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  1. Wow this is a really nice set of plans!! Thanks for sharing with us all...I have all the parts for a white or red van but I think white would look great!
  2. got the plans today and starting tomorrow....looks great!! I have an idea about the front and I'll share it if it pans out!!
  3. Hi @Lox Lego finished this project last month and it went great. It also worked great! I have a few photo's on bricksafe to check out.
  4. just starting the Ford GT and just finished the Veneno...wonderful car. Check out the Bricksafe!
  5. [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    I want to build this MOC and would pay some good money for plans. I'm sure I have all the parts necessary to build this. I hope you plan to sell the building instructions in the near future. Let me know if you do!!
  6. awesome job Blakbird!! @Aleh just put those pictures up on Bricksafe. Now the big job of taking it apart. Thanks for the great plans and your wife for all those photos.
  7. there are no submodels on this beast. Just finished this week and it took forever to get this together. I'm going to take a few photo's this weekend and take it apart. I need those parts!! There are so many!!
  8. Really nice collection. Just finished the Veneno and what a nice car and well put together. The Ford GT is right around the corner....looking forward to building this !!
  9. wonderful truck and really like the module format.....just like Designer-Han!!
  10. Great build and fantastic photo's...always liked this truck!!
  11. [MOC] Tracked Dump Truck

    I like your MOC and that it is all technic...almost....well done!!
  12. I think @Blakbird has the biggest collection of Lego...sets and MOC's!! That's what I've heard!!
  13. Almost done and it is a big truck for sure!! I'll post some photo's on my bricksafe when done. A quick note...when the chassis was finished I tested all functions and they works perfectly but when the full truck was finished the weight prevented this monster from moving at all. Despite that it was a long but terrific build!!
  14. Did you ever consider making plans of some of your MOC's?
  15. really great looking truck!! The video will tell all!!