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    Attaching a small pin to a hollow stud

    Hi and welcome! A somewhat adequate solution to having the flower hair piece not stick out so much is to use another flower piece like this: Which has the standard 3.2mm shaft at the bottom as well as a 1.5mm hole going through. It's not the cleanest solution but it sticks out a lot less than the inkwell piece. Hope this works for you!
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    [MOC] Umbrella Store

    1 and a half years later, I finally built another Modular Building, WOOOO, hooray, yeah.... I thought I set a pretty high bar with the Doughnut Shop (if I do say so myself), because of that I had trouble thinking of what to build next thematically. So I went the entirely opposite direction, instead of giving it a unique footprint with a rich contrasting color scheme and basing it around an interesting subject, I made the Umbrella Shop a solid rectangular block with a subdued color scheme and gave it the least interesting subject, which is a shop that sells umbrellas. (hOw ExCiTiNg) Of course, then my job was to use those design cues and still make it look nice and interesting. I think I did a pretty good job (but you can be the judge of that. ) (Also just like my previous modular, many building techniques and details were stolen-...ahem...I mean...inspired by the Downtown Diner, some more obvious than others, because I practically worship that modular building at this point. I do feel like the style of this model turned out looking like a scale model building, rather than a LEGO Modular Buildings. But it is still in essence a modular building.) I was initially clueless on how to design the back of the model, since I always pay all my attention to the front, So I just threw in whatever ideas I thought felt good to me. The shuttered windows was actually influenced by my house in which every single window would have a metal lattice placed over it (presumably to prevent easy break-ins.), Exploded view of the model. The tree can actually tilt forwards to allow the upper levels clearance to lift up, this was an accidental but needed feature because I just wanted a solid connection for the tree and the ratchet w/ cross axle receiver element worked for that. Strangely, of all the carefully crafted details in the model, the simple sloped skylight build is my favorite of them all, it really ties everything together nicely. But idk it could just be me. The interior for the titular store. From this view it doesn't look like much is going on unfortunately, but there are some more items and details from other angles. That vintage cash register is way oversized though... It's an odd decision for me to make everything but one item in black and white. But I just couldn't find the right color scheme and I wanted to give off a vintage vibe, so I thought nothing looks more vintage than black and white photographs. I thought the colored shelf looks pretty which is why I left it in. A small little living space, but not good enough to fully sustain a life. The old school-ness really shows on this one with the typewriter and metal frame bed. I'll probably get a raised eyebrow for this, but why is the bathroom fully exposed by a open window and a glass door!? But really, what's there for a minifigure to hide.? If you're one of those people that likes your minifigures a little spicy, ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) please seek help. maybe I'm the one that needs help...... Here's a pic of the iterations this model went through. The first iteration was very very rough and looks like garbage, I established some core ideas with it, but the proportions and window arrangement is bland and unattractive, so I fixed them in the second iteration. I've gotta be pretty careful with what details I add, because for a fairly "simple" building like this, small details can have a massive impact on the way it looks. Welp that's all from me, I hope you enjoyed looking at the model. I gained a lot of satisfaction from designing it, but I have been looking at it everyday for more than a month during designing and the exposure blindness is killing me so it's good to finally be done. Also I went through LEGO rehab and turned a new leaf, so I only used parts in available colors for this model. (well all except for 27150 Minifigure, Utensil Umbrella Folded. Old habits die hard.) Which means I was able to create instructions for this model. If you're interested, you can get it here: https://rebrickable.com/mocs/MOC-59200/ExeSandbox/umbrella-store/#details (It's a hefty $20 though Do you think this model is worth that much, or should I lower it?) I'd also like to hear what you think about this model. Be as un-objective and critical as possible, don't worry I won't feel bad at all. More pics: https://www.flickr.com/photos/exesandbox/albums/72157717310853613
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    [ MOC ] Modular LEGO Store!

    Wow, talk about "thinking out of the brick"! Such masterful use of shapes and colors, it's exceptional.
  4. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Umbrella Store

    Thank you! Yup, this building is covered in more SNOT than a five year old's toy. I've been planning to include a phone booth quite a while back and the Diagon Alley came just in time! Thanks, hope you enjoy it! Thanks you very much too! Yeah I noticed that many modular builds are often filled to the brim with details and that's totally not a bad thing as everybody seem to really like that, but I wanted to see iif I can take a different approach for this model. Thanks, I appreciate it! Glad you're really in love with the building!
  5. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Umbrella Store

    Thanks @jalemac34, I'm really glad you like it! Thanks! Yeah, that's true. For some reason I quite like the technic connector eyesore. But I do have to keep the consistency of the look in mind too. Thanks a lot! Perhaps I should make a challenge for myself to find the most niche subject to make a modular on. Thank you very much @koalayummies, I appreciate it! Glad you spotted all those little details too, quite a many of them were actually born out of dumb luck by random experimentation or I happen to come across a picture that had a particular detail I liked and decided to include it.
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    How to make your moc more firmly?

