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  1. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    I guess I'd better hurry up and review Series O then! Venusian: Get it? Little green men are from Mars and statuesque pink women are from Venus. Makes perfect sense. In all seriousness, the tongue-in-cheek aspect of this figure makes it all the better. She's a cute alien girl, and she's all hot pink and silver. This isn't even 1950s-caliber spacepunk, this is 1980s-caliber spacepunk. Shower Time Guy: We got a take on this from LEGO for real, and it's about the same except that we didn't get the shampoo or the fun new scrub brush mold. I guess it was an idea whose (shower) time had come. (Interestingly enough, I'm typing this still wet from the shower myself, which lends the experience a recursive quality.) Pilgrim Woman: Everyone here will be unsurprised to learn that I am 3000% in favor of this one. It's historical and it's holiday-related AND it comes with a new animal! That's pretty much the trifecta as far as I'm concerned! Turkey Suit Guy: Funny that this one and the above one wound up in the same wave. I guess that's why he looks so alarmed. Between these two and the Pilgrim Man from earlier, we have all the makings of a hometown Thanksgiving parade. Giant: Clever use of the trophies as humans in order to show the scale. TLG included a Giant minifig with the fairy tale book set that made it through IDEAS a few years back, but it doesn't look very similar. Even if you didn't particularly want a giant, this guy is wearing a good medieval peasant costume, so I think the Castle fans would snap him up. Underworld Ruler: I have to wonder how many of these come about so that you can re-use a specific element design? But I'm glad you did, because Anubis is awesome. I was actually a little annoyed that the Pharaoh's Quest line used images akin to Egyptian deities as bad guys, but if we actually got this out of it? Totally worth it. Hippie Girl: This is one we really should have. Her fashion sense strikes me as being just a touch more authentic than the actual Series 7 Hippie, and I'm not sure what it is. The darker leather? The beaded tassels? The floral emblems on the headband and guitar? Anyway she is one groovy gal and I'm sure she'll usher in world peace with her songs. DUPLO Alien Boy: His dad is the Cosplayer, isn't he? They're at the LEGO convention together, dressed as their favorite characters from The LEGO Movie. I'm thinking about this too hard, aren't I? Is the costume actually piece-built or is it solid pieces printed to look that way? Muse: My word yes, can we please have her? This is a scrumptious design overall, and that lyre and cape piece would be great for fantasy in general. Marionettist: More awesome repurposing of microfigures, leading me to wonder why LEGO doesn't do more of the same in actual sets. Plus I love the character's non-specifically old-timey look. (Yes, I know he's Geppetto, which means roughly mid 18th-Century, but the buckled shoes and knee breeches look older than that.) Wraith: Not a whole lot to say about this one, since it's just an extra-spooky ghost. That great "internal glow" effect is back though, and creepier than ever with the desiccated skull look to the face. Summer Camp Boy: The Cookie Seller's counterpart has arrived, and he is just as much of an overachiever! It would be interesting to get a few different variations on these uniforms and create entire troops. Mobile Suit Guy: I remember praising the misdirection on this one when he first came out--he's wearing a suit and there's the mobile phone, so that's it, right? Just a caffeine-crazed workaholic? NOPE! Does the Alien Tracker know about this guy? Herald: A must for any fully developed Castle society. I notice his tabard and flag have the same quartered field as the Jouster's shield, but with different charges--if that was deliberate, or just economical use of a striking design, I don't know, but I accept it either way. About the only thing I'd change would be to come up with some actual legible text for the proclamation. Tombstone: A delightfully spooky statue! Every Halloween MOCer on the planet would want this for their graveyards! Knight Maiden: It's okay, we all know it's Jeanne d'Arc. (Maybe I should start making a tally of the expies of real people. Or maybe I can leave that project for someone else.) Oddly enough, the relatively realistic armor design might be the standout aspect here, since most LEGO "medieval armor" tends to be a cartoonish representation of the concept. Overall: It's getting hard to judge these against each other since they're all consistently high in quality--clever concepts, clean designs, resourceful re-use of molds, etc. I don't think I can pick a favorite, or even a top three, this time around because there's a lot here to love!
