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  1. Had this happen in the unopened podracer set a few years ago. Sometimes the bags just break.
  2. thorin

    Seasonal 2018

    If only the 2016 holiday full-scale train had been an Art Deco steam train similar to the “polar express”... Lego has made two x-mas trains and several small/mini-scale versions. None of them has ever had that look.
  3. My May the 4th orders all arrived today. If anyone has seen my posts, I am biased, but I typically like the posters. Having said that, I think the scale of the Y-wing poster is really nice. It’s not very big at all (8.5”x11”) and fits really well next to the UCS model...
  4. I didn’t mean to get everyone upset about the poster. I actually like the posters... In fact, I’m still just disappointed it isn’t a movie-style Episode 8, Rogue one, or Solo poster... some day TLG will suddenly remember that they forgot to finish the poster series! Someday.
  5. Thanks for the info. Of the people shopping SW legos on May the 4th, how many of them are spending less than 30 euros? Seems silly.
  6. I found a similar reddit post, but it indicated it would be a poster that you could hang up indicating that you are a “vip” black card holder. The same post also mentions a raffle for all black vip card holders for the platinum r2d2 from previously... Not sure how true it is, but something in me has to believe that there will be something out there for black card holders on May the Fourth.
  7. Me too. Provided it isn’t made up.
  8. Ugh. Why can’t Lego figure out that people want sets that LOOK like the Death Star or CC from the outside... but still have playability and functions on the inside. When they finally do it (system scale MFs, sandcrawler, Ewok village, etc.) they become instant classics and sell like hot cakes... hopefully it looks okay and not like the backside of a doll house. Was it at least instantly recognizable as Bespin???
  9. Has anyone heard which sets will be on sale for May the 4th and/or the days surrounding it? All I can find so far in this thread is that Kylo's Tie will be discounted... any others?
  10. In my city, one Target put them out on the 13th while another still doesn’t have a spot marked out for them... so who knows. I stopped by the first one around 11am on the 13th and they were in the process of putting them on the shelf. S@H has them if you are in the right region...
  11. Box just arrived with the Vader Pod. I was definitely ho-hum about this promo... boy was I surprised. I wondered if the outer label would be a sticker or printed... it ended up being a plastic "hologram" sticker where if you turn it one way "Star Wars Lego" goes away and if you turn it the other way, the whole image appears. Even better, I thought that the outside shell would be black plastic. Instead it's mirror-finish chrome! I'm glad I grabbed this one. If anyone else is on the fence, it might be worth it after all. Decent video I found showing the finish:
  12. Desert Skiff and Crispy Anakin transformation. Got the skiff right before it went to Sold Out on S@H... whew.
  13. The atm6 and Kylos tie would be great, but only if we saw a 20% dip. 10% isn’t enough to get excited.
  14. I agree with roadstermatt Get the Slave 1. While no one knows for sure when sets will retire, it has been on shelves for almost 2 years longer than the snowspeeder. No brainer in my mind...
  15. US S@H has the new falcon, tie, speeders, etc. all up. No current sales, but $75 of SW bricks will get you the minifigure factory AND vader's pod both as freebies.