    Official LEGO sets are the best case studies for this. Due to LEGOs strict quality standards, their sets are built like tanks! (most of the time anyway.) But from what I've done and observed, a technic frame is your best bet. The bigger the model, the more rigid and well designed your technic frame has to be.
  7. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Hardware Store at Christmas | Modular

    The design is so clean! I really dig the way the different sizes of windows are arranged. Colors are so nice to look at too.
  8. ExeSandbox

    10278 Police Station

    ok im fully sold...
  9. ExeSandbox

    Christmas living room

    Very cozy!
  10. Looks nice. The side view is kinda funny and the horn might be a tad big, but it works. But yeah, could have been easy for LEGO to create a small horn with the tiny shaft attachment to go onto the horse head.
  11. ExeSandbox

    Accessing building interiors

    I think it does depend on the kind of building you're building. Modular Buildings (with separable floors) are usually all about the exterior details and interior details are only supplementary, so for displaying I wouldn't sweat it with the visibility of the interior, but for accessibility, proper floor planning right from the start is essential instead of trying to shoehorn an interior after the exterior is done. (A crime which I always find myself doing. ) Open back/Hinged buildings are usually present in dollhouses which have more emphasis on the interior in relation to the exterior. The shallow floor plan and poor lighting can be overcome by good planning and design (window placement, colors and height can all play a big part.) Not having 360 exterior isn't that big a deal depending on the type of building. Modular style buildings are obligated to have full 360 exterior to feel like a modular building. But in other cases, interiors usually have greater detail and is generally more interesting than the back wall of a house or building, so it's an easy compromise to make.
  12. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] tree

    Wow, it looks so beautiful. The blue roofing looks really nice, and the way the olive green blends into the stone base of the building is such a nice touch!
  13. You're welcome! Glad I was able to help.
  14. I think there's a set of buttons somewhere in the toolbar where you can set the "grid size" which doesn't refer to the actual grid floor, but the stepping size.
  15. ExeSandbox

    Cole Ninjago (from the show Ninjago)

    Good looking figure, I think you've captured Cole's looks very well. Love that hair sculpt!
  16. ExeSandbox

    10278 Police Station

    (If only posts have a like button...Here's three. )
  17. ExeSandbox

    [MOC] Corner Terrace

    It really is the season for Modular Buildings. The building looks beautiful, the colors are unique and the texture is great. I like the shaping solution you did to make it both a corner and reversed corner building, quite brilliant. If anything, the sidewalk could use some love. But overall really nice MOC.
  18. ExeSandbox

    10278 Police Station

    That guy really HUNGERS for them donuts.
  19. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Hmm, probably an unintentional pattern, but both names that ends with -shop are double buildings.
  20. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Nice, I didn't know what pieces those bushes were until you said it was those newish gears. You might be right, it's quite different from what Jamie would design (but if it were really him, I would be obligated to love this Modular, but as it stands right now, I'm not digging how it looks.) I'm hoping the HD official images would reveal some more mind-blowing building techniques, as that would be the saving grace for this modular (for me at least.)
  21. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    That's pretty fascinating. The last time a GWP set was vital to a Modular was the flower cart for DO, but even that was pretty optional compared to this.
  22. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah the green side looks like a couple of holding cells. Although there are only five minifigs and aside from the red one, I don't see an actual criminal?
  23. ExeSandbox

    Modular Building Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, that's surely the real deal, highly unlikely a fan could cook up a modular of this level just from looking at a black silhouette with this much fidelity. I don't really like how it looks though, but that's coming from someone who's favorite modular is DD. I hope better images to come would sell me on it. Kinda cool how they're using Medium Lavender and Dark Green(?) which aren't color used for walls in Modular building sets before.
  24. That's amazing! I'm always being reminded by creations like this that there can never be a shortage of cool ideas with LEGO. (nice use of the red shock absorber too. )
  25. ExeSandbox

    MOC: Brickchester Central Station

    The model looks so impressive in the pictures, it makes me wonder just how awesome it must look in real life! It's cool how you took the same old LEGO colors and make it look fresh. I also really like the cross section style you went for the model, it's a lot more displayable.