  2. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    ^ All of this!
  3. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    So here we have Series Ñ. Robert8 borrowed a letter of the alphabet from another language in order to have more slots. But Spanish is of course not the only language to squeeze more letters into the Latin alphabet, and LEGO is a Danish company... I'm just saying that if you really wanted to keep going after Z, there's always Æ, Ø, and Å. Couldn't tell you how to pronounce them with any confidence, but they're there. On to the minifigs! Adventurer: I think we all appreciate this Johnny Thunder-alike, but I want to call attention to the idol. It's amazing how the addition of a round tile to the top makes the microfig shape look so...idol-y. That and the printing of course. I keep a bead box just for different kinds of LEGO "treasures," and that would make a fine addition. Robot Boy: Now that is a fun robot costume, with the googly eyes and spark between the antennae. I like to imagine there's an electrical panel inside the front that makes all those gears and dials spin. And we've got some Halloween-patterned candy and a new design for the loot bag. Fun stuff! Auctioneer: His outfit is nothing to write home about, but the mic headset combined with the mild expression is fairly interesting. The painting is a winner of course (so that's where it went), and the certificate of authenticity could be repurposed very easily. Circus Acrobat: She looks really good, with all those sequins and feathers. There's a crispness to her, if that makes sense--she may have joined the circus, but she's a danged professional! Love her! Ghoul: Gruesome. I can't quite ID the color, and the long-armed torso adds to the unsettling impression. The bones...well, it's a bit odd that LEGO has never produced bones in a tan shade to suggest aging. Loch Monster Guy: This, like the Sneaky Guy, is a superb concept, even before you get to the design. We have lots of animal costumes, both here and in reality, but this is the first time we've seen one with an ulterior motive...and we can tell because he's winking. Southern Belle: I'm surprised you didn't go with the Queen skirt for this one. I guess she might be a more modern example of the type, and modern skirts are less extreme than antebellum ones. The dress itself is very pretty with all those printed ruffles, and I like the two-tone parasol. Is she related to the Southern Businessman? Either way, you know she's going to use deceptively polite wording to put you down and then exclaim, "Well, I never!" when you clap back. Writer: Talk about detailing...you even included the asymmetry of Poe's face (thought to be the result of low-level CO poisoning, which might explain a lot about him). We've got a tan skull to go with the Ghoul's tan bones, and the crow--or I guess in this guess the raven--makes a return. And a very nice dreary 19th Century suit design. And he's paler than the usual minifig yellow, which is a neat touch. Red Leprechaun: Yep, the original folklore leprechauns wore red. I think they got recolored to green retroactively when they became the designated Irish folklore creature (although green has been the Faerie color for longer than that). I just know army builders would use the red and green leprechauns as factions and make them fight. You all know who you are. Including the ears with the beard is a twist, but I bet it would work. Beyond that...yep, this is a leprechaun all right. Clown Girl: Okay, but that balloon flower. Have they done dual molding with two transparent colors yet? I really want to see them try it now. The overalls, the stripes, the stars, the hearts, the overwhelmingly girly color palette...she's not just any clown, she's from a preschool show, isn't she? She's called Miss Squiggles or something and she comes through a door in the set with more stars and hearts on it.\ Black Card Guard: Everything I said about the Red Card Guard also applies to this one. Kite Flyer: We get two historical personages traveling under assumed minifig names in this wave! Not much to say here...that is certainly Ben Franklin. If he were released under the current price structure, you could get 20 Benjamins for a Benjamin, which seems like an unsustainable exchange rate. I'm deliberately being weird at this point. It's first thing in the morning. Snowman: This is another case of why haven't they already done this? I have my own kitbashed snowman minifig, but I really want to see what would happen with a dedicated one. Taekwondo Fighter: I don't think TLG has given us a female martial artist yet in CMFs, though again, it's not my favorite subtheme so I could be wrong. Another cool trophy design--is the bowl traditional to taekwondo or is it pure creativity? Delivery Guy: About time he got here--those are my LEGO sets! I very much like the recolor of the gift box as a plain brown box--I love holidays, but LEGO City has to function on an everyday basis as Vwell. Valkyrie: Now there is just everything to love about her. LEGO has given us a few different Vikings, but I don't think they've touched on their mythology yet (MCU stuff does not count). Anyway, YES PLEASE to a Valkyrie! Overall: There isn't really anything here I'd say no to--even the City figs come with enough cool accessories that I'd be glad to get them in a blind bag. Not bad for a borrowed letter of the alphabet!
