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  1. AFOLegofan66

    BMW M4 GT3

    Great job on this car. Building it now!!
  2. Finally finished this amazing moc in true LEGO and it’s one amazing car. Thanks everyone for all the tips in this forum. I’ll definitely post some photos when the shoot is done.
  3. I used the part 65578 also in clear and you don’t even notice because of placement!
  4. I’m just getting started building this set but then I heard about the fixes that were available in the two instruction manuals. Is there any pdfs out there with these fixes before I start? It’s too bad that CADA does not send each person who buys this set or any set a pdf of the fixes needed to complete one of these models. Thanks
  5. What a fantastic car! Love the lines you have created especially with the color you chose!
  6. Beautiful work on this looks fantastic!
  7. Building LEGO all started for me in 2005 when I retired and was shopping one day and came across some LEGO kits and the 8455 caught my attention! To this day it has been a continuous ride of building LEGO and of course buying parts! The most interesting part about it the ability to make almost anything motorized or not. It’s not over yet but one day I might have to scale it down!
  8. Had the same issue and replaced with real LEGO pieces. I rebuilt the model with a lot of LEGO pieces and it works much better. But still a lot of backlash of gears because there are so many. Luckily I read through this link and read about the errors and had a chance to fix them.
  9. I am rebuilding this car again and as I’m buildiing this car has some amazing building techniques. I’ve built over a hundred cars in all scales and this one is my favourite. Thanks Doug and Thorsten again for your awesome design and instructions!
  10. @jb70 thanks for sharing this file! What a help this will be for me!
  11. Fantastic alternate design well done!
  12. This is an awesome car! What a great job you did on this!!
  13. This is an amazing build well worth the wait…thanks for the hard work at putting this together!
  14. I built this years ago and still have it displayed…iconic!!