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  1. But without purple piece (cable holder) the motor would be able to determine it's position. What happens now when you try to calibrate the set?
  2. I also had issues with the same parts and used this method too. Worked well, no more leaks.
  3. @AlessandroB, @BrickTronic, sorry for my late replay. Here are some pics, which should help you. If not, drop a message. When you are done. Just re-assemble. before you close the case make sure everything works as expected.
  4. The forced firmware update is just a shot in the dark. Here is how you do that. If that doesn't help, I would contact Lego.
  5. So this happens, when you want to lower or raise the dumper body? Looks more like a software issue or a motor internal issue. Shouldn't be a mistake during building, because the gear switcher is directly connected to the motor. Did you try a forced firmware update on your lego technic hub? I doubt, that it'll work, but inure could try to reinstall the Control+ App, too.
  6. @VermontDave, I can confirm that the purple pieces is blocke by that beam. So, it cannot moved clockwise from 3 o'clock to 6 o'clock. It has to go counterclockwise to reach 6 o'clock. That way the motor can detect it's position. Could you post a video? You could use Flickr, Bricksafe to Youtube.
  7. @Jgooffer, I'm sorry. I don't know what else i can do. The only advice i can give and what already suggested by others, is that you start over again and pay close attention to the instructions. Good luck!
  8. Posting pictures and videos helps a lot to troubleshoot the issues. Please use for example or and embed the images and videos here. What switches back? The purple part in the gearbox? When you are looking from behind at the dumper, can you confirm the following positions of the purple part? 3 o'clock - 1st gear 12 o'clock - 2nd gear 9 o'clock - 3rd gear 6 o'clock - lowering and raising the dumper body When I raise or lower the dumper body at my volvo and then stop at any position, the purple part goes back from 6 o'clock to 3 o'clock when the automatic gearbox is activated.
  9. Seriously... You aren't following carefully the instructions. On page 31 it shows how the gearbox elements should be placed. This is what you have build: So please compare the image on the right side of pages 31 and the picture above in my post. Do you see any differences? You are answer should be yes, because I see one. So... please follow the instructions carefully. Pay attention on how parts placed. Also pay attention on how parts are placed relatively to each other. This is crucial. I'm sorry to say that, but if you don't do that; if you don't pay attention, I'm wasting my time helping you. If you don't see it click on the spoiler
  10. Andman

    Getting started question

    Welcome to the forum! For this kind of stuff, this is the correct forum. All you questions can basically answered with yes. But i think many people here are buying/collection Lego (Technic) since many years. At least did and still do. As time passes... lets say the part count magically never goes down :-) If you are interested in sets, which give you a good start, search the forum for "parts pack". There are certain sets, which give you a better variety and more parts for a reasonable price.
  11. Andman

    42114 - Issues during building

    Please please don't apologize. There is nothing like an expected level of posts here. There are no stupid questions. Only stupid answers. And it is smarter to ask, then not to. Glad you found the mistake. Just reach out again, if you encounter any other issues. I'm sure there are some people willing to help you, including me. You might find this thread helpful, too. It covers some issues, other people encountered. @lostinroy, based on the position of the driving rings, it is intended that some gears are blocked.
  12. I assume he confirmed it here. He didn't update/add any new pictures.
  13. Patience, my friend :-) @Jgooffer, Look at the image below I would say you are missing the parts installed at step 99 on page 60. Please check that first before posting images or videos. I would like to repeat what @TeamThrifty mentioned before. The Set is not flawed. You just have to carefully follow the instructions.
  14. Then they are missing in the set. Just contact Lego here:
  15. It still looks like you are missing the axle installed in step 66. This axle is not visible in your latest video and in your latest pictures. This axle drives the central diff, which drives all axles. Please check again.