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  1. This is something i was already eager to try before this competition, but never actually ordered the sails.. but tonight a bricklink package arrived with the 42074 race yacht sails. Here is the idea: make a functioning glider looking somewhat like a paper plane. This is what i did for now: Model A: Model B: Both models can actually glide (short indoor couch tests..) when you throw them with a little bit of force, I tend to expand the A model since it has a the bigger wings compared to the weight of the subframe, but i do like the simplicity of the single wing plane. The long axles with the connectors allow to slide the center of gravity back and forth, something i will play with a bit later to balance them out for longer flights, the frame will most likely become fully black for least visibility. Please let me know what you think and what model you like best!
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone! I will continue with model A, it looks and performs better, so it is an easy pick in the end. Observant forum readers might have seen my request to use my DIY pneumatic container, which got denied, so i have been thinking about launching this.. but considering my DIY air container was a modded fire-extinguisher, it is probably a good thing it got denied, it would have blown this thing into pieces and destroy the sails. I also considered a winch system, a pulley system and a system using the thin tracks, but after throwing the plane i am getting doubts whether a launcher would be effective, you need quite a delicate throw to make it glide and at the moment the plane itself gets priority, the balance on the plane is a bit tricky, one big other issue is the fact the sails want to curl up a bit, giving a nice wing shape on one side, but the other side does not want to sit really well as it is arched opposing to how it wants to curl up. If anyone has some advice on how to curl these sails the other way, i would love to hear, i was considering rolling them up and leave them for a few days in that position, but i have no idea if it will do anything at all. I've made some small changes, the front 10L "bumper axles" are now separated so they allow the sails in between, before there was a little stress on the sails because they could not go in between: There is also a bit of additional weight in the front because the rear got a bit heavier, it was needed for balance, i will reduce the weight more, that will also require a re-balancing, so until the design is final i will not spend too much time on balancing. The rear now has a few connectors making it possible to make small adjustments to the wing's positions, before there was a unsupported bar holding the wings down. The old setup performed fine, but was no part of the frame and held together by the connection holed in the sails, something i do not really like, i do not want to tear them and impacting the ground after being thrown is always a risk on damage i think. If the added weight turn out to be a big issue i might still use the old system, but for now i like the way i can fine tune the wings positions. more later..
  3. Fun stuff!, i will try to enter, sadly i DNF last TC.. @Jim I might be pushing the boundaries here but: are DIY (non-lego) air tanks allowed?
  4. @Zerobricks i have opened it on my phone yes. Samsung s7.
  5. @Zerobricks I would be glad to provide feedback. But the link does not let me download it. It says i need an invitation or need to be logged in to the correct account.
  6. Hey everyone, This summer I've spent most of my spare time trying to break @kbalage his BuWizz speed record, i can say that it was a lot harder than i had expected even with the upgraded V2.0 The design took a few different forms, mostly because almost every run ended with a crash and thus a rebuild, replacing broken parts and making slight improvements, but those where all minor variations, the basic design stayed the same. I am not that happy with the fragile front-end and winter is coming, this means no more time to test further and the time has come to publish the results, next summer will bring a new design which will be more sturdy and more powerful, i hope..(surviving a 40km/h+ crash is not really achievable anyway..) I started out with the setup i have been using in my 100% Lego speed records, low to the ground, lightweight, 2,5:1 gear ratio and a minimal amount of "moving axle to pinhole" friction. This setup has never failed me and it hasn't in this project either. The biggest problem was losing the connection, this happened in 2 ways, on range,I cannot run that fast, cycling works but it is very dangerous to do while being overtaken by a speeding piece of Lego which you also have to steer. But most disconnections happened because of the current protection kicking in when i accelerated too fast, I really had to accelerate gradually starting in the fast mode, then throttle down, swap to ludicrous mode and accelerate gradually again, making steering adjustments in the meanwhile if needed, all while running or riding the bike, very, very hard to do. That is why i am sure this can go even faster, i just never managed to make it happen. It was the hardest speed record i have attempted yet, but it was great fun to do! I hope you like it, suggestions and tips for the next racer are always welcomed!
  7. Thanks! I will be looking forward to your new attempt to break the record!
  8. Hey @Hobbythom The micro-motor is pretty weak and slow, it might be able to hoist small loads when geared down, but it will be very slow, the motor shaft is just a stud, giving very little friction, the part that connects the shaft (stud) to an axle has a built in rubber, so it can slip in case of stalling (these motors burn up easily since they do not have any current protection and are easily overloaded) If it is usable depends on how small of a load you are planning. And Yes, that batterybox can power the 2838 motor.
  9. Thanks to everyone who voted and thanks to Zerobricks and the BuWizz team for creating this contest. I am amazed and very happy with the results!
  10. Marxpek

