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  1. LEGO 60198 Cargo Train in LDD

    Hi Guys. After looking at pictures of the NEW 2018 LEGO 60198 Cargo Train, I was able to try to replicate it in LDD. Obviously, it isn't 100% correct, and I couldn't build the forklift, BUT, I think I did pretty well! I am thinking of tackling the new hospital that is coming out soon too!
  2. [MOC] Klee Corner

    I can't stop taking my eyes off that piano (as I am a self-taught pianist). WONDERFUL
  3. The Kinslaying At Aqualonde

    I a beyond shookith...
  4. Trash Container Detail

    Wow! Thanks so much for this!
  5. New LEGO 60198 Cargo Train Locomotive Speed Build

    Let me edit this post and give you credit! I am totally going to try and finish building it all!
  6. Hey guys, it's Jim! I decided to give a go and try to re-create the Locomotive from the new 60198 Cargo Train. This is a speed build! Thanks! Extra Credit to: ColletArrow
  7. LEGO 60198 Cargo Train

    After looking over it again and taking into consideration what you've said, I agree. These actually look amazing.
  8. 10 times better than the New one that is coming out soon! Great job!
  9. LEGO 60198 Cargo Train

    I don't like it. I don't feel like they ever put a good amount of material. They always do that "both sides identical" thing and it's repetitive.
  10. Where to get RC parts?

    I think it all depends on preference when it comes down to something like this!
  11. Filling out my collection & eBay

    Never had or heard of this problem before!
  12. [MOC] LEGO Railroad Crossing For LEGO Trains!

    I know that :) this was built 3 years ago when I was still learning, and just never really got around to fixing it! Thanks!
  13. Candy Shop MOC

    Interesting idea! Great job!
  14. Hello Friends! It's Jim! Today, I'll be showcasing something I built back in 2015. To-date, this creation has close to 2 million views on YouTube! The reason I want to start posting on Eurobricks is because I saw a topic posted by "LEGOModularFan" where he talked about keeping the Eurobricks forum alive. I have close to 13,000 subs on YouTube, and I think can help out a lot towards bringing in some new folks. Any who this LEGO Railroad Crossing is one of my greatest creations. So simple, yet so complex. I do offer Purchase-able Instructions & Parts Lists for those of you who want to tackle this in real bricks! You can email me for them: Jimbricked@gmail.com or any other business inquiries.