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  1. [TC11] The Blacksmith

    Hey! fun to see you made it! looks great! did you build it with the wheel hubs like you suggested? or built it like i did? I used the heavier alkaline batteries since it is used as a counterweight aswell, (heavier batteries make it slam easier) so that would be 9v. Are you using the sequence modus with the correct timing for the slamming function? you can also play with that timer maybe, It might help. I will be looking forward to your video!
  2. Congratulations all! It was great fun again!
  3. Inspired by @Aventador2004 his pullback vehicles. i decided to make a micro tracked pullback racer, again, i have tried to make it as small as possible while resembling the 42065. as you can see it is pretty small, the rear wings are a bit out of proportion, but they serve a purpose: you can hold on to them to pull back the racer. There is a small fixed bogie (I used a motor crank to offset it) to give it the correct stance and track tension, and the track tension has to be exactly right for the track to work smoothly, but they do, offering another problem: when you pull back the racer to its max, and let it go, it will do a few backwards somersaults..., the solution is: do not pull it back fully... that will manage a staggering 40-50 centimeter of distance, the tiny drive wheel diameter is to blame of course.
  4. Tragster!

    Try anything :) maybe the ancient: or it think they would fit and look well but looking at it again: maybe increase the rear wheels also, they are a tad small for its chassis, most of the time tractor or dragster tires stand taller than it's bonnet and the driver somewhat sits between the wheels, not above them. nitpicking maybe..
  5. Tragster!

    i like it! But i do think the front wheels are too big for a tractor/dragster. fun project! keep it up!
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone! I have not tried the M-motor yet, i'm pretty sure it will give it a bit more speed, but integrating them in the chassis might prove hard since they have no pinholes on the rear, but the extra stud of space might solve that issue, but i do kind of like the power of the L-motor, its is a tank after all! Have you ever seen this creation of mine? this one has 2 buggy motors and can drive on both sides, it is fast, very fast, so fast that you have like zero accuracy when steering, but it's fun for sure! Me too... This will surely get a video, but since daylight is very limited after my work, this might take me some time, i hope to shoot some clips next weekend, so that buys me a week to finalize and tweek the design a bit (maybe)
  7. Here is my attempt to miniaturize the 42065 set. I wanted to make it as small as i could and take the main features of the 42065, a set i do not own myself, but i might pick one up to compare. Since the rubber caterpillar tracks suited this scale perfectly they where on my "must haves" list, a simple bogie gives it the correct stance and track tension. In the next image you can see the chassis and bodywork opened up, it is powered by a small AAA battery box, receiver and 2 L-motors, it is fun to drive and stops for nothing! Now i was hoping on some feedback on the paneling, i have not made a lot of bodywork with panels before and was hoping to get some suggestions and/or tips and tricks! Of course any other suggestion or comment is welcomed as well!
  8. 9: 10 2: 6 22: 4 11: 3 24: 2 18: 1 Fun stuff! good job all!
  9. I have the same problem, I set up the car, take about 50m distance with the bike and get it up to 30 km/h and then start accelerating the car when it is about 15 meters ahead of me. bit tricky but it works for me (only drove over it once...) but i do have the advantage of real controllers...
  10. Very nice! Maybe get a phoneholder for a bike to stay in range. since its powered by 2 buwizz and has no steering it is kind of in a league of its own, but i do think the rc units can compete, taking out the steering and making it 4WD will give them better results as well, i might try after my current racer reaches 40km/h. Fun stuff, keep it up!
  11. i would love to see this enter the competition as well! Great build!
  12. Time to update and finish the thread here as well. With very little spare time on my hands, I have been able to finish my entry in the nick of time, not really happy about the video, but the baby stroller came out fully functioning how i envisioned it. At first glance it looks like a normal buggy but it can cause major mayhem with the tub's functions, will you drive in front and risk getting shot with the powerful remote triggered shotgun? or will you drive behind it and risk getting the entire tub dumped onto your vehicle? The base and the tub both have their own power supply and receivers, so they function separately, the tub is only held by the locking pins to the base, the v2 pneumatics do a great job here, when you engage the compressor the actuators work in opposite direction and start to let go the tub, dumping it. Making the gun, its ammo cartridge, the pneumatics and the electrics fit inside the tub was a bit of a challenge, but it all worked out in the end, keeping the (roughly) 1:3 scale, with very little room to spare. admittedly... it is a bit top-heavy in the corners, especially when reaching its 12 km/h top speed and its 180 degree front wheel turn capabilities come together...just like a real baby stroller! After dumping the tub and a small pit stop, the base can also be driven folded down (storage position) for a bit better handling. It goes by the name: Baby Bomber Buggy a bit more info in the video:
  13. 21. Baby Bomber Buggy Do not be fooled by it's cuteness, this baby is out to get you! Full RC driving and 2 RC special attacks: 1: Baby Brick Blaster: a high powered remote triggered shotgun with 10 shots. 2: Baby Brick Bomb: dump the entire tub onto the track or enemies by remote, creating mayhem with an obstacle which can still fire by remote control. Also reducing about 70% of it's weight, increasing it's racing capabilities.
  14. make your own tires out of tank treads maybe, less grip so they can move sideways more easily, also: more wacky wheels that way!
  15. 11. Can I make a model of a unusual real life car?Yes you can, but be careful. No realism and no brand references (no Porsche, Lamborghini, etc). another one for Jim here maybe....maybe unwise to start a discussion about my own design, but fair is fair, i will remove the brand name of the stroller from my thread after posting this. But if my design is rejected based on one of these rules, i would like to know as soon as possible.