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  1. It might be just me, but a $70 backhoe doesn’t sound particularly appealing to me. If I would want them to do a backhoe, I would rather have one like 8455 more than something like 8069. But it also depends how you define mid scale, I guess. 4000 piece sets are more common nowadays, so when I hear mid scale I think of 1500-2000 pieces. Not (presumably) 700ish you would have gotten in the $70 one. Of course I have no idea if what I am saying is correct. All that I know for sure is that the first wave sets usually aren’t that exciting (mostly for younger builders, with one or two for enthusiasts) and second wave is when they present what‘s possible to build with LEGO (all for enthusiasts pretty much). But I do agree, in the case of planes, bigger is better
  2. Don't worry, first wave sets usually aren't all that impressive anyway. Wait for second wave. That's when they release the big stuff. Look at the Arocs, Claas, BWE, CAT, 42128 tow truck, 42082 crane, etc. So I would probably be happy that they don't release one in the first wave, because if they do they most likely wouldn't do another one just a few months later.
  3. To be completely honest, you can buy almost any set for 30% (or more) off RRP in Europe. This most likely won’t change. I’ve bought my second Sian for €250 MISB, the Bugatti has been €210 or something at one point. The only reason you would buy something directly from Lego is they are either the only ones selling it (such as the Lamborghini, for the first two months) or you want the VIP points. Or in the case of Power Functions a few years ago, they were the cheapest.
  4. Yellow looks sweet. It kind of makes me wonder why they never made the black and yellow Centenario. That would have sold like hot cakes. Anyway, I’m happy with my red 488 Pista
  5. 42141 seems like a follow up to the 42125 Ferrari set. Both 18+, same RRP, presumably licensed. I'm almost certain. I just wonder what it is...
  6. This list sounds more plausible. It lines up with the Stonewars list from last year. 42127 was said to be an IP vehicle [edit: with movie license!] for €100. 42130 had no name or price tag attached so it makes sense it’s licensed.
  7. I don't speak much German, but from what I understand they're not exactly raising the prices. They're evening them out across Europe. It just so happens Germany is most negatively affected by this, because LEGO set have generally be a bit cheaper there. Prices have always been all over the place in Europe. For example, the Bugatti: €400 in the Netherlands and Luxembourg €370 in Germany and Ireland €450 in Greece €380 in France and Slovenia €420 in Finland
  8. The 8862 had more geared functions than pneumatic functions But anyway I don’t think a $70 set will have pneumatics.
  9. Would make sense, the Ducati was released in June 2020 (except NA) so it will probably retire sometime next year.
  10. Doesn’t sound too interesting to me...
  11. The only things I really pay attention to are the pins with stop bush, normal bush and the axle pins. I also make sure the “dot” from the moulding process isn’t visible. Apart from that I really don’t care which way my pins face.
  12. Looks pretty good, definitely recognisable. I just think it’s a bit too short.
  13. Also the linear actuators.