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  1. sinister5988

    [MOC] Majisto's Dragon Cave

    Hello everyone, I would like to share my latest Castle MOC with you: Majisto's Dragon Cave This is a place where the Dragon Knights can lock up their captured Dragons and Majisto can cast spells on them to make them obedient to him and his knights. It was inspired by and is sort of a combination of the Dark Dragon's Den and Majisto's Magical Workshop. 20220223_114358 by sinister5988, auf Flickr At the front there is a big gate, which can be opened and closed to get the dragons in and out of the cave. 20220223_114428 by sinister5988, auf Flickr To the left of the gate there's a secret entrance to the top floor. 20220223_115108 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_114553 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Only Majisto knows how to open it! 20220223_114607 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_114906(0) by sinister5988, auf Flickr On the upper floor there's a small workshop and a little tower. 20220223_114724 by sinister5988, auf Flickr The door underneath the tower can be opened so Majisto can cast his spells direclty onto the dragon in the cave (or you can throw some unwanted guests down into the cave ) 20220223_114735 by sinister5988, auf Flickr A smaller entrance, only big enough for humas to pass through, is located on the right side (someone needs to feed the dragons, right?). 20220223_114826 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_114849 by sinister5988, auf Flickr I also built a slightly modified version of the Dragon Wagon, since it fits well with the cave. I especially didn't like the seat for the driver and also wanted to add one of those horse dragon helmets to the top of the wagon. 20220223_115219 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_115252 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_115322 by sinister5988, auf Flickr The Dragon Knights use the Dragon Wagon to transport their captured dragons to Majisto's Dragon Cave, where the can lock them up. 20220223_115505 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_115522 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_115538 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220223_115604 by sinister5988, auf Flickr I'll finish this post with a photo of the Cave and the Wagon together - I just love the look of the Dragon Knights and their color scheme 20220223_115708 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Let me know what you think, Feedback is always welcome Chris
  2. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    Thanks all for the kind feedback, I appreciate it The Adventurers theme is perfect for storytelling in my opinion, although my main focus are the builds. I only included the story to make a connection between the MOCs. Glad you liked the story so far though
  3. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    3. Yet another map... After a few hours of driving through the desert, Gail, Doc and Johnny finally find what they were looking for. The secret tomb! The tomb was inspired by set 5958 Mummy's Tomb. 20220203_113139 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220203_113236 by sinister5988, auf Flickr While Johnny has barely gotten out of his truck yet, Doc has already taken out his magnifying glass and starts deciphering the drawings on the statue. Gail immediately took her camera to capture their find on film. 20220203_113607 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Next Doc takes a closer look at the hieroglyphs on the entrance of the tomb... 20220203_113946 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Meanwhile their friend Harry also arrives at the tomb, after landing his plane right next to it. "Guess who was following me, guys! Baron von Barron was on my heels for a while, but I managed to escape him. Although I have a bad feeling that this won't be the last time we have see him..." 20220203_114048 by sinister5988, auf Flickr "Hey Doc!" Johnny says, "this small statue seems to have some sort of turning function, I think we should give it a try and see what happens." 20220203_114127 by sinister5988, auf Flickr As Johnny turns the statue with the falcon on top, the chain attached to it causes the entrance of the tomb to slowly open. 20220203_114339 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220203_114424 by sinister5988, auf Flickr "Enough Johnny, you can stop now!" says Doc, as he starts entering the tomb. 20220203_114541 by sinister5988, auf Flickr As Doc sets his first step into the tomb, a strange looking pillar suddenly starts turning... 20220203_114826 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Suprised and a litte scared by the skeleton that appeared, Doc takes a step back. 20220203_114857 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Well, Johnny's not afraid at all so he enters the tomb first instead of Doc Lightning. 20220203_115003 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Unfortunately, the tomb seems rather empty and no magic ruby is to be seen anywhere. "Wait, what's that at the end of the corridor?" 20220203_115335 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Johnny sees a treasure chest, which seems to big to get it out of the tomb. But wait, right behind the treasure chest is a small hole leading outside to the back of the tomb, just big enough for the chest... 