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    42083 - Bugatti Chiron

    Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this, but I think that's what they did with the 42056, where it was black with some black/white camouflage stickers... I would consider this to be the norm for any other future sets of this kind (if there will be any).
  2. AttentionSpanner

    [PORSCHE] Porsche V8 Supercar

    Or the Panamera... (although the Panamera would have a slightly different front end design )
  3. @Didymos69 Would it be possible to explain the main differences between the V2 Stepper and the stepper you used for your Rugged Supercar (FST NML)? Because in the FST NML I cannot see any backlash while moving the shifter back to the center position after shifting... (actually, maybe you mentioned that somewhere, but I missed it... )
  4. AttentionSpanner

    [TC12] Fire Ant - One-minute pitch

    Yes!!! I thought I was the only one that thought the old tires looks awesome!! IMHO, they look better than the modern wheels on this one, but maybe I'm just weird... I almost wish LEGO had a line of whacky cars if they could make them look and function this well... But then again, I'm afraid this complaint is for another topic.
  5. AttentionSpanner

    Technic 2018 Set Discussion

    It is bad that I'm dreaming for a small, transversely-mounted mid-(or-front)-engined car, like a Lotus Elise, or an mk2 Ford Focus RS, with McPherson front suspension and multilink IRS? Like, besides a new differential and modified 6.5L shock absorbers with balljoints on top, it shouldn't need that many new pieces, should it? On a colour different than red, or orange? Or black? Anyway, to get back in topic, do we know anything about the 42056 successor (if it exists), or shall we wait until 2H2018?
  6. AttentionSpanner

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Okay, I have a few, although I'm counting on your computer rendering skills, since I don't have any... 1) Is it possible to make a 3L differential with a spur gear (eg, a 16t), using the normal 12t bevels inside? I was thinking of something really similar to the current 28t 3L diff, except with a 16t or 24t spur in place of the 28t bevel... (it would be great if the drive gear (whatever spur gear is in place of the 28t bevel) was removable/exchangeable, but I understand that's pushing it a bit too much...) 2) (I'm unsure whether someone has already mentioned this, but, I'm going ahead anyway) a custom shock absorber for McPherson suspensions, based on the small 6.5L, but with a 1L axle slot on the top, making it a 7.5L (pretty difficult to describe, but imagine combining the 6.5 L absorber with a #1 connector on its top) I'm hoping to come up with some more soon, but I think these are all for now...
  7. AttentionSpanner

    Efferman's Custom Parts

    Hi guys. efferman, I was wondering, are you allowing suggestions for custom parts? I have a few in mind, but I'm not sure if I should post them in my 1st post in this thread...
  8. Hi Rudivdk, I know that this MOC is officially done now, but I wanted to ask you, how did you end up with a transverse engine but a longitudinal gearbox? I mean, I have some ideas about a future MOC I would like to build, but I wanted to understand the logic behind the decision. Was it because of the 3L diff needing a longitudinal axle or the gear selector being simpler with the longitudinal configuration? Or maybe something else? As I've mentioned before, this is an awesome MOC. Thanks.
  9. AttentionSpanner

    Duesenberg SJ Dual Cowl Phaeton (1:8,5)

    Truly awesome MOC this... I mean, it's so beautiful!!!
  10. Sorry if I didn't make this clear enough in the previous post, but this is an AMAZING MOC! Well done.
  11. Ok, I've just uploaded the latest LDD on Bricksafe, just realized I could do that, should have tried it earlier... Anyway.. Again, I do not know how often this thread will be updated, but you (yes, YOU) are welcome to experiment on the file with LDD, or even other programs I guess. The idea is to find a way to eventually make this a reasonably practical setup for use in MOCs (that's my vision for it, anyway)...
  12. Pretty funny to think we're all praising what essentially is a LEGO version of a Dodge Caravan . And it is a great looking car in LEGO. Now, maybe someone in LEGO should make something similar to this for a lower price than the Porsche or its successors (btw, does anyone know of any threads that know what those will be? )... This is such a great MOC, though. Nicely done and different, yet the real-model is familiar enough for most people with family cars.
  13. Hi Didymos69!!! Thanks for taking the time to comment, it's truly an honor to have you here!!! Yes, I haven't included everything in LDD yet, as it can get to be a bit of a struggle (I hate the program, but that's the only one I'm familiar enough with to use). I would be assuming 4 1x3 liftarms either side of the 5x11 frame connecting it to the top beam / strut tower bar would work. Only issues I'm starting to get worried about are that I won't have too much room to mount the engine in between the strut towers without going up to a huge scale (I'm OK with using the 68.8x36 ZR wheels, but I'm dreaming of having the more-realistically-sized 62.4x20 combo (I said "dreaming" for a reason there...)). However, I won't know for sure until I build it, and, well, I don't even have the pieces (or the time) for that at this moment. I'll try to keep adding any new progress on the BrickSafe folder. I'll see what I can come up with considering your advice. Again, thank you for offering some advice on this. I haven't even started, and the issue "realistic FWD" already seems scary...
  14. Hi Rudivdk, Your family car looks great! Sometimes I'm glad people decide to stay away from the typical supercar layouts, with front/mid longitudinally mounted V8s and RWD/4WD. I am only now starting to understand that proper FWD is very difficult to achieve, however... Funnily enough, I was considering using Sheepo's McPherson as well, but for an FF layout I didn't know whether it would be the best... Ideally I'd want a 3L differential with the 16t spur gear instead of the 28t bevel (maybe that's for another thread, though). The other option would be to make everything as a studded construction (another possibility). I will try to post some pictures so you can get an idea of what my idea was. I'll try to find some way to include the selector assembly, as, up to this point, I haven't come up with any great ideas. Also, I'd like to make everything a little more compact, and find a good place for the I4 fake engine, but the main issue would be the gear selector assembly. Now, I remember that someone had made a nice 8856 replica in studless without flex cables (which would be nice, but am trying to avoid for the gearbox), and I also remember Nathanael's Predator Supercar, with the great gearbox linkage, except I am not sure if it is going to work here, since the gearbox is both transverse and shifted on the vertical axis. Since I don't have the parts to build this in real life, this will involve a bit of trial and error, or might not even end up anywhere. So, feel free to try this out or even build something of a similar principal out of what you have, if you want to. Any suggestions for improvements are more than welcome.
  15. Hi everyone, This will be my first project in a while, and my first project here. I want to try and make a 2WD (hopefully FWD, but RWD is fine if things get difficult), 4-cylinder car with a transversely mounted engine and gearbox assembly, and hopefully as a studless construction. I started mocking-up some of the gearbox in LDD (I know, not the best tool), and the results have not been too encouraging (space-wise). I haven't yet figured how to post photos, but I will when I do