    BR51-761-5 (Octrainber 2018)

    I love this classic style, very well executed build, looks very clean and detailed!
  11. Marxpek

    SBrick General Discussion

    @Seasider i have both for some time now and here is my 2 cents: The app for the sbrick is way better and versatile, programmable sequence buttons, built in controller connectivity, stuff like that, the buwizz app only allows you to add, remove or move sliders and buttons. but the brickcontroller app imurvai created can help the buwizz slightly in this department. The 2nd big difference is the battery of course, if you want to build small and fast, the buwizz is the answer, with the s-brick you will use a extension wire and a battery box. Using the battery box has some pros and con's compared to the buwizz, most battery boxes are limited at around 800mah meaning the sbrick cannot exceed this limit (the sbrick can easily handle it but the battery box is the bottleneck here) so fully powering a buggy motor without the lower voltage Lego LiPo is out of the question for example. The buwizz has no such issue with the built in battery, but it does have an issue with the current limiter tripping to easily at standing starts with high loads. Also a concern of mine is: How long will the built in battery last, or at least remain usable, the sbrick has the advantage here. In the end i enjoy the buwizz the most, because is just that much more powerful than any battery box can provide, including the Lego LiPo because of the lower voltage. If you are looking for the best BT experience go sbrick, if you are looking for the best RC experience, go buwizz.
  12. @Touc4nx moving them should be done by holding and dragging, tapping it will ask if you want to delete it. I just tried it here (samsung s7) and it works fine here.
  13. Hi, this is my little entry for the buwizz small car competition, a dragster inspired turbo tractor. It has a functioning twin V8 engine which lights up when you drive it, i just had to add something functional/mechanical to the chassis, proper bracing of the gears was not easy with the limited space, but i managed to do it with some half beams. Despite the large wheels (with wheelspacers) and the drag of 16 moving pistons,chains and gears, i was pleasantly surprised by the power and speed of the M-motors and buwizz combination, something i never tried before oddly, the steering also works better then i had expected. Wire management was a big hassle with the gear-train in the center; the motor wires run underneath and the LED wires are held in place by the steering wheel (the gear-train is directly under it). The cabin has a seat for a minifig and some details like a fire extinguisher. I hope you like it!
  14. Thanks for these kind words! @Zerobricks do you happen to know if it is possible to see other entries at the moment?
  15. Hey all, This is a recreation/expansion of a ride i once went on in my youth, now i cannot find any videos or images online about this kind of attraction, maybe someone else can, but i can very well imagine these things are banned, it kind of lacks a fail safe on a power outage , my version would never pass any inspection i guess, if people would even dare to try... Here is the idea: a spinning drum that presses the people that ride it into the back wall by centrifugal force, there is nothing to hold you in place, except for a dimple in the back wall in the form of a person and a small chain in front of it (which really does nothing except closing your position). after reaching enough speed, the entire drum starts to tilt on a swing arm to vertical position, that is what the ride i went on in my youth did, i will expand on that and try to make the drum go into (near) inverted horizontal position by swing the arm further. For now i have only built a proof of concept, nothing pretty yet, but i had to know if it was doable before presenting anything, i think the test went ok considering the fact it is not 100% built balanced due to colors and minor build variations, as long as you do not move the swing-arm to violently (gyroscopic effect kicks in) the whole runs pretty stable and works well, even upside down keeping the figures in place by centrifugal force until you slow down the drum. (the last heroic figure hung by its feet..lucky bastard! can't have that! redesign needed!) I am convinced i can make the spinning drum work with at least 8, but i am hoping for 16 Technic figures, a total rebuild of the proof of concept will be done later, now i will be focusing on the last big mechanical issue, actually moving the swing-arm, this thing is pretty heavy, and with a spinning drum on it, forces are pretty big and it will have to move slow, so the gyroscopic effect does not destabilize it, very likely i will be using more of the big gear racks to make the arm move, but first i might try to do it directly from turntables mounted in the base of the arm. Let me know what you think! and if anyone knows a video about a similar type of ride i would love to get a link!
  16. seems i already was on the right track with my previous actuator: The offset ring was the key for strengthening the whole thing, it also helps with mounting it to the arm of the ride. in the picture we see a old version of my actuator that failed, in the current version the ring is closed and just 2 wide in stead of 3, but it still has the offset for strength. In the end the solution was pretty easy, while the forces are huge, it works, this thing is not really well braced or balanced yet, considering that i call this a success, as you can see/ hear i pushed the arm a bit too far on this test and as it wobbled a bit, one of the figs started to sag down and hit the table, causing more instability, but everything stayed in one piece and no figures where lost. Next step would be to redesign the drum and after that redesign the arm.
  17. Not with a technic built solution. But in the demonstration video i could clearly feel the gyroscopic effect: the spinning motion makes it want to stay in the same spot, so the lifting force needed is increased a lot. Lifting or pushing it to 90 or 180 degrees is doable with the curvilinear actuator i made. But getting it back from the inverted position is very hard to do without breaking Lego.. But since i got a lot of support and ideas from you all, i decided to stick to the drum build and not go for a new idea. My goal in the competitions is always to come up with something new or original so i do not just want to recreate the real ride. I want the drum to go inverted, that is what impressed my 5 y/o daughter and the sole reason i went for this prototype (out of 3). I will retry the lifting arm with some of your ideas and if that fails again, i will go for the 2 towers setup (this idea is starting to grow om me since it is a never seen before ride) Thanks for your input and keeping me motivated!
  18. I have considered and tested all these options except for the winch setup.
  19. @Erik Leppen the goal was to invert the drum. I considered winches but it would need one on either side and be perfectly scynchronized. But maybe i will play with the idea first before going in another direction. Thanks!
  20. After a week of trying several setups with huge and sturdy linear actuators ( i even made a curvilinear actuator..) i have to admit defeat considering the movement of the arm, there is just too much force without a counterweight, i could add a few battery packs maybe, but the hinge point would have to be raised a lot, making it very unstable and awkward looking. i could make the arm shorter but that would blow the entire thing out of proportion. At the moment i am looking at a lot of wasted time and considering the amount of spare time i have, For now i am considering 2 options, radically change the design to a ride never seen before, its will be the spinning drum on a horizontal beam that will climb 2 towers and when it reaches the top, the drum will spin around the axis of the beam, still inverting the drum. Or... abandon this one and make my new idea , which is smaller, less thrilling, but a very original build utilizing water... i haven't decided yet..
  21. Marxpek

