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  1. I suggest you try and see how far you get. When reverse engineering always begin with the parts that are easiest to see, then work out the rest from there. Often it can be a great help having the parts around to see where and how parts must be mounted. Best of luck to you. Maybe we can help each other if/when I can find the time :) Would be cool to start a Reverse engineering thread for it as a forum project, if it is ok by Lipko. _ED_
  2. From what I can see the pictures are quite detailed. It should be possible to do a complete reverse engineering of this model. Personally I do not have enough time at the moment, but I suggest you try your hand to reverse engineer it with a Lego Cad program. _ED_ Edit: Actually after seeing the video again, I think I will reverse engineer it. But as I said I don't have the time right now. Maybe next weekend if Lipko don't mind.
  3. This is impressive! I like how it is coming along, and I'm very excited to see your choices for bodywork. Could you make a demo video to show how the dual drive system works offroad? The gear train seems a bit weak to me, but might be ok if the model is light enough... _ED_
  4. This is what I love in a B-model! A great well functioning model that is very different form the main model! This seems very good! I just wish Lego could be as creative and start including B-models again... _ED_
  5. Way to cool to be "the most boring vehicle/object in the world"! Great and creative work! _ED_
  6. The string is the missing part in all the experiments I've done. It saves a lot of space for making the valves/pistons. I find i very hard to make anything this compact without that ingenious solution, but if someone can come up with something better I'm all ears. Best of luck trying. We as a community might be onto a new super-compact solution for fake engines. This reminds me of some of the collaborate projects back when I first discovered Eurobricks. :) _ED_
  7. Thanks! This is a great idea for how to simulate working valves for fake engines! I have been looking into that problem for years without finding a good solution. But the half L bushes is a great idea if it is combined by a crankshaft that requires less space... And an idea for that came up in the copetiotion to make small cars for the car transporter sets a while ago. Simply stack low 1 stud tiles and connect them to a axle and you have it. I will do some experiments :)
  8. That is a genius idea, and probably the best purist solution I've seen for making the helicopter more to scale. Hope to see some results as this is a mod I'm highly interested in. _ED_
  9. There seems it might have enough space in the floor for a by wire control system from pedals to rear rotor pitch. The hard mod will be building a small enough pitch system to keep it in scale. I would also expect to see mods to make the oversized motor panels smaller to make it more to scale with the model without covers. These are mods I would implement in a second if anyone can come up with them. I wont be getting this before Christmas, so little chance of being first... Another nice mod would be a very low speed for the rotor rather than the current low speed. This would make the blade pitch change much easier to see. I'm excited to see what people will come up with. For me this has turned from a "meh..." to a "must buy" after having seen the reviews! :) _ED_
  10. I would love to buy instructions for this, even if it is only a cad model that I can use to reverse engineer it. Please give me a PM if that is possible. Superb model! And perfect for display. Lego are probably not willing to make it as they see it as to complex... I find it perfect for technic fans! _ED_
  11. I got the 42139 All Terrain Vehicle for € 50 brand new. 30% off on a webstore in Norway - Very happy with that, so I bought two! :)
  12. I got a brand new Sian in unopened box for € 230. That is about € 100 below normal resale in Norway... Birthday gift for myself :) _ED_
  13. Nice to have you active again. Great work thus far! Quite excited to see the end result, no matter if you finish it in time or not. This is shaping up to be a great model! _ED_
  14. Very good model, and would be excelent for a open or model team contest, but I'm afraid I have to agree that this hardly can be said to be technic style... Apart from functions and a little brick stacking it seems to be very little technic. Might help if you replace most of the plate stacking with technic panels or something similar. But you should have praise for making one of the best looking Lego rollers I've ever seen! _ED_
  15. Combining ideas here... How about this for a Ladder? By connection it to beams on both sides you should have a secure connection... _ED_