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  1. MilkPls69

    75192 - UCS Millennium Falcon 2017 MOD/MOC

    Don't have a falcon of my own yet but i've been tinkering with the cockpit and tried to add intherts controls design insted of the originals basic stickers. Below is some pictures and the file!
  2. MilkPls69

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    No problem my dude I love seeing your projects and the fact you share them when finished most of the time is even better because it means someday us unskilled builders can make it ourself!
  3. MilkPls69

    The Journey back to Echo Base

    Hey Cehnot great to see you taking on a project like this even with your others unfinished. I noticed you are looking around for a UCS styled falcon but with an interior. In that case might I recomend this one by Jhaelon which is heavily inspired by Marshalls and has a full interior. I belive he sells instructions for it as well.
  4. I can't wait to see this finished and to view the LDD as this is something I am 100% going to bricklink and looking at your other star trek files it looks like you are working on a full ship interior in a sort of modular style which is super cool.
  5. Atlas you madman! Not even finishing the ROTS obi wan fighter and then making an amazing ATOTC fighter. How do you do it!
  6. MilkPls69

    [WIP MOC] Another AT - AT

    I love the way you did the interior as well it feels so comfy and just a great use of parts. Can't wait to see this finished considering the amount of work that has gone into it and maybe make my own if you make the files open source.
  7. MilkPls69

    [MOC][WIP][LDD] Minifig Scale Rebels Ghost Build

    This phantom looks amazing and I love the fact you included the LXF for both ships but I am curious as to what happened to the interior with all the rooms and why the landing gear look like they could not hold it up.
  8. MilkPls69

    [MOC] The X-Wing Strikes Back

    Gosh now that we have the perfect X-Wing we need a fantastically open source millennium falcon.
  9. MilkPls69

    MOC-Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag ''Jackdaw''

    I recently came across this thread and I love the build to bits and I was wondering if you could upload the LDD file as this would look amazing next to Black Peal and it looks like an amazing build.
  10. Don't worry my dude I have a program that should make it easier to make instructions and I will go ahead and give it a whirl! Quick question tho where is this new LDD download link on the bricksafe.
  11. Can't wait to see the final version with those instructions. Might I add those renders are fantastic!
  12. Did you happen to do that wing breakdown while making Obi Wan's fighter?
  13. MilkPls69

    [MOC] Incom T-65 X-wing

    I am very interested in seeing your modded inhert X-wing in its own thread Gray
  14. MilkPls69

    [LDD MOC] Imperial Probe Droid

    I need the LXF for this so much I want ten probe droids now!
  15. MilkPls69

    Assembling the Lego Star Wars TFA Game

    You sir have just blown my mind