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  1. Karalora

    Might there be a market for this?

    I thought the boxes might make for a cute presentation, and it would get them out of my apartment without me simply throwing them in the trash. I definitely plan to ship in boxes if I do end up selling them, but thanks for the tip!
  2. Karalora

    Ideas for CMFs

    Oh, I'm loving this already!
  3. I know I'm probably in the minority on this, but I would be thrilled to have a bipedal Pluto specifically because of the theme park connection.
  4. I would have preferred more variety for sure. But I think the reasons for this selection are pretty obvious--with the exception of Hercules and Hades, each one is either a perennial favorite or directly relevant to a recent/ongoing/upcoming Disney release. Still probably gonna get them all. An underwhelming selection of Disney minifigs is preferable than no Disney minifigs.
  5. My storage boxes for minifig parts were overflowing, so I decided to put some cute ones together and package them in sets of three, with appropriate accessories, in the Build-a-Mini packs which I have also saved several of. I have eleven sets so far, some modern, some historical, some pure fantasy. I was wondering if this might be something I could actually sell on eBay. Would people be interested in Build-a-Mini packs where they don't get to pick the parts themselves but the figures all fit together in a given theme?
  6. In honor of the date tomorrow... Female Leprechaun Head: Smiling, freckles Hair: This hairpiece in orange or dark orange with pinhole Hat: Green miniature top hat or bowler hat with pin Torso: Green bodice over lime green blouse Legs: Short legs in lime Other: Green cloth miniskirt Accessory: 4-leaf clover
  7. Does Disneyland/Walt Disney World count as a theme? We've got the Cinderella Castle set and the CMFs... For a truly giant set, comparable to the MF, I would say: Main Street Train Station. The station house itself, a train on the tracks, the slope with the flower picture of Mickey Mouse, and maybe the tunnels under the tracks to either side, would easily run 5,000+ parts. It's attractive, iconic, and they could justify including minifigs of any popular Disney character they could get permission for, since the characters often greet arriving guests in the area below the flowers.
  8. Karalora

    Ideas for CMFs

    Lots of awesome ideas and designs once again, but I think the real stars of the show this time around are the animal accessories! The snake, the seal, the beaver, the robot dog, the ZOMBIE DOG!!! The Cosplayer is also funny as heck and would work great in a scene with your Theme Park Mascot from the last series!
  9. Karalora

    [MOC] Phoenix at Sunrise

    This is a gorgeous model! I have always loved the legend of the phoenix and this is exactly what I've always imagined!
  10. Karalora

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    By that point, though, people are already kinda committed to buying a LEGO product, or at least strongly considering it. Outside ads, primarily on TV, are going to be what gets people into that store. I don't think the licensed themes are out of control, and I don't think they're necessarily bad in any case. I just think the presentation implies that TLG is slightly prouder of the licenses they've managed to acquire than their in-house creations. And that's potentially a problem, because as others have pointed out, the licensed sets often seem to be designed from a "minifigs first" perspective rather than a focus on quality building.
  11. Karalora

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    There's not just shelf space to consider. There's also promotional time and effort. There might be some confirmation bias in my end but it seems like the licensed themes get more than half of the TV advertising--which is even more unbalanced if, as you say, they only constitute about one-third of the stock. I get that a lot of it is enticement for non-LEGO fans to make the jump based on their enjoyment of the source material, but it does feel a bit like regular LEGO fans are taken for granted.
  12. Karalora

    Licensed Themes VS Original Themes

    I have mixed feelings. On the whole, I probably prefer original themes over licenses, since I often think about general concepts I would like to see in LEGO form, but there are only a few outside IPs I would like to see LEGO versions of. But obviously there are strength and weaknesses of both, in terms of both premise and execution. Being licensed for one or more LEGO sets can be seen as a form of validation for the source material, given both the prestige of the LEGO brand and its specificity--it's not just saying "This deserves to have toys made of it" (which it probably does already), but "This deserves to have elaborate, customizable toys made of it." On the downside, LEGO has been focusing awfully hard on its licensed themes for the past decade or more, potentially at the risk of boxing itself in since such themes tend to be limited to expressing specific scenes from (for example) a popular movie. On the downside of original themes, lately they seem to run the risk of being either too generic (City, most iterations of Castle--note how many set concepts get rehashed every few years or so), or sometimes too quirky, like the theme is really straining to be distinctive. So again: pros and cons of both.
  13. Karalora

    MOC: Gingerbread Express

    There are not enough heart emojis in the entire internet to describe how I feel about this build!
  14. I meant more using the heads that go under the masks. They look funny, but some of the designs are tolerable as heads in and of themselves.
  15. Has anyone tried combining the animal costumes with Chima heads to get animal characters?