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  1. Hey all, This is a recreation/expansion of a ride i once went on in my youth, now i cannot find any videos or images online about this kind of attraction, maybe someone else can, but i can very well imagine these things are banned, it kind of lacks a fail safe on a power outage , my version would never pass any inspection i guess, if people would even dare to try... Here is the idea: a spinning drum that presses the people that ride it into the back wall by centrifugal force, there is nothing to hold you in place, except for a dimple in the back wall in the form of a person and a small chain in front of it (which really does nothing except closing your position). after reaching enough speed, the entire drum starts to tilt on a swing arm to vertical position, that is what the ride i went on in my youth did, i will expand on that and try to make the drum go into (near) inverted horizontal position by swing the arm further. For now i have only built a proof of concept, nothing pretty yet, but i had to know if it was doable before presenting anything, i think the test went ok considering the fact it is not 100% built balanced due to colors and minor build variations, as long as you do not move the swing-arm to violently (gyroscopic effect kicks in) the whole runs pretty stable and works well, even upside down keeping the figures in place by centrifugal force until you slow down the drum. (the last heroic figure hung by its feet..lucky bastard! can't have that! redesign needed!) I am convinced i can make the spinning drum work with at least 8, but i am hoping for 16 Technic figures, a total rebuild of the proof of concept will be done later, now i will be focusing on the last big mechanical issue, actually moving the swing-arm, this thing is pretty heavy, and with a spinning drum on it, forces are pretty big and it will have to move slow, so the gyroscopic effect does not destabilize it, very likely i will be using more of the big gear racks to make the arm move, but first i might try to do it directly from turntables mounted in the base of the arm. Let me know what you think! and if anyone knows a video about a similar type of ride i would love to get a link!
  2. seems i already was on the right track with my previous actuator: The offset ring was the key for strengthening the whole thing, it also helps with mounting it to the arm of the ride. in the picture we see a old version of my actuator that failed, in the current version the ring is closed and just 2 wide in stead of 3, but it still has the offset for strength. In the end the solution was pretty easy, while the forces are huge, it works, this thing is not really well braced or balanced yet, considering that i call this a success, as you can see/ hear i pushed the arm a bit too far on this test and as it wobbled a bit, one of the figs started to sag down and hit the table, causing more instability, but everything stayed in one piece and no figures where lost. Next step would be to redesign the drum and after that redesign the arm.
  3. Not with a technic built solution. But in the demonstration video i could clearly feel the gyroscopic effect: the spinning motion makes it want to stay in the same spot, so the lifting force needed is increased a lot. Lifting or pushing it to 90 or 180 degrees is doable with the curvilinear actuator i made. But getting it back from the inverted position is very hard to do without breaking Lego.. But since i got a lot of support and ideas from you all, i decided to stick to the drum build and not go for a new idea. My goal in the competitions is always to come up with something new or original so i do not just want to recreate the real ride. I want the drum to go inverted, that is what impressed my 5 y/o daughter and the sole reason i went for this prototype (out of 3). I will retry the lifting arm with some of your ideas and if that fails again, i will go for the 2 towers setup (this idea is starting to grow om me since it is a never seen before ride) Thanks for your input and keeping me motivated!
  4. I have considered and tested all these options except for the winch setup.
  5. @Erik Leppen the goal was to invert the drum. I considered winches but it would need one on either side and be perfectly scynchronized. But maybe i will play with the idea first before going in another direction. Thanks!
  6. After a week of trying several setups with huge and sturdy linear actuators ( i even made a curvilinear actuator..) i have to admit defeat considering the movement of the arm, there is just too much force without a counterweight, i could add a few battery packs maybe, but the hinge point would have to be raised a lot, making it very unstable and awkward looking. i could make the arm shorter but that would blow the entire thing out of proportion. At the moment i am looking at a lot of wasted time and considering the amount of spare time i have, For now i am considering 2 options, radically change the design to a ride never seen before, its will be the spinning drum on a horizontal beam that will climb 2 towers and when it reaches the top, the drum will spin around the axis of the beam, still inverting the drum. Or... abandon this one and make my new idea , which is smaller, less thrilling, but a very original build utilizing water... i haven't decided yet..
  7. Marxpek

    [TC14] Excalibur (Top Spin)

    Nice to see this being built! I also considered to make this one (and made a prototype). Your version looks way more complex tho, I do not see why yet, but i will follow this with interest to find out!
  8. well at the moment i am struggling to make the arm swing more then 90 degrees without a counterbalance, this means linear actuators are out of the question, the motion on them just is not enough. I thought about making a cycle or switching system to limit the movement, this is the easy part, the initial idea is to use 1 or 2 train regulators for power (and weight in the base) and have a electrical switch limit the motion and reversing it. If that fails i can always integrate an s-brick and just time the cycle with a programmed button, this will be by far the easiest way.. But i have to find a sturdy way to move the arm first, it just cannot be done with an axle, that will twist, now looking into a self made gear rack meshing directly with the turntables, that seems the most viable to me, also using the quarter gear rack does not really work, they are too weak especially the halfbeam cross axle part at the ends and that is where all forces will accumulate.. I hope to get a bit of build time in tonight..
  9. thanks @Bublehead and @mocbuild101 for looking into the real rides, the superstar ride is not what i had in mind, that still contains people with a brace, the round-up was exactly what i was looking for, and what i will build and expand on. Round-up. even the name is deadly (for the ones that do not know: round-up is the name of a very bad type of herbicide, killing any plant in the neighborhood) for now i will call this project "Round up and over" the version i went on did not do this, but i like the idea i might try to implement it! thanks for the input!
  10. Marxpek