  4. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Last evening of a three-day weekend, so I'll take my mind off the impending slog of the workweek and look at Series N! Saree Girl: This one has been on my wishlist for some time, and it's pretty much because of concepts that Robert8 realized gorgeously here: the exquisite colors and patterns that tend to appear on saree fabrics, as well as the accompanying jewelry and other embellishments of Indian national costume. This is just scrumptious. I'm too much in awe for exclamation points. Well done. Flying Man: The shading on the feathers is more subtle than I think we'd get from LEGO in an IRL version of Icarus, but it does look very nice. That legs piece would be much in demand for ancient world MOCers. And of course I'll take anything from Greek mythology! Android: Callback to the Android Woman/Gynoid; we finally have her counterpart! I think the robot dog is the real selling point here. I mean, it's a robot dog. Cosplayer: This guy cracks me up. He must be in his mid-30s, has a full beard, but who does he dress as for the LEGO Convention? Princess Unikitty. I bet he's also a brony. Alien Tracker: That suit-and-trench print on the torso and legs is pretty nice and re-usable for other detective types. I have to wonder how this guy would react to the Alien Leader. Different genres, I know... Jungle Girl: I see Robert8 has created another character with a fascinating anklet. Despite having presumably been raised by the wild creatures, she seems to be a touch more advanced than the Cavewoman. That snake is superb of course. Groom: Come to think of it...why hasn't LEGO produced a Groom to go with the Bride? By now this guy is about 10 years late to his own wedding. The top hat adds a bit of extra elegance; we might be able to use him in Victorian settings. Supervillain: This one is deliciously over-the-top. The swollen head, the eye-obscuring mask, the black costume with lime and magenta accents (secondary/tertiary colors are inherently villainous, in contrast with heroic primary colors). The tiles that change the function of the ray gun are a touch of brilliance. Jousting Knight: Obviously the Jouster needs someone to joust with (or against, I suppose). There are a lot of nice details to call out here--the two-toned helmet, the bold heraldry, and of course the crest, which I'm sure would be a hot item. Toddler Girl: That bowl design is certainly cute. Does the tile fit inside it, or must we assume that she has dumped her breakfast on the floor? Bandito: This may be the most heavily armed minifig I've ever seen--two pistols in hand, a third stuck in his waist sash, two big bandoliers of ammo, and a bundle of dynamite! I very much like the colors, which bring across more of a "gritty" mood than the more brightly colored sombrero wearing characters we've seen so far. Zombie Woman: Again with the amazing details! The one shoe sticks out. That wilted flower would be highly versatile. And there's a zombie dog. What did we do to deserve a robot dog AND a zombie dog in the same wave? Cricket Player: I...don't have a joke here. I don't think I need one. Cricket is kind of its own joke here in the States. Mounted Policeman: The inclusion of the beaver makes me giggle. What unique item can you include with a Mountie? Well, he's Canadian, so... That aside, he looks really good, especially details like the specific design of the collar buttons and the Sam Browne belt. And of course I need some solid Canadian rep in order to properly fantasize about an EPCOT World Showcase theme. Eskimo: Moving further north... Pretty sure the correct term is Inuit, just FYI. That parka hood with the braids is really nice, as is the overall parka design, and I'm sure the seal would be a big hit. Witch Doctor: Eh, this one might genuinely get you in trouble. As much as it's a familiar archetype, it does play into some unpleasant stereotypes about Africans and/or New Guinea natives. That's a shame, because it's a really evocative design. If it could be adapted into something more culturally authentic (and given an appropriate name), I'd be all over this one. Overall: There's a lot of really nice detailing in this series, which I think by now is becoming a trend as Robert8 gets more practice. Also a lot of terrific animals this time around! The Saree Girl is the standout figure to me, but she's far from the only must-have as far as I'm concerned.
