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  1. Fantastic job! I just might have to build this. Are there any exceptionally rare or expensive parts?
  2. LvdH

    Technic 2020 Set Discussion

    Hmm... doesn’t exactly scream “Ultimate” to me. I’ve been thinking, maybe it’s the Top Gear car?
  3. Great work so far! By the way, the Studio prices are based on averages of new pieces. It’ll be approximately half if you buy used
  4. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    Usually directly from LEGO is cheaper, but it will take longer. After a while they’ll be cheaper on bricklink, in my experience.
  5. Last Wednesday he posted “in a few days”. Could be any day now...
  6. Very impressive design. I will build this for sure!
  7. Looks good, can’t wait to see it finished. I would personally drop the glass though, it’s too flat.
  8. LvdH

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    I’ve kind of had a mini dark ages (dark months?) but went on a spending spree again. Here it goes: 8458 (missing engine) 8457 (one complete and two spare rear wheels), 8653 (complete) 8285 (complete), 8421 (complete), 8420 (missing front axle), 8434 (complete), 9398 (complete) 8043 (complete), a bin full of random spare parts containing all kinds of parts and sets. Lastly, though not technic, a bin full of 9v train stuff. All of the above for €750. Not all sets are complete, but the big Technic sets (mostly) are. Also got a buggy motor today for €25. I’m not going to be bored for a while
  9. Way too soon... I’ve spoken with him several times in real life and he was always very enthusiastic about his hobby and his creations. My condolences to his family...
  10. Awesome car! So many functions in such a small space is truly impressive. By the way, is that a LaFerrari in your profile picture?
  11. Congratulations on the sale!! That is a lot of money. If I had something to spend, I’d probably have bid on it. Too bad you won’t make instructions, because this one checks all the marks for a good moc to me. Also, I wondered why you used those yellow bits. But I saw a real Huayra few weeks ago. The “shock holders” are also yellow/goldish. The attention to detail is phenomenal here!
  12. Wow Jeroen. That’s a beauty I am very impressed with the bodywork and functionality.
  13. That is definitely a Huayra...