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  1. I have the same problem, I set up the car, take about 50m distance with the bike and get it up to 30 km/h and then start accelerating the car when it is about 15 meters ahead of me. bit tricky but it works for me (only drove over it once...) but i do have the advantage of real controllers...
  2. Very nice! Maybe get a phoneholder for a bike to stay in range. since its powered by 2 buwizz and has no steering it is kind of in a league of its own, but i do think the rc units can compete, taking out the steering and making it 4WD will give them better results as well, i might try after my current racer reaches 40km/h. Fun stuff, keep it up!
  3. i would love to see this enter the competition as well! Great build!
  4. Time to update and finish the thread here as well. With very little spare time on my hands, I have been able to finish my entry in the nick of time, not really happy about the video, but the baby stroller came out fully functioning how i envisioned it. At first glance it looks like a normal buggy but it can cause major mayhem with the tub's functions, will you drive in front and risk getting shot with the powerful remote triggered shotgun? or will you drive behind it and risk getting the entire tub dumped onto your vehicle? The base and the tub both have their own power supply and receivers, so they function separately, the tub is only held by the locking pins to the base, the v2 pneumatics do a great job here, when you engage the compressor the actuators work in opposite direction and start to let go the tub, dumping it. Making the gun, its ammo cartridge, the pneumatics and the electrics fit inside the tub was a bit of a challenge, but it all worked out in the end, keeping the (roughly) 1:3 scale, with very little room to spare. admittedly... it is a bit top-heavy in the corners, especially when reaching its 12 km/h top speed and its 180 degree front wheel turn capabilities come together...just like a real baby stroller! After dumping the tub and a small pit stop, the base can also be driven folded down (storage position) for a bit better handling. It goes by the name: Baby Bomber Buggy a bit more info in the video:
  5. 21. Baby Bomber Buggy Do not be fooled by it's cuteness, this baby is out to get you! Full RC driving and 2 RC special attacks: 1: Baby Brick Blaster: a high powered remote triggered shotgun with 10 shots. 2: Baby Brick Bomb: dump the entire tub onto the track or enemies by remote, creating mayhem with an obstacle which can still fire by remote control. Also reducing about 70% of it's weight, increasing it's racing capabilities.
  6. make your own tires out of tank treads maybe, less grip so they can move sideways more easily, also: more wacky wheels that way!
  7. 11. Can I make a model of a unusual real life car?Yes you can, but be careful. No realism and no brand references (no Porsche, Lamborghini, etc). another one for Jim here maybe....maybe unwise to start a discussion about my own design, but fair is fair, i will remove the brand name of the stroller from my thread after posting this. But if my design is rejected based on one of these rules, i would like to know as soon as possible.
  8. Just consider the tub ammo :D, why can i fire a 1x3 liftarm, but not a collection of bricks stacked together? *begs* @Jim Also in both answers the word vehicle is used, the tub has no wheels, propulsion or steering, so i don't think it would categorize as a vehicle? *begs* @Jim even more... that would be worst case scenario, all my work fitting it into the tub would be pointless, since i cannot really dump it, i have to drag it then..
  9. at the moment just from the cartridge like displayed in the gun demo video, so it is firing on the left front side of the tub. good guesses but no points for you here, its is a bit more wacky then that. I call this function The Baby Dump, even considering the name "The Baby Dumper" for the stroller as a whole, but i might come up with something better... ofc again bad video quality filming in the evening on a phone.. this is just to get the idea across. Like i mentioned before, a empty gun is dead weight, i solved this problem. Since the tub has its own battery box and is fully rc aswell, it can be dumped at any moment, making the stroller a lot lighter and crush opponents behind it, and this obstacle could still be a firing at you! So you take your pick: will you drive in front and risk getting shot? or behind me and risk getting crushed?
  10. So here is some update on the stroller, excuse me on the bad lighting my time and resources are limited. The gun system has been fitted into the tub, it might move one or two studs forwards but everything fits like planned in my mind.. The 2nd function has also been built in by now, 2 pneumatic actuators, a compressor and a switch have been used. So can anyone guess what the 2nd function will do? More soon..
  11. [TC12] The Unrollable

    This is one great design, i do miss the wacky part a bit, but it is an amazing car!
  12. Hihi, not really, the inspiration actually was our new born baby and the gear that came with it..But it would have been a nice theme! My aim was to make a powerful gun with a remote trigger, since you only get about 10 shots from a cartridge, they should count, most machine gun constructions fire the bricks faster but much weaker, but most importantly, you can not accurately decide when to fire a single shot with a machine gun, This was my main goal, load the gun while driving, and fire it when the time is right. So maybe this is more like a Howitzer or shotgun rather than a machine gun. And thanks for noticing my little Technic fig story, wanted to spice the demonstration up a bit :)
  13. Update on wacky function number 1: I built this gun to exactly fit the baby stroller's tub. The clutch release system is really powerful and reliable, rotating the motor one direction loads the gun, and rotating the motor the other direction makes it fire. The entire thing should be "hidden" in the tub, which of course will need a rebuild around this gun.
  14. well be careful with the vinegar that too eats metal, its kind of fighting fire with fire... alcohol after to remove the vinegar!
  15. You can take them out, one of my 8366 was in a similar state when i bought it, same issue, and i took them out, fully open it up, then CAREFULLY use a flat screwdriver to push/hammer them out for the other side. i also found little pieces of acid on the board but not enough to do any damage. Clean any part that got in contact with acid with vinegar and a toothbrush, and soak the batteryconnectors in vinegar. Use very little vinegar on a cloth if you have to clean electrical components on the board. Clean with alcohol after and lightly sand it the battery connectors. 2 battery connectors are wired, i was lucky enough to have no acid on those, but you could solder them off and on after cleaning. I think it is worth the effort, currents will flow better and your unit will last longer.