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  1. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    Well... i will defenetly try it at the evening :) After seeing your idea now.. i am thinking about using this, instead of the 3l-stop-axle, to eleminate the wobbling: But you would need a pinhole instead of an axle-hole on the connector on wich the driving ring sits...
  2. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    Thank you alot... both ideas are pretty much the same, and look really good to me :) The weak point here, in both ideas, seems to be the point where the axle with stop meets the connector(s axle). Will it be strong enough when shifted? And doesnt it wobble to much when it is unshifted? I will defenetly test your idea @Doug72 at the evening, when i'm at home. It is nice to see, the stop of the axle adds exactly the space wich the bush/gear-connection comsumes... i was thinking all the time, how to add just such a lottle space... you had the right idea :)
  3. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    Ah... i thaught so... but i just tested it, like in your picture, where the stud is in the 16t-gear. I don't own a driving ring extension, thats why i cannot test it the other way. But if i think about that... ...the Stud of the 3l-stud axle will collide with the 2l axle of the extension ring? And will force the 16t gear to sit a bit (the wide of the stud on the axle) away from the driving ring... which will give a bad connection, when shifted? No problems like described above? And also no problems, that the driving ring while shifting will push the 16t gear+bush in the direction of the bush... and like this free the bush from the connection?
  4. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    The small ring on the side of the stud makes it impossible for the teeth of the half-bush to mesh with the small teeth of the 16t-clutch-gear :(
  5. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    yes.. in know this... but they will be smaller then 2 stud together when the teeth are fit together... and they can slide out again... how do i prevent this?
  6. Need help! linear 1:1 clutching

    First idea is not in line and needs moving gears, this is what i wanted to avoid. Second idea i also tried... but... how to fix the half bush+ clutch gear, to make sure they dont move in opposite direction and loose the connection to each other?
  7. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I need to check that.... nice idea :) Thank you
  8. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    This will be pretty much the same, then the 3-axle-part. The axle on this part is 1,5 studs long... so it will be 0,5 stud too long. I could cut it , or the 2 arms of the 3-axle connector... but i dont like cutting Legos. But thank you for your suggestion... its pretty close to what i will need :) Any other ideas?
  9. I need a linear clutch for 1:1 transmission, like in real car gearboxes 4th or 5th gear. Additionally there need to be a possibility to drive the wheel with a second gear. I found 2 solutions... but both have theire own problems: First solution... turntable+ differential... the 24 teeth-side of the differential is fit to the 24 inner teeth of the turntable. + turntable can hold the wheel, chassis can be fixed at the black part of the turntable + easy way to add a second gear by using the 16t of the differential - a lot of friction from turntable - to wide for a good use Second solution: 16t clutch-gear blocked by 2 outer fixed 16t gears. + wheel is held directly inside + close to no friction - hard to find a way to connect the second gear... thats why the 40t gear is there - even bigger then the turntable I would need a 4t-gear to fix the 16t clutch-gear withing the 24t turntable, or any other solution, how this could be built smaller... The Differential, and the 16t gear are the only ones with clutch, right? Who has an idea? I am up to everything :)
  10. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I need something like in the picture below. But the pin with pinhole should not rotate within the pinhole of the connector. The axle will rotate, and the pin with pinhole is used to push a lever... it works... but sometimes the pin with pinhole will rotate, and there will be a problem... Another idea wich could work would be the following...: But the Problem here are the 2 unused arms of the connector...
  11. Help with identifying parts/sets!

    I would need a special piece, and i don't know, if it exists... maybe you could help me. What i need is something like this, but with 2 axle-holes instead of 1 axle- 1 pin-hole: I thought i could use this... but this one has the wrong angles: Any idea, wich part i could use?
  12. [TC12] Dastardly Dodgem

    Is this silver panel from the "red beast" set? And if so... do those things fit to regular pinholes?
  13. Rotate one of the gears by 360/teeth/2 degres= 360/12/2=15°
  14. [WIP] 40+ km/h racer - need your help!

    Thats it... i have the problem on exactly those connectors :( But luckily the bord is clean... its just the connectors. I think i will try it with a cotton stick and vinegar, and see what happens :) Thank you for the hint