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    Nice to see this being built! I also considered to make this one (and made a prototype). Your version looks way more complex tho, I do not see why yet, but i will follow this with interest to find out!
  22. well at the moment i am struggling to make the arm swing more then 90 degrees without a counterbalance, this means linear actuators are out of the question, the motion on them just is not enough. I thought about making a cycle or switching system to limit the movement, this is the easy part, the initial idea is to use 1 or 2 train regulators for power (and weight in the base) and have a electrical switch limit the motion and reversing it. If that fails i can always integrate an s-brick and just time the cycle with a programmed button, this will be by far the easiest way.. But i have to find a sturdy way to move the arm first, it just cannot be done with an axle, that will twist, now looking into a self made gear rack meshing directly with the turntables, that seems the most viable to me, also using the quarter gear rack does not really work, they are too weak especially the halfbeam cross axle part at the ends and that is where all forces will accumulate.. I hope to get a bit of build time in tonight..
  23. thanks @Bublehead and @mocbuild101 for looking into the real rides, the superstar ride is not what i had in mind, that still contains people with a brace, the round-up was exactly what i was looking for, and what i will build and expand on. Round-up. even the name is deadly (for the ones that do not know: round-up is the name of a very bad type of herbicide, killing any plant in the neighborhood) for now i will call this project "Round up and over" the version i went on did not do this, but i like the idea i might try to implement it! thanks for the input!
  24. Marxpek

    [TC14] Catapultanium

    I really love this concept, will you be hooking the pod and then tension the wires? or will you just make the wires move very fast with the arms?