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  1. lego3057

    Seeking technical advice

    Hello Why not this one?
  2. Hello 10 wide is the widest, for standard gauge (1,435 mm), if the width of the real train is around 3 meters or 10 feet. For narrow gauge you can go wider than 10 studs wide, depending on the original train.
  3. lego3057

    My annual 12V layout

    Best 12v layout I´ve seen. Some of the trains and buildings are awesome. I had the first 4,5v train (112) and I grew up looking at the 720 (first 12v train) in the shop, that I never had.
  4. I think it will be like the Hogart Express, display only. But at this size (10 wide) it wil be awsome (and around 300$ probably). If you motorize it, it´s better to think of motorizing the coach, but it wont run on Lego standard tracks. I have the feeling that Lego has 3 types of trains in their mind. 1-The "standard" 6 wide trains; 2- 7/8 wide Locomotive/train, 3-and recently they "discovered" that big is beautiful, so they produce beautiful prototypical 10 wide trains.
  5. lego3057

    Is 8w or 9w closer to minifigure scale?

    If you add one 1x2 brick to the legs of minifigure, you got a more proportional figure around 1/40 scale. But then we are on the 9 to 11 wide models, which, by the way, are very interesting models.
  6. Hi I also have that problem with reading colors, from time to time. The main reason why the BAP protection only works with distance sensor is because the color sensor is not that reliable Yes, one sensor after the switch
  7. Hi How can one use the second connected hub in the app?
  8. Hi, The invert option can have a drawback: the train passes the coloured plate, and when it comes back it inverts again. So I if you use setmotorspeed or equivalent, it will always go the right way.
  9. So there is no way you can change the value of a variable, that was declared in global code? Thanks.
  10. lego3057

    [MOC] FS ALn668 Ceva-Ormea in 1:38 scale

    Hello. Nice work. 10 wide trains are a new world to explore. In your model I would try to use the 4x3x1 windows and the 2X3X1. The top tecnhic bars I wouldnt´ use. It adds a lot of weight. I would use 2 train motors (power, speed and easier buildind.
  11. Hello I´d like some help with C++ variable assignment and reassignment. In Global code I declare: publ INT B_red=0; In Sensor event code: if(B_red==0); //its OK B_red=1; //gives an error So I only want to be able to change the value of B_red in sensor event code, how do I achieve that? Thanks