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  1. I realize all the reasons why you may not be able to share instructions, but I hope that some of the concepts or sub-models are things you'll be able to share in the future. As always, your Technic design skills are in a category all of their own. I always build (or try to build) your designs, and every time I do--I learn something that I never knew before. Your transmission designs are legendary. For example: the consideration you used when orienting this frame in a way to accommodate the 24T gear of the differential opened up a possibility that I previously hadn't considered. In making this single connection you've opened up possibilities for several other designs I've been tinkering with. Even if you can't share more...THANK YOU for sharing just enough. :-)
  2. My contribution to the floating/suspended pendular category. I use it for my 6x6. At the scale I use it, metal u-joints are a must but it's very sturdy. YT description has parts list and LXF. You can see the drop test here:
  3. I just spotted this on the high res images for 42157 I've heard mention of it elsewhere but this is the first time I've seen it.
  4. Am I missing something? Opted in to beta on Android. Couldn't see the gearbox button as described in the user guide 1_9. Tried fw update on the BW 3.0, deleting/reinstalling the app from play store. No joy. Anyone have the same experience? EDIT: For some reason, I had to uninstall/reinstall the Buwizz app from Play store and completely delete data and cache from my Samsung in order to get the Buwizz beta app to present the 'update firmware option'. No matter how many times I tried prior to doing this it kept re-flashing Nordic 3.18/Tajnik 1.8. I now updated all of my BW 3.0 Nordic 3.22/Tajnik 1.8.
  5. That's a good point. After all, there are always bricks and plates! I love Lego and I don't think that will ever change.
  6. My Buwizz journey: I ‘discovered’ Lego Technic rather late in life. I’m a bit older and wiser (chubbier) in my 50’s but Lego allows me to live vicariously through my creations. I've spent nearly $10,000 USD in models, MOCs, and the never ending supply line of parts that stretches from Billund to my home in Northern Michigan. So when I told the guys I wanted to try out my Lego snowmobile on the upcoming snowboarding trip, they scoffed. “Lego has come a long way since our childhood…you can build anything! I have a cool aftermarket motor and battery setup so it can go REALLY fast! You gotta see it!” I beamed with enthusiasm. “Lego falls apart too easily,” Ed retorted. ‘Hard to argue with that logic,’ I thought to myself. But I accepted the challenge as an opportunity to convert more AFOLs. As the date of the trip approached, I had to change my design somewhat to increase stability. That meant moving the Buwizz from the easy-to-reach spot at the top to an place deeper inside the model. I generally design Buwizz MOCs this way so I can connect a portable pack to the USB-C port during the many instances of Buwizz blueballs that always appear at the worst times (such as when my new design is about to careen off a cliff, head for a puddle, or fail to impress an expectant audience) However, I set my ramp times, tested extensively, and had high confidence in this design. I started early in the day but it took me until 3am. Nonetheless, everything clicked and I had a rock solid design: the wires were invisible, the Buwizz was flawlessly shrinkwrapped to protect it from the snow. I spent another hour adding panels to make it look perfect, packed the rest of my gear, and headed out…exhausted, but still excited to show the guys what I just built. ‘Why did I forgo sleep for a toy?’ I asked myself. The thought had crossed my mind 100 times by the third coffee. AFOLs know why, that’s just how we’re wired. We drove all day and planned to ride the following morning. We grabbed some dinner and drank many beers. The whole time, I was thinking about the conditions, excited for the boarding but also finding the ideal time to show off my MOC. The forecast that week was for powder but the preceding few days were warm which meant the snow outside the hotel was firm and almost exactly like the conditions I had tested in. On the way back to the hotel, I mentioned I was going to take the Lego snowmobile out for a spin, which was met with another round of good-natured ribbing. As I connected my phone and placed the model on the wide expanse of snow, we gave a toast, everyone fired up their cameras and...we’re off! It took off like a shot (after the 2 second ramp), executed some great turns and was kicking up a nice tail of icy snow. It looked and performed GREAT! (for exactly 43 seconds) Not sure if it caught an edge or because my fingers were numb controlling it with a stupid phone but either way, the steering linkage broke lose and it flipped over on it’s side. The Buwizz went unresponsive and the steering motor kept spinning to the sick sound of cracking plastic. I ran over to rescue it, the Buwizz cruelly flashed red and green and then entered shutdown mode. Buwizz blueballs…strikes again! “2 minutes, and I’ll have it back up again. Hang on guys!” I tore into it with the precision of a Nascar pit crew, fastidiously laying out all the pieces on the hood of the truck…got down to the Buwizz and connected up the pack. As I began putting it back together, I couldn’t find a critical structural piece and realized it must have fallen into the snow. 2 minutes turned to 5. As the beer ran out, the enthusiasm began to wane. “It’s cold… I’m going in,” Arif had enough. 