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  1. Nevermind. I was using an outdated version of Winrar that just couldn't handle it. Downloaded 7zip and problem solved. Why didn't I try this ages ago? Please ignore.
  2. Hey guys. So, for some reason I've been having trouble trying to download any updates from dropbox. I end up with a rar file that when unzipped doesn't really contain anything at all or it's just outright corrupted. I've been getting things from Github because that actually works for me, but parts are always missing from there, regardless of whether I'm looking in development, pre release, or master. I check them all.
  3. You need LDD v 4.3.11 I believe. Twelve is buggy.
  4. Come to think of it, I can't find most of @jester's updated helmets.
  5. Hey guys. Are these parts actually available anywhere? Some of them I have, but others like all the headgear for the Knights of Ren and Grogu's head don't seem to be in the Github repository.
  6. Can you use that to actually change and manipulate the meshes for decoration surfaces?
  7. Question for @Stephan or anyone else who knows; what program do you guys use to actually edit and add part surfaces for decorations (mapping, number of surfaces, etc.)?
  8. Awesome! Thanks! ....and it's back up. Well, I should have just waited a day.
  9. Anyone happen to have a downloaded copy of Ryan Howerter's color chart? His site seems to be down.
  10. Just a heads up, the decoration surface for 30350 (Plate 2x3 w/ holder) is wonky and needs correction (My Apollo astronauts have a wonky flag at the moment, lol). On a related note, I can't seem to get the new version of that part, 65886 to play nice. I know that issue was supposed to have been corrected so going into that menu section and scrolling to that part didn't crash LDD, but it still does for me. Not sure why. I tried removing 30350 just to see if 65886 would work by itself (like maybe there was some sort of conflict between the two since they're different molds of the same part), and nope, still crashes. The only way I can fix the problem is by removing 65886 entirely. Also, can we no longer post links from Flickr?
  11. Good to know. I appreciate the assist.
  12. Lol... this may just be the last row and it looks cutoff for me. Is the very last color in the last row metallic sand yellow?
  13. Ah ha! Thank you sir. Now the question becomes, how to get the color palette to not go off the page? There are so many colors that it runs off the screen and there's no scroll bar.
  14. Okay, another question. How do I get the new colors to show up in the paint tool chart in LDD Extended mode? I've got no trans black, warm brown, transparent yellow opal, etc. Basically all the new stuff that's been added since 2021. I replaced the requisite xml files to the newest stuff. Swapped out the MaterialNames folder, Materials.xml, CurrentMaterials.xml, and MaterialSelector.xml under the palettes/LDDExtended folder. Am I missing something?
  15. This may have been addressed before, but I was wondering if anyone has tried to solve the "decorations on transparent parts not being solid" problem?