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  1. Just building this moc now!! Really great instructions...sure going to be nice when done,,
  2. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] Caterpillar D10 Dozer

    Very nice dozer!!
  3. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] Land Rover Defender 90

    Very nice moc. It looks great and a cool video!
  4. AFOLegofan66


    Nice MOC and a nice set of photos!!
  5. AFOLegofan66


    well I just finished your terrific MOC the other day and it is a beauty!! I had the chance to test the motors with the brickcontroller 2 but am having a terrible time to set up a full program to use with a game controller. Having a heck pf a time to get both hubs to connect at the same time...any help with this??
  6. this is just fantastic!! what a great job you did on the MOC!!
  7. Just finished your car and it looks great..wonderful build..I decided for the hockey stick headlights. It compliments the front much better! I’ll post some pictures soon on Instagram and bricksafe.. thanks for the quality plans!
  8. AFOLegofan66

    Systems tractors and other machinery

    This is finally looking great...with lots of time, parts and rebuilding!! Awesome!
  9. AFOLegofan66

    Ferrari F1 SF90 1:8

    love the lines of this MOC...very well done!! nice photos!!
  10. very nice with attention to detail!!
  11. AFOLegofan66

    [TC18] Ford GT 2005

    This is a great model...nice lines and color scheme!
  12. AFOLegofan66

    [TC18] Huguette Roadster - Finished

    Very original ! I would stick with the black door panel. It give the side a better flow for the eye and photos.
  13. AFOLegofan66

    Lasse's Model Team Construction Yard

    Very nice moc!! Very clean lines on the truck and trailer. I have some of your earlier MOC’s which are still fantastic especially the cement truck. Always a show stopper.
  14. thanks for this very handy!!
  15. Wow what a cool looking machine! I like the clean look without the spare. Thanks for considering sharing this with all of us!!