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    GoH Challenge 11 Voting Topic

    Gideon 2 points Soccerkid6 1 point
  2. Outside the Faeril city gates, a cattle market is held every summer. Avalonia's cattle breeders take their highland cattle to market. Farmers from all over Avalonia come to to buy these robust and cute cows. Well adapted to the landscape. The location of the market is ideal for traders. It is near to the convenient taverns inside Faeril. At the same time, it is outside the Faeril city gates and no duty need be sent to the settlement. Something all economical traders appreciate. IMG_4964 IMG_4969 IMG_4970 IMG_4972
  3. MrLind

    GoH 11 - The trading post near Owhur

    Nice build. Love the structure of the house. Also the market stalls with the none linear placing give a naturalism feeling.
  4. MrLind

    [Freebuild] Fish market at Faeril

    Thanks jtooker. I was trying out this slide design to make the MOC more playable.
  5. It’s morning and the first beams of light have just come up over the horizon. Gyrdher, who arrived to Faeril the previous evening just before the city gates closed, has not yet awakened. He has left his parents and his home to seek his luck in Avalonia. Even though Gyrdher is a simple farmer boy without any experience, he feels strong and eager to explore the world. He has intended to make his living as a carpenter. A craft he has learned on the farm back home, where everything from the roof to the chairs needed to be repaired or built from scratch. While Gyrdher is still sleeping at the home of the gatekeeper, the city begins to come to life. The first place where the city is waking up is the fish market near the harbour. During the night and morning the fishermen have returned home from the sea with their catch. Some fishermen have fished along the coast where they have caught salmon and crabs, while others have dared to sail out to the open sea for fishing. If they are lucky and no storms has caught them, the catches may be much bigger. In the Faeril safe harbour, fishermen can unload what the sea has given them and go to the fish market to sell the catch to the highest bidder. Faeril is a coastal city where fish is one of the major foods for the city. The abundance that the sea provides allows the merchants to export fish to other guilds. To preserve the fish for the long journeys, the fish is salted and placed in wooden bins. In the house next to the market, one of the merchants has his warehouse. In the basement, fish and shellfish are cleaned and packed before transport to the other guilds. While waiting for the next vessel to arrive, the packaged fish in its wooden bins are stored upstairs.
  6. MrLind

    GoH 11: Nordheim Lumberyard

    Very nice build. The balance between sno and mudd makes this build great. I can feel the cold and wet weather. When the snow is melting and you want to go inside but need still to work. I feel for the minifigure workers.
  7. MrLind

    GoH 11: Batuhan Trading Post

    Good, balanced build. I especially appreciate the fence around the sheep. Gives the feeling of being used for a long time.
  8. MrLind

    GoH 11: Cattle market outside Faeril

    Thanks Yperio_Bricks. Yes, these Highland cattles are uniq and cute in real life. Thanks. Thanks. Great you saw the vegetation, I want to reflect the atmosphere of Avalonia within its colours.
  9. MrLind

    GOH 11: Il Porto Nascosto

    Nice MOC with the bright colors of houses. The pirate with ice cream makes my day.
  10. Great build. The color palette with the yellow leaf is great. And the clif makes a smooth water line. Very nice performance.
  11. MrLind

    GOH 11: The spy Ethelfieda

    Nice build with a story I want to hear the continuation of.
  12. MrLind

    Lakeside Chapel

    Love the light from the Windows. Gives a nice and warm feeling. Great build.
  13. MrLind

    [Rockwail HSS] The Silver Bull inn

    Nice build. Love the roof and the front door scuplture is great.
  14. MrLind

    GoH 11: Blueberry Liquor

    Sweet story and a cute build
  15. MrLind

    Book III - Avalonia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Welcome to the guild bmohnsen. Looking forward to following Ethelfieda’s journey.
  16. MrLind

    [MOC] Autumn's Canvas

    I drop my jaw. so beautiful.
  17. MrLind

    [Freebuild] Fish market at Faeril

    Thanks Grover for your great review and feedback how to improve the LEGO building and photo process. In this build I experiment how to improve the playability by making the interior to be slide out. I think it work out rather well and increase the playability. The adventure for Gyrdher goes on.
  18. MrLind

    [Freebuild] Fish market at Faeril

    Thank you Yperio_Bricks.
  19. MrLind

    [MOC] SAAB JA-37 Viggen

    Great MOC.
  20. This is my entire to "Life in Cedrica" contest. At the perimeter of Cedrica there are remains of the old city wall. Around these pieces of stone walls, the houses have been built so that they enclose the parts of the wall that still stands up. In the block, several craftsmen has moved in from the four guilds. All have come to Cedrica to seek fortune in the city with the crafts and skills they have. A business man from Kaliphlin has his fish shop on the ground floor of his house. He buys much of the fish from local fishermen. But since he is financially minded, he also pulls up fish directly from the channel as well and sells to his customers. From Varlyrio comes a baker who sells fresh bread every morning to the neighbors. When there is time, he devotes himself to his passion in life, reading books. A potter from Avalinia has moved into a small house on a back street. Here he sells the produce of his craft. A cabinet maker and his family live in a house next to the old city wall. On the ground floor is the carpentry shop where many of the block's furniture have been made. The fish shop The bakery The potter house The cabinet maker house and his family And some more pictures More fotos will be available at Flickr The craft district of Cedrica
  21. MrLind

