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  1. I really like it! Even if it is another snowspeeder.
  2. Luke looks good aside from the inaccuracies. Not liking that hair mold but I guess I need to see it in person.
  3. Very interesting ship!
  4. Love the look of that ship! Very interested in the story!
  5. [MOC] All Terrain Recon Transport

    Looks great!
  6. [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    Very cool. Also this ship is now canon again thanks to the adventures comics.
  7. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    No, it is not. They are actually Inferno Squad. But the ship is actually a Imperial raider class corvette.
  8. [MOC] A Bounty Hunters Hideout

    Quite a interesting bounty hunter hangout!
  9. Star Wars Rebels

    I really hope he does not die in Rebels. I honestly hope his fate is a mystery and later shows up for the creation of the First Order or even going back to the Chiss ascendancy.
  10. Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    The ISD is better for looks and good minifigures. The FISD has a decent exterior but has a much better interior for play purposes. It has average minifigures except snoke is the better one.
  11. Star Wars

    Cm4sci on twitter posted a TLJ poster of the First Order using a Imperial AT-AT alongside FO ones. Someone mentioned the FO possibly using old tech due to wasting funds on starkiller base. I think it's pretty cool to see old tech with new tech fighting.
  12. (MOC) Eclipse SSD

    Technically the only thing canon is the name and that it's a SSD. Not that it looks like this. But we may see it in TLJ or ep 9.