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  1. The suspension setup looks really interesting. I've never seen someone use the old steering hubs before.
  2. This looks truly amazing! Your builds amaze me every single time, especially with their rigidity. One question, how in the world do you allign all those pieces in LDD? For me it never fits.
  3. Just checked and I do have 2 working old style cylinders. I am thinking of a black body (only color I have the panels in) and a blue or white arm.
  4. I would be very happy to have building instructions for that one. Perhaps a smooth axle connector will be better in that build(no morr clicking).
  5. That is very helpful, thank you! I should have at least 2 of them.
  6. It's medium blue. Look at axle pins and 3L pins, those are blue and they are clearly darker than the body. And also the seat is normal blue, too.
  7. Looks nice from the pictures . Might give this a try, but I would have to replace the cylinders with medium ones because I don't have large ones. But I see it doesn't need the full travel so it might just work. You should probably fix the link in the first post by the way, it doesn't work. This is the link from Rebrickable: https://bricksafe.com/files/mocbuild101/aventador2004s-compact-pneumatic-excavator/Compact Excavator Instructions.zip
  8. So black is going to be the new colour code for 5x7 frames? As if we had any difficulty telling them apart from 11x5 frames. I welcome them in black of course if they're exposed, but there is seems like it is used for colour coding.
  9. I thought they were #5, but I think you're right. They look like #4. They're not that rare, but not very common either...
  10. You can insert links with stops into a balljoint, even on the "stopper" side. It just takes more force.
  11. Sariel used that combination once in a trophy truck:
  12. The only thing I can think of in a similar(?) scale is one of Lucio switch' trucks: Perhaps you could also do it next to an official LEGO model, such as 42056 or another popular model like 8070, which is more or less the standard 1:10 supercar size.
  13. I think I've got something for the doors... This one is about as high as the original door. It won't work 100% yet, so it still needs some changing. I also don't know if this would even fit onto the car.