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  1. Finally, I've finished designing the LEGO 10255 alternative build with a European Jazz Cafe theme. The instructions of this MOC are available now at Rebrickable.
  2. I have been designing MOCs using lego sets and selling instructions on Rebrickable. However, someone told me on Rebrickable that lepin has stolen my one of MOCs. As soon as I found this, I was totally shocked. Since, Lego won a case against them, It seems that they are trying to sell their Grand emporiums using my Alternative MOC. What can I do with this? I informed this to Lego group though, Still, I feel terrible and anxious with this. (I'm not sure this is right place to post it)
  3. Inyongbricks

    [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    Thank you !, I want to keep making alt models. :) Yes, I designed them, and actually I made this before I build that Modularised Tower Bridge. Thank you so much! Thank you ! I think that intrigues me , binding myself, can't supply the parts which I need it's like puzzle :)
  4. Inyongbricks

    [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    Thank you very much :) I wanted to make those Mannequins into human as main characters :) and I will keep building only using parts of lego set. I really appreciate your enormous compliment I'm honored to it . I was building new ALT MOC but , since I planed to go to Europe, I had to stop it So, maybe, I will start it from June :) Thank you.
  5. Inyongbricks

    Hello ! my name is Inyong from South Korea

    Thank you so much :) you are living beautiful country, I miss Paris I was inspired from many buildings when I was in there Especially, the design of 10211 alt build was inspired by Musée d'Orsay I think I replied you wrong way , since this kind of website is my first time Thank you so much :) Thank you :) Have a lovely day! (or maybe night)
  6. Inyongbricks

    [MOC] Big Ben 10253 alternate model - The Lounge modular

    Nice idea :) I'm looking forward to see next moc too .
  7. Inyongbricks

    [MOC] Wedding Hall (10211 Alternative build)

    Thank you so much sir ! :) I will visit England soon ! (and Holland , Germany) to be inspired for new building :)
  8. I made Instructions for my MOC: 10211 Grand Emporium Alternative buildwith the theme of "Wedding Hall"You can make this Alternative build only using parts of 10211 lego set, without any extra bricks.Model design, Instructions by Inyong Lee Store pages:
  9. Hello, my name is Inyong and from South Korea I love to build my own modular building using lego set :) also I'm selling instructions of mine :) It's nice to be here! Thanks!