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  1. Grey probably includes silver-ish colors, I’ve seen a few IRL in that color. Interesting how uncommon yellow is though.
  2. I am not sure if a color has been confirmed, but yellow is also a really good candidate for a Ferrari. Not only has LEGO never released a large scale car in yellow, it's also (probably) the second most common color for a Ferrari behind red.
  3. If you mean these: They are only €0.68 on Bricks and Pieces (here in the Netherlands).
  4. If it were, it would probably have been said so by Promobricks.
  5. The only difference are the front wheelaches. If I were to remove those, it would look even less like the version lnteknik built because of the massive holes over the front wheels.
  6. Ignore what I said earlier about it being too similar. I might not be able to build it yet, but I can make some renders. I've got the CAD files of the original F40 by Jorgeopesi, and put them side by side. On the outside, of course they look similar: they're based on the same car. Some panels might be in the same positions, but that's about where the similarities end. Almost the entire chassis seems new, with the only exception being the gearbox (which was properly given credit for). Please ignore misalligned parts or unbent soft axles in the Jorgeopesi version. More (higher resolution) renders available here: Be your own judge, but in my opinion, not much is the same.
  7. It’s still 7.2 volts according to CaDA, but it has a different electric board. Probably similar difference between V1 and V2 LEGO IR receivers.
  8. I’m going to need a source on this. I can’t remember it was ever said to have two hubs.
  9. Promobricks is reliable though. They don't put out "opinions" on what sets will be released. Of course it's not official, nor certain, but it's almost always correct.
  10. I guess it's possible they're introducing a new size cylinder. The old school medium cylinder hasn't been done as V2 variant for example. For $140 with 835 pieces I suspect this will have a decent amount of pneumatic parts, maybe more than 42128.
  11. I’m well aware. But the instructions are not available to download by anyone without paying for them, so I can’t blame people for saying they’re too similar. The parts list only has like 50% similarity, which mostly comes from the new panels and more system parts. Anyway what I was trying to say is it would be far easier to see the differences (or similarities) if the builds were to be shown side by side in actual LEGO bricks. I don’t even think I will give a “verdict”, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking and have everyone conclude their own opinion. But this is going to be a while so I don’t know how alive the topic will be by then...
  12. It probably isn't unrelated to this: I really wouldn't know what they actually base their prices on though.
  13. If I were to post this, I personally would not have called this a new MOC because it just seems way too similar in a lot of areas, particularly the rear end and engine cover but also the front bumper and side skirts. I also would have offered the instructions for free simply because the original one was also free. Of course there are only so many ways to create the same car or the same curves, so naturally things will just look similar. Anyway, I have the original Jorgeopesi F40 built at the moment. If I don’t need to reuse most of the parts I’ll keep it in tact for when I build this one to compare both versions. If I remember correctly the Jorgeopesi F40 was mostly modular, with each body panel easily removable so it shouldn’t be difficult to actually compare the two side by side, even parts buried deep inside the chassis.
  14. At least they're explicitly calling it a rescue helicopter now Yellow is a welcome color too, we need more of that.
  15. This list sounds amazing. Even the non supercar sets sound intriguing to me, as a supercar fan.