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  1. My biggest concern is that the AAA battery box might not be able to fully power 2x L and 1 servo, when the L-motors are loaded heavily (which they are here i think) they draw a lot of current, i think 2 l motors and a servo exceed 800ma in this situation, i am not sure whether it can deliver enough amps, but maybe test this before fully switching over. the Lego Lipo would solve it but only gives 7.2v..
  2. I must admit it is very amusing to see all speculations and hype for this car. In my luxury position regarding whether to buy it or not, i just sit back and enjoy the show, I am not buying this. (funny because it's true, thanks again buwizz!) I love what we have seen by now but i am sure we will still be surprised by it on the 1st of june, it is a supercar after all! I am a bit sad that the images got leaked but they did a amazing job keeping it secret so long and i think they live up to the hype for now, i cannot wait to build and mod this one!
  3. @Didumos69 Lol that is a fun one! But i doubt external frames will hold in the system bricks . I am better off bringing a broom i suppose..
  4. Thanks for the kind words all! well.. i did say in one of my buwizz moc threads that if i would win the contest, i would mod the chiron with a few buggy motors and send it over the same ramp, so i guess we will find out. (praying for a minimal amount of system bricks now) Again thanks to all, still speechless
  5. WOOOW! i am over the moon with this! i cannot find the right words right now! I never thought i could win! Big thanks to everyone that voted for me and to the BuWizz team for creating this awesome product and contest!
  6. i bet you can make it, that board seems awfully slick, traction seems the issue to me. cover it with carpet?
  7. [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    i saw that one coming , but i would love you to change it, please do not disqualify yourself, your build deserves more! i also do not own a camera but, a high end smartphone can do fine.. for now i will just dump the video here, maybe when i have more time (and good pictures) i will make its own topic for it (if that is worth it..) I will send you the PM once i have everything complete, for now i just like to show the video, it is not your average Lego presentation, more like a short biology documentary or something. so here is my video: Let me know what you think!
  8. [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    @Permo looking good! but maybe lower those pneumatics down fast before letsbuild sees i barely recognized the crawler without the stickers (i have it on a shelf here) can't wait to see it's performance! how is the ir reception with the receiver upside down? will you tell us how many and wich motors are in it?
  9. [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    @Permo looking good! nice little ornament on the back as well :) fun stuff! keep it up! Ohw and i am done with my video, @letsbuild can i post it here?
  10. Where to get RC parts?

    Maybe consider the 42030. It is a bit pricey maybe but It contains all 4 motors and 2 ir receivers.
  11. this is within an old style gearbox like the 8860? the axles there have to span quite some unsupported distance and might flex, any way to put a 3L beam inside the gearbox that braces the 16z gears maybe?
  12. Not really, the less gears the better, but it might help if there is 1 specific weak point where the drivetrain always breaks with added power, but it will most likely just move the point of breaking to another set of gears or connection. maybe try with a XL-motor if you do not have a 2nd L-motor available. What exactly breaks in your drive train? is there no way to strengthen this? are these parts as old as these wheels?
  13. I thought it was standing still now? speed on a 1.4kg vehicle with 1 L-motor is very limited, especially with these wheels (wich are ligther then expected, but have terrible roll resistance and rotational intertia), and if the drive train breaks with more power.. i see no other options then making it lighter or gearing it down.
  14. Well i think you just have to gear down then, sounds like it is just too much for 1 L-motor, have you tried a 20:12 ratio? if that is possible Or make it lighter? check the drivetrain on 3rd gear? are all gears ok? running smooth without load?
  15. you might add heavy there ;D My best guess is you are hitting some kind of thermal protection, either in the L-motor, the ir- receiver or the BB. Will it move in the 3rd gear if you power if purely from the battery box, leaving the receiver out?