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  1. MrLind

    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Gideon 2 points Soccerkid6 1 point
  2. MrLind

    GoH 11 - The trading post near Owhur

    Nice build. Love the structure of the house. Also the market stalls with the none linear placing give a naturalism feeling.
  3. MrLind

    [Freebuild] Fish market at Faeril

    Thanks jtooker. I was trying out this slide design to make the MOC more playable.
  4. MrLind

    GoH 11: Nordheim Lumberyard

    Very nice build. The balance between sno and mudd makes this build great. I can feel the cold and wet weather. When the snow is melting and you want to go inside but need still to work. I feel for the minifigure workers.
  5. MrLind

    GoH 11: Batuhan Trading Post

    Good, balanced build. I especially appreciate the fence around the sheep. Gives the feeling of being used for a long time.
  6. MrLind

    GoH 11: Cattle market outside Faeril

    Thanks Yperio_Bricks. Yes, these Highland cattles are uniq and cute in real life. Thanks. Thanks. Great you saw the vegetation, I want to reflect the atmosphere of Avalonia within its colours.
  7. Outside the Faeril city gates, a cattle market is held every summer. Avalonia's cattle breeders take their highland cattle to market. Farmers from all over Avalonia come to to buy these robust and cute cows. Well adapted to the landscape. The location of the market is ideal for traders. It is near to the convenient taverns inside Faeril. At the same time, it is outside the Faeril city gates and no duty need be sent to the settlement. Something all economical traders appreciate. IMG_4964 IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4972
  8. MrLind

    GOH 11: Il Porto Nascosto

    Nice MOC with the bright colors of houses. The pirate with ice cream makes my day.
  9. Great build. The color palette with the yellow leaf is great. And the clif makes a smooth water line. Very nice performance.
  10. MrLind

    GOH 11: The spy Ethelfieda

    Nice build with a story I want to hear the continuation of.
  11. MrLind

    Lakeside Chapel

    Love the light from the Windows. Gives a nice and warm feeling. Great build.
  12. MrLind

    [Rockwail HSS] The Silver Bull inn

    Nice build. Love the roof and the front door scuplture is great.
  13. MrLind

    GoH 11: Blueberry Liquor

    Sweet story and a cute build
  14. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to the guild bmohnsen. Looking forward to following Ethelfieda’s journey.