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  1. Most likely we won’t receive one of those UCS sets from this vote till next year. There’s still plenty of time for lego to release a regular gunship. I’ll be voting the gunship since I like the design far more then the nebulon. However, I do see the desire for the nebulon as well.
  2. His shuttle was in the movie. It was just in the background of one shot.
  3. I think most likely next year in the winter wave.
  4. The battlepack looks good! Definitely picking it up. Love the minifigure designs
  5. The Mustafar duel set is alright. Was expecting a little more out of it but I will pick it up.
  6. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out! Just found a video of it and it’s crazy he actually unawarely announced it.
  7. Alright so I will be picking up the dropship because I’ve always liked that design. $20 is a bit high but what can you do.. I guess I’ll pick up the snowspeeder because I always seem to ignore them when one comes out. Slave 1 is a must because I only have the 2010 version. I was excited for the at-rt hoping it was like the original design but now I’m not sure I will pick it up. I don’t need the pod racer since I already have one.
  8. Zuckuss looks great! Him and blue jacket Han might be just enough to justify buying a newer slave 1.
  9. Wow that scout trooper helmet is a improvement! Hopefully we get him in more sets eventually.
  10. The clone walker and the drop ship is a must for me!
  11. Thank you for everything you did! Farewell!
  12. ChiefPie

    [MOC]: Second Battle of Geonosis

    Looks nice! As others said the AT-TE does look a bit big.