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  1. The models look great! The first Arocs is my favourite. I do see one issue. Are any of these mocs buildable? I see a ton of parts that don't exist in a certain colour, and a lot of very rare parts as well...
  2. The bottom two axles should be be connected to each other. Edit: Oh I see that's exactly the opposite of your gearbox. I think you'd have to connect the axles together via gears on the "outside".
  3. [NMOC] Pagani Huayra

    It's all incredibly fragile. If you send me a PM I'll give you some pointers as to what doesn't work or what should be improved, and how to improve.
  4. [NMOC] Pagani Huayra

    That is correct. Remove them. By the way, the suspension won't work either way, it can't even hold the chassis. You'll need to find a way to strengthen both the suspensions, the simple solution of course being a couple rubber bands.
  5. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    That chassis looks very solid and congratulations with the cooperation. I'd be interested to see the sketches for sure. By the way, is that a render or a real life build?! It looks so much like a render. The thing that gave it away were the pins.
  6. Or if you want 5L, make some changes to the steering rack and use the 5L suspension arm. I believe Madoca used this in the Avtoros Shaman
  7. I bought mine from No complaints here...
  8. I'm speechless. Absolutely phenomenal build!
  9. I believe they are the Arocs buckets, incredibly creative use of parts! I didn't know that Polofreak was the customer. I am jealous he'll have this beauty on his shelf!
  10. This is one of the best mocs ever made. There are very, very few I think are better than this one. You and your bro are going to have a really hard time to build something better than this!
  11. I think you talking about Dikkie Klijn's Tow truck. You'll have to take a peak on the rest of his bricksafe and brickshelf folders to see his MOCs, 99% are pictured there.
  12. The red in dark turquoise is an interesting colour choice, but Iike it! They go together better than I expected.
  13. The last picture (the one I posted) was from last November. I am sure he will finish it one day if he's already so close.
  14. He did not, but he hasn't posted much. I reckon this is because blue is rare. But man is this becoming a beautiful car!
  15. LDD Export BOM is crashing

    Do you have a rebrickable account? If not, make one. If yes, make a custom list, and import the parts from the LDD file. From rebrickable you can then export it to Bricklink as well.