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  1. Will there be any other sets in 2019? Also is the Slave 1 Jango’s or Boba’s?
  2. I do hope this is the year we will finally get the Naboo Royal Stsrship.
  3. Where you guys seeing these images?
  4. Let’s just hope we finally get the Naboo Royal Starship, that would make sense.
  5. I am extremely confused with the what is fake and what is considered a reliable rumour at this stage.
  6. Do you have the list that Azani provided?
  7. It sounds like a lot of Spider-Man sets but I am more than happy with that. As someone pointed out earlier he has a huge rouge gallery for Lego to explore, similar to what they have done and are still doing with Batman. Let’s just hope we see Mysterio as he is a personal favourite, not to mention the potential for us to see a few variations of the Goblin. I always wanted Lego to keep the licence for Spiderman 3 because I wanted to see Harry Osboure’s goblin in lego form.
  8. Legoman123

    Future Star Wars Sets

    We definitely need an UCS Jedi Temple.
  9. Do we have a list of sets we are expecting to see? I have seen a couple now and not sure if they were deemed as fake?
  10. Legoman123

    Future Star Wars Minifigs

    We need ROTS 501st clones.
  11. Let’s hope we get it in the summer wave then. For me the only sets I’m really waiting on are a remake of Jango’s Slave 1 and our first version of the Naboo Royal Starship which is arguably the most iconic ship from the first movie.
  12. I’d love to see Moe’s. I thought it was very unlikely when the Simpsons sets first came out but given we have now get our first Bartender in Lego form (Wuher from Star Wars) it’s quite a possibility... providing the theme returns of course.
  13. Legoman123

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    That would be cool, I’d actually like to see a common room that can lead to the dorms.
  14. I really feel the set is quite messy to be completely honest. I was expecting it to be in a similar shape to the Death Star playset, which personally I think would have looked a lot better. My only other gripe with this set is the lack of area for Luke and Vader to battle it out, I really felt they could have done a bit more with that considering that’s the most memorable thing from Cloud City.
  15. Legoman123

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Are we expecting more sets to add on to two Hogwarts set’s we got this summer then?