20220203_115505 by sinister5988, auf Flickr So after detaching the chest from the tomb, he pushes it out through the hole... 20220203_115557 by sinister5988, auf Flickr .. leaves the tomb through the front entrance and tells his fellow adventurers about his find. They walk around the tomb to the treasure chest. 20220203_115816 by sinister5988, auf Flickr After they managed to break it open, it becomes clear there is no treasure inside the chest, but a map. 20220203_115902 by sinister5988, auf Flickr While Doc is very excited and starts studying it immediately... 20220203_130233 by sinister5988, auf Flickr ...Harry leans back against the palm tree thinking "Damn, yet another map. I thought we would find some real treasure here." 20220203_130316 by sinister5988, auf Flickr As they return to the front of the tomb, they realise they were not the only ones that found the tomb. Baron von Barron and Sam Sinister had been following them, but kept a distance. They landed their plane a little further away from the tomb to secretely follow our heroes. 20220203_130613 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Thankfully Johnny's got an idea. He quickly runs over to the falcon statue and turns it all the way around... 20220203_130755 by sinister5988, auf Flickr a result the stone statue slides all the way to the right, causing the spears on top to drop down onto Baron von Barron. 20220203_130806 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220203_130818 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Harry makes good use of this moment of surprise and takes down Sam Sinister. 20220203_130852 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Johnny, Gail and Doc quickly get into their vehicles... 20220203_131118 by sinister5988, auf Flickr ...while Sam has a look after the Baron. 20220203_131149 by sinister5988, auf Flickr As the three drive off (and Harry takes off)... 20220203_131400 by sinister5988, auf Flickr ... the Baron is back on his feet, but it's too late already. "We will get you next time, Thunder!" 20220203_131434 by sinister5988, auf Flickr The new map our adventurers just found looks like it could lead them to some sort of Sphinx, but will they find the magic ruby there? To be continued... As always, please let me know what you think. I would be very grateful for some feedback Chris
  4. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    I considered that, but thought it would make more sense to have all MOCs in one thread since they all belong to the same continuing story. Also, if someone finds this thread at a later point in time, they can scroll through all the posts here and don't have to search the forum for the rest of the story Glad you like the plane. Actually I use a classic style in most of my builds, it's just what appeals to me the most (I'm a big fan of 90s Lego ).
  5. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    2. The search for the secret tomb begins... In my first post I promised there would be more vehicles (and planes, to be exact) next, so here we go! After a restful night of sleep, our four Adventurers get out ouf their comfy tent and start packing their stuff. Good morning, Johnny! 20220127_113634 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Harry helps Johnny loading the crate with their equipment onto Johnny's truck. I took the design of the truck from the Indiana Jones Set 7622 and changed a few things. I cut out the tarp from thick brown paper. 20220127_114034 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Meanwhile Gail and Doc Lightning pack the rest of their stuff and load it into the smaller car. 20220127_114111 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Harry then makes his plane ready for take-off. 20220127_114406 by sinister5988, auf Flickr "Alright, I've got the map, let's go and find the secret tomb!" 20220127_114509 by sinister5988, auf Flickr "I'm right behind you guys!" 20220127_114908(0) by sinister5988, auf Flickr At last Harry starts the engines of his plane and takes off into the hot desert air, following his friends. The plane is basically the same as in Set 5948, just in different colors and a few minor changes. 20220127_115259 by sinister5988, auf Flickr After a while, Harry notices some noise behind him. "Hey! Who's following me?" I guess we all know to answer to that question. 20220127_115853 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Of course it's the evil Baron von Barron with his bi-plane. 20220127_115957 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220127_120055 by sinister5988, auf Flickr But not only the Baron is sitting in the plane, Sam Sinister is aboard too! This plane is obviously inspired by Set 5928, I made it a litte longer to make place for both of the villains on bord (so Sam doesn't have to walk through the hot desert ) 20220127_115945 by sinister5988, auf Flickr Who will find the secret tomb first? Will the villains defeat our heros? 20220127_120115 by sinister5988, auf Flickr To be continued in the next post... You can find a few more pictures on my Flickr Account, also some showing the truck and the two planes in more detail. I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know what you think, and I should be back next week with post number 3..... Chris
  6. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    Thank you for the kind words DBlegonerd7 and Kit Figsto. Glad you liked my first post, gives me motivation for the next one
  7. sinister5988