    [TC14] Catapultanium

    I really love this concept, will you be hooking the pod and then tension the wires? or will you just make the wires move very fast with the arms?
  11. Marxpek

    [TC14] Gyroscope

    I can't wait to see this thing launch figures all over the place, great (and fast) progress!
  12. Marxpek

    [TC14] The Whip

    Good to see a video on the real ride, i had a hard time imagining it, I am looking forward to see this come alive, but i must admit; i do hope you will push up the speed compared to the real thing, it seems really slow, except for the whipping motion of course, anyway, nice choice of attraction, i never saw or rode one.
  13. @oracid just download the file with your phone. Then locate it and open it to install it. The shortcut will be made automatically. The app should be listed with all other apps after installation.
  14. @oracid i have a s7 but try this: settings- screen locking and security- check ^unknown sources^ I hope the translation and OS are similar i have my phone settings in dutch..
  15. @kbalage lovely job! can't wait to receive mine and stuff it with buggy motors to make it fly!
  16. well i spotted just 1, It seems to be the remains of a 8421 set which has 1, but yes indeed a buggy motor!
  17. 13 pounds on ebay, totalling 30 euro including shipping, wham-bam, thank you ma'am! (can you spot why I was willing to pay a lot more for these bags?, no it is not the knex...)
  18. 1: Mocbuild101 2: romashkaman 3: Manganoid 4: offroadcreat1ons 5: sirslayer @mocbuild101 very sleek integration of the modifications and you can't go wrong with buggy motors! @romashkaman fantastic little mod, looks very playable, job well done! @MangaNOID you amazed me again with your entry! i love the mechanical approach! it looks terrible but you had a backlog of points from last year @Offroadcreat1ons a powerhouse! but maybe next year mod it with an umbrella @sirslayer The heavyweight under the dragsters! It seems to respond faster then a (your?) cat! bit sad it was not fully finished in the video, but fun nevertheless, so keep it up! @Marxpek dude, what where you thinking? no points for you... some very unexpected results! Lovely job all, looking forward to the next!
  19. @kbalage im glad you got it working again. The contact points just bend over time and use is my conclusion here. If you decide to ever try to open the computer side, could you take pictures please? I would be interested (to replace the wires). I will do the same when i get a malfuntion in one of them of course.
  20. @kbalage I have 3 of these, all show some decay on the wires, i do not think they where ever made with the better type of insulation, so i guess that is normal, mine aren't that bad, just some minor cracks, but handling them can make it worse fast. One of those started to show the same issue as yours and i had the same idea, fix the sensor and replace the wire, but i started with opening the sensor end, since that is the part i suspected to be faulty, inside that are very flimsy contact rods which are pushed together by a camshaft which i managed to line up correctly again (a contact had to be very slightly bent inwards). These thin contacts can also be pushed together by a shock or by vibrations, that is why it is so unreliable. But the very thin strips of metal had the wires directly soldered onto them and then wedged snugly in the plastic,that is not very easy to solder (i am a welder but i can solder.. but this small makes me reconsider) especially when i saw the computer end, which seemingly needs to be pried open indeed, my best guess is, 2 flat sharp objects inserted at the diagonal line where the grey meets the yellow, but since i got it working and was already hesitant to replace the wire, i never tried to open one.. maybe try to open the sensor,(push in 4 tabs, inside the studs on top, and on the bottom) take out the contacts, put shrink wrap for electrical wire over the entire length of the cable,it might help..
  21. After winning the buwizz competition, i wanted to give back to my voters, viewers and subs and since i cannot buy you all a beer or a cake, i figured: i will do what some people already asked for on my channel, make instructions for the Urban Buggy, so others can enjoy it as well! So here are the step by step video-instructions for it starting with a speed build. This my first attempt at instructions for something with more then 40 parts, so feedback is always welcomed, i have built it myself with these instructions (i have added more details afterwards) so it is tested and should work fine, if you have questions, of course feel free to ask. enjoy! p.s. as promised: once i get the bugatti i will mod it with a few motors and make it jump the same ramp, stay tuned!
  22. Today I present my Buwizz fast car competition entry, I will let the video do the talking:
  23. well.. if i am late for the next contest.. you know what happened..
  24. @Aventador2004 it's not that i hate vehicles, the opposite even, I also only build vehicles and never made a non vehicle MOC myself, they are just rare all over i think. And that is just that i would like to see from our talented builders around here: do something different from what they usually do, get out of the comfort zone and build something new. For me personally: i try to enter every competition, even if i do not like the subject (i was not really fond of the pullback contest) but i am happy with my own MOC's and had a lot fun with any competition i entered! No matter the subject, i will have fun building something i would else never have thought about but now have, because of the contest, pure inspiration for me. (i also work well under a deadline, that way i can tell my wife "honey, can you do the kids tonight, i really have to finish this )