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  1. HELP! ! !

    Very strange indeed....
  2. HELP! ! !

    I'm just saying......this is strange...
  3. HELP! ! !

    Wait, no seven. is this normal?
  4. Galaxy Commander > Galaxy Explorer?

    GC does not have a good place to hold it. (How am I supposed to swoosh it around when the supports keep falling off?) it also holds less Minifigs... I agree.
  5. HELP! ! !

    That is strange, I have 5 recipients,.
  6. Strange... how could a ugly guy like that get a girl and for that matter how could Harry?(most likely money for both).....is it time to go back on topic now?
  7. I don't care about Harry Potter, just tell me.
  8. I thought it had some thing to do with his wizard powers or something. A scar in the shape of lightning would seem strange.
  9. Best Lego Ideas projects

    I like this one by, "GeekPerson".
  10. What was the last movie you watched?

    I believe it was Indiana Jones: The Raiders of the lost ark. And that was months ago!
  11. Who's Your Favorite Brickfilmer and/or Brickfilm?

    I 100% agree. (though, I have not seen his Lego civil war film yet)
  12. Predictions for LEGO City 2018 sets

    It is confirmed mountain police.....
  13. That was a Scar? I thought it was something else.......
  14. The Lego Ninjago Movie (2017)

    They kind of did that at the end of season 4. Should I even spend money to see this in a cinema? EDIT: Never go full Power Rangers!!