  5. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Eh, maybe. I think there may be a difference between replicating a familiar scene wherein someone threatens to chop the head off an animal and ultimately doesn't succeed, and presenting a character whose job is chopping people's heads off. Without an existing story beat that says otherwise, it's inviting builders to set up scenarios where heads get chopped off, and LEGO might not want to go that far. EDIT: And now I am remembering that there is of course a climactic decapitation in The LEGO Movie, so I could be off-base after all.
  6. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Another day, another series review. We're up to Series M! Almost halfway through the alphabet! Slime Monster: This guy makes me smile every time I see him. He's so ugly, I love him. I'd like for him to come with more hand accessories in different shapes to represent different things he does with his slime, but alas, we cannot have everything. Orc: A fantasy staple at this point. The awesome flail makes a comeback, and the wooden design of the shield looks really nice. Pizza Man: One that came true. This guy's torso is more fun, suggesting the Italian flag, but the real one has that fabulously hideous pants design. In any case, even if they didn't outright copy, it's clear that TLG was on the same wavelength here. Mrs. Santa: We are long overdue a properly designed Mrs. Claus, as well as a candy cane accessory. She looks pretty perfect, but then who doesn't know what Mrs. Claus should look like? Get on it, LEGO. Rugby Player: This guy has an interesting face that I can use for my own characters (although the mouth guard would look weird outside of a sports context). I guess sports are like professions: you want to cover all the major ones sooner or later for the people who go for that sort of thing. Executioner: Okay, this guy I'm almost sure is too dark for LEGO, but I absolutely could not resist him if he were real. Every medieval executioner ever portrayed looks just like this, right down to the hairy belly. It's uncanny. Fairytale Cat: He's adorable. The costume detailing looks really nice, especially the piping around the cape--have we ever seen anything like that before? It's funny how the original fairy tale includes nothing about the cat being a swashbuckler--or wearing anything besides boots, for that matter. That's all a Dreamworks invention. Super Kid: When I do my Halloween village each year, I dip into my boxes of minifig parts to put together some trick-or-treaters, and I like to include a superhero. It's a good idea, is what I'm saying. I like the re-use of the grocery bag as a treat bag. Carnival Barker: What a great addition this guy would be to the Circus folk and/or the existing Fairground sets! (Alternately: Get four of him and have a competing Barbershop Quartet.) Lady Justice: I am fairly desperate for one of these, to be frank. We have Liberty, we need Justice. For all! And that bronze color looks so nice. Would that be a new color? I don't recall ever seeing official LEGO parts in bronze (copper, but not bronze), but I could be misremembering. White Chess Rook: The inclusion of the shield is a fun detail, it gives you a sense that pieces have different "roles" on the board besides how they move. The actual rules of chess don't allow it, but the suggestion makes it interesting. Art Restorer: I think we always need new print jobs for the brush piece. It did get tiresome when everyone was assumed to be painting in green all the time. I think the painting itself would be a sought-after piece. Spooky Doll: She may be spooky, but I don't think she's the aggressor here. She's clearly been through the wringer, as has her even smaller companion. A great Halloween character! Quinceañera: Living in L.A. as I do, I see these girls almost every weekend. This is pretty accurate. The gradient effect on the sequins on her dress looks really nice, and I'd love to have a stem piece in white for when I build birch trees (although I think that model of flower stem has been discontinued in favor of the one with the stop ring). Amusement Park Mascot: There is something inherently funny about a giant LEGO minifig head mask to be worn over a regular LEGO minifig head. And then the matching head as a logo on his overalls...LEGOLand is a thing of course (a wonderful thing), but I think this person works at MinifigLand! Blue Boy: The lamb is certainly a winner. The pastel period costume isn't bad either. He seems to be a reference to both the nursery rhyme and the famous painting. Overall: Nice costumes are the name of the game this time around--these characters collectively have a great wardrobe! Also a couple of much-needed archetypes: Mrs. Claus and Blind Justice.
