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  1. Tracytron54321

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Excuse me, could you please send me the file for it as well? My email is
  2. Tracytron54321

    [MOC] Calling International Rescue...

    Ahhhhh this is amazing! My childhood! The nostalgia! This is such a great MOC!
  3. Tracytron54321

    Techniques for receded guns?

    Like for example how the blasters on the hull of a vulture droid recede into it's hull
  4. Tracytron54321

    Techniques for receded guns?

    What I mean is, for example how on some Batmobiles (Notably the 1989 version) and the 1989 Batwing, as well as the Delta-7B Aethersprite-class light interceptor from Star Wars or the machine guns on modern fighter jets, the guns are receded/receding into the hull. Has anyone figured out any kind of techniques to try to replicate that?
  5. I wondered that too, but I honestly just don’t see a reason they’d develop something more advanced than that, and even if they did it’d probably be too expensive for what good it does. Eh, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it And yeah, that’s why I decided to leave the walls out for the most part and only put in the doors. And thanks for the LDD tip!
  6. This is my first MOC (Or partial MOC I guess) which I haven't been outright embarrassed by which I've been building for the past week or so. I'ts the interior for a LEGO UCS The Punishing One, but I COMPLETELY lack the skill to do the rest of the MOC. So far I've only made the interior, which personally I think I've actually done a fairly good job of, though I haven't done the cockpit. (The tiles in front of the door the farthest up are supposed to be the start of it) So because of being terrible at building MOC's I was hoping someone could take the task over from me... I'd be happy to help however I can though, but if you use my interior I'd be a little annoyed if you didn't at the very least give me credit. You can download the lxf file for it here, which is meant to be opened in Lego Digital Designer Wars Jumpmaster 5000 Dengar's ship the Punishing One.lxf?dl=0 As for references to the vehicle I'd suggest referring to, and the X-Wing Miniatures series model of it if you feel like spending the money on it A basic view A top-down view The bunks Dengar's lounge' :P The cabinets and draws The oven/microwave hybrid and stove (Hey, it's sci-fi, of course it can be a hybrid and the reason for this is definitely not that I'm just lazy :P Hey look! For once a Star Wars ship actually has a freaking toilet lol I also want to point out my the pattern I've made for the walls. Since I couldn't find a way to smooth it up a bit I decided to make it a pattern, albeit very basic, but I don't think Dengar would really care about aesthetic lol. Here is a space I've cut out for the Boarding/Cargo ramp as well. I also plan to build interiors for several other Star Wars ships by the way
  7. Possibly. What I had in mind was just moving them for posing though, nothing fancy or like a child would do. These are really helpful! Thanks! (And sorry for the late reply ?)
  8. Has anybody got any ideas on how to make a compact heavy duty ratchet joint? Like compact enough that it could fit in the knees of these MOC's?
  9. Another set of fantastic builds! Have you ever thought of partnering with Brickvault on YouTube? MOC builders can sell their MOC's to them on their website and then other people can buy the instructions for it and you both make money off it. I’d be more than willing to pay to be able to build some of your MOC's for myself!
  10. Oh yeah! I know about that piece! Thanks for reminding me!
  11. But then it won’t slide. Maybe if I put two together? That should work! Thanks I'll try it out on LDD right now! And I’m sure there’s some other wheel in the right colour, I saw TONS of them on bricklink when I checked, but besides the chassis is a greyish blue so I’ll probly just end up having to spray paint everything anyway lol
  12. 30.4mm D. x 20mm with No Pin Holes and Reinforced Rim&category=[Wheel] these are the wheels I was talking about. Though while looking for that piece I found 81.6 x 34 Six Spoke&category=[Wheel] and I think that’ll be a better one for minifigure scale. And like I said, I’ve already got the size defined, minifigure scale. But if what you’re thinking is that I’m going to build the drill part and then build the part it slides on from the top down, ending with the tracks than you are EXTREMELY wrong lol. I meant finishing the drill part and then build the chassis from the bottom up. Just the drill first, is all. And piece 57518 was actually what I was planning on using for the tracks in the first place, though I may have to build ones myself considering how big it’ll be, but don’t worry just while writing this comment I came up with a solution for that lol. Also I was actually thinking for the sliding mechanism (I just thought of this while writing this) I could use those LEGO City ladder pieces (not the short ones, I mean the ones used on some of the more recent fire truck sets) if I could figure out a way to get one to attached to the underside of the drill.
  13. It’s just so the door is thinner and doesn’t take up as much space
  14. Oh forgot about your sliding door question, think of it like this: like I was building the roof of a tower building with one of those doors that are laying on their backs that lead to a stairwell. Essentially that, but with it being a sliding door and with it being right side up so it’s using the SNOT technique and works like a regular sliding door.
  15. To answer your first question I’m building it at Minifigure scale. The floor of the cabin will be 8 studs wide. For the drill I think I’ll do something brickbuilt or maybe 3D print a custom piece, but I could attach them both in the exact same way, so I don’t really think that’s relevant. As for the wheels, I’m thinking of either using those cogs that LEGO continuously uses for the wheels of tracked vehicles in LEGO City sets or maybe those large Light Bluish Grey AKA Medium Stone Grey wheels which have their own set of different rubber wheels and that they sometimes use as thrusters on sets like Imperial Star Destroyers or Venator Class Republic Attack Cruiser sets. The piece is fairly commonly used in Ninjago too I think. Anyway, I’ll go have a look now at those things you suggested I look at, thanks. UPDATE: Yeah I definitely think I’ll be using the Lowell Sphere, but now that I think about it I may make the floor six studs wide. Would certainly make things easier lol. Too bad I’m not about taking it easy haha. The Saturn V set's build was great, but like I said, I want it to have a proper interior. Makes things even harder that those wheels I was thinking of might actually be too small. I was planning on working from the top down though. First finishing the drill and the A part of the sliding system for it, while I leave part B off to the side temporarily, and then make the chassis afterwords. THEN I’m planning on implementing part B of the sliding mechanism into the chassis.