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  1. tomdobs55

    Special Lego VIP Shopping Event 2015

    That makes sense if it's a managers invite as I am pretty friendly with the manager of the store I got invited to
  2. tomdobs55

    Special Lego VIP Shopping Event 2015

    I don't think it has to do with how much you spent. Last year I spent a fair amount of money at my main store and got an invite to that store. This year I got an invite to a store I barely go to and haven't spent a dime in this year. I haven't spent much on Lego this year at all actually
  3. tomdobs55

    Special Lego VIP Shopping Event 2015

    I got one from a store I barely go to as well. Unfortunately I was rather underwhelmed last year so probably won't be going. Finances also have something to do with it as well.
  4. tomdobs55

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    I'm surprised the ISS didn't pass. Most of them seemed like rediculous long shots.
  5. tomdobs55

    Disney Collectible Minifigures Series 1 Discussion

    Sounds pretty cool, I'd love to see something from The Incredibles!
  6. That's pretty impressive. Does that include the tables? That's such an important part of running a layout. You could have the greatest possible layout, but if 6+not working the crowd, especially the wide eyed kiddos, you're not doing it right. What a great piece! It chops it up a little bit, but 1x2 jumpers combined with 1x2 tiles work very well too. Great layout too by the way! I'm big fan of the corner hardware store.
  7. tomdobs55


    It was 65 degrees in Boston today, I begrudgingly put the lights up before Thanksgiving because who knows how many more decent days to do it we will have.
  8. tomdobs55

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I doubt it would be a police precient, the Detective Office pretty much has that. I honestly don't know what the next one could be. It seems like Jamie wants to go story driven, and I'm not sure what the next building could be. Maybe a bakery with an apartment upstairs that has a child's birthday going on and needs a cake. Who knows!
  9. tomdobs55

    Exclusive access store event

    I got the ornament too but no calender...
  10. tomdobs55

    Exclusive access store event

    So just left the event...very underwhelming. No special discount, but we did get a goodie bag with a S@H catalog, gift wrap and the holiday turkey set. At checkout everyone got the new holiday skating rink set and got to choose between the snowman and reindeer. Overall, not really worth it. At least I only had a 15 minute drive. I did get double points though and a sweet little badge.
  11. tomdobs55

    Exclusive access store event

    If anyone is at the Burlington MA. Store I'm in the red and black jacket and red hat. I generally answer to Tom
  12. tomdobs55

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    So is it too early to start thinking about what the next modular is going to be
  13. tomdobs55

    MOC: Surf & Dive shop

    Wow I love the design! Those stairs are great looking.
  14. tomdobs55

    Exclusive access store event

    It seems to me that a few people may be going to the Burlington, MA store. I'll be there, would anyone want to meet up before or after?