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  1. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    ohhhh how cool is that! What were his thoughts about the 'Crown' project?
  2. Marooned Marin


    I had some '2x10K club member' help with those Funny thing is, I'm partially colour blind so I guess I've nailed it right this time. Thank ye for positive feedback. Thank Ye! I'm really honoured with such a high praise Thank Ye Fraunces, I'm glad you like the premise of the story, and comments like these motivate me to find extra time and energy to work on the darn thing!
  3. Marooned Marin

    Ahoy Mateys! (New User Here)

    These are all lovely updates, modern but simple just like the original. I love the stairs on the Forbidden Island! (take a mental note to steal that technique) So what was your process with these sets? First digital design, I presume and then real build?
  4. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] Pirates Battleship

    This is interesting alternate build, and if this is your first MOC you should be proud, it looks very good, and the real photos are great! If I can 'nitpick', the only thing I see off are the flags which are flying against the wind, but the brick-built main flag looks cool, so well done on your work Do you have any other 'pirate-themed' projects planed in the future?
  5. Marooned Marin

    [LEGO IDEAS] Island Of The Imperial Soldiers

    @Wolf_King your wonderful LEGO Ideas project was on the
  6. Marooned Marin

    [MOC] The Fortress V.2.0

    Great amount of action packed in this build, lot of colourful details and it looks fantastic from all angles. I love it! Ok, now the tedious details please: Q1: How long did you make this? Q2: Count parts, any estimation? Q3: Is this going to end up on LEGO Ideas?
  7. Marooned Marin


    Thank you @NOD , as you are both ship and MOC expert, your words of praise mean a lot to and I'm glad you like it. I'm making the series of images of comparison with other ships which I plan to post on Instagram, maybe even on Flickr (I have to make account). Thank you @Filibbooo As I knew this will end up in the hands of 10 year old, I was striving to hit that sweet spot just in the middle, playable but serious. When I compared the first version to Barracuda I saw it was way too big, and thus not likely very playable since children need to move the ship with somewhat ease. So I downsized it. I think it would look good anchored outside of the Treasure Island Precisely!
  8. Marooned Marin


    That's the King's emissary, sent from the cold and damp Europe to Caribbean to witness and ensures that Triton is in capable hands. Governor Broadsides is not thrilled about this 'audit' from the court. He will either end the pirate threat, or this will be his end as a governor of the new world. The royal reserves are empty (thanks to the pirates), so the King got substantial loan from private bankers -backers- who want to see the profitable returns of the investment and their ship back in one piece.
  9. Marooned Marin


    Darn! My storyline has hole big enough you could drive a truck sail a boat right into it. Ahem, obviously that's his father, Old Red they call him.
  10. Marooned Marin


    Thank ye @Captain Braunsfeld , you are the best! This idea actually came from @Piraten when we were exchanging some top-secret WIP images a while ago, and I thought why not? I'm truly happy that you like it, especially since you are a blue coat in your heart. Your kind words and support on Instagram are the best praise I could've hoped for. As for comparison with POBB, I plan to run series of 'size comparison' images divided in several weeks: Triton vs POBB, Triton vs C. Clipper, Triton vs Imperial Flagship. All this on Instagram of course. Again, I'm amazed how well this blog-post turned out and it was my joy and pleasure to reread it again and again. Thank ye Governor
  11. Marooned Marin

    GoH 10 C: Mitgardian Village of Skaaldoogh

    Fantastic work with the motion and the water surface, it adds complete new dimension on already awesome build. Great!
  12. Marooned Marin


    Ok, wow! You went an extra mile with this one, and you even did your research of the island's course. Great write-up. I love it! As for errors, only one found. On the last picture, the fort in the background is St. John, while St. Lawrance or - Lovrijenac- is on the other side of the town. But worry not, the town has seven heavy forts, it's a easy mistake to make, especially when writing about it from the other side of the globe. Some trivia; one of two cannons from the real Triton (which were salvaged some 60 years ago from the sea floor) is now mounted St. John fort for decoration. Aside from that, excellent job on the blog-post. You are master of words and I'm overwhelmed and quite honoured with everything written.
  13. Marooned Marin


    Gracie Capitano! I'm glad you like it Nay! But there is detail how-to tutorial and 1:1 scale template for print&cut your own sails from any available fabric, or heavy 160g paper, you can find. That's because these are referred to 'package' not the actual ship you build. Why do they think package information is important, I don't know The model weight is wrong on their side, and also have several typos in their text which I already pointed out to them. Some or fixed, others are, well... others will be pointed out once again. We can leave this 33% for our forum members and I can make permanent coupon code 25% for Classic-Pirates readers: CP25 Sounds good? ohhhh now I'm really excited! If all goes well, new better brick-falling animation will be over in 40hours from now, and I will share it here.
  14. Marooned Marin


    Update: this is valid till February 17. 2023.
  15. Marooned Marin


    There will be as soon as MOC gets approved on Rebrickable, it's still in review. I'll let you know the date Thank ye Jack! I'm glad you like it, and I'm excited about the frontpage, this will be my first time actually Jojo, Jojo the monkey. He's quite a piano player that monkey (listen)