station or Post Office would be a logical set to fill that entry point role as the young uns graduate from city. Offering the linked building and vehicle play. I don't think Lego has ever specified that the Modulars are meant to be 50's American. Now it is clear that much of Jamie's vision and experience probably comes from a model railroading hobby at some point. His mental map looks like Post War US Steam/Diesel Transition Era. But honestly that is not entirely uniquely American. Much of 20th Century architecture is fairly universal throughout world cities, with only minor differences separating the regions. Of the 14 Modulars only 5 of them are "American", and one of those you would not know it unless you knew the backstory. FB, DD, PC and CG are distinctly American style buildings. PR while clearly being a European style building is actually based on a purpose built faux French style building from Jamie's New England hometown. Okay I'll give you DO has a bit of a Brooklyn or Chicago feel to it. That's a neat idea. Especially if they could give us an older style stainless steel Greyhound type bus with it. A bus terminal would have been a better use of the CG's footprint than a Garage. See it's often a matter of perspective. I kind of like CG because I know of many many buildings that look like it. It's pure US early 20th Century Rust Belt Industrial. The colors look fine for stuff you can find anywhere on the path between New York and Chicago or Detroit. It's a downtown industrial building they don't tend to have a lot of ornate industrial details. I think part of it is Jamie is less Hands On with the Modulars these days. And part of it is he has learned to be very very cautious about what he says when answering such questions.
  12. Faefrost

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    While they tend to surprise us, I think we are due for another Government type building. Either a Police Precinct House or the oft mentioned Post Office. (If Police I'll predict that there will be a small Donut shop next door. Because some jokes they simply can't not make)
  13. Faefrost

    [MOD] Lunar Base from 60227 Space Station

    I keep thinking that the 2014 Arctic Base sets would fit in with a Mars or Moonbase extremely well. https://brickset.com/sets/60036-1/Arctic-Base-Camp
  14. Faefrost

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    We are forgetting something. Not too long ago (maybe a year) 1 or 2 Ideas Gingerbread House projects were rejected. I forget exactly but they may have been removed from consideration. The feeling was that they were removed because of some planned Winter Village set. When the little cardboard box set with the minifig came out, most assumed that that was the conflict. But in hindsight it may be this years Winter Village set. The D2C sets start development and planning around 24 months out.
  15. Faefrost

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I somewhat agree with you. Although Pursuit of Flight has a market niche problem. It's a fantastic MOC, But I fear it wouldn't have a clear market segment. It's an interesting desk toy. So yeah minimal production run of 5000 never to be heard from again. The Medievel Blacksmith is interesting. We are overdue for a nice fantasy Castle type bulding. But it would probably be paired down quite a bit. The sad thing is any of the three Disney sets would sell like gangbusters. 50,000-100,000 production run easy.