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  1. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    The police car was also there, but he didn’t realise these were part of the new wave so he didn’t take any pictures. We’ll probably see the soon, though.
  2. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Someone just shared a picture on FB, 42092 on the shelves in a store in Canada. Perhaps we’ll get the rest soon too?
  3. I think something a lot of people get wrong about LEGO Ideas is that LEGO produces a 1:1 copy of the submitted MOC, which has never happened.
  4. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Nice. I see the #5 and #6 panels in yellow will make a return.
  5. In that case it means there’s less friction at the right one than the left one. That’s how a differential works.
  6. Wow this looks great. I love the front end The instructions however have a lot of very difficult steps. Now I am all for a challenge, that’s the whole reason why I almost never buy sets, but you have entire assemblies built in one step whereas the other side had actual steps. Would it be a problem for you to send me the .io file? I’d love to have a look at it on my PC, perhaps making some easier-to-use steps.
  7. There’s multiple ways... One of them is using to export it directly to Bricklink. Just log in or create an account, look at the top right of the program, and export the parts list. You can also download the LDD file and create a custom list on Rebrickable. It accepts LDD files, and from Rebrickable you can fix some colour errors a bit easier than Bricklink and then export it to a Bricklink list.
  8. Looks great! Perhaps I'll build it. It would be a nice change from the expensive 1:8 cars I've been building. Could you send me the LDD file? I'd like to try some colour combinations myself.
  9. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    42056 has no stickers on the arches. As far as I know LEGO never puts stickers on parts with round shapes, because they are near impossible to apply unless you have cuts in them.
  10. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Sheepo didn't sell anything to the Chinese. Two of his designs were stolen, and I don’t think he was very happy about it. And well, pretty much all of LEGO’s designs are stolen anyway so might as well fire everyone
  11. Very nice with the chrome @technic_addict. I’ve put some small bits of paper around the ends of the soft axle. It’s pretty firmly in place now.
  12. I already finished it 2 days ago but I’ve been hesitating whether to post my pictures or not because I’ve had my pictures stolen before for adverts on certain sites. But here’s my bricksafe folder. I built it mostly in original colours; blue brakes, black 3L pins and a few black axle pins. In the pictures the tail light is trans orange but I’ve changed that already. Some final thoughts: Truly a wonderful moc to look at. I’ve been playing with it turning all the knobs back and forth endlessly, and I must say despite them being slow they are a very nice mechanical touch which makes me forgive the lack of a gearbox. I am also surprised how well the functions all work. I’ve only built a couple cars that worked without needing to tweak anything. I think this is may be new favourite... Some criticism too: The hood opening mechanism is a bit awkward, especially keeping it open (which you need to do quite a bit if you want to operate the functions). The suspension complaint is still here, though much less than before. The engine cover was difficult to build, I had issues putting some parts together and it’s all under stress as well. Also made a small building error there with the U-joint sub-assembly. I’ve also had the tan pin at the door hinge go out of the 15100 part a few times which isn’t the easiest to fix.
  13. Stealing just hit a whole new low. What in the actual ..... Worst part is, that there will actually be people who will be scammed by this. I doubt you can do anything against it. I guess the warning is the best you are able to do...