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  1. Flooded Collection

    Glad to hear you are doing okay. Sorry you had to go through this. How is the rest of the place and family? Things coming back together?
  2. I asked this last year as well, but does anyone know if there’s been any talk of a TLJ poster for May the 4th or April 20th? They gave away the force awakens Lego movie poster on May the 4th, 2016... then skipped Rogue one last year (boooooooooo). This spring would likely be when they would do TLJ, but I’m worried that with the Solo movie they will skip/abandon doing the posters... which is a shame to stop now since they’ve made them for movies 1 through 7...
  3. I agree. And the MF is more desirable after seeing the removable nose, but IF I buy this MF, I may have to promise myself (and the wife) that it will be my last. There are just too many of them.
  4. I was thinking the same thing. I know a lot of people will be disappointed by another UCS ywing, but personally, I’m glad they are rereleasing some of the iconic sets from the past. I wouldn’t want it to become “the norm,” but ships like the xwing, ywing and snowspeeder make sense as repeats... IMHO.
  5. Hard to claim he’s a 9 year old kid when he’s been a member for 11 years... (as of yesterday). BTW: Happy Anniversary SVL. Also of note... he only has 500+ posts, averaging only around 50 posts a year. He’s obviously not on here to flap his lips and spread rumors. He only says what he needs to say. Something that is admirable, and isn’t typical of a 9 year old kid.
  6. Thank you! I’ll probably aim for 16” deep unless you guys think 18” would be better/safer?
  7. Looking to fabricate some built-in cabinets/display cases for all of my sets. Anyone have any suggestions or opinions on a good cabinet depth? Other than the UCS MF, is there a typical depth that people have found works well for them? Anyone with a large (built) collection willing to run around with a tape measure and give me a good idea of a typical large set depth? Shelves will be adjustable in the height direction, and will be continuous in the width of the shelf.. so depth appears to be the limiting factor. Thanks!
  8. I finally got mine about 3 weeks ago... bought the falcon on day 1...
  9. Grabbed FO star destroyer to get the 60th anniversary freebie. Wasn't on-sale... and of course I got it before the February double VIP points started...
  10. Nice! Good work on being patient!
  11. Happy with it? I've been dragging my feet on it for the last 1.5 years. I love all of the interior and playability... just wish the outside skin was there like the DS2 set. Curious how much longer the 2016 DS will be available. Where did you find it so cheap??
  12. I'm interested to know this as well. It's kind of a side ship, but I tend to enjoy these types of vehicles. Thanks for any input you can provide SVL.
  13. Lego 60th Anniversary sets 2018

    Exactly. Has anyone been able to grab these? Ever since they went on sale, the Walmart link appears to be broken. Not sure if they are in stores or not...
  14. Yep. Just got an email. Works online too at shop at home. The email also states that VIP holders will get access to “exclusIve contests”, “exclusive purchase rewards”, and “exclusive access”... All three have minifigures next to them... platinum r2d2, DJ, and a First order trooper... so I’m guessing the hint is that it will involve a free exclusive minifigure with purchase at some point? Also states that this is the “first VIP black card offer”... so I’m assuming there is more to come...