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  1. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Small Pirate Brigantine (small-hulled-boat)

    Very nice. Could also be categorised as mid-scale build.
  2. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    You're right. The close-up was posted within another thread (Imperial Outpost). So I have forgotten attaching it to this one ... Here we go. Your wish is my command, Sir :
  3. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Thanks all of you, for your kind replies! :-) Thank you! It was a spontaneous shot with the smartphone. No special equipment, but I got the right shot as it seems?! Haha. Yes, the mermaid! First I have to prepare some empty water modules to place some ships as well. Then let's "sea" where we can place her! But yeah. I'm happy about my module-in-module idea. So I'm able to change small scenes quickly.
  4. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Not a complete cave, but an alcove.
  5. Filibbooo

    [MOC] frigate

    Really nice one!!! I have the utmost respect for those who create such great ship shapes!! *Chapeau*
  6. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Here are some "precious" photos more ... To plan the boundaries of the rocks or beach line I used some 2x2 bricks and 1x1 round bricks. This helped a lot at the beginning to find the right base shape. I wanted to implement a waterfall and a crocodile hide-out. To plan the location and the height of the waterfall I created a very easy mock-up of it with with bricks. The two red 2x4 bricks in the front of the picture mark the passage of the rock arch. After the boundaries were clear I continued with the "beach work". I also like to work with marked coordinates (see the next picture: the green and red 1x2 plates) so as not to lose the positions for specific spots, e.g. the 45° turned suspension bridge. The position for the bridge is marked with dark tan wedge plates as well. The rock work was really challenging again. Especially the rock arch on the front beach. But after this effort I was really satisfied with the result. And I think the several hours I spent paid-off?! For the rocks I use mainly standard (inverted) slopes. To create nicer shapes it's recommended to use modified bricks for changing the direction of build. First, a rock prison was not planned. But while building the path to the bridge I got the idea to have a nice "rock-built-in" prison. For this another arch was created as well. Bird View on the prison Inner circle, the crocodile hide-out, is completely stocked with plants. On the following photo you can see that I used "cheap" door frames to build the structure inside. To provide an excellent and comfortable stay in the rock prison I built a small window with waterfall view. One of the most interesting part of the build was the suspension of the bridge. For that I used some flexible hoses in reddish brown. I tried a lot of techniques to link them to the rock. Then I got the idea to thread them through modified brick with axle holes. On the other end of the modified bricks the endings of the hose were linked to plates modified 1x2 with bar arm up. Here we go: Now I hope, the magic is still their, after revealing detail pictures ... ?! :-)
  7. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Thank you so much!! Unfortunately I haven't created instructions for this island yet. But to be able to rebuild it again, I should. Until then I surely may provide you with some work-in-process photos.
  8. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Modular Pirate Scene - TREASURE ISLAND

    Thanks a lot. Yes, I also thought the additional palm tree would apply a better balance to the island. Thank you! The arching took a lot of time. Many tries were needed until the result satisfied me! Thanks a lot! The hanging bridge also was an adventure to build Maybe I can post some work-in-process photos ... Stay tuned!
  9. Really nice!! I love the "rock face". Well designed!
  10. Finally, I finished it! My biggest MOC, until now. TREASURE ISLAND. It took me nearly 3 weeks to create it from scratch. I used about 6,000 parts. Some days I got stuck a little bit, because I had no plan how to continue. Additionally I ran out of parts, so that I immediately ordered new ones! The island is divided into 2 modular bases (48x48). Can also be connected to my LEGO IDEAS creation "Imperial Outpost" (You can vote here for it please, if you like LEGO IDEAS - IMPERIAL OUTPOST ) Features: Path to the top Secret waterfall with "surprise" at the bottom (The people say, there a crocodile awaits its victims) Rock prison (can be revealed by removing a part of the rock) Suspension bridge Hidden treasure cave with illuminated diamond wall (can be revealed by removing a part of the rock) Fountain lake on top Hatching of the sea turtles Hope you'll like it!? Attached to the IMPERIAL OUTPOST So, now it's time to go to sleep!
  11. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    This I made for making the MOC scenery more flexible ...:
  12. Filibbooo


    I found a clever way to make the scenery more flexible. Mini-builds can be easily added or swapped. I attached a technic lift mechanism to pop-out the plain empty ocean segment. what do you think?
  13. Filibbooo

    [MOC] Frigate HMS Africane 46 Guns

    Wow. Really great work. Looks amazing. I love how yow managed to get a perfect shape of the hull.
  14. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    Haha, yes. First I was not happy with this solution, but now I like it. It keeps the rock more stable. A solution with sliding mechanism or hinges would also be nice, but I also had to decide according the parts I had available. Now the extension work stopped. I ran out of dark bluish grey slopes for the rocks. Waiting now for my new ordered parts ...
  15. Filibbooo

    [LEGO IDEAS] Imperail Outpost on The Rocks

    Yes. There is a part of the rock which can be easily pulled out. Here we go: