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  1. Isn’t that “new panel” just this part?
  2. It looks like it’s inspired by the “Endurance” ship from Christopher Nolan’s movie Interstellar. But maybe space stations just look like that. I’ve never been on one, so I don’t know
  3. There is a QR code which links to a site that doesn’t have exist yet. It could be something AR related like the Mars Rover. Otherwise maybe something to create a “base” of some kind, which you can make bigger and bigger the more sets you have. Is the secondary color red or orange? It’s difficult to tell. The long tapered panels in the McLaren look interesting but (without derailing the topic), I’m pretty sure I have seen them or something very similar in competitor brands. I like the Kawasaki. Also includes a set of new panels in DBG (the smallest ones). The VTOL spaceship looks very interesting and I actually like it quite a bit. Overall I would say it’s a good first impression of what Technic 2024 has to offer. Lots of recolors too which are always welcome.
  4. That 1:10 scale McLaren P1 "Smiling Assassin" looks really good. It looks like the one designed by PvdB. Can anyone confirm it is his (authorized) design? Overal, there are some nice designs there. I'm not a construction person, but that JCB does look really nice. Some of those 10 wide Speed Champions style RC cars look interesting as well.
  5. Is that fender not just this piece?
  6. It's always nice to get a look behind the scenes, even if I might have seen a few of these pictures already . Most are still new to me, so thanks for sharing. I think the Bricksafe folder especially shows the amount of work that went into this build. It's interesting to see how many solutions were "rejected" even if the car still unmistakably looked like a LaFerrari. I think despite the few shortcomings this build is still one of, if not, the best 1:8 supercar out there. That said: looking forward to seeing your future projects
  7. And unfortunately friction is almost always better than no friction. The pearl dark gray pins don’t have friction. They’re the same axle pin that is normally tan or light gray in pre 2000s sets.
  8. For those interested: parts used in sets that were released in June 2023 are listed on Pick a Brick, although very few appear to be in stock. Sets released that month include the Mars Rover, John Deere, blue Bolide and the Pac-Man arcade (useful parts include black 16t gear and new chain links).
  9. If you drive the rear motor backwards it will drive in reverse without driving the pullback motor. The pullback motor won’t move as it’s hard coupled to the front motor. The diff will just spin (think of it as if you are only turning one wheel in a normal diff and engine setup) and transfer power to the wheels.
  10. Thanks, but I didn’t spend hundreds on making this In total it was actually closer to €90 including shipping costs from 3 shops (though some may argue I spent the other hundreds for the parts in my collection, which is fair). I chose red because red and black were the only options that didn’t require painting or searching for 3rd party pieces (neither of which I actually have no problem with, both exist in the F40 you mentioned). Also I had every single red piece minus one soft axle in my spare part collection gathering dust, waiting to be used. Most of the pieces I ordered were for the chassis and a few black panels for the bodywork. And no, the F40 isn’t photoshopped, the reason it’s DBG (not LBG) is because I was trying to recreate a very specific one of a kind real life car.
  11. Partly correct on the first point. I don't think the doors flex due to the hinges, but rather because there were some weak pins in there which I have already replaced: Lego changed the mould for the 15100 which became much weaker in recent years. Better in some cases, worse in others (like here). I changed it for the old ones and it's as solid as I would wish it to be now. Regarding the second point: My comment was never comparing the flex, but comparing the dismissal of criticism and forgiving one company for doing X but not the competitor. None of my comments here are to bash the design or the set, especially I know my experience isn't 100% representative of what the set has to offer. But it's not that far off. Not sure I agree, the gray and black looks a lot meaner. But thanks anyway
  12. Okay. But this one doesn't count, I bet? Because it's built with Lego pieces, despite you and me saying it's not possible?
  13. That is not what I am talking about. I am referring to the double standards that people are holding and brushing off criticism to it being a plastic toy. I know I am kicking the hornets' nest here, but if a Lego set had clicking gears in its main function, you can be sure that this set would be criticized very differently by the aforementioned group. Allow me to be clear: The set looks amazing and the use of the pullback motor is nothing short of genius. I think CaDA is among the better competitors to Lego and have praised the things they do better than Lego several times in and outside of this thread. All I am pointing out is that criticism shouldn't be brushed off with 2 words.
  14. Same with the Lego 42125, but that was ripped to shreds by (especially) the “anti-Lego” crowd. Of course it had other major issues such as the price and ugly design, but I’ve not seen anyone defend that by saying “plastic toy”. I think the criticism just becomes worthless if the defense just ends up being “plastic toy”.
  15. There were quite a lot of new panels and some new gears, from for example the Daytona and Airbus.