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    Being in my shed building with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren. Life gets NO better.

    The challenge of building a decent MOC of my own.

    Should you be having trouble sleeping you'll find reading about my journey into LEGO will almost certainly help. You'll find it in About Me or if viewing on a mobile Activity - About Me.

    Sweet Dreams.


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  1. My flabber is well and truly gasted!!!
  2. I think this a great Ideas entry so gets my support. I’ve shown it to Jake & George and it gets theirs too. 3 votes to help it on it’s way.
  3. grum64

    LEGO Technic Rainbowgatti

    Fantastic! It'd be great to see LEGO build a life sized version of this Chiron
  4. 5 : 10 8 : 6 17 : 4 14 : 3 15 : 2 2 : 1 Good luck to all.
  5. grum64

    Pin Sorting Machine

    I could have done with something like this as I’ve spent over 5hrs a day for the last 3 days sorting out two 2 litre plastic tubs each almost full to the brim of mixed pins. Moving them one pin at a time from one tub to another. You’ll understand then my having a tear in my eye at 4:15pm today when the last pin, a lowly black 2L, landed in it’s designated tub. I’m sure I’ve never been so glad to finish something in all my life!!!
  6. Very well executed MOC that does everything it should, you even managed to squeeze in the obligatory scissor lift wobble. It’s really good to have something a little out of the ordinary gracing these pages.
  7. Sound like it’s good stuff. I’m now off to Amazon to take a look. Thank you. Update: Just ordered a couple of pens. Thanks again for the info.
  8. grum64

    Technic Model Comparison

    I didn’t realise the Zux was as big as it is. Thank you for doing these model comparisons, it’s a great way to show how models relate to eachother.
  9. What? What? What? Liquid Chrome Pen? Please, tell me more.
  10. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Thanks Andy. I’m really pleased with it. Being one of my favourites it’s good to have it built and on the shelf.
  11. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Thank you my Friend.
  12. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    That’s very kind, thank you Bart. It’s encouragement like yours that keeps me revisiting sets from years gone by. Those older sets I have were all bought when used LEGO sets were being sold very cheap. I was lucky to find many sets at bargain basement prices increasing my collection rapidly within just a few years. I don’t spend the hours scouring the ‘net like I used to but on the odd occasion I have had a look bargains appear to be very few and far between.
  13. grum64

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Laurel & Hardy's The Music Box. It's an oldie but a goody. Watched it with my 3 Grandchildren 11, 7, and 5 & they loved it.
  14. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Build Day 9 - Building time 1hrs 50mins - Total build time 27hrs 40mins It’s that time again when I have to say goodbye to another build. It’s been a really enjoyable building experience helped by it being one of my top 5 sets. As BusterHaus pointed out a few posts back, the artwork on the box gives little idea of the finished models size. It’s much bigger than you expect it to be, it has real presence and an air of solidity about it. It looks quite imposing sitting on the table. As for the functions, the blade and ripper work well as does the drive but because the XL motors are connected straight to the drive spocket it has a turn of speed that comes as a surprise. Having built this before you’d have thought I’d have remembered this and to be fair I did, just as it sped towards the edge of the table! I managed to stop & catch it in time but not before all but the ripper was in mid air. I only just caught & held on to it in my less than vice like grip (there's a reason my Daughter in Law calls me noodle arms). The ripper catching on the edge of the table was the only thing that stopped it heading for the floor. I was so relieved, I didn't want a repeat of the BWE digging arm incident. On the subject of functions. I've added a second controller so diffferent functions can be operated together. It makes Bully so much simpler to control. With just one it's drive, stop, switch channel, blade down, stop, switch channel, drive, stop, switch channel, blade up etc etc etc. For the life of me I don't understand why LEGO didn't include an extra controller. It wouldn't have added much to the overall price. Speed aside, the 8275 has got a bit of grunt. On the carpet in my shed it pushed a plastic box across the floor with two 500ml water bottles in it. Pushing the same on the wooden floors in our house it just resulted in the tracks spinning. I have load of 24375 rubber studs that I meant to fit on the tracks before fitting them but I clean forgot. The set's far more playable with them on as they really improve its grip. I'll fit them soon. Not sure what my next build will be yet. We're spending the next week or so rearranging my shed so I'll have plenty of time to decide. As always, a big thank you for you kind comments and support.
  15. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    As my 'chair's propelled by wheels I don't have much call for the changing of tracks etc. There are a few 'chairs with tracks. (Google Tankchair) Good for the wide open spaces of the US or suchlike but not really suited to the streets of Cambridge. My Dad worked in a lime quarry for several years driving a D8 loading his truck and then taking the load to a cement works a few miles away. He never spoke well of the track changing process. Thanks for the picture.