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  1. Sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out! Just found a video of it and it’s crazy he actually unawarely announced it.
  2. Alright so I will be picking up the dropship because I’ve always liked that design. $20 is a bit high but what can you do.. I guess I’ll pick up the snowspeeder because I always seem to ignore them when one comes out. Slave 1 is a must because I only have the 2010 version. I was excited for the at-rt hoping it was like the original design but now I’m not sure I will pick it up. I don’t need the pod racer since I already have one.
  3. Zuckuss looks great! Him and blue jacket Han might be just enough to justify buying a newer slave 1.
  4. Wow that scout trooper helmet is a improvement! Hopefully we get him in more sets eventually.
  5. The clone walker and the drop ship is a must for me!
  6. Thank you for everything you did! Farewell!
  7. ChiefPie

    [MOC]: Second Battle of Geonosis

    Looks nice! As others said the AT-TE does look a bit big.
  8. That helmet honestly looks like it was made by a Chinese rip off..
  9. Can someone pm where to find this picture.
  10. ChiefPie

    [MOD] Imperial Landing Craft 75221

    Looks great
  11. ChiefPie

    [MOC] Sentinel loader shuttle variant

    Very cool!
  12. Another sith infiltrator.. I’m very interested in whether the v-19 rumor was fake or it’s still coming.