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  1. 1: 10 20: 6 15: 4 10: 3 15: 2 2: 1 So many great entries for such a wacky (pun intended) contest. Choosing a list wasn't easy, some looked incredible, like Charbel's Mean Machine, but didn't have as great of wacky function. Others had really creative wacky functions, like Erik Leppen's Arachne or kodlovag's Unrollable.
  2. So this model fits a lot better in Wacky Races than I originally thought. Why? There is actually a racer called "The Anthill Mob". Although it doesn't look anything like your entry, their strategy is the same; working together
  3. I doubt it is, and it's just a vague memory. I'm not entirely sure how he was in the game... For me it depends how much I can keep together, I think this year I built 6 or 7 cars mostly due to them not using pieces I didn't have yet. I think this is enough off-topic and time to go back to this masterpiece
  4. Absolutely! I remember that car especially, I believe it's the one who always cheated in races . It really brings me back to my childhood. I keep all my models together it costs a lot more and it limits how much I can build each year, but it's worth it.
  5. What to LDD?

    I'd love to see the baserunner made in LDD.
  6. MOC Silo Truck

    Good to see you back with another moc and a really good one, too!
  7. What are the lenths of the soft axles?
  8. Lola T70 MOC

    Really nice car!
  9. I wouldn't sell them, you'll regret it If you do want to sell, I would sell everything at once because if you sell every piece on Bricklink you will never sell them all. Or build your sets and sell those separately. But loose pieces you'll never get rid of them all.
  10. That is what I used on mine too. I also used a bigger variant of that tyre on the rear. I'm not sure if that fits on your version though because mine is different here and there.
  11. Formula Car

    I don't like that it is open. The whole car is fairly closed but the rear looks like you ran out of pieces or something...
  12. Formula Car

    I like the LBG rims more too. The gold ones are too small. I like the looks, but the rear (above the differential) looks bad.
  13. You won't find a kit anywhere from LEGO. Buying them one by one is your only option. Or you could see what sets have a lot of pieces and it will save you a few Bricklink orders, but in my experience it turns out more expensive in the end.
  14. I am using It's a relatively new program, made by Bricklink. It's very similar to LDD except there are WAY more pieces (sadly not all, PF motors, Porsche hubs and wheels and some others aren't in yet) and you can enable or disable collisions. It is a very good noob friendly CAD program in my opinion.