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  1. There’s a 7 long alternating hole liftarm in green on the hood/bonnet.
  2. Surely I’m not seeing color inconsistencies in official photos between the green #1 and #4 connector (on 42149)
  3. Correct. They are LBG.
  4. Those panels aren't used anymore for 14 years. Same for a lot of other panels of this style. What seems dumber to me is that the new "#3" shaped panel seems to have a number and it looks like a 6. Could just be an instruction error. The numbering system means nothing and you really shouldn't think too hard about it. Plenty of modern panels don't even have numbers even though they definitely could, such as 80278 and 80274, and 80271 and 80272.
  5. Same for the “red” version but that was also used in the Batmobile
  6. Depends. The Daytona differential would be nice to have in a cheaper set.
  7. For those interested, the “Sense of perfection” book is available again. It is however unnumbered and €60 instead of €80 (still way overpriced imo).
  8. These are new. If you look closely you can see an axle hole. It's probably the same curve as the #1/#2 panels.
  9. Hope the picture isn’t too large.
  10. There are some things, like the grille, but on the other hand they also put the “headlights” on the wheelarches.
  11. Imagine the 2x3 panel mixed with the 21/22 panels. A shorter 21/22 panel basically. And then also the 2x3 panel as a #3 angle connector.
  12. Those new “micro” panels will be gamechanging.
  13. Welcome to Pick a Brick. Typically it takes 4 weeks from ordering to delivery for me. Your mileage may vary.
  14. Fantastic looking model, for the most part. I’m not sure about the 1x1 plates used for headlights though. In the real car they are clearly beneath that panel, which gives it a far more aggressive look.
  15. You're right. I glanced over the topic title and didn't look further. Looking at paave's rebrickable page all of his premium MOCs are gone unfortunately. Probably has something to do with Paypal no longer working in his country.