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  1. Cygma

    I Have Spoken

    This looks great. Nicely done.
  2. Looks great and the single stand is an impressive achievement for an ISD of this size and weight. Looking forward to seeing the vid.
  3. Cygma

    Razor Crest MOC (The Mandalorian)

    Looks good. How big is this?
  4. Cygma

    [MOC] Speeder Bike

    These look fantastic. I like the use of 30132.
  5. Thanks for the update! Loving the way this is coming out. Any idea what the dimensions of the finished product will be?
  6. @thire5 Hey man, any update on this awesome build?
  7. Never been a big fan of the B-wing, but this version looks great in Lego!
  8. Cygma

    [MOC][Instructions] DP-20 Frigate

    Looks amazing, and fantastic for a first MOC. Definitely like the v3 version of the cockpit the best.
  9. The Gozanti class is definitely my favorite of the lot. Impressive how you captured the level of detail and imposing form of the cruiser in such a small build. Great job!
  10. Cygma

    SB00201 TS-PROJECT (MOC Tie Silencer UCS)

    Reached out to Mirko today from his website to buy the TS instructions. Will let you know if/when I hear back from him.
  11. Cygma

    Building Episode IV in LEGO

    Well re-created scenes and great photography. Really like how you've done the smoke on the droid (real) and the smoke on Luke's burning house (Lego). Hope you keep them coming.
  12. Cygma

    [MOC] EF76 Nebulon B

    This looks great and huge, but echo the other comments - more pics please!
  13. Cygma

    Death Star Conference Room with Hallway MOC

    Looks brilliant. Conference table came out really well!
  14. Looks amazing so far. What brick count are you expecting?
  15. Cygma

    UCS TIE Silencer

    Beautiful design that really captures the menace of the Tie Silencer. Any plans for parts lists or possibly instructions in the future?