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  1. congratulations all! well done and great fun! Very happy with my 5th place, never expected to end that high.
  2. So today i have launched this: Launched with 5,5 bar of pressure from the fire extinguisher (just like the previous plane) I will try to upload the video later today. what do you think happened? - actual gliding? - "thrown" lego? (like the previous plane) - an explosion of parts? -
  3. Motor overheat?

    i cannot see your pictures (404 error), but this might help: the buggy motor also has a thermal resitor built in, when you load it too much, by example heavy gearing or a heavy model, there might be too much current flowing through the thermistor and shutting it down for a few minutes, to not damage the motor. The Buwizz should have no issue powering 2 buggy motors it can deliver plenty of amps and this is why your buggy motor shuts itself down (my guess is you have a heavy model or geared it up too much, solution: gear down, or add another buggy motor)
  4. Did you consider using a wormgear and 8t gear? It will need higher motor speed input, but i think that this will be sturdier. Added: needs older diffs aswell... will be complex sorry...posted to early
  5. 15: 10 25: 6 3: 4 24: 3 10: 2 13: 1 Sorry no votes for decorated pull-back motors (but there were some very nice looking ones, well done!) but this is a technic forum, in my mind we needed some more mechanical functions. Great fun and well done all!
  6. ok so i tried to apply what @Davidz90 sayd, i hope i understood correctly, in the next picture you will see 2 out of place pins, the COG is now along that line, if you put the pins in from underneath you can balance the plane nicely on 2 fingers. But to make the COG shift to that point there had to be added quitte alot of bulk to the front as you can see, wich I do not really like, maybe @agrof has a nice design idea for this? I do want to mess with your design to much, but i do think the cog has to be where it is now if we want a decent shot here. i also feel it is a good idea to put the wing more to the back, further behind the bulk of the air tube, but that might mean loosing the front middle curved panel.
  7. @agrof ok i've built it, it looks very good (except for the colors, i do not own that much panels) and im pretty pleased with how the air tube was built in, please take a good look at the 3rd picture, maybe you have a better suggestion, it could be sturdier, but with the half beam as cross-brace my guess is it will hold. Maybe @Davidz90 can say something about the COG?, shown in the 4th picture, it should not be hard to shift it. If the construction holds, i have high hopes!, suggestions and other designs still welcome ofc!
  8. @agrofAh yes i did not think of bionicle, i have a box of those somewhere, i most likely have something good for it. But looking at your design, mounting the air tube might prove difficult; it has to be mounted on the 15l beams, if it is mounted directly to the panels it will tear the thing apart upon firing i think, any suggestions? (i gues that part is not in LDD..)
  9. @agrof Lovely! i dont think i have that rear wing, any other option?
  10. Very true ;) and: also very true, "Launching Lego" might be a better way to describe it. @Davidz90 I knew in advance this would not do well in terms of "flying", the way this is powered/shot means it is more like a rocket rather than a plane, asking for yet another design, fins in the rear with the COG on 1/3 of the silloutte. Perhaps i will try other designs, I had a "blast" doing this, maybe better designs can glide better and further. (a 42044 MOD springs to mind..) If anyone is interested: feel free to suggest your own (digital) design, i'd be happy to testfire them in real life, just make sure it contains
  11. Here is an idea i wanted to test for a while, maybe it is not the correct place to post this, but i think technic fans might like this the most. The "air-tank" is not Lego obviously, it is a converted fire extinguisher, made to be pressurized by a bicycle pump. Don't take it too seriously, it was just something fun I had to try ;)
  12. to complete the topic; the video was added, you can find it in the first post.