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  1. Thanks for the recap. I had really lost track of what was confirmed, what was rumour and what was just wish list. Imperial Hauler is not something I am familiar with though, it sounds interesting. I think we are 99% sure that the UCS is Cloud City as well aren't we?
  2. I completely agree with you. There has been a lot of hints and reliable sources which have said this is coming. Personally I'd be very VERY suprised if the next UCS set isn't Cloud City. Even Lego hinted it in an official set revail video didn't they?
  3. Do we have set names for each of these?
  4. Cheers guys! Well I know it's not concrete information regarding Cloud City but I believe we have had it confirmed from a reliable source have we not?
  5. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    That'd be ideal as I did like the old jumpers best with the House logos on. I am aware that they weren't move accurate but I still though they were an awsome design.
  6. What does CCBS stand for? I do hope it's not Cloud City that has been canceled?!
  7. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Do we have any more info on the D2C Hogwarts?
  8. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    That is a neat place to keep the spare house flags. I don't know if it's been noted but under the teachers table you can see what appears to be the flags of two houses.
  9. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Okay, thanks!
  10. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Where did you see this?
  11. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I don't know if this has been asked or answered but how come on FBTB's website Dumbledore is in a different outfit? The one from the later movies I believe. Also it shows McGonagall with a skirt piece on his site as well.
  12. Jurassic World 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    I really love the mansion set, I think they've done a fantastic job of it. I think this year Lego are concentrating a bit more on location based sets aross all major themes.
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Part of me is kinda glad the D2C Marvel set is boring because there is too many other sets from this theme and others I want to get. At least with this I can categorically say no.
  14. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    We may get one in the D2C set as we are expecting that to be based off of all 7/8 movies. Besides we do have the flags in the Great Hall for all four houses, including four tables, it would make sense for us to get a Ravenclaw student. On another note, is anyone expecting the students in the D2C Hogwarts to have regular sized legs? I mean I'm sure the castle will be based on all the movies with characters coming from all of the movies as well. I just think it would be weird if we got Luna from Order of the Phoenix with regular legs but Harry from Chamber of Secrets with short legs. Anyone got any thoughts on this?
  15. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Surely for the D2C Hogwarts though it will have to include elements from all 7/8 movies?