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  1. beautiful set of instructions!!! Thanks!
  2. I am not to sure of the cost because I had all the parts in stock. I have been collecting parts for Mocs for many years and now I can build most Mocs out there. Sorry I can’t give you a answer!
  3. I finished this car with the original instructions and it went extremely well. It looks great for the scale and it is a keeper for my collection...thanks!!
  4. AFOLegofan66

    Mining truck II

    Very nice and a perfect size!! I think white or yellow would be the best color choice here. but white is the best for this!! Looking forward to build this!!
  5. AFOLegofan66

    Liebherr LTM 1070-4.2

    Awesome dude!!
  6. AFOLegofan66

    Problems with Leibherr Control+ App

    I'm just about to try all this programing myself. I'll keep you posted how it all went!!
  7. AFOLegofan66


    wow another beautiful MOC!! I'll bet you have plans coming for this soon!!
  8. Well all I can say is that excellence is always worth the wait!!
  9. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] SUV Racer Mk II

    Fantastic the speed!!
  10. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    That would be awesome! Thanks
  11. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] John Deere 648L Skidder

    I thought you were going to make instructions for this?
  12. AFOLegofan66

    Ferrari FXX 2005 1:8 new version

    Wow nice design and color. My first FXX was all black so yours looks great!
  13. What a fantastic truck will be awesome to build this... thanks for your amazing instructions!
  14. AFOLegofan66

    [POC] Solid ball joint

    really cool idea thanks!! I'll keep this idea in my toolbox!!