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  1. I love the Falcon, but seriously... another one? 🤦🏼‍♂️
  2. Does anyone know when the May 2019 calendar will be released? Usually it is around the end of the month, but I haven’t seen it yet. Seems like it’s a little late. We’ve got to be close to finding out any May the 4th promotions...
  3. Exactly. The way I see it, is that Lego has an “off year” between the movies to try something different (new for the younger) and celebrate the past (old for the adults). Honestly, I needed a break from the system scale and UCS so my wallet can recoup. I’ll probably grab some (not all) of the 20th anniversary sets and skip the rest. Any word on the May UCS? Or will that get announced later this year? I do agree with this too. Most of my nephews and nieces don’t get to do Lego unless I or grandparents buy them for birthdays and holidays. 10 years ago I heard parents say “Lego is so expensive.” Now I hear them say “Lego is TOO expensive.”
  4. I just read this... crazy because I just bought the resistance bomber on 1-13-19 from s@h u.s. Just went downstairs and looked at the box... but I can’t tell. It looks like the normal box with the gold/yellow stripe helmet... is the box supposed to be different or do I need to open it to find out? Based on this, mine is still the old one. And I just checked the slip that says it was bought last week... so maybe the change isn’t 100% effective? Or not changed here in the U.S.?
  5. I always thought the lil-anakin podracer head would be fun to use, but it has a face on the back - one that might be easy to erase...
  6. Did anyone ever get the black VIP promo email/code for the current promo - vip card holder? I never received an email and was curious if everyone else did or not...
  7. Yes. That helps!!! Thank you. I knew the chrome ones were older, but I wasn’t sure when the shift happened. I have an extra duller one, so I can swap it out.
  8. Can anyone tell me what color/sheen the lightsaber hilts/handles are in set 75021. I bought a used one and it showed up with two handles (one for each Jedi), but one was chrome (bright and shiny) and the other was silver metallic (duller). Any help is appreciated!!!
  9. Agreed. Most of the location based sets that didn’t do well were too small. Not saying they need to be master series, but a $100 to $130 set on par with the Vader Tower would go well. Jabbas Palace was phenomenal, the cantina from a few years ago was nice... but takodana, encounter on jakku, and battle on scarif all felt too small. Question - Does anyone know why they are doing preorder for this set? Is it a limited release or something? Or are they just trying to avoid the holiday rush and being out of stock? Thank you!!! I’ve been trying to find it all year. Rushed out yesterday afternoon and picked one up. I wonder if B&N took over TRU’s role/contract with these? I’m guessing it willl be good for Lego sales at B&N...
  10. How did you find out that it was all month? I don’t see that anywhere...
  11. The other thing I’m still wondering about is the Kessel Miner promo and where/when that will be more widely available...
  12. Does anyone know anything about upcoming sales or promos in October and November. I see the muddy Han, but the calendar hints at 2x vip points on select sets. Anyone know if they are SW sets? It feels like some of TLJ sets should be retiring soon.
  13. thorin

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Yeah, looks similar. It’s like a miniature version of it.
  14. thorin

    Winter Village Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Maybe a fire station. Maybe a better train??? Other thoughts were a bus station... or... one that just popped into my head this evening... a gas/service station!? Lego has done many gas stations over the years (remember all the Octan gas stations, Simpson’s Kwik e mart, etc.?)... I could see one with the old style gas pumps (glass globe on top), a canopy over the pumps that is lined with x-mas lights... imagine!
  15. I also doubt that anyone bought the set for the card and not for the set. HOWEVER, a lot of us (myself included) stayed up late through the whole night and decided to spend our money on Day 1 in order to get the perk. There was someone on here that mentioned doing gymnastics with their finances to get it Day 1 instead of waiting (which I think is silly - but to each their own)... So while it didn’t change anyone’s mind to buy the set, it likely changed their mind of WHEN to buy the set. Which is a big deal when the set costs so much.