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  1. The guy who posted the leak also posted some gift box but not sure if it’s real or how it’s obtainable
  2. I don’t think so. No new movie is coming out that would provide more merch for that event.
  3. Disappointed but I believe we were told it wasn’t going to be anything spectacular.
  4. I believe it’s meant as a Jawa shop.
  5. Looks much bigger in the video. It is disappointing that some minifigures did not have extra print details but I think considering it’s not a UCS it is ok.
  6. I don’t think so because there is no new movie this year.
  7. I want to say I’m disappointed by the interior but I don’t think I really expected anything different from the old cantina. I do like the bar though.
  8. I think someone on reddit enhanced the photo and the hologram piece kind of looks to be in the shape of r2.
  9. Looks really nice might actually get it
  10. ChiefPie

    Potential LEGO Scooby-Doo comeback in 2020?

    It seemed real because it was a semi-realistic wave. Good to know it’s most likely not
  11. I hope they plan on restocking since it was in the recent magazine.
  12. I will definitely be picking up the aat. Kind of annoyed with the head piece they gave to Ahsoka. The Printing that should be closer to her forehead but it is above it and is noticeable. The clone is cool but the design feels off. I like the surprise galaxies edge set but I would only want it for the minifigures. The nightbuzzard looks like it was really well done and I might pick it up. The Death Star duel set is very interesting as many pointed out it looks almost the same as the last.
  13. Anyone know if we are getting a polybag minifig for the May the 4th yet? I assume we will find out soon but I was just wondering. Especially since this is the 40th anniversary of TESB and they have given out the white Boba Fett for the 30th.
  14. Very nice set! I think I’m alright with the new print on the faces even though I would have preferred the more movie looking ones they have made. Otherwise it’s great we’re getting a jet pack trooper.
  15. The tie pilot is probably the best one. Originally I liked bobas but his visor does not look good