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  1. Nice to see you back!! Your first Terex 400 all in Technic is still awesome but this build is very good. Like the colour scheme and functions. Wonderful job and video!!
  2. [MOC] Ford Focus RS 500

    Great job just love the way you put this together and black...wonderful colour for this car!!
  3. The video had me convinced. This should perform well after completion!!
  4. Effe's MOC Corner

    Thanks that did the trick!!
  5. looks good!! Thanks!!
  6. Effe's MOC Corner

    I know this from an older topic but did you ever make a LXF file with your own printed parts of the palfinger crane? I have all the parts now from shapeway but need a little help putting it all together.
  7. great video to show one of the very important parts of this car!! Have you tried any test runs for the speed of this baby??
  8. Really like how this has progressed!! Been checking this thread for a while and fantastic progress. Good luck with the body!
  9. just finished this MOC with all the changes including the 24t clutch gear and it works great....wonderful truck...thanks for the instructions!!
  10. Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    After reading your info about the moc’s you have for sale I realized that we have a common thread from the past! I have a Tamiya Bruiser sitting on the shelf and a couple of RC10’s. RC helicopters was very expensive and know the drill!! After I retired I got into LEGO and been doing so for about 14 years. I have built 90% of the moc’s you have for sale. I still have quite a few that I just can’t take apart because they are the best!! Anyway I see exactly what you need to do because I will be there myself one day. @Lox Lego is keeping me busy for now with super cars...but after that...who knows!! Good luck with your endeavour.
  11. 42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    After checking out all of the reply’s in this forum I think this set will be very nice to have...for parts for me. @Lox Lego Chiron is a remarkable MOC and I think it would look great with those new wheels and maybe a reworking of the body panels with the new colours. For sure it will be an interesting set!,
  12. Nice job on this moc!!
  13. Blakbird Collection Liquidation

    So it looks like you need more room...for what???If I had the dough I would certainly buy a few of your Moc’s....
  14. Looks great! Thanks for the photo