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  1. I doubt the disc brakes will work. They are way better than the ones on the Porsche though. Maybe they are the reason for the pins in the wheels?
  2. That is including the box and its contents (parts and instructions manual).
  3. I think that is a 14L black soft axle at the 42082 cab. These are rare right now.
  4. LEGO acknowledged the error but never corrected it. To fix it swap step 267 and 269, they are a set of gears near the rear of the chassis.
  5. 2x soft springs probably don't work. What about the normal hard ones from 8466? I am pretty sure those are still cheaper than the extra hard ones. Lucky I got them before they became so expensive
  6. I am guessing they will receive it very soon, this week or the week after
  7. Sariel's review will be published June 2nd.
  8. The perfect example of supply and demand. The demand increases (this popular moc uses 8), supply decreases, price increases. Same thing happened with #3 connectors years back.
  9. It honestly looks like someone took a BuWizz and changed the Bluetooth into WiFi. Pretty sure this was already posted here too, and locked by the mods.
  10. Use the ones from the Porsche/Claas. They should work perfectly.
  11. Incredible moc and wonderful pictures! The WIP topic was a lot of fun to follow as well.
  12. The wheel covers are from set 8653 Ferrari Enzo 1:10, and the wheels and tyres are from 42039. The ones from 8653 work too but they have 3 pin holes compared to the 6 pin hole variant this car has.
  13. This is ridiculous

    Maybe some context would help in this case...
  14. Only with full batteries and even then it doesn't drive in 5th gear...
  15. Seems a tad weird to release something on May 16th and reveal it on June 1st