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Found 6 results

  1. Gerry Anderson's classic Thunderbirds TV series follows the exploits of International Rescue, a secret organisation run by the Tracy family from an island in the Pacific Ocean. Whenever disaster strikes, whenever people are in danger, the family leaps into action to save the day using incredible machines capable of pulling off any rescue - be it in the air, on land, in the sea or deep in space. The show has been a firm favourite of mine ever since I was a child, back in the 1990s. The five main craft have a few play features built into them. Thunderbird 1 has opening wings: Thunderbird 2 can be raised on four detachable legs, then you pull the lever at the back to drop the pod. You can load up Thunderbird 4, or in this case, it's Pod 3 carrying the Mole! And Thunderbird 3 can be docked with Thunderbird 5! I also went to town with a few bonus models. After all, what collection of Thunderbirds vehicles would be complete without Thunderbird 6, the Tiger Moth biplane from the 1968 movie? Or Lady Penelope's beautiful Rolls-Royce, FAB1? And finally, you can't have International Rescue without someone in peril, in need of rescuing. So there is the chance to recreate the first ever episode! The new supersonic airliner, Fireflash, is trapped in the sky. Its landing gear has been sabotaged, and its fuel is running low. Help the International Rescue crew guide the plane to a landing on the roofs of the three included elevator cars. Will they bring the plane to a standstill before running out of runway? These digital MOCs have taken several months to prepare, with most of the time spent in creating the 50+ custom stickers/patterns and learning how to generate the backdrops using Blender. It would not have been possible to create these images without the use of Mecabricks' fantastic Blender template, and the Mecabricks render farm. Additional images are available on my brick safe page: I've also submitted the models to Lego Ideas, if you like then you can vote for them here: Update: 30/9/19: Happy Thunderbirds Day! It's 54 years since Thunderbirds was first broadcast! To celebrate, I have added the spaceship Zero-X to my collection of Thunderbird vehicles:
  2. NathanR

    [MOC] Zero-X

    The Zero-X spacecraft appeared in Gerry Anderson's classic movie Thunderbirds Are Go, where it carried the first men to Mars. With a highly modular construction, the vehicle comprised a main body, a Mars Excursion Vehicle, and a detachable nose cone and lifting bodies to assist with flight in Earth's atmosphere. Unfortunately, the first Zero-X was sabotaged and crashed on launch. The second mission went more smoothly, but disaster struck on the return to Earth when one of the lifting bodies was destroyed and the escape unit damaged. Only the timely intervention of International Rescue allowed the crew to survive. This model is available in two configurations. The default flying mode: And the take-off configuration: (Take-off configuration is basically the same as the flying model, except that the lower wing has a minor modification to add wheels, the upper wing has a more extensive modification, and a wheel block is added to the main body) The model is fully modular, with detachable wings, MEV, nose cone, and (of course) the escape unit: This is a digital build, and has not been tested in real life, but all the parts do exist and I believe it would be robust enough for swooshing. It's my first time using, so I'd welcome any feedback on the design and the quality of the instructions. files and instructions can be downloaded for free here (personal use only):
  3. NathanR

    [MOC/WIP] Thunderbirds

    I've always been a fan of Gerry Anderson's classic 1960s puppet TV series "Thunderbirds", which revolves around a secret organisation using amazingly advanced vehicles to rescue people, so I've set myself the challenge of building all five Thunderbirds out of Lego. The aim is to submit the full collection to Lego Ideas. So far I have designed four out of the five craft, and I'm working on custom stickers for the final CGI renders: Unfortunately, I am a bit stuck with Thunderbird 2 and could do with some help. Calling International Rescue I mean, eurobricks.... Thunderbird 2 is a cargo transport consisting of a thin frame wrapped around a large removable pod and once it lands, the frame is raised off the ground on telescopic legs to allow the pod to unload its cargo. I have a design for the pod and a basic outline for the frame, using the larger bracket bricks to try and keep things secure, and it would be fairly easy to add studs on the bottom and have fully detachable landing legs:
  4. Hey I'm working on a MOC of The Mole from Thunderbirds in LDD and I need help with a few parts of it like a sliding mechanism for the drill itself and to make the hull round. I've seen a lot of great cylinder techniques that I could use for the hull but all of them were either too fragile, you couldn't make gaps in them for the tracks and sliding mechanism (yes there are tracks on the base as well, take another look) or not hollowed out, which is a problem for me cause I want it to have an interior. also I could use some help with the frames of the chassis and base, not to mention the part with all the crossbars which carries the drill. if you're unfamiliar with what this thing even is then here EDIT: Also I need help with a sliding door for the interior of The Firefly (another vehicle from Thunderbirds), the wall needs to be like 3 plates thick with the studs hanging off the sides and for the door itself to be 1 plate thick
  5. Built for the Chibi Micro Contest, hosted by Simon and The Brother's Brick , with the first place prize being a FAN EXPO CANADA EXCLUSIVE STAR WARS SET that I had to literally fight a hundred other people for to secure it for the contest. ;D Last week my dad lent me some Thunderbirds episodes. Can't stop watching, such a good series! A collaborative build between myself and the amazingly talented Dr. Spock. This build is one of two parts, built for the Fairview LEGO®-Brand retail store in Toronto. It's a micro version of Thunderbird 2's Hangar, with a reference image here. The other part (Spoiler: Thunderbird 1's hangar) can be found here. Inspired by The Brother's Brick Micro Chibi contest and The Thunderbird's 50th Anniversary this year (2015). Logo found here. Keep in mind that the ones below were done before the base, which is why some of them may appear different (were "upgraded") in the photo above. The ones in the photo above are the updated versions. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 1 Really wish I had some fishing wire so I could've hung it for extra puppet-like effect. I even made a Scott Tracy minifig! Reference images for Thunderbird 1. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 2 My absolute favourite of all 5 Thunderbirds. Reference image here. Virgil Tracy figure included! Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 3 Didn't come out as well as I'd hoped, but hey, Happy New Year! Ow this hangover sucks... Reference images here and here. Includes Alan Tracy minifigure. Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 4 Underwater rescue! Reference image here. Gordon Tracy figure included! Background image here. LEGO® Chibi Contest: Chibi Thunderbird 5 I finally found a use for the croissant piece! Reference images here and here! John Tracy Minifigure included! Micro-birds: Pod 3, The Mole What's the Thunderbirds without my favourite rescue vehicle, the Mole? *<i>Thunderbirds</i> and all related names, images, etc. are property of ITV PLC. All rights reserved.
  6. tfcrafter

    Thunderbirds Mole MOC

    In case you guys don't know, Thunderbirds was a 1960s era TV puppet show that later became a cartoon and then a live-action movie. This is the Mole, a drilling/rescue vehicle. Turning the back of the drill portion spins the drill. The drill itself can be rotated downwards. What do you guys think?