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  1. Getting Rid of Old Colors

    I've actually pulled most of the old gray and brown since I've been discussing a sale privately with another member. Some of them may end up going back in, depending on what agreement we come to. On the other hand, I've been continuing to add this and that as I sort through my collection and make decisions about what I do and don't want to keep. For example, I put some small Adventurers sets and quite a few individual minifigs up today.
  2. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Looking at the three photos so far, I remember now that I decided to take the third from a slightly different angle than the first two to get a better perspective on the bird. I wish I had the luxury of setting up something permanent to take better photos, but I can't even leave the tree on the table where I have posed it so far. I just don't have enough space in here. :/
  3. Getting Rid of Old Colors

    I have all kinds of parts. You can see what I've uploaded so far in my Bricklink shop, Karalora's Brick Bargains, but there's lots more to come. I keep finding more as I sort! DM me if you might be interested in cutting to the chase and buying the lot off me. Once I have everything sorted, I'll weigh them up, take photos, etc., and we can negotiate.
  4. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    @Huaijozu I thank you for the suggestion, but I don't have access to a tripod...or a nice camera, for that matter.
  5. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    I hadn't really given much thought to species...I suppose subconsciously I'm probably patterning it after the sweetgums that grow around here (Los Angeles) and are one of the few local trees to exhibit much in the way of seasonal changes.
  6. Disney Wishlists

    Well...the Bambi set wouldn't have any humanoid figures at all, just animals, but they might draw on the Princess sub-theme "Palace Pets" for design cues.
  7. Getting Rid of Old Colors

    My standard practice is to look up the average price for each part and set it at 20% below that, but so far I have had very few nibbles.
  8. Storage and Sorting LEGO

    I am elbows-deep in my reorganization project. I have nearly all my parts sorted by color and to an extent by type, and just need to get enough new containers to finish the job and return them to their places. My apartment is a maze of plastic tubs, toolboxes, and assorted containers, some full and some empty. I think I am going mad. ;)
  9. Disney Wishlists

    Love it! In the meantime, I've come up with a couple ideas for smaller Disney sets: Bambi Explores (Bambi, 1942) Price point: No more than $20, maybe as low as $15 Based on the scene in the movie where he wanders for a bit, meeting animals and learning words. The builds would include a tree, a hollow log, a few rocks, and a patch of flowers--very simple stuff, maybe even in the 4 Juniors line. Figures would include Bambi, Thumper, and Flower the skunk. The main play feature would be the log opening up to reveal Thumper or Flower hiding inside. Alice At the Mad Tea Party (Alice in Wonderland, 1951) Price Point: $30-40 The builds would be a long table, multiple chairs, and an array of crockery, plus a bit of fencing with a gate and poles to support a string of lanterns. Minifigs: Alice (with a perplexed expression instead of the smile on the CMF), Mad Hatter, and March Hare. One of the main draws of this set would be the sheer color variety--everything at the Mad Tea Party is mismatched, with no two chairs, cups, or saucers alike.
  10. Disney Wishlists

    @Digger of Bricks, might I suggest the addition of a clown minifig to the Casey Junior set? The clowns play such an important role in Dumbo. My pick would be the one who wears the dress and fake elephant head as the "hysterical mother" in Dumbo's clown act.
  11. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Thank you, Maple! Please do create your scene! I chose a tree because the seasonal changes are pretty well-known and easy to create in a modular way, but I'd love to see something similar done in a different setting.
  12. Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Week 3: https://karalora.tumblr.com/image/169720038332 I added some Brickforge icicles, reflecting a sunny afternoon that melted just a bit of the snow, and left the rest of it brittle enough to be knocked off by, say, a cardinal perching on a branch.
  13. Some ideas for CMFs

    These are amazing, Robert8. That Pirate Queen is to die for! I also love love LOVE the crest on the Jouster's helmet--I've been reading about medieval tournaments and how the knights would display their heraldry in that fashion. The Nymph and Terracotta Warrior are part of my own personal wishlist. The jack-in-the-box clown is just inspired.
  14. I'm in the process of rearranging storage of my collection, and one of my goals is to get rid of all the parts in old brown and gray (light and dark), since these colors are discontinued. As I go, I am adding them to my Bricklink store, Karalora's Brick Bargains, but I thought I'd ask the more experienced folks here if this is the best way to go. Would I be more likely to find buyers selling them as a big lot on eBay? Or should I shrug and drop them off at the local Goodwill depot?
  15. Some ideas for CMFs

    Can't wait, Robert8! (Hey, that rhymes!)