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  1. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    That’s a very interesting piece. The pump too. I’m curious if they have any other uses, perhaps even Technic ones.
  2. They are all original LEGO parts straight out of the factory. Usually they test a mould, and the colour red is the hardest to mould. That’s why they’re mostly all red. They’re definitely not painted. His prices aren’t too bad btw. He’s one of the cheapest who sell test parts.
  3. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Interesting... Perhaps they will have 3 or even 4 (every quarter) waves?! I’m not against it, to be honest.
  4. @nahpets, the liftarms? Do you mean the actuators? That's not an easy fix. Check if you put the tan gears in the correct orientation. They should both be (viewed from the back of the car) on the right side. You did something wrong at the front brake callipers btw.
  5. That is much better! Those headlights...
  6. A lot of weird angles on this one... not sure how I feel. It seems a bit narrow on the roof. Those two curved panels at the back don’t resemble the sketches at all. But I like the hood, and the “angled” door looks great!
  7. @nerdsforprez, weird that yours didn’t work. Mine works fine (airbrake and spoiler), even with friction pins. I do admit that it takes some force though.
  8. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    People might get confused with the white pin with pin hole, considering they are very similar.
  9. @Meatman Paul told me that guy also made trans light blue, orange and red wheels. Apparently they were just able to mould anything they wanted. I wonder if these will make it on the market. For those unaware of what we’re talking about: These wheels aren’t painted. They were moulded in pearl grey, brand new out of the factory.
  10. These instructions are great! Awesome model! The original 8880 might be way before my time, but I have to build this soon.
  11. That was way worse than expected. I think the worst part is the doors. Since when does the P1 have scissor doors? I do like that white version with chrome gold rims though...
  12. LvdH

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    On the hood, connected to a #2 connector.
  13. @AFOLegofan66 You have an insane collection! Do you keep things built for display too or just building to build?
  14. LvdH

    [WIP] Liebherr LTM11200 crane

    Bricklink auto-finder, mixed new and used, gives me €925 + shipping....
  15. I do like the black and white... Very cool! Now let’s hope TLG releases those fenders in more colours.