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  1. Karalora

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    "Winter Village Tavern" and "Winter Village Sweet Shop"?
  2. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I'm a huge mythology buff as well. One of my fondest LEGO wishes is for a theme that ties into Greek mythology or world mythology. Maybe that Percy Jackson Netflix series will do well enough for TLG to chase a license...and maybe they won't get one and will have to resort to creating their own original theme with similar imagery! Anyway, to answer your question, Robert8 didn't do Dionysus as such, but the Series G Statue is holding a bunch of grapes and a goblet and could easily be interpreted as a statue of Dionysus.
  3. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Ironically, when you go back to the actual myths, Hades was way less of a jerk than Zeus. It's modern people who assume that because he's the god of the Underworld, he must be analogous to the Devil. Ares and Eris are legit jerks, however.
  4. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Seems more like a Kratos expy to me, based on the skin tone under the armor.
  5. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    What a delightful series! Some of the highlights IMO: Narwhal Girl! Now there's an offbeat animal costume! Magician Girl! Here's one I'm surprised LEGO hasn't actually produced. The card tiles have all sorts of potential uses, and I LOVE her matching cape! Olympian Messenger! Keeping the Greek mythology theme rolling, good good! Treasure Hunter! That goblet is absolutely to die for! Color Festival Boy! What a surprise! Holi is one of those festivals I would love to participate in sometime... Father Time! AND Baby New Year! It's two, two, TWO holiday archetypes in one! Chocolate Girl! Why does pink work so well with chocolate brown? (Also: it me)
  6. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    This is gonna be good! (I'm already imagining someone using those inkblots as avant-garde wallpaper in a LEGO house)
  7. Karalora

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I'm just saying that's what they meant by "original." Not "nothing like this has ever been seen before," but "this is not directly aping any work of media that already exists."
  8. Karalora

    Unpopular Opinions about LEGO

    I'm pretty sure @howitzer means Ideas sets should succeed on the strength of the model design itself, not piggybacking on the popularity of a given franchise brand. A ban on explicit IP usage would not prevent anyone from being inspired by an IP, and they could communicate that to other fans and give us "<IP> in all but name" set ideas.
  9. Karalora

    [MOC] Autumn Winery

    This is lovely! Reminds me of the family-owned vineyards up in Napa Valley.
  10. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    OMG, Arachne is SO COOL! Lots of great details in this series. Here, I'll call some out: The china pattern on the Maid's crockery The Island King's tiki totems--what a fun concept! Crocodile Guy's loose hand--big chuckle from me on that one Everything about the Magical Girl The Hypnotist's swirly eyes The Farmer Girl's grain stalk The Composer's embroidered coat and waistcoat. Very classy! When are they going to put you in charge of CMF designs?
  11. Karalora

    MOC: The Golden State

    It's a pity the 2x2 round brick doesn't come in dark orange, because that would be superb for depicting the redwood trunks.
  12. Karalora

    MOC: The Golden State

    This is awesome! I love my state!
  13. Karalora

    [MOC] Landscape with Assorted Trees

    Very nice! I love seeing people evoke specific species of trees with different building techniques. Are those Joshua trees in the upper right?
  14. Karalora

    Seasonal Parts and Minifigs We Need!

    Eating beans or lentils for New Year's is traditional in some places. It's supposed to bring good luck for the year ahead.
  15. Karalora

    Seasonal Parts and Minifigs We Need!

    I think the Weeping Angel made it through because it reads as a statue rather than a literal angel. The Flying Warrior is also a very non-standard look for an angel. The pop-culture image of Cupid, on the other hand, comes directly from the putti of Renaissance art, which are often equated with actual angels (cherubs). This is not to say that TLG is right to draw these arbitrary lines. I'm just speculating as to why some quasi-angel minifigs get made and others don't. Personally? I think even the "standard" angel--an attractive glowing person with a robe and big feathery wings--has evolved to be more of a pop-mythology archetype than a religious character.