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    Being in my shed building with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren. Life gets NO better.

    The challenge of building a decent MOC of my own.

    Should you be having trouble sleeping you'll find reading about my journey into LEGO will almost certainly help. You'll find it in About Me or if viewing on a mobile Activity - About Me.

    Sweet Dreams.


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  1. grum64

    Technic Silliest Builds?

    Surely my first attempt at a MOC, my MK1 Meyra Optimus 2, is a contender... Too wide, tyres are completely wrong, total absence of curved surfaces... The list goes on
  2. grum64

    [MOC] Skoda 120/Estelle

    These days Skoda’s are good cars, especially the diesels so I’m not at all surprised you’re happy with it. Everyone I know who has one is. Bearing in mind they were once the butt of all automotive jokes the company, with help from VAG, has certainly had the last laugh.
  3. grum64

    [MOC] Skoda 120/Estelle

    I’d say you’ve got it spot on. Nicely done. Someone has to
  4. grum64

    A hello from Serbia

    Welcome Srdjan. Nice to have you join our motley crew
  5. Welcome to Eurobricks. I can't help you with your question, most of the time I barely know what day it is, but you've certainly come to the right place.
  6. grum64

    Hello from California

    Good to have you with us. I just know you're going to really enjoy your time here.
  7. grum64

    Hello, I am Jo!

    Welcome to Eurobricks Jo. Good to have you with us.
  8. Excellent. Makes me want to buy another Chiron
  9. I'm sure you wept as you typed . Here, have tissue...
  10. She is our Little Princess but above all she’s a beautiful, very well behaved and mannered 6yr old little girl .
  11. Hmmmm... Your sincerity isn't entirely convincing But it's pink! Penny has her own building table in my shed so her pink bricks don't contaminate the rest
  12. Good grief Jim, don’t encourage this sort of behaviour. I have a 6yr old Grandaughter who now wants my entire Technic collection rebuilt in pink. Yes, PINK!!! I need to go lay down and start the day again
  13. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Thank you Andy. It's a build I'm enjoying very much. With it being the Pimped version the body can be removed in one piece so the good stuff underneath can be seen.
  14. grum64

    Grum's Shed

    Thank you Igor. It’s coming along nicely. I do indeed. Sturdy framework. Very sturdy framework