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  1. On an instagram "ripoff" someone leaked the 2018 catalog. lego_peru was the name I believe.
  2. This is what we got earlier this year from Sir Von Lego
  3. That truck looks wicked! I also saw some blue in the other models, I hope some new pieces...
  4. I am surprised this isn't in the HOF yet. I'd like to nominate @Didumos69 Rugged Supercar.
  5. [HELP] Buggy Motor Price

    That is a really good price in my opinion...
  6. Weirdly enough the closed topic worked for me as well. This one didn't. (on iPhone, using Safari)
  7. +1 He has more than enough knowledge about supercars.
  8. I remember that game I am expecting many creative builds this competition.
  9. The red 32016 #3 connectors seem to be dropping to about 3€ a piece (normally they were about 5€ a piece) already... I hope TLG has them at PAB soon so the Bricklink supply doesn't drain completely when they get cheap...
  10. The Porsche hubs don't exist in LDD.
  11. I think (for playability) a smooth driving ring will work better in the DNR selector. It seems to take a lot of force and I am not sure it will be easy to use once there's a roof and interior.
  12. Perhaps you could give each light and motor (so not just the wires) a different colour. Sheepo does this in his instructions, and it immensely helps figuring out what goes where.
  13. Same for me. I voted, the box disappears and if I refresh it lets me vote again.
  14. I don't like colour vomit, but I did catch myself colour coding pins with stop bush to indicate it can be pulled out to disassemble something, like a battery box or in modular cars an axle. Usually in red or blue. I like my chassis black though, or occasionally DBG.
  15. All of that for 200€ or just 8275 for 200€?