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  1. I've seen several adverts of different sets with the build all wrong. The Aventador and One:1 are the biggest ones. None of the photos from them (they actually stole my photo of my LEGO Aventador....) look right. But I don't think it is going to look like that when people actually know how to follow instructions. I don't have any of these kits, but I don't think the parts are that much different to the extent where the build is totally different.
  2. I agree with Erik. Wouldn’t it be easier to encourage people to buy the instructions instead of a crowdfunding? Then it is a win-win for both us and Bruno. I’m not sure if watermarking every page works because I am pretty sure they make their own instructions. But it’s worth a try for future MOC’ers Wishful thinking here.... I think they wouldn’t be a problem if they were parts only. No instructions, no brand, no box. Just parts. That way the need to give the designer their money on instructions, and the people who buy the parts kit would spend a little less. By the way, I think this should go in a non-specific theme forum. This affects way more designers than just Technic.
  3. This part attached to a pin, and the clips attached to the bar.
  4. I guess this was done so people don’t use a 15L liftarm instead of 13L. Actually, there aren’t any 13L liftarms in black in this set...
  5. If that is actually true, it looks like a very good lineup. Could anyone translate the other sets?
  6. LvdH

    [MOC] Dakar Truck

    I’ve seen this model in person yesterday. Helped the test builder with a few panels. It’s a very impressive build, and so much bigger than pictures show... Here it is next to my Sheepo Mustang.
  7. You could also change two at the hood/bonnet to #1, so you only need 6. It also leaves a small gap, but maybe a #4 or #2 will fit and that would fill up a bit. I’ve already got the #3s luckily, 12 total, doing blue brakes, all I still need is a Porsche and I’ll be ready to build
  8. I thought they also had clear pieces in the BMW bike/42070. Maybe they don’t classify them as technic parts?
  9. Both 42056 and 42083 are excellent sets. Expensive, but amazing looking and an amazing build experience.
  10. I know it's a bit of a bold statement, but I would say this is the best LEGO Technic supercar ever made. It's just perfect.
  11. Where did you find this information?
  12. That’s going to cost them more than they’ll earn.
  13. That is something unique! Very cool.
  14. @ndm1306 I’m not sure if that’s the fairest thing to do, given the fact that a lot of this MOC was built by PvdB, which was a MOC with paid instructions. Not that I wouldn’t like instructions, of course, if PvdB doesn’t mind.
  15. And the Bugatti has 3599, and 4 pages. I think it has to do with the amount of unique pieces, and the size of some pieces (bigger parts require more space).