5 minutes now turned to 10 and Matt left “Hey that was awesome,” he said sarcastically as he headed in. I did the best I could, dispensed with the body panels and left the wiring hanging out. I connected my stupid phone, put it in the snow, hit the accelerator and the model split in half. That structural element was too critical to ignore. The painstaking hours, the lost sleep throughout design, build, test, and improve cycles had amounted to exactly 43 seconds of unmitigated joy. Most of which was recorded for posterity in the middle of 5 minutes of taunting and mockery by my best friends. I unceremoniously scooped up the carcass and threw it in the bed of the truck when it hit me: “I’m just a chubby old man with misplaced brand loyalty, pathetically searching for the pieces of my toy in the snow. Why the @#%^ am I doing this?!?” I have 8 Buwizz fun-ruiners now and I’m going to wait and see what April holds. It’s a fork in the road for them…and for me. If I give up this hobby, I’ll spend my time more productively by doing irreparable harm to this business.
  7. @amorti and @aFrInaTi0n Thanks for confirming about the 88018 motors!
  8. Does anyone know for sure if the 88018 motor should work in center steer on Buwizz 3.0? I have no problems using it as a drive motor but in center steer, I can't seem to get it to return to center. No problems in the same application using the Technic L motor and PU medium. Just wondering if anyone knows for sure if this is a no-go?
  9. As a relatively new technic builder, I often struggle with perfect triangles and half stud offsets. So, I applaud your efforts. Perhaps you can find a useful application for this part. I bought a whole bunch of them but haven't found it useful... yet.
  10. They are a perfect fit for locking the 28T differential with bevel! They come in red right now (if you don't care about color)
  11. Which motor are you using for steering? It looks like Technic L motor just wanted to be sure. I have good luck running those with Buwizz but you have to have good mechanical stops in place. Also, try adjusting the centering power to 68%, that always seems like the sweet spot for me.
  12. I have a dumb question... Where is the link to open a support case on the Buwizz site? I know that it was difficult to locate and I have used it before but for some reason I can no longer find it. Oddly, it's not under the 'support' section heading... Which is where it kinda should be. Edit: found the link in my history, but for the life of me could not locate the entry point from their site!
  13. I just checked the CADA online store and noticed that they no longer offer a number of parts: 4L pins, carbon fiber axles, and a black variant 48989 / 65489. I wonder if there's a reason for this. I was loving those 4L pins!
  14. I'm sure there are more efficient ways of doing this but, when building from an LDD, I use the hide feature to hide things like body panels, motors, and batteries. Then I use the multi-select feature to make a 'slice' like I am cutting with a knife and then I move that section away from the main model to make it a group. Hit the 'undo' to place the newly created group where it belongs. When doing it like this, you will sometimes notice that various parts didn't get cut off with the slice. If you select the new group with multi select and carefully click the missed parts, you can then create a another new group that includes all the parts you wanted and delete the original which now appears empty. (remember to undo any time you move things away from the model!) In this way, you create 'layers' of the groups that can easily be hidden later and you'll save a lot of time. The cool thing about the hide feature is that it works on entire groups and when they reappear they appear connected to the correct place but also hide doesn't make a mess of the groups. In this way, you can hide groups to focus on building section by section Like I said, I'm sure there are more efficient ways. Take a look at this LDD and you'll see a version I created to help me isolate the transmission and front end. You may notice that I've deleted some parts, these were parts of his design that I already figured out. At least the groups may help you a bit. When it comes time to build the front axle, I found it easiest to build it forward from the 8L axles with stop around the steering motor. Part of the fun for me is following a design from a mad genius like Zerobricks and trying to figure out 'why did he do that?' then you realize the elegance of his designs--everything fits perfectly, no excess parts, everything has a purpose. As a guy who still builds his MOCs the old fashioned way (trial and error clicking) it really does advance my Technic skills.