  7. Karalora

    Indiana Jones 2022-Rumors & Discussion

    Out of your suggestions, I vote Grail Temple. The others were all sets the first time around. My ideal Grail Temple would have a mockup of the outer facade filmed in Petra, then the entry chamber, then representations of the three trials with play functions, then the Grail chamber, lined up much like the Hovitos temple set.
  8. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Notwithstanding the moral character (or lack thereof) of politicians, let's do Series L! Actor: An utter classic. We need him for the principle of the thing. Aquatic Show Trainer: This one, as in many cases both actual and hypothetical, is more about the dolphin than the figure. Nice re-use of the Rhythmic Gymnast's hoop from way back when. Dino Boy: Minifig in a dinosaur costume? Awesome. Minifig in a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg costume? Epic! Good continuity, re-using the green-spotted shell pattern from the Dino Researcher's egg. Calaca: I'm in love with her. The dress print, the flowered hair, the concept. We are long overdue for at least some sugar skull imagery in LEGO--the U.S. is still the biggest market and we are really warming up to certain aspects of Mexican culture over here. What, we can have Taco Tuesday guy and various other mariachis but not sugar skulls? Saloon Worker: Another much-desired character for any Old West town. The cow skull design on the one bottle lets you know that's the good stuff. Airline Pilot: Again...not really a plain City fan, but I'll always give a thumbs-up to female characters in jobs that are almost always presumed male by default. Cookies Seller: Very nice repurposing of the Mime Girl's headgear! As well as being a very cute character in general, definitely an overachiever with the number of patches on her sash. I'm sure the new cookie-printed round tiles would be very popular. (why don't we have regular chocolate chips yet?) Puppet: This sure takes me back...to about a week ago when someone made a Tumblr post referencing a famous Sesame Street sketch. That "yarn" wig could also work for short dreadlocks, and the finger-puppet function sounds like a lot of fun just to screw around with (all the more so when the female companion shows up later on). Maori Warrior: This guy is awesome! I love the tats and the printed spear and the belt and the war face! It's deceptively simple; it's all the printed details that really make him special. Supermarket Clerk: Gonna tweak something I said above...it's not that I'm not interested in plain City...I'm not interested in flashy City. Cops are flashy. Pilots are flashy because to me, an airplane trip is a big deal that happens maybe once every 15 years (and you're not likely to see your pilot in person anyway). The ordinary day-to-day stuff holds a lot more appeal for me, and this is an example of that. This is Bob, your friendly neighborhood cashier/bagger. He's gonna sell you some good food to take home. (We always want more food pieces!) Red Card Guard: And here we've returned to Wonderland...with an army builder! Very nice that you did a twofer of Hearts and Diamonds in a single slot (and will do the same with the black suits). And nice idea for turning the brick costume body into something a little less self-referential. Archery Champion: Once again, I don't tend to seek out the athlete figures, but can I just say I'm relieved she has the proper safety equipment? The last time I tried archery (at Ren Faire several years ago), they didn't supply any sort of glove or bracer and that bowstring slapped my arm every time and I had welts for days. Chaos Lord: If this is supposed to be a god from world mythology, I'm missing the reference. He looks more like something out of a Conan novel to me. In any case, that's a rad helmet, and the flails? Yes PLEASE! Roller Blader: It's like the 80s and the 90s had the world's ugliest baby. I kind of love her for that reason alone? Mutant: Shades of Futurama here. I dunno, this one might just edge over into too-gruesome territory where LEGO is concerned. But I think he's cool. Space Explorer: Another reference to a Classic Space sub-theme which I'm sure would be delightful to people who were fans of said sub-theme back in the day. Overall: Not the slam-dunk of the last series, but a lot of fun surprises.
