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  1. @Jim, @kbalage, looks like the 42131 suffers from the same color inconsistencies like the 42114. This part has a different shade of yellow than the rest of the yellow parts. At least it looks like that in the image above. Can you confirm that?
  2. If they are new, there should be no need to lubricate them. If they are old and the friction is significantly higher, then it might be worth it. Here is a thread about how to do that. BTW, welcome to Eurobricks :-)
  3. The price tag in Norway for the CAT is also pretty bad. It is sold for 5200NOK (BTW the Liebherr is sold at 4800NOK), which is roughly 510EU, 590USD, 827AUD and 766CAD. On TLG website the CAT is sold for 450EU, 450USD, 750AUD and 550CAD.
  4. I haven't tried it out, but I'm pretty sure unused ports of C+ sets will not be powered while you are using the C+ App. With The Powered Up App it is absolutely do-able.
  5. Andman

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    Sorry, didn't see the mentioned post. did nor reload the page But now it makes sense. You aren't using a return to center steering. That makes several things more complicated. I would strongly recommend to use some kind of clutch to prevent damage, if you would like to keep you current steering mechanism. But if possible, change it to return to center steering (motor as a servo). That way you can easily switch between steering modes. BTW, really great project. Looking forward to see more progress!
  6. Andman

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    Hm, are the motors for the steering supposed to act like servo motors (automatic return to center) or like in the 42070? While there are some bugs in the Powered UP app, i never had any issues with the steering block. Could you explain how you steering system works?
  7. Andman

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    Here is my approach: The motor connected to B changed it's position when i switched the value for a. I'm wondering why you aren't using the steering blocks for... well... steering :-)
  8. Andman

    [WIP] ROPA Tiger 6s sugar beet harvester

    What happens when you switch the mode without returning to the center?
  9. The reason I was asking is that even the slightest twist could cause friction. Mine is ok, but both parts are really close to each other. BTW, when I use HOG steering, the steering wheel also doesn't move smooth. I guess it is just the way it is.
  10. For me it would be enough, if someone would mod the price into a more reasonable range :-D @efferman, does driving the upper sprocket instead of the lower one at the back have any advantages? Or is just because of realism?
  11. Mine is fine too. Is the 6L axle, which you installed on page 7 (step 9) to hold the connector in place, twisted?
  12. Building techniques have surely improved over the years/decades... So from that point of view, older sets were worse INMHO (which does not necessarily mean they were bad).
  13. Just to illustrate the price increase per set: You can fit roughly 780 42100 boxes inside a standard container (33,2m³). The price increase of a container to 13000 means an increase to 16€ per set.
  14. That means it drives like the 8043, which is far away from smooth?