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  1. I just made two gifs for the first and second gear. Maybe that helps already. Blue: drive shaft after the gear box Purple: gear switcher Pink: driven gears of the gearbox depending on the selected gear
  2. Nah, I wouldn't be that optimistic. They probably just did it to create an additional selling point. I prefer the yellow cylinders because they always highlighted the function. It's always an eye catcher for my young son.
  3. No need to apologise. I was just curious :-) Looking forward to the project being successfully funded! Good luck!
  4. Any reason why you didn't share you kickstarter campaign here? I missed when it went online.
  5. It's only "a stone away" (not really) from an LDD file (which is also intellectual property requiring a lot of work) to get instructions. Why on earth do you think you would get even that for free? If you want a challenge, then try to build it from images which are available on the web.
  6. Rebrickable is not my project! :-D I thought you could share your images so people who are interested could create videos out of them and upload them to rebrickable, which would help to improve the part detector.
  7. Great project! I was wondering, since you already have a lot of images of parts, if you could share that to contribute to this project:
  8. Thanks for the Video and the test! But I think it highly depends on the mould of the bevel gears. All of my grey 20z bevel gears work fin. Every other color version causes sometimes issues. Especially the tan one. Sometimes only one side of the 20z gear is rubbing against liftarms and sometimes both sides. Seems like it depends on fractions millimetres, if they introduce more or less friction. So did you test your chosen bevel gears, if they are grinding against liftarms?
  9. The title of your thread creates certain expectations. At least I and probably other people too were expecting to see your mods or any other substantial contribution/content. I was a bit disappointed to see nothing. You could have made it obvious in the title or at least in you first post, that you are looking for mods and don't have any by yourself because you don't have the set yet.
  10. There were many reports on issues with the 20 bevel gears. Maybe that's the reason why they introduced the spur version.
  11. Maybe this thread and feedback send to TLG based on that issue was the reason to introduce the spur gear variants.