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    BMW M3 (E30)

    Really nice scale model! Love the engine and the fact you made a "realistic" underside as well! _ED_
  2. Wow! That black really makes it pop! Amazing to that this is originally a B-model. Really love it. Great work to OP. Would love to have a view of the underside as well as some more diagrams/explanations of the technical aspects of the model. _ED_
  3. Nazgarot

    [MOC] Distribution Truck

    Really nice and compact build! Love to see how you have gotten all the functionality into the frame! That is a super picture! Would like to see some schematics for how all the functions are driven and controlled. Best Regards _ED_
  4. Thanks! This is great work, and very appreciated! I liked the first version, and this seems even better. May actually print this, and would greatly appreciate any updates coming in the form of annexes that can be added to a printed copy. :) _ED_
  5. Or build it with both. There is enough room behind the rear axle for a "cargo of motors" that could be made removable. This way you could get both. Make a "cargo create" of tow motors with a easy connection for power and use knob gears or similar to make a solid drive connection that could easily be removed. At the same time you could have a filler cap or similar on the left side of the RV that can be removed to place a hand crank to use it manually. Really good work on this! I'm looking forward to follow this WIP thread to completion.
  6. The OCD is real! I always am conscient to the pin and slot directions when I build, and even mildly annoyed at how often the instructions of official sets have them randomly placed... _ED_
  7. Hi. Rather than buying 5 sets to get a specific number of a part I suggest you get acquainted with "bricks & Pices", bricklink or one of the many other ways of sourcing parts... Take a closer look at these links for a start: # This is a link for the Norwegian page, but it should be available in most languages. _ED_
  8. Even though I wouldn't participate in a GBC contest I think this is a case where the minority should be heard. I could see it as a longer contest, say till end of December? And other contests could run in parallel with it, for example a scale model contest to celebrate the SMF returning to the fold... However I do not have time to arrange any contests, so this is just one of the may opinions that can't really make it happen. I wish whoever takes up the task the best of luck! _ED_
  9. Very nice build! Lovely to have scale models here! This reminds me of the old white American truck in model team. Always loved that model, and this is that with more details! Good work!
  10. What are the requirements for calling it a scale model? I have a few unpublished technic models (mostly no system bricks, but buildt to scale). Would those qualify? Have a look at my 3 ton linde as an example (Im working on a revision with the new longer LA's making it relevant again): If this is not considered a scale model, I would like to know what is required to use the tag. _ED_
  11. I'm disappointed in the lack of functions like individual control of the right and left cylinder and angel control for the ripper, as well as simultaneous control of lift and pitch for the blade. But at the same time I'm not, as the lack of perfection is one of the things that motivates me to build MOCs to see if I can do it better my self. I think having perfect models with any functions I could want would actually remove one of my motivations for "playing" with Lego. Actually I think this is one of the points where Lego is very well tuned to the marked. There is enough new stuff to make the models attractive to non-MOCers, and at the same time there is a lot to improve, motivating the MOC community to do better. The price though is a real miss with this sett... for €100 less it would be a must buy. I have to admit that one of the sets that many see as the "ultimate" when it comes to RC functions - the 42100 Excavator - is one of the sets I've been least motivated to build. Only reason I bought it was I got it dirt cheap at €185. I still have it unbuildt in the box... I see nothing to improve on, and have better things to use the C+ parts for, so it has become only a parts source for me. The 8110 Unimog, 8043 Excavator, 42030 Loader, 42114 Dumper are all examples of non perfect sets I've bought as parts sources to improve the models. The unimog had terrible steering geometry that needed a redesign and was easy to mod to PF RC; the 8043 had terrible track control having the motors in the upper half, and lacked realistic control as only 3 functions could be used simultaneously. All easily fixed with additional motors, BB and Rx in the lower half as well as a redesign of the upper half for 4 direct drive functions (By the way the gearbox was also a good innovation making me plan and design many new models with 6-8 functions with only 4 motors... Great motivation to continue with Lego); The 42030 had a terrible steering solution, and truly needed a redesign to use small LA; the 42114 had a useless gearbox and laced suspension, and also had a terrible steering solution... These are all models I've bought mainly because I thought I could do it better and needed the parts for a MOC of the same kind of model. The Cat will probably be the same as I was already designing a model of a D11 with a planetary gearbox with integrated adder/subtractor and a full 8 functions with independent right and left lift cylinders for the blade. This model is a great parts source for that project and also helps add a few solutions like the mounting of the lift cylinders and the track tensioning. These where problems I was still working on and the Lego designers came up with good answers to (we'll see if that is right as soon as I do a new test build...). I actually prefer this lack of perfection, but would still like to see better parts for wheel offsets like the defender wheels in smaller scale, and better parts for McPherson suspension, but I think the marketing strategy of Lego is pretty good. You will se a lot of non MOCer buy this a full price, then after a few months the price will drop to something more in our range and everyone will be happy. _ED_
  12. Nazgarot

