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  1. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] BRICK WATCH Lifeguard Headquarters

    Wow!! That's what I call action! Thanks a lot!! I feel honored!!
  2. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] BRICK WATCH Lifeguard Headquarters

    Thanks a lot!!! Thanks a lot as well!! ... The HD image of her isn't uploaded yet! :-P Due to IP reasons (Intellectual Properties), I couldn' declare this model as "BayWatch Headquarter", unfortunately. The BayWatch theme would be accepted by LEGO. I checked it. BUT anyway I wanted to build this unique and iconic building like it looked like several years ago. So I called it BRICK WATCH. The real fans know, what my intention was, when they see the color scheme!? ;-)
  3. My brandnew LEGO IDEAS project is ready for your votes. Support here: Looking forward to your strong support, if you like it - hopefully?! 😋😊 Don't hesitate to share it with your friends and other communities! Thx! 😘😘 The BRICK WATCH Lifeguard Headquarters consists of approx. 1800 parts! 🌴⛱
  4. Filibbooo


    This is absolutely a masterpiece. Really nice mix between playable model and display model. Simply epic!! Now on „sail“!
  5. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Pirate Fortress (warning: many pictures)

    Incredible masterpiece!!!!!
  6. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Once again Marin, I feel so honored!! ... Looking forward to my next project soon, if time allows. Thank you so much! ... This Blog is so well-written and peppered with funny phrases. It was a real pleasure to read, even without rum!!! You did a great job!!!!
  7. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    Great THANKS to Classic-Pirates!!! ... This blog entry is awesome!!!! Yes indeed! :-) For example, look at this shot called "Saving the bananas" :-) : Thanks a lot!
  8. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Pirate Van Dyke Island

    WOW!! Excellent work!! Really love it!!!
  9. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    The extension is now part of the treasure island:
  10. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Yeah, the rock arch was fun to build. And I'm very satisfied with the result as well. For the prison I first wanted to create a hinged opportunity to make it accessible. But then I decided to make a solid rock section which can be removed from top. So fingers can better reach the prison chamber! :-) Thanks for your kind words!
  11. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    I love sea turtles and I wanted to have something which brings some additional life to the beach! While building the scene I got this idea to create a small turtle nest. AND I haven't discovered anything like this with the pirates yet ... ... And I think it's a beautiful detail in addition .. ?!
  12. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Small Pirate Brigantine (small-hulled-boat)

    Very nice. Could also be categorised as mid-scale build.
  13. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    You're right. The close-up was posted within another thread (Imperial Outpost). So I have forgotten attaching it to this one ... Here we go. Your wish is my command, Sir :