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  1. Wow those range troopers are better then what I was expecting!
  2. They were fighting the mimbanese. They attacked the empire because they had pretty much desolated their planet of resources.
  3. I bet those rangetrooper helmets will be the same as the shore troopers.
  4. It was never speculated. I’d say it’s safe to say the v-19 is coming sometime.
  5. I’m assuming the v-19 will still come out since sir von lego said it will be.
  6. Can anyone tell if that helmet on the snowman belongs to anyone?
  7. Wow, these are great! Senteniel Landing craft is a must!
  8. That mudtrooper Solo is really nice.
  9. X-wing looks great but those spring loaded missels will be removed.
  10. Enfy Nest isn’t bad but could use more printing. The other minifig is really cool.
  11. ChiefPie

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Has anyone tried putting the mimban stormtrooper hooded cape on the rotj Luke yet? Obviously Luke wore a brown hooded cape but the grey one could work.
  12. Sweet! I hope all the rumored minifigs are true as well.
  13. ChiefPie

    [MOC]: Grievous command post

    Very cool.
  14. ChiefPie

    Star Wars

    Jon Favreau is set to produce a live action series now.