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  1. Some ideas for CMFs

    You've done it again, Robert8! How do you keep hitting so many points on my personal wishlist when I've never shown you the whole thing? The French Queen and Underworld King are basically perfect. The Majorette's uniform is extremely fab--I've been hoping for Marching Band characters for years.
  2. [MOC] Disney Collectable Minifigures Series

    While I desperately hope we get more Disney CMFs and mostly love your character selection, I feel compelled to point out that in the first actual wave, the characters came in pairs (with the exception of Stitch and Maleficent, who can be considered bonus minifigs bringing the total to 18 instead of the usual 16). Mickey goes with Minnie, Buzz goes with the Alien, Ariel goes with Ursula, etc. I would expect LEGO to follow suit with future waves, since it probably helps to edge casual Disney fans into the whole "collection" aspect. I think your waves would come across a bit more "authentic" if you arranged them the same way. On another note entirely, you've made the "accessory" for some of your minifigs a small associated character. I hate to say it, but I suspect that would be Right Out with the official waves. Back when the first one came out, people wondered why they hadn't done that with some of the characters, and I speculated it might be part of the licensing agreement, i.e. Disney gives LEGO permission to put 18 characters, period, in this line of toys. An "accessory" that was another recognizable character would be cheating. If you're just spit-balling for your own personal wishlist, I withdraw the above critiques.
  3. Good Witch Gender: Female Torso Print: Collared blouse in light blue Facial Expression: Smiling, grandmotherly, half-moon spectacles Headgear: Combination light blue witch hat and gray hair Legs: Striped stockings and brown boots Bodywear: Light blue cloth skirt Accessories: Black cat, pie (Design cues for the outfit come from the Wacky Witch.)
  4. I knew I'd seen the concept somewhere else before! I kind of want to rescind it now. I don't want to step on Robert8's territory and I think we can all agree that his designs go on this list by default.
  5. As it will be Halloween before we know it, here are a few spooky characters! Headless Horseman Gender: Male Torso print: 18th Century riding jacket in black Type of headgear: Black tricorne Type of facial expression: None! Minifig uses a plain transparent head! Legs: Black, continuation of jacket print to express its length Bodywear: High-collared cape with ragged edges Accessory: Saber, flaming pumpkin to throw (It's a pity we couldn't include his horse, but LEGO horses aren't hard to come by.) La Catrina AKA Catrina Calavera Gender: Female Torso print: Elegant Edwardian dress, upper half Type of headgear: Big hat with feathers Type of facial expression: Sugar skull Legs: Elegant Edwardian Dress, lower half Accessory: Lace fan Baron Samedi Gender: Male Torso print: Black/purple suit with a jazzy flair Type of headgear: Tall top hat with an opening for feathers Type of facial expression: Grim with skull makeup Legs: Black/purple trousers (matching torso) Accessory: Walking cane topped with a gold skull
  6. Milkmaid Gender: Female Torso print: Peasant blouse/bodice Type of headgear: Hat/hair combo--blond pigtails and Dutch winged cap Type of facial expression: Smiling, freckles Legs: Bloomers and practical shoes Bodywear: Cloth skirt with apron print Accessory: Pail and/or milking stool
  7. Some ideas for CMFs

    I've had a Ragdoll, Pilgrim, and Evil Scarecrow on my personal wishlist for ages, so those caught my attention right away! I love the designs for the Clairvoyant, Gladiatrix (that scar!) and Little Witch. As usual, though, there isn't much here that I'd throw back if it landed in my blind bag!
  8. Yes please! I'd love to have an entire series of Christmas/winter holiday-themed minifigs, the way we had Series 14 for Halloween.
  9. Sock Hopper Gender: Female Torso print: White blouse with pearls or pink scarf Headgear: High ponytail Facial expression: Big smile, cat-eye glasses Legs: Dual-molded yellow and white with printed black Mary-Janes. Bodywear: Pink cloth skirt with poodle image Accessory: 2x2 round tile with vinyl record design
  10. Lego themes that we need to be happen

    I would be 100% up for that. Maybe it could be given more international appeal by including lots of general autumn/harvest seasonal imagery.
  11. Some ideas for CMFs

    Fantastic work again, Robert8! I think the only one of these I wouldn't keep is the Football Player.
  12. [MOC] Cinderella Castle

    That is astonishingly lovely. 10/10 would shrink down to microscale and visit again!
  13. Spread the Creator Vibes Around

    Wow, this suddenly got picked up again. A criterion I would add: each alternate build should use at least three individual parts in a very different way from the main build, e.g. fence railings in the main build become flagpoles in the second and the bars of a cage in the third. Give kids some insight into the versatility of the parts and they'll be off to the races.
  14. Some ideas for CMFs

    @Robert8 You have a gift for coming up with minifigs that don't quite go on my "wishlist," but that I would certainly keep if they turned up in my blindbag. That Cotton Candy vendor is inspired.
  15. Some ideas for CMFs

    Not to make the comment section sound like a broken record, but this might just be the best one yet! I would make a point of collecting almost every single one, especially the Winter Sprite! (You teased me on it, you rascal!) But really, I make a point of grabbing all the historical, cultural, and fantasy characters in every CMF wave that comes out, so this one would definitely keep me busy!