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  1. The landspeeder image is too grainy to be useful. I do like the keychain and blue milk luke if they are truly the may 4th promos. Still hoping for a microbuild as well to make recent years..
  2. thorin

    New VIP system

    I know we just had a double VIP points, but does anyone know when the next one will be? Trying to plan out my purchases.
  3. Yeah. And to prevent accidents. On the night of the falcon release, the website was so jammed that my purchase screen kept freezing. Two days later I had two falcons on my doorstep. Looked on my account and sure enough... I had two purchases in there... wife was PISSED. Scalpers were charging $1000 for them that year through x-mas, but I couldn't bring myself to charge that. Sold the other to a friend for purchase price (and tax).
  4. Still showing available. I'm not having any troubles getting in and out of the site... It sounds like maybe there are plenty of stock available! Maybe Lego is finally being nice.
  5. Still shows in stock here!
  6. Woot! Just ordered the at-at and got the free Luke’s lightsaber here in the US!
  7. You may be right, and only time will tell. With this particular set I'm just leery. I just think that the clone wars era is limited to one age demographic. I'm more into the original trilogy, and my son is into the new stuff. The people who are buying dozens of this set seem to be the MandR age group that was born in the mid to late 90s through the early 2000s and grew up with star wars in the 2000s. Eventually these people will try and sell a bunch of the sets, thinking it is rare, and the market will be flooded with them. Kind of like the episode 1 figures were - over produced, over hyped, over bought, and now worthless. Not saying you are wrong. In fact, you may be dead on... but I'm leery and will be skipping this set. Unless of course I find it on clearance!
  8. I doubt it. One of the lessons I've learned in collectables... the rarest most collectible ones aren't declared rare until they can no longer be manufactured. From what I can tell, Lego has made more of this set than any other in a long time... smells like the beanie baby fallacy to me. But maybe I'll be proved wrong. Only time will tell.
  9. My buddy went and got his in the Chicago-land area and said that he got his and someone else was there asking the store employee if he could have one without having to by the Cantina and they person told him it was "for any star wars purchase." I know I'm just being an entitled whiner, but it's a shame that they handled it this way.
  10. Pretty frustrated about the Mos Eisley Cantina. Had it in the cart with the lightsaber. Went to payment, it was all there, ran the CC... it did the faces... and then order summary showed no lightsaber. Called and was on-hold for over an hour to just be told "sorry." Then last night I hear that the Lego stores were handing them out to non-VIPs making any Star Wars lego purchase... pretty frustrating how Lego handled this. At a minimum, you would think the shop from home would have enough tiny lightsabers made to cover the number of huge Mos Eisley sets produced and ready to sell on day one. This was a classic Lego screw up and is the last time I buy a set day one. Been screwed over too many times with their handling of the day one purchases. Now those of us that bought day one don't get VIP points, don't get a GWP... meanwhile non-VIPs and people who waited end up better off. Just venting... I guess I learned my lesson. Day one purchases are a bad idea!
  11. thorin

    Post your general LEGO Star Wars questions here

    Thank you for updating on this. Would you or anyone else know the long-term status of these SW lego sets? All of them are sold out on I was curious if they will be replenished or if they are effectively retired... D-O Boba Fett Helmet Storm Trooper Helmet Tie Fighter Helmet
  12. I'm wondering the same thing... anyone?
  13. I love the Falcon, but seriously... another one? ??‍♂️
  14. Does anyone know when the May 2019 calendar will be released? Usually it is around the end of the month, but I haven’t seen it yet. Seems like it’s a little late. We’ve got to be close to finding out any May the 4th promotions...