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  1. Hi, everybody! There is an another update on this project. As I said last time, I wasn't satisfied with that engine. So, I've rebuilt it in more proper way. Now, this two gears connect engine with the drive shaft. Also, I've remade the steering mechanism. Now it is very simple and smooth. In addition, I've added 1 stud to the wheelbase. I would prefer it even longer, but I assume that I can't afford further extension because of shortage of lego parts. At last, I've added fenders and doors. I've mounted fenders at some angle and it looks very cool. Also, I've made curved doors that suits these fenders very much. I know that classic muscle car should have live rear axle, but I've decided to keep the rear suspension as it is, since I haven't yet came to an understanding of how I can make live axle properly. Next time I'm going to show you the front of the car and a prototype of the trunk.
  2. Hi there! First of all, answers to the comments. 1. Thank you for your interest, Daniel. No, it's not an RC project. In fact, the model right now is so heavy that thoughts about the number of presumably required motors scares me. 2. An inspiration for this build are just American muscle cars. It wouldn't resemle Porsche at all Now let's see what changes had been made. Here you can see the first version of the engine. These two gears serve for steering. Also I had to rebuild front suspension and now it feels very soft. In addition I changed the steering wheel incline. It seems strange to me to have horizontal steernig wheel axle. Axle that would be connected with rear wheels is connected with engine via rubber band. As I said, it's the first version of the engine. Plethora of gears in the steering mechanism produce too much friction for the steering (some gears are not presented in the photo). Also, I don't like this rubber band linkage. I've already rebuild it and you will see it next time
  3. Hello, everyone! Right now I'm finishing bodywork of my muscle car. Since I have some photos of the building process, I've decided to start uploading them here gradually. It's not a B model of this set bacause I am using not only 42096's parts, but since Porsche details are more than a half of all my Technic parts, I assume that car will consist mostly of 42096's parts. Here you can see the first photo of the building process. The first goal was to move engine (in V-shape) to the front as low as possible. And in such a way that engine center of mass should be between front and rear axle (I just feel that it's right). In addition, I've removed rack's limiters to increase turning angles. I know that iconic engine would be V8, but I work with what I have.