  9. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Uh oh...but really, can he be worse than half the wackos in Washington right now?
  10. Karalora

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    I did say it was a best-case scenario. Oh well, I can still dream. It's right there in the thread title.
  11. Karalora

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    I went back and re-read the first few pages of this thread and this leaped out at me: I have been fond of TLoZ…basically since the beginning, back in 1986/87, and just lately I have gotten into the franchise in a big way (thank/blame Breath of the Wild). Zelda sets have been rejected from LEGO Ideas before despite garnering the necessary public support, and I’m sitting here hoping it’s because of the best-case scenario: that TLG is already working with Nintendo to develop one and so couldn’t accept any fan suggestions in that direction. Honestly the real challenge would be deciding what, out of the wealth of material that exists, to produce in brick form. The best bet would probably be not to try to recreate anything from any one game specifically, but to produce sets based on recurring motifs like Hyrule Castle, various elemental dungeons, etc. Another possibility would be picking one iconic image/location/structure from each of several games and designing sets based on those. In any case, it’s an eminently playable concept, what with the dungeons being so full of puzzles involving switches and levers and doors to unlock, and the franchise attracts a wide age range due to its longevity and the variety of content it provides.
  12. Karalora

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    Oof, I expect I'm going to be spending a lot of money on this new feature...
  13. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    It's time for Series K, which is my IRL first initial as well as the first letter of my 'nym, so I guess I should have a special connection to this one? Let's find out! Pirate Queen: The real CMFs have given us a Pirate Captain and a Scallywag Pirate and a Pirate Girl and even a Zombie Pirate, but no Pirate Queen as yet. I want a Pirate Queen, and I want her to look just like this. Fun history fact: the most successful pirate leader of all time, as measured in treasure captured vs. consequences faced, was a woman: Ching Shih, who was so dang good at it that the Chinese government eventually let her retire peacefully with all her loot on condition that she...retire peacefully with all her loot. (Dang, now I want a Chinese Pirate Queen too!) Nymph: Absolutely exquisite. Of all the fantasy characters, nature spirits are some of my favorites. That hairpiece with the flower crown could be recolored for a May Queen, which is another item on my wish list. But I'd be thrilled to have this! Bodybuilder: I'm not much for the athletes, but I do admire Robert8's creativity in designing trophies out of existing parts. Could we get a lineup image of all the trophies maybe? Caroler Guy: To go with the earlier Caroler, of course. I assume from the choice of songs that these are not actual Victorian carolers, but modern people who like to dress in period costume, in which case I admire this guy's commitment to the bit by also growing out muttonchops. I'd like to see a version without the green coat, to get a full view of that vest. Politician: He seems more trustworthy than most of the ones making the news these days. But I need to know more about where he stands on the issues. Beanstalk Climber: We've got the golden egg in reality, at least. The goose would make a great addition to the farmyard though, and Castle fans ought to love the boy's peasant garb. Tooth Fairy: I mean...there's absolutely no guesswork here. This is 100% a Tooth Fairy. Are the sparkles on the wings a print or does it indicate glitter plastic? Because if the latter...I can't imagine why they haven't already done fairy wings in a glitter plastic. Grave Digger: He's perfect! Reminds me of the one from the Van Helsing film. I think the round lantern that exists now post-dates this design, but I wouldn't mind having a square one also. I get a kick out of the juxtaposition between his perfect tidy suit and his face that looks like someone dug his grave at least a few months ago. Date Night Guy: A recolored teddy bear is always welcome of course, and that and the balloon would work great in Valentine's Day vignettes even if the guy doesn't do it for you. Can I assume the Date Night Gal is still to come? That arrow needs to be point at someone... Holidaymaker: Bit of an awkward name, but maybe less