    GoH 10 A: Forum Cedrica

    Amazing build with great hight.
  22. Thank you jtooker. To make the curved stone wall was a great way for me to learn new techniques and skills. Glad you love it.
  23. Thanks Kai NRG. At the inner side of the stone wall the tree trunk is standing. But it was to hard to get a good photo unfortunately. Thank you T-86. This contest was fun to build. The limitation in space made it a great challenge. Thank you Grover for the positive feedback. The angled canal was fun and challenging. Not so much the canal, but the houses with angled walls and roofs. I’m glad you mentioned the rounded wall. I wanted to add a layer to the city block. The evolving of a city with old buildings (or walls) together with new houses. And the environment that has been growing over the old city wall. Thanks Simon_S. I agree with you about the colors. To add a new color on the roof will give a more interesting view for the eye. Black gives a compact look. The roof on the cabinet maker’s house was fun to build. A craftsman with a roof that has sunk down in the middle is perhaps a sign of poor craftsman.
  24. Gyrdher had traveled with a merchant to Faeril. The boat was docked at the waterside a short distance outside the city gate, at an unofficial market where no duty was required to buy or sell goods. Something that an economical merchant appreciates. Gyrdher therefore had to walk the last short distance into the city. Which he didn't mind. It was with some trepidation he looked at Faeril. Actually, he did not know what he had expected but it didn't look as impressive as he had imagined when he was sitting in the bow of the boat half asleep. Faeril's city wall was nothing more than a plank that marks the economic boundary of the city. Gyrdher was a little disappointed. He had dreamed of a noble city with high walls and watchtowers. The merchant saw the disappointment in Gyrdher's face. “It doesn't look like much to the world. Right?" He nodded at the plank that didn't look well built. “The city has not spent money on walls. When you enter the center of the city, you will not be disappointed.” The merchant scratched his jaw while looking at the plank. “And by the way, I don't think a carpenter will be unemployed for long in this town. At least if he is willing to work.” Gyrdher was instantly in a better mood. He helped the merchant unload his goods and then headed for the customs house. In front of the customs house a tired customs officer was sitting at a desk. It had been a long day. The sun was going down and soon the city gate would close so that he could go home to his wife. He licked his lips as he was thinking about the soup waiting for him at home. The customs officer waked up from his daydreaming when Gyrdher approached him. "And what are you going to pay duty for?” he says a little sourly, while the thought of the soup disappear. “My name is Gyrdher.” says Gyrdher little shyly. He had not expected these sharp words from the customs officer. "I am a carpenter who wants to find work in the city." The word carpenter made the customs officer stop mourning the soup that had disappeared. A smile spread across his face. “Then you have come to the right place, my son. If you can fix the stairs to my house, you can have a roof over your head for the night and some warm soup as compensation.” Gyrdher's stomach rumbles, which the customs officer laughingly interprets as a yes. “Good, I'll close the gates. Then we can go to my house and have supper.” Gyrdher thinks to himself that this day seems to be ending really well. A roof over his head and bowl of food. Gyrdher needs nothing more from life. Gyrdher works quickly. Fixing the stairs was easy for someone who had to fix all that was broken on the farm at home. While Gyrdher works, the customs officer stands by and tells him about his wife's soup that was waiting for them. “… and she only cooks it on Thursdays. It’s the richest soup you can taste in Faeril.” Gyrdher realised that he had probably missed half of what the customs officer talked about as he was concentrating on the work. But it seemed that the customs officer did not expect Gyrdher to answer. Gyrdher gathers his tools and turns to the customs officer. "Then I’m done and your stairs is whole again". The customer officer shook his head as he woke up from his daydreaming. "Good, good" He says a little tired and almost sour. The soup had disappeared from his thoughts again. Then he shined upp. “Do you know what awaits us?” He says expectantly. Gyrdher can't hold back a smile. “Could it be Faeril's best soup?” The customs officer smiled back even wider. “Right, my son.” Gyrdher satt on the edge of the bed after supper with a smile. “What a fantastic first day of my adventure. This morning I woke up at mother and father's farm house.” Gyrdher told himself. “Packed my few belongings and set out on a journey in Avalonia. How lucky I have been to travel with a merchant to Faeril. And then got both food and shelter over my head just by helping the customs officer with his broken stairs.” Gyrdher laid down on the bed. “I wonder what surprises tomorrow can offer.” he thought as his head touched the pillow and he was asleep immediately. Dreaming of soup.