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  1. Karalora

    Ideas for CMFs

    I love all kinds of holiday-related figures! But let's be real--Christmas and Halloween have the most potential for interesting characters, and there are lots of Halloween minifigs. Christmas is less explored territory.
  2. We got one if you count Wiley Fusebot from the LEGO Movie series. But "robot frontiersman" is a little too oddly specific for most people. I swapped out his head and hands to make a Davy Crockett-type character, and even then, I wish the outfit were more "fringed buckskin leathers" and less "ratty overalls."
  3. Karalora

    Ideas for CMFs

    Not gonna lie, my favorite this go-around is definitely the Calaca--such fine detail! Also, I'm a big sucker for both holiday-related figures and cultural figures, and she's both!
  4. Karalora

    Ideas for CMFs

    Already in love...
  5. Karalora

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    A firehouse is an odd choice for a Winter Village set, to be sure. All the previous sets have a direct and obvious connection to the Christmas season, but a firehouse? Do they want us thinking about trees catching fire and turkeys getting horribly overcooked?
  6. Karalora

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    I love this and I need it.
  7. Karalora

    LEGO + IKEA !

    Origin: Scandinavia Name: Four letters, properly rendered in all-caps Products: Endless cool stuff, but you have to (get to!) put it together yourself Why didn't this partnership happen years ago?
  8. Karalora

    LEGO Pet Peeves

    Bringing this back to pet peeves, one of mine is when TLG produces a cute hairstyle in a particular color for a specific character or license and then never uses the mold again. Look, I just really want Hobbit hair in black and blond.
  9. Karalora

    Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Week 10: https://karalora.tumblr.com/image/171534210237 Some of the new buds are opening! Spring is finally nigh!
  10. Karalora

    Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    I wasn't able to upload last week due to technical difficulties, so today you get a twofer: https://karalora.tumblr.com/post/171286721217/i-was-unable-to-upload-a-new-seasonal-tree-photo I think by next week, there will be some solid evidence of springtime on this tree!
  11. Karalora

    Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Week 7: https://karalora.tumblr.com/image/170784133227 I couldn’t do the full update I had planned because the new parts I ordered didn’t arrive in time, so here’s something simpler. The ice from last week’s storm has melted…not only that, but some buds of new growth have emerged on the branches!
  12. Karalora

    Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Week 6: https://karalora.tumblr.com/image/170510234062 A warm spell brought rain, melting away the snow…but that night brought a chill, turning the rain into sleet and freezing rain. The ground retained enough warmth to remain mostly clear, but the tree is covered with a thin coating of ice.
  13. Karalora

    Getting Rid of Old Colors

    The current auction ends tomorrow. So far I have no bids. Am I asking too much? If so, I'll drop it down when I renew the listing.
  14. Karalora

    Year-Long Project: Through the Seasons

    Week 5: https://karalora.tumblr.com/image/170242830057 Weather conditions continue to be somewhat inconsistent. Between wind and passers-by, most of the icicles have gotten knocked off the tree. (It's been a hell of a week and I didn't have it in me to change the tree more than this.)