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  1. I like how you have combined inspirations from multiple trains to come up with your Lego design. How will you be powering the locomotive?
  2. garmsey

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

    This looks great. I have supported it. Hopefully the support of trains on Lego ideas will encourage them to continue making train sets.
  3. I like how your design has taken inspiration from real trains but you have modified it to meet your story. I look forward to seeing the new design when you are able to build it.
  4. garmsey

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I like that there is more track and train cars and less of the other side builds. This gets me excited to see what they have planned for the passenger train and station. Hopefully they will also focus more on the trains and less on the side builds.
  5. garmsey

    Motorising 0-6-0s - LEGO Caledonian 812

    I like the steam engine and also the station you have included on the ideas page. I have supported it.
  6. garmsey


    I really like your design and color choices. I have supported it.
  7. Congrats on the win and thanks for taking us along on your building journey. You really did a great job in creating Katy out of Lego. If you do decide to do instructions I would be interested as well.
  8. garmsey

    [MOC] The Boxcar Children

    I really like your diorama and tie into the book series. I have supported it.
  9. garmsey

    Doublenook - MOC

    Thanks for all your work to update this! @Hod Carrier Once the file is available I will have to find the bricks to build it.
  10. garmsey

    Rotary snowplow - King of Winter

    Looks good. I have supported it.
  11. garmsey

    Doublenook - MOC

    Thanks for the status update and being willing to update your old design. I really look forward to what you came up with.
  12. garmsey

    [LEGO IDEAS] Casey Jr.

    Looks like an interesting model. I have supported it.
  13. garmsey

    [IDEAS], [MOC] Steam Locomotive Collecrible

    The locomotive looks great. I have supported it.
  14. garmsey

    [IDEAS] Shiro-chan at the Farm

    I think this looks like a great set for kids and has a lot of play value to it. I have supported it.
  15. garmsey

    LEGO Train Tunnel Idea - Suggestions and support

    The boulders look like fun for kids. Does the pull tab in the picture release them? Also, can the passing train make them fall? Thanks for the updates.