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    Hard Rockin'

    Gosh, I don't know how you manage to pump these figures out so often, it's like you have an unlimited supply of creativity! The parts usage, sculpting, texturing and coloring on this figure is impeccable!
  2. ExeSandbox

    Eurobricks Modular MOC of the Year

    Wow, thanks for hosting this! With so many amazing Modular creations this year, I'm surprised to be at 3rd place.
  3. ExeSandbox

    MOC: Modular Radio & TV Shop

    That's a really nice Modular Building design! I especially love the shaping and angles you did with the exterior, it's quite innovative. The interior of the upper floor is also a highlight for me. It's just looks so cozy!
  4. ExeSandbox

    Securing rounded corners of a wall

    Other approaches to rounded corners would have to involve SNOT techniques and parts such as or similar to this brick.
  5. ExeSandbox

    Efreeti's Curse

    Dayum, that's incredibly masterful. The yellow flame/smoke under the body is so good!
  6. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Icebreaker

    A scene of a Land Rover Defender rescuing a fishing boat from the frozen waters of the Arctic. Bravery or foolishness? Originally an entry built for the "Show Us Your Land Rover In Heroic Moments" contest on LEGO Ideas. (To my luck, it won as a runner-up! ) I suppose the LEGO model speaks for itself, so I'll do away with the descriptions. More images can be found here.
  7. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Icebreaker

    Thanks koalayummies! Really appreciate the compliments! (hope it gets frontpaged too ) Thanks! The physics are very questionable indeed. During the process of building this, I've always questioned myself about the tangibility of the scene. There were some stuff I could do, like make the landscape a lot bigger and extend the bottom to include water, that way I could build the ice to look thicker. Buuut because all that extra ice and water which is frankly quite boring to look at might distract attention from the center point of the scene. Alas, I was more concerned for the aesthetics than the practicality. Thanks mate! It seems that the ice is a real standout of the scene! Thank you @deraven! Didn't think about that, but you're right, that's perhaps how they got stuck on the ice. (The crash test dummies were a gag, because it was for a contest based on a car, and they looked way too adorable. )
  8. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Skull ISland

    Effing incredible! The pure white skull contrasted by the incredibly detailed mountain behind it is perfect!
  9. Woah, that's great! Did installing it fix the issue with the parts inventory?
  10. Hmm, that's funny. You mentioned you switched over to a "new" PC. Is it a latest model? Because there may be compatibility issues due to the fact that LDD hasn't been updated for centuries. It could still be fixed, which might require messing with Windows itself, but I don't know about programming, so I'm at a dead end. I hope there is a solution to this, lest you have to use Stud.io 2.0 (you're right about it being a pain to use...)
  11. Version 4.3.12 is supposed to be the wonky one, so it's odd that 4.3.11 isn't working for you. Perhaps you can try installing 4.3.10 first and then updating it afterwards? https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QO9FZDsdftSrWW1KdvUau4VKnXY_5UOK
  12. Hi, what is your version of LDD that is causing this problem? Does it say 4.3.12 on the LDD download website and does it give you an internet error on startup? Because the latest version of LDD on the website is super wonky. Is the version on your old PC an older version of LDD? One thing I can think off is when uninstalling LDD, it gets rid of the software but not the asset library, so when you reinstall it, it sees that the asset library is already there and therefore does not replace it. This is only my guess, so you can try deleting the LDD folder in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer, and installing the older version (4.3.11) back. Hopefully that should fix the issue...
  13. ExeSandbox

    [MOD] 70732 Ninjago Stiix

    Mein Gott! That looks so perfect! Great job on the "small update"! Very nice.
  14. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Kongu, Toa Typhoon

    WOah, that looks ripped as heck. The Cordak Blaster magazines are a real highlight! Nice use of color and color separation too.
  15. ExeSandbox

    Image Uploading / Posting

    Hi, @gryphus. To upload photos to the forum, you must first upload it to a separate image hosting website such as Imgur, Flickr, etc. From there you have to copy the image address and paste it to the box where you type.
  16. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Porsche 917K

    Woah, despite it's size, it looks really good! All the shapes and details captured at this scale is incredible!
  17. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Wraith

    Lol, hunchbacc Wraiths amirite? Nice and chunky too. Does look pretty cool tho. Nice shots btw.
  18. You're welcome, glad to know it worked out for you. Best wishes on your LEGO project!
  19. I see, perhaps try dialing back to the previous version of LDD. You can find the link somewhere here: If it still crashes a lot, another thing you can try is to use Stud.io 2 since it is compatible with .lxf files and also has a built in render engine.
  20. Hmm, I've had models up to 20k+ bricks in LDD, and it only crashed a couple times, but was still workable. I assume that you have already lowered the graphic settings in LDD? You also said that you have the most up to date version, did you install the latest version from the LDD website? (You'll know if LDD tells you that it cannot connect to the internet on startup everytime), that can be somewhat unstable. You'll need the version of LDD prior to that. Does your computer have multiple graphic cards? As in, both an Intel integrated graphics card and a Nvidia (or AMD, etc) graphics card? If so, try switching and see what happens.
  21. ExeSandbox

    Scania Next Generation S730

    *cough, is this even made with LEGO bricks!? The gorgeous stickers and black color scheme really makes this look like a die-cast model truck! The cabin looks so good, I just wanna hop in there and drive it!
  22. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] EVA Unit 02 & Tokyo-3

    Woah! I don't even know what to say. It phenomenal on every level! Looking at that torso feels like I'm out of this world
  23. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Windmill

    What a masterpiece! The fact that you built all those angles with little to no gaps is mind boggling! It also look incredibly cozy both on the inside and outside. Every aspect of this MOC is brilliant!
  24. A futuristic Harley Davidson concept motorcycle I built for the "Build An Epic Ride For The Future" contest on LEGO Ideas. I thought I'd post it over here for fellows here to check out (Above): An over the top render of the motorcycle riding on the highway. It's capable of self-driving, hehe To stay somewhat fateful to the classic Harley Davidson designs, I maintained some details like the V-Twin engine (which is now oversized, and transparent), the exhausts (even though it's supposed to be emission free...), and the placement of the front suspension forks. Other than that, I guess it looks closer to a futuristic sports bike I also thought that elements such as the Large PF Linear Actuators and the Mindstorms IR Sensor (which I totally wrecked it's color), without considering their functions, provide plenty of free details in such a small space. I would certainly like to know what you think about this motorcycle Did I do Harley Davidson motorcycles justice? Thanks for viewing!