clunky than any of the alternatives. Vacation Lady? Beach Gal? Anyway, here we have another nice swimsuit design and a BEACH BALL! The hat + hair is pretty nice too...although it's too bad we need combo pieces like this to make most sorts of female characters wearing hats. Toy Clown: For all that this is an elaboration of that minibuild that came with the first Winter Toy Shop...at least it's a really, really cute elaboration. New jester hat? Awesome! Cheerful clown doll face? Awesome! The color selections? Everything is awesome! Using lighter shades than the primary red and blue gives it something of an antique look. Terracotta Warrior: Yes please. In fact, can we have about 20 variant heads in order to bring across a sliver of the variety of the actual Terracotta Army? Closet Monster: I love how friendly this guy looks. This isn't a monster that a kid is afraid of; this is a monster who's the kid's nighttime buddy and protects them from the meaner monsters. And in the meantime, they read stories together! The lavender furry body almost begs to be repurposed for other cute plush toys and/or costumes. Doctor: I have possibly detected an anachronism! That giant headlamp suggests the 1920s or earlier (I think--surgeons still use headlamps but not your GP, and they don't look like that), but those appear to be ballpoint pens in his pocket, and those didn't become common until after WW2! Robert8, have you been defrauding us with stuff and nonsense all the time? I kid, of course. This is a perfectly respectable, decade-neutral cartoon doctor. Cartoon Girl: And speaking of cartoons...! I'm sure she and her male counterpart will engage in all kinds of wacky shenanigans with sound effects played on cheap musical instruments right in the studio. And then maybe they'll kiss behind a window shade. Jouster: The burning question here is, naturally, will that lance fit in the bag? He'd certainly be easy for those filthy bag-scrunchers to find, in any case. The heraldry is quite nice-looking (if a little difficult to blazon...I have "quarterly paly murrey and gules and azure, an eagle or between three quatrefoils or" but I don't like it) and I appreciate the re-use of the "crow" as a crest on the helm. Overall: Mostly really solid work this time around. There are quite a few that I would pounce on.
  14. Karalora

    Dream Lego Licensed Themes

    You have to consider the context of violence and the genre of storytelling where it takes place. You know what all the franchises you mention have in common? Distance from the people watching the movies and the kids playing with the LEGOs. HP and LOTR are fantasies, Star Wars is a space opera, the MCU and Incredibles are four-color superheroes, and Indiana Jones is fantastic 1930s pulp adventure. In every case, there is a layer of unreality that buffers the violence in a sense. The James Bond franchise, on the other hand, is always contemporary to the year any given film is released, includes no magic or aliens or psychic powers or other exotic unreal elements. Bond’s gadgets can be semi-futuristic and some of the bad guys can be over-the-top, but it presents itself as realistic and current and a serious franchise for grown-ups. That makes the violence more immediate and potentially not something TLG wants associated with their brand. That and, you know, the sex. Lotta sex in Bond. Probably not the best look for a toy line that will attract 10-year-olds no matter what numbers they print on the box. For TLG to be willing to pick up a 007 license, they would have to cut out the gunplay and other realistic violence, and the sex, and focus entirely on cool cars and gadgets and chase scenes and outlandish baddies and Rube Goldberg-esque death traps. And I think that would be really fun! But would it satisfy the AFOLs who really really want James Bond LEGO sets? Are the distinctions between “fantasy” violence and “realistic” violence arbitrary? Yeah, probably. I’m just explaining how PR people see things.
  15. Karalora

    Ideas for a CMFs

    Not sure we can take the statue as authoritative regarding Cerberus's size, mainly because I think he's there as an identifier for Hades rather than an indicator as to what the ancients thought he was actually like. In any case, even if not literally giant, he would have to be bigger than that, because he's described as a mastiff and wrestling him into submission was one of Heracles's heroic feats. It would not take Heracles to wrestle that dog. I could do it on my lunch break. Please do not take this as criticism of your Cerberus. We have already established that tiny!Cerberus is awesome.