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    Being in my shed building with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren. Life gets NO better.

    The challenge of building a decent MOC of my own.

    Should you be having trouble sleeping you'll find reading about my journey into LEGO will almost certainly help. You'll find it in About Me or if viewing on a mobile Activity - About Me.

    Sweet Dreams.


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  1. grum64

    [MOC] Baroque Cathedral

  2. Good Grief! What an amazing build. I'm familiar with the real thing but never did I think I'd see it recreated in LEGO and so brilliantly.
  3. Nice one Edwin. A very interesting read.
  4. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    In my case it was more steak & sparkling water (I don't drink) but no matter, it was a great evening.
  5. Madoca’s Jeep has always been on my favourites list and I can now add yours to that list. It’s terrific!
  6. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Hadn't realised that. Thank you Andy. As for my ramblings. I'd just started writing when a group of mates turned up bearing steaks, fish, beer & charcoal. What was I to do? Eurobricks or BBQ? I'll just say the t-bones and fresh mackrel were exceptionally good Normal service will be resumed soon. You have been warned!
  7. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Build Day 4 - Days build time 5hrs 15mins / Total build time 16hrs 55 mins Due to time constraints this evening you'll no doubt be pleased to hear I'll not be boring you with another installment of ramblings. You lucky people . Being pushed for time I'll just say I had a longer session building today so have made pretty good progress with no problems.
  8. grum64

    [MOC] Disneyland Paris Sleeping Beauty Mini Caste

    Beautiful build. My 5yr old Grandaughter loves it. Very happy to support it
  9. grum64


    Welcome to Eurobricks
  10. grum64

    Black Pick Up

    Excellent build. Wonderfully detailed, inside and out. Great work.
  11. grum64

    [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    OMG! I know I said spend time well before your holiday but I never imagined you’d be able to spend it this well. The stats alone are amazing. Oh how I dream of being this talented.
  12. grum64

    [MOC] Pneumatic Side Loading Forklift

    Very nice model with great functions
  13. grum64

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Very impressive indeed
  14. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Having had a look at the instructions & build and it appears the 16T is indeed held by a 3789 axle pin without friction Ridges. This is of course assuming that I'm looking at the same 16T as yourself