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  1. legofives

    Moc Jawa Trading Outpost.

    Love it!
  2. legofives

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    Picture 5 reminds me of a Steathipede.
  3. I am attempting to make the motorized portion of an AT AT walker. The resources I am limited to are those of the 2006 NXT kit for the motorized portion. (Do not own any power functions and am trying to make no additional purchases in this moc) I tried applying the EV3 instructions from the "elephant" model to the 2006 NXT thinking it would serve as a template for an AT AT build, but the EV3 contains several pieces that the NXT does not. Does anyone know of 2006 NXT build instructions that are similar to that of the EV3 elephant, or just an AT AT walker? (Pictured below is EV3 elephant, potentially modifiable to make an AT AT)
  4. legofives

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Yesterday the $50 purchase extra was a Scarif trooper polybag. Today it is a rehash of the Yularen figure. Does anyone know if the polybag changes on the third (and last) day of Force Friday II?
  5. legofives

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    FSD for refreshing minifigures ISD for (subjectively) nicer looking display piece They have more or less the same lackluster interior space.
  6. They did you wrong man!  See ya on here again someday hopefully.

  7. legofives

    Star Wars Episode VII-The Force Awakens- Traitor!

    This looks great. Normally when people make vignettes, they like to make a flat frame/border around the terrain, and it's boring. Your vignette looks like a scooped up chunk of burnt Takodana and that's why I like it.
  8. legofives

    UCS Probe Droid

    When I saw the title I thought this would be a lot bigger, but it looks so much better like this. This was a pleasant surprise.
  9. legofives

    The Best 2014 LEGO Star Wars Minifigure Round 1.7

    Imperial Crew
  10. legofives

    [MOC] Imperial Light Cruiser

    These mocs would make such good sets.