    Hello from Austria

    Thanks for the welcome! I certainly won't, I've been way to obsessed with Lego for the last two years and don't see that changing anytime soon
  8. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    Seems like we have to keep building our own Adventurers MOCs since Lego won't release new sets A lot of the pieces from my childhood are in quite a bad condition, only as I got older I started to take good care of them. Thanks, I have quite a few more MOCs to be shown here
  9. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    Wow, thanks for the link, you did a great job on your Sphinx MOC! You will see the Sphinx set in a modified form in one of my future posts I too would love a revival of Adventurers, but I don't think it will happen. I'm very excited though about the rumors of possible new Indiana Jones sets coming this year. That would definately bring us a lot of useful pieces and minifgures to use for our Adventurers builds.
  10. sinister5988

    Adventurers Desert (Egypt) MOCs/MODs

    I guess that's because I didn't own the Sphinx set as a kid but bought it in good used condition about ten years ago and took good care of it I've seen some great Adventurers MOCs here and am happy to contribute now Glad you liked my post, I'm really looking forward to making the next one. Chris
  11. sinister5988

    Hello from Austria

    Thank you both guys! Happy to finally be on Eurobricks
  12. Hello everyone, I created this topic to show a few of my creations inspired by the first wave of my all time favorite theme, Adventurers, which takes place in the desert of Egypt. Some I would consider "real" MOCs, others are rather modifications of official sets. I will start with the first MOC today and then post the rest here in this thread as replies (I will try to make one post a week). 1. The Adventurers' Camp We got a fireplace and a tent in set 5978 Sphinx Secret Surprise, so I thought I would be nice to connect those two and make a real camp for our heroes. So after a long day of traveling through the Egyptian desert, under a palm tree prodiving shade, the four Adventurers set up their tent and created a small fireplace. 20220120_133434 by sinister5988, auf Flickr 20220120_133439 by sinister5988, auf Flickr While Johnny, Harry and Gail are at the fire drinking some water and waiting for the food to be ready... 20220120_133727 by sinister5988, auf Flickr ...Doc Lightning is already tired after a long day of traveling through the Egyptian desert and about to get some sleep. 20220120_133538 by sinister5988, auf Flickr After their meal, the other three follow Doc into the tent to fill up their batteries. What will the next day bring for our heroes and where will it lead them? 20220120_133710 by sinister5988, auf Flickr To be continued in the next post... By the way, if you are wondering why they only have one car with two seats for four people - there are more vehicles coming in the next post Let me know what you think about my first post Chris
  13. sinister5988

    Hello from Austria

    Hello fellow Eurobricks members, I've known about Eurobricks for a long time and came here from time to time to read. I signed up sometime last year and now I'm finally about to get active and start posting some of my MOCs. I'm an AFOL from Austria and have already had two Dark Ages. Well, I'm not gonna let a third one happen Themes that I'm most interested in are Adventurers (my favorite!), Castle, Pirates, Ninja and Western. I'm generally a huge fan of 90s Lego, therefore I use a similiar building style in my MOCs. That was my short introduction, I'm now gonna head over to the Action and Adventure forum and post my first MOC. Looking forward to the conversations here on the forum Chris
  14. Test Adventurers 20210603_164627 by sinister5988, auf Flickr