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  1. I will definitely be picking up the aat. Kind of annoyed with the head piece they gave to Ahsoka. The Printing that should be closer to her forehead but it is above it and is noticeable. The clone is cool but the design feels off. I like the surprise galaxies edge set but I would only want it for the minifigures. The nightbuzzard looks like it was really well done and I might pick it up. The Death Star duel set is very interesting as many pointed out it looks almost the same as the last.
  2. Anyone know if we are getting a polybag minifig for the May the 4th yet? I assume we will find out soon but I was just wondering. Especially since this is the 40th anniversary of TESB and they have given out the white Boba Fett for the 30th.
  3. Very nice set! I think I’m alright with the new print on the faces even though I would have preferred the more movie looking ones they have made. Otherwise it’s great we’re getting a jet pack trooper.
  4. The tie pilot is probably the best one. Originally I liked bobas but his visor does not look good
  5. Wow, that looks great. I’ve seen two prices, is it $100 or $130?
  6. Fortunately I have the last Anakin Interceptor and won’t need this new one. Considering I already have many BARC speeders I will most likely pick up the new one just for the figures.
  7. Considering the ship is pretty cool. I may consider picking it up.
  8. Most likely we won’t receive one of those UCS sets from this vote till next year. There’s still plenty of time for lego to release a regular gunship. I’ll be voting the gunship since I like the design far more then the nebulon. However, I do see the desire for the nebulon as well.
  9. His shuttle was in the movie. It was just in the background of one shot.
  10. I think most likely next year in the winter wave.
  11. The battlepack looks good! Definitely picking it up. Love the minifigure designs
  12. The Mustafar duel set is alright. Was expecting a little more out of it but I will pick it up.
  13. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out! Just found a video of it and it’s crazy he actually unawarely announced it.