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  1. LvdH

    [MOC] Mercedes AMG GT Black Series

    Cool model! Very impressive for a first time.
  2. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    Interesting. Will the bar still fit inside, or are they following the trend of making the holes more square shaped?
  3. And I’m finished A ton of nice building techniques as usual and built like a tank. As you might notice I used the wheels from the Defender because I don’t think Bugatti/Sian wheels look good, but I might consider swapping them with a set of Porsche wheels. I think the R32 is just a little bit behind the NSX for me, mostly because of the gearbox. It’s just got a bit more of that “wow” factor, being built completely transversely. All three of them are incredible though. Anyway, it’s another very nice addition to the collection. PS: On page 272 you can’t actually use a 3L friction pin to join the two bars together. You either have to use a 2L one or a 3L frictionless (what I did). I guess whichever brand your pin was did allow this, but not LEGO’s
  4. Nice work so far. I will definitely look forward to any progress.
  5. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    I think it’s this one:
  6. 42127 and 42130 just got listed on website: 42127 is like 42126 just called "IP vehicle", but interestingly enough this one is not marked 18+. The American RRP is $99.99 USD. The only info is that it's from a movie. Coming fall 2021. 42130 has absolutely no info besides that it exists.
  7. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    I think you mean this site:
  8. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    Just noticed a previously very rare part just returned in Star Wars set 75301. Hard to see in the pictures, but it includes 8 of the white 41678
  9. According to Zusammengebaut, the CAT bulldozer has 6898 pieces Also includes 4 motors and 1 hub. Photos will follow, they say.
  10. LvdH

    General Part Discussion

    You can also find 8048 which has two of those steering hubs and the 3L rack usually for €20-€30
  11. I found it highly unlikely that both of those reviews actually bought one. Especially the first one, which was placed on the same day it became available for sale. And did anyone actually read the reviews on the LEGO website before purchasing, instead of reading/watching Sariel, RacingBrick, Jim or whoever reviews sets regularly?
  12. LvdH

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    You can just import the io file to Rebrickable. Or in the top right you can export it directly to a Bricklink wanted list.
  13. LvdH

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    The instructions look like a nice challenge. I will put it on my list and (probably) build it in DBG
  14. LvdH

    [MOC] 1968 Dodge Charger

    @Aleh He mentions on the sales page that the Studio file is included, which you can use to generate a parts list Instructions purchased, let’s see how this goes