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  1. [MOC] A certain tank locomotive

    What a cool design!! You should build that for real. Would love to see it in the brick!
  2. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Yasss! See, if lego would just take the time and listen to our ideas instead of turning down products such as the BTTF train, they could make MILLIONS!! Also a J3A sounds fantastic, especially with your building skills! I love 999! I also saw a Japanese guy who made a fantastic model of "big one" from the anime galaxy railways.
  3. Train Projects on Lego Ideas

    Huh, thats a real fance' one! Looks pretty good too! It seems as if lego releases products from lego ideas pointed twords kids rather than adults. I love savatheaggies ten wheeler, but I don't think that lego is ever going to consider it for an actual product due to custom stickers, wheels, and SNOT etc.
  4. GWR 14XX moc

    Hello eurobricks train tech!! I bring you today my first lego train moc. I am new to eurobricks so please point out any mistakes I may have made. I was inspired by scotnick's 14xx and decided to have a go at it. The construction of the model went very smoothly and I had originally used the 2x4 turntable for the trailing wheel. When I tested it, it wouldn't function properly and I had to replace it. So for two hours, I experimented with many different designs until I came up with one utilizing the ring plate and that err...longish blueish pin thingy! But it fit the bill and I'm happy! It is powered by the lego train motor with lights for the Lantern and the receiver in the cab. I do plan to build a autocoach to go with it which will house the battery box. Another problem I encountered was I had none of the I think 4x4 round bricks with holes in dark green, and since I don't buy any parts, I just used the 4x6 long half circle brick (I'm not that great with piece names!) And used some double sided tape to stick on the domes and an ausini clone brand chain for the chain on the front (I'm unarmed don't shoot! ) So stay posted guys, and look out for more projects coming soon! Comments and tips are very much welcome.