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    Being in my shed building with my 3 beautiful Grandchildren. Life gets NO better.

    The challenge of building a decent MOC of my own.

    Should you be having trouble sleeping you'll find reading about my journey into LEGO will almost certainly help. You'll find it in Activity - About Me.

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  1. Grum's Shed

    Build Day 30 - Days build time 3hrs 50mins / Total build time 75hrs 55mins Today was a day that started really well... ... but ended otherwise. More of that later. With the gearbox/counterweight complete it was time to attach it to the digging arm. Due to the combined size of two assemblies there was no way they'd both fit on my laptray so it was time to try a different approach. I flipped the digging arm onto it's side and slid it so that the end to receive to gearbox was overhanging the edge of the table. With the gearbox on my laptray I manouvered my wheelchair so I was facing the table with edge of the tray almost against it. With the digging arm now overhanging my laptray it was time for what Jake, George & Penny say is my 'chairs party trick. With a press of a button and a pull back on the joystick the seat raised up until my laptray was at the same level as the table with the end of the digging arm resting upon it. All I had to do was lineup the axles with their respected orifices and press the two assemblies together until they were connected. It took a while but eventually it was done. All that remained was to fit the liftarms and panels that further tie and brace the joint. I'm not very good at written explanations so I hope the above makes sense. Now for the aforementioned 'otherwise'. With this part of the build done I wanted to take some photos so I slid the now complete digging arm into roughly the right place, lowered my 'chair and moved alongside the table to adjust the arm into a better position. As I was doing this the 'chair's controller brushed gently against the arm. Gently it may have been but it was enough to... Well, it's said that a picture's worth a thousand words so I'll let it tell the rest of the story. Gutted would be a big, a very big understatement but there was no point crying over spilt LEGO so after my Son picked it up for me it was time to set about repairing it. It's a testament to he strength of the build.that other than the digger ring coming apart the only other 'damage' was one half bush that came off and a few joints that needed tightening. Remarkable.
  2. I like this a lot. It's a great little build with plenty of functionality.
  3. Grum's Shed

    After fitting each gear I checked that it turned freely to minimise friction. Also, I ensured that the bucket wheel rotated freely and ran straight & true. All this should, I repeat, should ensure that there are no problems. It won't be long until I find out. Ah yes, mounting the arm. Unusually for me I've not put too much thought into fitting it as I don't thunk it would help very much. It's something I'll work out when I get to it .
  4. Really interesting MOC. I very much look forward to seeing the video.
  5. This is a good looking build with some nice features. Great work.
  6. Grum's Shed

    Build Days 27/28/29 - Total days build time 6hrs 50mins / Total build time 72hrs 5mins After a little bit of work on the digging arm I've now gotten to a stage of the build where, for a little while at least, I have some respite from the frustrations of fighting with it and move on to the gearbox/counter weight. Building the gearbox was progressing really well right up until the moment I noticed a bit of a problem. Stage 501 requires that a 4L with stop be used and stage 505 a 5L with stop but while building I'd used the 5L instead of the 4L and vice versa. I only realised when I was about to fit the second clutch onto the axle and found nothing for it to fit to . Thankfully it didn't take too much to put right but it took well over an hour. Lesson learnt.
  7. Nice build Bart. Is it just me that thinks it looks a little like an evil tortoise
  8. Excellent work. I think designing small models must sometimes be just as difficult as designing larger ones.
  9. Very nice build. It looks great (except for that missing light of course ) and functions well. Well done.
  10. Grum's Shed

    You and me both .
  11. Great review, thank you Milan. I was bought this set recently and although I will build the main model it'll be the B model, the buggy, that'll find its way onto a shelf. I think it looks better than the rally car & has real character.
  12. You've been rumbled Paul
  13. Brilliant little buggy. Good luck in the competition.
  14. This I like very much, it's such an amazing performer.