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  1. Likely not. He died in an accident and since then the instructions were pulled from rebrickable.
  2. And you waited 4,5a to tell them that?
  3. Just a quick follow up. It turned to be a firmware problem. Prior to testing the hubs, I downloaded an update via powered up. So I thought everything is fine regarding the firmware. It turned out not to be true. I don't know the details behind the scenes, but a forced firmware update via the C+ app helped. All motors are working. I posted the procedure I had to follow here
  4. Take this procedure provided by Lego support as an inspiration. Helped me in my case. Hope ut does in your case too. Do you also have the City Hub and remote? If you have the same problem I had (firmware problem) then the motor should work with the City Hub and a remote.
  5. In control+ the hub connects. It just didn't prompt for the firmware update. I did that via powered up. In powered up with the hub being connected, I built a very simple code with a slider to change the power if a motor. All of my older ones worked. Only these 6 motors from the Liebherr didnt work. I test with older and these two new hubs. But sure if reinstalling would really help.
  6. Yes:
  7. Guys... Started to build this set. The instructions asked me to test. Guess what... all 6 L angular motors do not work. The test in control+ doesn't recognise them. I verified with an older angular motor that the new hubs are ok. They got the firmware update through powered up before the test. The new L angular motor in return do not work on any hub, older ones and new ones. I'm so disappointed. At that price point it is hard to accept something like this. One or two maybe. But all if them? I'm not aware of any possible fix for the motors. But if there is, let me know. Will contact TLG soon.
  8. @Legotyres, did you try coding in powered up already. If so, please post a screenshot. The description of what the code does, was already provided. I assume you saw that and it did help you, did it? In any case i can help you too, if you wish so :)
  9. I presume his view count fell victim to YouTube's algorithm preferences. It appears that YouTube promotes content in which creators actively engage with the audience by showing their emotions through facial expressions and vocal interactions. Sariel, on the other hand, rarely incorporated these elements into his content, if at all. I also speculate that TLG recognizes this trend and observes the declining views on his channel, potentially impacting the channel's future relevance for reviews. And I must admit that, although I always watched his and other reviews, I preferred the ones with more social interaction, instead of just subtitles.
  10. The rules were not changing on the fly. You were just cought breaking them. Your other threads just didn't catch the attention of admins/mods, so it seems. Get over it and move on. Despite being asked multiple times (in removed post) to provide some more info about the ship, its features and the building process, you completely ignore that. Instead you responded with passiv aggressiv posts. You are damaging your reputation. With regards to 2, this is sad, because your ship is really nice and you seem to have passion for Lego Technic like others here too. So why not focusing on that? That's how you actually sell your MOC. Having a good presentation and good manners. Both is still lacking in your responses so far.
  11. Overcurrent protection? Could you past a screenshot of your code here. I can test later today at home.
  12. Didn't check the instructions myself. But that the first place I would check. Maybe it refers to boxes.