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    Being in my shed building with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren. Life gets NO better.

    The challenge of building a decent MOC of my own.

    Should you be having trouble sleeping you'll find reading about my journey into LEGO will almost certainly help. You'll find it in About Me or if viewing on a mobile Activity - About Me.

    Sweet Dreams.


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  1. grum64

    Help Needed Please

    Thank you all for taking the time to reply. I know of whom you speak Just wait until they team up
  2. Good Evening Does anyone know what the circuled part is? I’d appreciate any help. Thank you.
  3. And very difficult to assemble
  4. grum64

    Technic Pub

    To be completely honest I have absolutely no idea. All I know for sure is my life would be nothing were it not filled with the love of the extraordinary and, in some (most) cases, totally bonkers people I call Family.
  5. grum64

    Technic Pub

    Is there such a thing as a normal Family? Most of mine’s squirrel fodder to say the very least
  6. Just seen this thing on DriveTribe. It’s just been sold for $17000000! I can’t help wondering if anyone’s going to build it.
  7. It is good too be back!  I have been very sick, but now I am on the mend (I hope). I was in bed for a time and my muscles forgot how to walk, so now I am in Physical Therapy to gain some muscle strength and balance and mobility back. My appetite has improved (I found out food is very necessary for recovery). I don't know if I told you, but last fall (2018) I went though 7.5 weeks of radiation therapy and in January my cancer went into remission... That was short lived. It came back in May and spread to my lungs (Just a couple of small nodules) Now I am back in treatment, this time immunotherapy.  Last Thursday I go some good news from my Oncologist... She told me the the markers for cancer in my blood have been decreasing and that she is "cautiously optimistic" of some sort of recovery.


    Good to hear from you, I hope all is well with you,


  8. grum64

    TLG acquires Bricklink

    I can’t help but wonder where this leaves those selling custom printed, chrome etc. elements. Unless TLG...
  9. grum64

    [MOC] 1:16 Volvo FMX with Palfinger PK78002 SH

    Awesome build. That's 4 years very, very well spent.
  10. Take a look at the new Maybach GLS 600. A contender for monstrosity if ever I saw one.
  11. Saw a sticker on the back of one of these that said - If you think this end’s ugly you should see the front! 😂
  12. Just been going through this post and I have to say it’s looking really good so far. I’ve always been a fan of the Datsun Z cars so it breaks the heart to see this sitting forlornly on my friends farm.
  13. Another great review Jim. Thank you. With TLG deeming words as less important than the moving image I understand your considering a change to your usual excellent review format. No matter what you decide, the saving grace will always be your usual high quality pictures which show plenty of detail and so we can clearly see what’s what. You don’t get that with a 32x speed build. TLG. Take note. I thought that was my job
  14. grum64

    Darth Vader's SelfDriving WheelChair

    Love it! Love it! Love it! It's such a fun build and for the first time, something I actually feel 'qualified' to comment on The pushing movement of the arms genius and something I've not seen before on the few Technic 'chairs I've seen and the hands placed at the hand rims is a very nice touch. I like the addition of the 'wheelie bar' but with His Darkness wearing a helmet all the time I don't think he'll fully appreciate your attention to detail . If I have one very tiny, itsy bitsy little criticism it would be the push handles could do with being a couple of studs shorter. Trust me, I know about these things .