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  1. Star Wars

    Jon Favreau is set to produce a live action series now.
  2. Star Wars Rebels

    Filoni confirmed Thrawn is still alive. Also since the fuel depot was destroyed, construction of the tie defender was halted and since the Imperials were gone from the planet, though I’m not sure what could stop them from coming back, the Emperor obviously went with the Death Star. You definitely bring up a good point in how that pig survived but not Gregor.
  3. Yes, there was. Unfortunately it was more of a cameo.
  4. $80 for a v-wing if it’s true.. doesn’t sound right for what’s included.
  5. I think your onto something. After I had another look at the figure it’s much better.
  6. Just Star Wars. Don’t get me wrong, I like capes. But when I see capes on people it should make us believe they are someone important and possibly dangerous. I’m assuming this trooper with the cape is important and not part of a squad that all wear capes. What I am trying to say is I hope this trooper wasn’t made design wise like Phasma only to be used as a somewhat throwaway character.
  7. Neat that their will be a pyke in the movie. The minifigs all look great except for chewie even though I see what they’re trying doing. The sets all look nice. They should honestly stop putting capes on troopers. Sometimes it works but it’ll ruin the appeal over time.
  8. Thanks! Interesting they did that but I guess not unexpected. I can’t tell which is better.
  9. Can someone send me the picture that was on Facebook of this new helmet
  10. Is that a Imperial officer in the battlepack? Sets do look neat. Probably going to pick the falcon up and the tie fighter.
  11. Ahh, I guess I read the comment wrong.
  12. Special forces tie pilot in the advent calendar sounds cool!
  13. Can’t wait to finally get a x-wing!
  14. Parts of this movie I liked and parts I didn’t. They definitely should have ended the movie with the falcon in hyperspace. Luke’s force projection and death wasn’t as bad as I read it to be. However I still prefer like to be alive in ep 9. Love how Luke winked at c3po. Have to see this again. Otherwise I will say it’s more enjoyable then AOTC.