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  1. barberminged

    General Part Discussion

    I agree, i wrote to them on October 7th because of this, and received the replacements yesterday, 4 yellow and 2 black. One of the black ones is slightly misaligned, and 2 of the yellow are misaligned (one badly so). So sadly, it does indeed appear as the misaligned ones are still in stock, at least in my part of the world (I live in Denmark, but the replacements came from Germany) Looking at my collection of this part (only 6 black, 12 yellow), it seems that it affects the yellow more often than the black, of course this is a small sample, so maybe just coincidence.
  2. Theres Also datasheets on the various parts now, for anyone interested:
  3. Pic of motors, light matrix, color sensor and and small hub:
  4. First glimse of the new LEGO® Technic™ 3x3 Color Light Matrix Doesnt seem to be pictures of the other new parts yet.. 45608
  5. Looks like a new hub, with rechargeable battery :) 45609 - Technic Small Hub 45345 - LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential Set 45612 - Technic Small Hub Battery Source: