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  1. thorin

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, looks similar. It’s like a miniature version of it.
  2. thorin

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe a fire station. Maybe a better train??? Other thoughts were a bus station... or... one that just popped into my head this evening... a gas/service station!? Lego has done many gas stations over the years (remember all the Octan gas stations, Simpson’s Kwik e mart, etc.?)... I could see one with the old style gas pumps (glass globe on top), a canopy over the pumps that is lined with x-mas lights... imagine!
  3. I also doubt that anyone bought the set for the card and not for the set. HOWEVER, a lot of us (myself included) stayed up late through the whole night and decided to spend our money on Day 1 in order to get the perk. There was someone on here that mentioned doing gymnastics with their finances to get it Day 1 instead of waiting (which I think is silly - but to each their own)... So while it didn’t change anyone’s mind to buy the set, it likely changed their mind of WHEN to buy the set. Which is a big deal when the set costs so much.
  4. Strange that they would release this close to the same time as the CC one. I know they are different price points, but you’d think they’d try to stagger similar scales of a ship more than a few months apart. Any idea why they are taking this approach?
  5. Totally different question, but has anyone heard or seen any information about when/where the muddy solo and the Kessel operative polybags will be made available? I feel like it’s been months since they were discussed and I’ve yet to see them for sale or as a promo.
  6. Just lost my mind. Very excited for the set! Bus leave one in cloud car are just as I had hoped... Maybe even better. The perfect scale for the set.
  7. thorin

    Future Star Wars Sets

    Or the stolen transport shuttle “Rogue One”... still don’t understand why they didn’t make that one. or the Citadel tower... would have been easy to add some great play features. Ha. My collection is strictly limited to the non-yellow Star Wars figs (ie: post 2007 era) So this will be an easy pass... although cool to hear about and I’d love to see.
  8. thorin

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I understand that. I feel that way in the Star Wars line. The Winter Village is one of those that only a few collectors got into until they realized it was going to be an “every year” thing vs. a “let’s try this for 3 years” thing. Having said that, I don’t mind rereleases as long as they don’t take away from new releases. It would be nice if they rereleased one (but only every so often) as others have mentioned.
  9. Yeah. I think it’s interesting that the praetorian guard and clone trooper battlepacks are legitimate sets. If I remember right, there was a rumor about them awhile back. I can see both being popular amongst fans...
  10. thorin

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    Yeah. I get that. But I can still dream! I am glad that they continue to do a US Capitol, Statue of Liberty, flatiron, Guggenheim, etc. But I wish we got more European ones... Dont get me wrong, I’m American, but I’d like some diversity. I could see them doing the Colisseum at some point. I hope.
  11. thorin

    Future Castle Sets?

    I had hoped they would rerelease it. No such luck.
  12. thorin

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    I’d love to see more of the types of sets that they did early on. Pivotal pieces in modern architecture. Bauhaus, Barcelona Pavillion, another FLW Home, etc. I also think that they skipped some solid landmarks that could be great builds at a microscale: The Forum in Rome, The Colisseum, Pantheon, Parthenon, Pont Du Garde, Monte Saint Michelle, etc. Personally, I don’t like the skyline sets as much as I like well detailed builds. I’d rather get a $100 Forum, a $80 Colisseum and a $60 pantheon than have a dumbed down version of all three at an average to low price point.
  13. I didn't realize Disney left it in. Sorry for the confusion. Did a little research and you're correct. Thanks for pointing that out!
  14. I'm surprised by how many people are excited about the CW coming back. IMHO. Being an OT fan first, then watching the PTs as they came out, etc... I never liked the CW. I own over 100 star wars lego sets and none of them are CW sets ie: have bug-eyed figures. I guess this will help me save money if Lego goes back down this path. While I personally don't like it, seeing how many people are excited for this is impressive and I'm happy for you. I hope you guys get some good stuff!