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  1. That's a good question, it's a mystery
  2. HP series coming in late 2018, you heard it here first folks.
  3. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Oh how I would love to get another Martin Freeman minifigure, but chances are very slim at this point. With Klaue and Kilmonger, you have your two villains for both sets.
  4. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I like that concept, but I bet they'll just print the fist with the stones on them. It won't be a build for his gauntlet. It should be interesting to see though.
  5. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    I think it's safe to say that Black Panther will be absent from IW sets due to him being in his own movie sets. Antman wasn't in the poster and wasp will be in Avengers 4. They're out of the equation. Groot, Thor, Loki, Rocket Raccoon, Drax, Star Lord, Vision, Scarlet Witch, Falcon, Captain America, Black Widow. Thanos, Cull Obsidian, Ebony Maw, Proxima Midnight, Corvus Glaive, Thanos, Hulk, Hawkeye, Winter Soldier, War machine, Spiderman, Doctor Strange, Mantis, Gamora, Iron man, and Nebula. That's 27 main characters, there's also side characters like Aunt may, Wong, etc. If we wanted to get the main 27 characters in the sets, here you go: The $13 set with Vision, Scarlet witch, and Thanos henchman. The $20 set with Thor, Star Lord, and Cull Obsidian. The $30 set with Captain America, Winter soldier, Falcon, and Ebony Maw. The $50 set with Iron man, Spiderman, Nebula, Gamora, and Proxima Midnight. The $60 set with Hulk, Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, Drax, and Corvus Glaive. The $80 set with Thanos, Black Widow, Mantis, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, and Iron man Loki and War machine are absent, but not everyone will make the cut. Yeah, i honestly just threw them into random pairings but i'm sure lego will do the same. What do y'all think?
  6. Ooh, look what we have hereĀ :sweet:

  7. LEGO Ninjago 2017 Discussion

    Target is very weird, I almost never go there anymore due to horrible customer service. They're awful over here. I tell them to please check if they have more in the back, and they always give me the BS answer of whatever we have out is out. There was one time where I was told this, I go to ask a different person and the guy comes out with some Lego movie sets. I know most of them are lazy to check the back.
  8. Future Marvel Superheroes Rumors & Speculation

    Yes, the concept art most likely has him being bald the whole time. It makes sense for him to look casual. He doesn't need the armor on, he literally has the power of God in his hands. People are mad about that though. I can't wait to see how he looks. The black order should be great to get too Bearded cap might be my most anticipated minifigure! Can't wait to see this poster made in Lego, hopefully it's this one.
  9. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Darn right he'll be sporting a new look. I'm more worried about Spider-Man in the marvel thread...
  10. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Where did you hear this? Curious
  11. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Infinity war trailer is beautiful and it isn't even in HD! Thanos looks like a very good villain. The reason he doesn't have his helmet and armor is because he literally has the power of God in his hands. I know some people who were complaining about that. Skrulls in the MCU makes me so happy! Oh, the possibilities they could do with them.
  12. Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Talking Hulk!!! Yes! He looks like he's going to be the highlight of the film. Phenomenal trailer!
  13. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised if we just get the hair piece he came with in the GOTG Vol 2 sets.
  14. DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Well to be honest, has J4ck ever posted any set information? I never knew he said this, but I'm sure that he's never had insider information.
  15. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I know right? Perhaps a sign for things to come