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  1. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] Compact Log Loader

    This is what I call a real compact moc!
  2. AFOLegofan66

    [MOC] 8x4 Dump Truck w/ instruction

    Nice compact truck...well done!!
  3. AFOLegofan66

    [WIP] Blade Runner Spinner

    Very nice details! Going to be a nice moc!
  4. Just bought a set for myself....really nice addition to this moc!,
  5. AFOLegofan66

    [TC15] Concept Aircraft

    Great small moc...fantastic!!
  6. Really well done JCB...fantastic functions!
  7. @LvdH I have quite a collection but when I need parts I have to decide which Moc to take apart!! My latest greyhound by @Didumos69 will be a permanent fixture for my collection and a few other favourites @designer-han and @Lox Lego.
  8. @brunojj1 just finished you fantastic MOC. Beautifully detailed and very functional...everything worked perfectly...thanks!1 Took a few follows.
  9. AFOLegofan66

    [WIP] RC Off-roader w/ Dual Diagonal Drive

    You have had tough problems like this before...only time and patience will do the job on this MOC!!
  10. AFOLegofan66

    Steph77's Moc corner

    Really nice to see all your moc’s over the years...awesome!!
  11. AFOLegofan66

    Millennium Falcon

    Terrific job on the fine MOC. Just the idea that it is technic is great for me. I have so many grey technic parts that are destined for the greater good!! It will definitely open the door for me!! Thanks