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  1. Hi, it is not hard to fit 8258 crane's last section (which gives you winch and extension) to 8436 crane (I have done ot myself) but 8436 crane was designed with shorter rams, so the challenge here is to fit the newer V2 rams, but that might even be more time consuming than starting from scratch. For me the main issue with your current design is that when folded it is wider than the trailer which in reality is rarely the case.
  2. Hi, the crane seems a bit too massive and wide, you could look the 8436 set which has the pneumatic crane and just redo the last section to add a winch. Otherwise very impessive build!
  3. You haven't posted in this topic for a while, any progress on the truck?
  4. I think the train remote makes it drive much more realistic, because you need to move slow when you are aproaching a dump truck for instance, or backing up. And the play value is great, it's quite capable loading bricks or beans.
  5. I also build this MOC and it's great. I think it's the best backhoe ever designed with Lego, because despite it's size and weight it's still functions very well. This one from Pippasseyoyo might be better looking but the front loader doesn't reach high enough and the backhoe is not supported enough beacuse of the sideway mechanism which is a nice feature but it is hard to make it strong with Lego. ( ). The two things that Blakbird mentioned about the front loader and rear backhoe not reaching the ground can be fixed by sacrifising some lifting height of the front loader and bachoe. The problem is the weight and the soft PP wheels, which means the whole machine leans to the back and is approximately two studs lower at the back. If the tires could support the weight without being compressed the front loader would reach the ground.
  6. @ApeFight From what you wrote it sounds like you should't even build the offical models because they were designed by Lego and not by you... I can't help to wonder where a man would get the skills to build MOC-s if we would never learn from building something from somebody else..
  7. @Traktor It's not a modification, take a closer view, both models are designed from scratch, the reason the tow trucks cabin in almost the same as the offical one's is because it's a really good design from Lego and it doesn't need improving. @Efferman I've paid 10 Euros before for Jurgen's backhoe, in my opinion your models are just as complex and for those who think that 10 Euros is too much should know that 10 Euros is pocket change compared to the cost of the Lego parts for such a model. And as said before, the instructions are huge investment of time and require a certain compensation.
  8. kristl

    8110 - Unimog - MODs and Improvements

    You should move the brushes forward.
  9. kristl

    Trailer with hook loader

    Don't forget that the arm has to have two functions, one to load or unload the skip and the second to act as dumper where it must lift the skip to about 45 degress angle. Look here for inspiration:
  10. kristl

    Crane truck

    Thanks, I like pneumatics too, but one has to be careful when routing the hoses so they don't rub on moving parts like gears, etc. Thanks man And you are totally correct about the trailer. I will be building it to tow my 8455 with onboard compressor. I'm glad you like the truck. Well, actually there was enough space in the chassis, but everything had to be positioned in front of the rear axles, because the dump bed cylinders take all the available space between the rear wheels.
  11. kristl

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Looks like you're trying to motorize the 8264.
  12. kristl

    Crane truck

    Hi everyone, this is my first MOC to be posted here. It is my version of the 8258 crane truck. My version has one axle less, but has a pneumatic knuckle boom crane instead of mechanical, pneumatic outriggers and dump bed. You will recognize the cabin, as it is mostly the same as in 8258 but it is modified to house the battery box. The front part of the truck houses M motor for steering and an XL motor for driving. The IR receiver is mounted on the roof of the cabin. Behind the cabin is the crane itself. The crane is basically the one from the 8436 with the 2nd section of the boom taken from the 8258 so it can extend and has a rope with a hook. The crane is pneumatic, with the air coming from the onboard compressor. For crane operation the operater uses two pneumatic valves, a gearbox and a power switch. The valves obviously control the two rams inside the boom. The gerabox has two functions. One function is for the crane rotation, where, depending on the power switch position, the crane rotates left or right. The second function is the compressor which powers all the remaining functions of the truck. Besides the crane there is also a pneumatic dump bed. Hope you like it
  13. kristl

    Compressor in 8455 Backhoe

    Yeah, it is kind of slow for a two pump compressor, my present solution moves pistons a lot faster: It fits right where the differential should be and the motor serves as a bit of counterweight instead of the fake piston engine. LXF file download: File
  14. kristl

    Compressor in 8455 Backhoe

    I'm very intrigued by your design and it looks quite promising. Any chance you can take better photos or make an ldd file?
  15. kristl

    Compressor in 8455 Backhoe

    You're right about the batterry box, it fits nicely where the manual pumps used to be, but you're over estimating the available space in the front where the fake engine is. It's only three studs wide (even if you try to squeze the pump in vertically, the tubes coming from the nozzle would obstruct the front end loaders motion when going up or down) so the only thing that fits there is an airtank or M motor. So in my opinion the only place where you can put the pumps is where the differential and the geartrain for the motor used to be. But maybe you're right and I am not thinking out of the box enough... It would be great if you would take the time and try out your theory, that is if you can put your current projects aside for a short while... @trekman: You wouldn't have a photo of your solution laying around would you? P.S. I did try gearing up the single pump compressor from 1:1 to 1:1.667 and it does help to bring some extra air into the system. I'll take a photo of my solution during the day when the lighting is better.