    Infuriating Details

    Unrealistic steering setups and wrong angles, as well as bad turning radius! The most annoying example being the 8110 Unimog! And the lack of new steering parts like new hubs with realistic angles in the recent supercars. _ED_
  13. I was hoping for a range of movement on the blade allowing for this: But that would require differential control of all 4 blade LAs... Well well. Back to designing my own D11 it seems. :) -ED-
  14. For me it looks like we get 7 real large LA (or two of them xl) with 6 separate motors to give the front blade 4 individual LAs for full realistic motion, and the rear ripper two motions. That is 8 functions in all with four of them used to give the front ripper full range of motion, but it might be that tilt and lift are driven by two motors linked to two and two LAs for a reduced range of motion. But from the latest pics (check out it seems like all 7 LAs are real. In my opinion this has the potential of being one of the best RC sets TLG has ever made. It might be all the way up there with the 42100 with even more playability... -ED-
  15. Nazgarot

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I'll try to reverse engineer it then, and update any progress here. :) I'm going on vacation next week so I don't know when I'll find the time, but probably some time after I'm back in August. ED
  16. Nazgarot

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    This has my vote! I can still remember playing with it in the snow outside the house where I grew up, and it is one of very few sets from this time that I still have on display (even though it lacks a few parts that I borrowed for other projects). It was the pinacle of lego technic for me, an in my opinion there was no better sets before the studless parts was introduced. It is still firmly in my top 10 list, and I am definitely taking a shot at rebuilding it as a studless model. I hope it is ok if I reverse engineer it from your pictures if you aren't planning on releasing instructions? Regards ED
  17. When you are so lazy you spend a month designing a machine that will save you an hours work... Really nice work this! I love the design, and you even made it look good! =D _ED_
  18. This! I love to reverse engineer these old models, and it's not to hard... _ED_
  19. Nazgarot

    [TC20] 8862 Backhoe Grader - Finished

    I love this! This was one of my all time favorite sets, and I've been planning a studless rebuild for ever but never found time. This is just what I was imagining. Can't wait to see it completed! Hope you don't take offence if I revers engineer it for my self. _ED_
  20. Or you could try this. It has self locking braces that should be strong in all directions, and can easily be extended to any length. You can also have cross braces between the 15 l liftarms as well if it is needed for extra rigidity. I did a quick custom selfbracing ending as well for the top and bottom rings. PS: What are you making? A rocket or large tank maybe? _ED_
  21. Those balck "air intakes" really make the car, and yes the additional lights makes it look more complete. At the same time the extra lights on top of the hood gives it a bit of character. I love this!! _ED_
  22. I like this look almost as much as the original with offroad tires. This makes it look like the hyper car version of a beach buggy... See the similarity? -ED-
  23. This is very very good! Even better than the official models! Love the design and the detailing as well as the frame. Really good work! And free building instructions as well! _ED_
  24. Nazgarot

    LDD projects and buildings

    This seems way to narrow for a excavator, and it can't handle the stresses a excavator will expose it to. I suggest trying to build it with actual parts and stress them by applying a load similar to the expected weight of the complete build to see what I'm on about. Also you have a problem with the swing point being so far from the actual wheels. This makes the wheels move a lot in longitude rather than rotating around the wheel center. It makes for a unstable model as well as making it very hard to steer and event harder to steer while under power... I suggest you start over, and start by addressing the steering point. You should place it as close to the center of the wheel as possible, and you want to make sure the stub axle is well supported as well. Using a hub with three pins holding the wheel would be preferable when carry a big load like a excavator, but it can be solved in other ways as well. The setup you are showing in LDD is very good when you want a very large steering angle, but still has the problem of moving the wheels to much and not being stable or able to handle a high load. Ant that only advantage is hampered by the way you have linked the steering. If I can find the time I might post some suggestions for you later. For now, good luck with your excavator, and please don't give up just because the first iteration was not perfect. Making the perfect is a lot of trial and error, and in Lego you always end up with a compromise anyways... :) _ED_ EDIT: A quick mockup - Would suggest something like this. It would need some more bracing and maybe a better connection to the wheel, but gives you a much better piviot for the wheels being only a single stud away from the edge of the wheel, and is only a single stud wider than your own design. The diff should be braced with 20t gears on either side to keep it in place, and you need to ad 2x4 L beams to control the steering like you have in your own design. It is a suggested starting point. Do with it as you like, but if you have any hubs I suggest rather using those. Fore the steering angle you are trying to achieve they will do well.