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  1. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    I believe it’s used to hang the mosaic sets to the wall.
  2. It has a roof that, like the real car, can be taken off and stored in the frunk.
  3. I have the older version of the Centenario wheels, which used 1/2 pins to connect to the hub. It’s definitely not for RC models but for a manual model there isn’t really any issues as long as you don’t play too hard. There isn’t any issue with the two halves staying connected. The tyre helps with that too.
  4. LvdH

    42113 Reconstruction Guide

    Very nice! I’ve uploaded them to my Dropbox in case Mediafire takes them down or expires: Instruction.pdf?dl=0
  5. Absolutely stunning creation! I agree stickerless looks better. If you create instructions, you already got a customer here
  6. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    They already changed them since the Bugatti Chiron if I remember correctly.
  7. Pretty nice model to be honest. Those eight 1x5x0,5 white liftarms (5 pin hole version), where are they located and are they replaceable? I don't mind ordering four arches but not more than that.
  8. Paul Boratko got pearl light grey Porsche wheels that way and orange red and trans light blue exist too.
  9. The 8448 wheels’ pin holes are only half a stud thick. They’ll fit, but they wobble. I had them under my GT3RS for a while. Also, Bugatti hubs+wheels fits perfectly fine as replacement for Porsche wheels+standard hubs. If I remember correctly the Bugatti wheels are only very slightly further offset.
  10. T-lego made a deal with Cada to produce the Centenario, and I know that Cada approached more people as well. I know Firas (he builds creator expert style cars) worked with xingbao like Paul. But they eventually stopped paying the designers.
  11. LvdH

    42112 Concrete Mixer Truck

    There’s a dark blue 5x11 panel plate on the top of the cabin, previously exclusive to 41999. 1x3 liftarms making a return as well as 1x5, which are currently impossible to find.
  12. The mould was produced in 2012 and didn’t receive any changes since, as reflected by a single part number in LEGO’s database. A lot of pieces have a date on them that goes back a year before the set it was in got into production.
  13. Highly doubt it. There are ten sellers on bricklink including some of the biggest German stores. I don’t think they would risk their livelihood to sell KO pieces on Bricklink. I have asked him anyway, he’s going to check this evening. Edit: they’re genuine. Click the picture for full resolution photo.
  14. These are actually for sale on Bricklink for some reason. A friend of mine has four of them. My guess is some of these sneaked their way out of the factory.