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  1. @kbalage wow what a terrific update for the Bugatti...fantastic!
  2. AFOLegofan66

    42082 - Rough Terrain Crane

    @Maaboo35 Occasionally getting the box through the front door is a main issue...but after it's in...who knows what MOC it is destined for!!
  3. thanks @jb70 for the awesome pimped up instructions....worth the wait before I build this!!
  4. AFOLegofan66

    New attempt at RC Forklift

    Nice build and playability!!
  5. Thanks everyone for all their input for this redesign on the transmission. I have the Chiron still in the box waiting for the perfect time to start and I feel there is still a way to go!! So keep those fantastic ideas coming!!
  6. been following this thread and your WIP is pretty the paddle shifter and might incorporate this into the Porsche. This will be a beautiful car when done!!
  7. Really liked what you did...nice update!!
  8. AFOLegofan66

    [WIP] New Supercar

    you are really doing a great job on this...great photos!!
  9. AFOLegofan66

    Honda CR-Z

    @Lox Lego I think you did a great job on this car. It looks fantastic but you should have painted the parts instead of tape. It would have looked so much better and permanent. That tape will not last too long. Besides that the features of this car are awesome man. Until next time.
  10. AFOLegofan66

    Volvo Grader RC+pneum

    Thanks for the lxf!! This looks like a nice build...I will give it a try.
  11. This looks great but you have to work on the rear end a bit especially the tail lights.
  12. very easy idea...I will use this when I build this.Thanks
  13. AFOLegofan66

    Caterpillar 990

    wow this is doing great!!
  14. AFOLegofan66

    Medium Size Mining Dumper

    This is a very cool truck upgrade....really nice! I built the first one and it is great but I will give this new one a try!