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  1. @kbalage im glad you got it working again. The contact points just bend over time and use is my conclusion here. If you decide to ever try to open the computer side, could you take pictures please? I would be interested (to replace the wires). I will do the same when i get a malfuntion in one of them of course.
  2. @kbalage I have 3 of these, all show some decay on the wires, i do not think they where ever made with the better type of insulation, so i guess that is normal, mine aren't that bad, just some minor cracks, but handling them can make it worse fast. One of those started to show the same issue as yours and i had the same idea, fix the sensor and replace the wire, but i started with opening the sensor end, since that is the part i suspected to be faulty, inside that are very flimsy contact rods which are pushed together by a camshaft which i managed to line up correctly again (a contact had to be very slightly bent inwards). These thin contacts can also be pushed together by a shock or by vibrations, that is why it is so unreliable. But the very thin strips of metal had the wires directly soldered onto them and then wedged snugly in the plastic,that is not very easy to solder (i am a welder but i can solder.. but this small makes me reconsider) especially when i saw the computer end, which seemingly needs to be pried open indeed, my best guess is, 2 flat sharp objects inserted at the diagonal line where the grey meets the yellow, but since i got it working and was already hesitant to replace the wire, i never tried to open one.. maybe try to open the sensor,(push in 4 tabs, inside the studs on top, and on the bottom) take out the contacts, put shrink wrap for electrical wire over the entire length of the cable,it might help..
  3. After winning the buwizz competition, i wanted to give back to my voters, viewers and subs and since i cannot buy you all a beer or a cake, i figured: i will do what some people already asked for on my channel, make instructions for the Urban Buggy, so others can enjoy it as well! So here are the step by step video-instructions for it starting with a speed build. This my first attempt at instructions for something with more then 40 parts, so feedback is always welcomed, i have built it myself with these instructions (i have added more details afterwards) so it is tested and should work fine, if you have questions, of course feel free to ask. enjoy! p.s. as promised: once i get the bugatti i will mod it with a few motors and make it jump the same ramp, stay tuned!
  4. Today I present my Buwizz fast car competition entry, I will let the video do the talking:
  5. well.. if i am late for the next contest.. you know what happened..
  6. @Aventador2004 it's not that i hate vehicles, the opposite even, I also only build vehicles and never made a non vehicle MOC myself, they are just rare all over i think. And that is just that i would like to see from our talented builders around here: do something different from what they usually do, get out of the comfort zone and build something new. For me personally: i try to enter every competition, even if i do not like the subject (i was not really fond of the pullback contest) but i am happy with my own MOC's and had a lot fun with any competition i entered! No matter the subject, i will have fun building something i would else never have thought about but now have, because of the contest, pure inspiration for me. (i also work well under a deadline, that way i can tell my wife "honey, can you do the kids tonight, i really have to finish this )
  7. Please.. no vehicles this time! I will join anyway but id like to see something else for once!
  8. @Milan that thing is out of my comfort zone for sure!
  9. I have a contest theme suggestion: animals! I guess that would be outside of most of the builders their comfort zone. And we get to see something else for once! (no vehicles at least) Another idea i had was a kinetic art contest. I would love to see a contest that steers away from any kind of vehicle, because 95% of all MOCs are vehicles already.
  10. Or in other words: the extention wire is all you need. It has a 9v connector on the underside of the light grey connector.
  11. How about reversing the spoiler's function? push on it to make something interact with the disk brakes, seems doable.
  12. Marxpek

    Lego 5292 motor for lend?

    I am ok with that, send me a PM. just wondering if it is worth the shipping.. (holland is pretty expensive with shipping..)
  13. Marxpek

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    Fantastic! Bwe gear section wheels on it?
  14. just close it.. people do not read...
  15. @Didumos69 i have always been wondering, does this beast even need 2 buwizz? I think it should be possible to power 4 L-motors and a servo from 1; (from philo's page) at 12v the L-motor draws 6 watt (=500ma, sounds reasonable), makes 24 watt plus the servo, 1 buwizz should be able to deliver 45w, even powering all 4 from the same port should be no issue, according to the tech specs.. So i would say 1 is enough? did you try? it might fix all control issues, and even more weight reduction (or keep the 2nd in for when the first runs dry, that will drain faster of course..)
  16. My biggest concern is that the AAA battery box might not be able to fully power 2x L and 1 servo, when the L-motors are loaded heavily (which they are here i think) they draw a lot of current, i think 2 l motors and a servo exceed 800ma in this situation, i am not sure whether it can deliver enough amps, but maybe test this before fully switching over. the Lego Lipo would solve it but only gives 7.2v..
  17. I must admit it is very amusing to see all speculations and hype for this car. In my luxury position regarding whether to buy it or not, i just sit back and enjoy the show, I am not buying this. (funny because it's true, thanks again buwizz!) I love what we have seen by now but i am sure we will still be surprised by it on the 1st of june, it is a supercar after all! I am a bit sad that the images got leaked but they did a amazing job keeping it secret so long and i think they live up to the hype for now, i cannot wait to build and mod this one!
  18. @Didumos69 Lol that is a fun one! But i doubt external frames will hold in the system bricks . I am better off bringing a broom i suppose..
  19. Thanks for the kind words all! well.. i did say in one of my buwizz moc threads that if i would win the contest, i would mod the chiron with a few buggy motors and send it over the same ramp, so i guess we will find out. (praying for a minimal amount of system bricks now) Again thanks to all, still speechless
  20. WOOOW! i am over the moon with this! i cannot find the right words right now! I never thought i could win! Big thanks to everyone that voted for me and to the BuWizz team for creating this awesome product and contest!
  21. i bet you can make it, that board seems awfully slick, traction seems the issue to me. cover it with carpet?
  22. Marxpek

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    i saw that one coming , but i would love you to change it, please do not disqualify yourself, your build deserves more! i also do not own a camera but, a high end smartphone can do fine.. for now i will just dump the video here, maybe when i have more time (and good pictures) i will make its own topic for it (if that is worth it..) I will send you the PM once i have everything complete, for now i just like to show the video, it is not your average Lego presentation, more like a short biology documentary or something. so here is my video: Let me know what you think!
  23. Marxpek

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    @Permo looking good! but maybe lower those pneumatics down fast before letsbuild sees i barely recognized the crawler without the stickers (i have it on a shelf here) can't wait to see it's performance! how is the ir reception with the receiver upside down? will you tell us how many and wich motors are in it?
  24. Marxpek

    [AMS-2] Dragify Your Set

    @Permo looking good! nice little ornament on the back as well :) fun stuff! keep it up! Ohw and i am done with my video, @letsbuild can i post it here?
  25. Marxpek

    Where to get RC parts?

    Maybe consider the 42030. It is a bit pricey maybe but It contains all 4 motors and 2 ir receivers.