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  1. Nazgarot

    LDD projects and buildings

    This seems way to narrow for a excavator, and it can't handle the stresses a excavator will expose it to. I suggest trying to build it with actual parts and stress them by applying a load similar to the expected weight of the complete build to see what I'm on about. Also you have a problem with the swing point being so far from the actual wheels. This makes the wheels move a lot in longitude rather than rotating around the wheel center. It makes for a unstable model as well as making it very hard to steer and event harder to steer while under power... I suggest you start over, and start by addressing the steering point. You should place it as close to the center of the wheel as possible, and you want to make sure the stub axle is well supported as well. Using a hub with three pins holding the wheel would be preferable when carry a big load like a excavator, but it can be solved in other ways as well. The setup you are showing in LDD is very good when you want a very large steering angle, but still has the problem of moving the wheels to much and not being stable or able to handle a high load. Ant that only advantage is hampered by the way you have linked the steering. If I can find the time I might post some suggestions for you later. For now, good luck with your excavator, and please don't give up just because the first iteration was not perfect. Making the perfect is a lot of trial and error, and in Lego you always end up with a compromise anyways... :) _ED_ EDIT: A quick mockup - Would suggest something like this. It would need some more bracing and maybe a better connection to the wheel, but gives you a much better piviot for the wheels being only a single stud away from the edge of the wheel, and is only a single stud wider than your own design. The diff should be braced with 20t gears on either side to keep it in place, and you need to ad 2x4 L beams to control the steering like you have in your own design. It is a suggested starting point. Do with it as you like, but if you have any hubs I suggest rather using those. Fore the steering angle you are trying to achieve they will do well.
  2. Nazgarot

    LDD projects and buildings

    I don't understand what you are attempting here. Are you building a narrow steered axle with drive that is not supposed to have suspension? Why? There would be better solutions even though this will give you a very good steering angle if you change a few tings... What is this for? Anything I can think of that needs this kind of axle is supposed to carry a very high load, hence not being suspended, but this build is far from strong enough for anything like that... The first thing that comes to mind is the axles of some heavy load transport platform, but that would be better solved by using a turntable mounted solution with a differential to allow the wheels to turn 360 degrees. Would love to hear more of what you are thinking, and if you have made any actual prototypes and stress tested them. _ED_
  3. Nazgarot

    melting and fusing Lego

    I've also done som testing with that prop. I melted one trying to gear it up and power it with a buggy motor for a hover craft. It did not work very well, but moved a little bit before the revs suddenly dropped. The prop was a complete loss, and is quite hard to come by... I did however find out it is threaded when I tried to get i loose and that it is possible to remove the 24 tooth gear to replace the 1x4 studded beam, and this has proven invaluable in experiments with propeller propulsion tests. It is by far the best prop Lego has ever made, and being able to dismantle it at replace the studded beam opens up a lot of possibilities. I have not melted any more of them though. I took too reason and placed some omni wheels below the hovercraft, and any other propeller powered experiment since... :) _ED_
  4. Nazgarot

    [MOC] Koenigsegg Jesko Drivetrain

    Nice work! Been waiting for this. The Jesko is an amazing piece of mechanics, and this is a very good rendition of it. I love that everything is visible, and not hidden behind panels. This does the advanced mechanics justice! Hope to see more like this! _ED_
  5. Nazgarot

    Alternative builds of 8064

    Let me know if you need any more help. PS: Reengineering in LDD is a good way to learn building techniques in a cheap way. You could even search up building instructions for old technic sets on and build from those. Quite a learning experience. _ED_
  6. My guess is a factory reset in case of failed firmware upgrade. This is usual on programable electronics in order to be able to restore if a update of firmware fails. it probably relays on power in the caps and has to be pressed for a certain time... But can't say for sure. _ED_
  7. Love this! Both the looks and the technical solutions are very good, and using the Ducati shocks really dots the "i". I also really like the texture and color you put in the bodywork. Superb work!
  8. Nazgarot

    Alternative builds of 8064

    I took the time to reverse engineer it again to give you a hand. A few parts are replaced with newer parts as they do not exist in LDD. Some others are recreated from other parts and gathered in groups. I only did the crane as the claw is a lot easier and I wanted you to have some fun as well. Reverse engineering others models in LDD is kind of a hobby for me. Hope it helps. Model can be found here as soon as Brickshelf has approved it: Regards _ED_
  9. Nazgarot

    Alternative builds of 8064

    I remember reverse engineering them from my Control Center when I was a kid. I did not like them to much, but the "grabber" has a nice clutch mechanism, so I combined that with a few more parts from my Control Center and build a kind of "crane" with a grabber. It was large and cumbersome, but did in deed work. These models are however very simple by todays standards. Revers engineer them in LDD to se for your self if you lack the parts. They can easily be built from the pictures here, or you can get the instructions from -ED-
  10. That is a really good B-model, and fits the color much better than the original! Love it! -ED-
  11. Nazgarot

    [WIP] John Deere 8RT 410 tractor

    Very interesting model. Expecting lots on functions on this, and looking forward to the updates! PS: Loved that little video! Lots of ideas there for my own mocs... :)
  12. Nazgarot

    Dog Compactor

    Just one question. Could you make one for people as well? My son is starting to outgrow his mother, and she is non to happy about it. Would make a perfect birthday gift for her... :)
  13. Nazgarot

    Weak Pneumatics 42043

    Hi. Both the pump and the small cylinder of 42043 has been reported to have problems. Try removing the small cylinder form the circuit and test again. On mine it was leaking ever so slightly and was replaced by TLG after I complained. -ED-
  14. Thank you very much! This is a great product. You should contact TLG and ask if they might be interested in publishing it. With some cleanup it would be perfect for their current AFOL focus. I can't think of a product more in line with their goal of focusing more on us. :) _ED_
  15. Nazgarot

    [TC19] The Speeder

    Great work so far! I think it would look better with panels on the front, but a different alignment. It may not be in accord with the speeder visuals, but using those long panels in the same direction as the mast pieces to partly cover them and the shock absorbers would look better. It would also look very "StarWarsy" with mechanical parts (shock absorbers) protruding form under a panel, and make the white colour scheme flow better. _ED_