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  1. Marishka

    Lego Elves Creations

    Nice! I have some new MOC's , I think it's time to show it =)
  2. Marishka

    Diligitis the Fairy dragon

    Jist wooow! It's perfect belly shaping :) Very cute.
  3. Marishka

    [MOC] WindGuardian Leviosah

    Oh, it's surprising to see a giant in elves setting :) i like the idea
  4. Marishka

    [MOD] Naida's (Power) Gondola

    Horrah! Elven MOC topic! :) It's cool when elves use some technology stuff and combine it with magic :)
  5. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Oh, really, this charges my imagination! :) And fan-stories about characters would intresting too. We even have three unique villians (however, I don't think they are actually villians but just some kind of "dark-side" persons) It seems like Noctura is the most powerful one and even have her own shadow world, Ragana is her ambitious apprentice and Cronan is handsome badass overlorld with little his own silly army. I think they don't let other heroes be bored :) I watched Lego Movie and loved the idea about borderless creativits. It gently tells " If you want more, go and make your own story!"
  6. Marishka

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Woow, this walking thing is awesome!!! It's so intresting how this mechanism works. The fortress is beautiful , I like it's style and feel of southern sea adventure :)
  7. Marishka

    Retrobricker is rebuilding vintage Lego sets.

    There's really something intresting in this old minimalistic style! It's aestethics look fresh to me, I did't see lot of builds like this before.
  8. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    Then it's sad. Elves is the theme that returned me to Lego from "dark age". Seems I should look for sets I doubted to buy before like Goblin's village and fire lion. Or may be I will get some friends minidolls and turn them into elf folks :) And I watched Lego Movie 2 teaser-trailer, I hope there will be some awesome minidolls! That space fairy looks cool :) She even have shoulder armor.
  9. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing
  10. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    No, I'm joking that many girls like and some of them even may go crazy about handsome characters like Loki or Sherlock, and I mean thet would be funny idea to make series about that kind of guy :) However it's more about teenager gilrls. You're right, it's reasonable side :) Anyway, if there will be awesome design, what matter about theme? I just want it to be fancy with intresting color combinations and building techniques. And sparkles - Elves have all, I hope this base idea will live in new themes :))
  11. Oh, exuse me then! :) The photo is so crisp and that shadow seems artifical, so I thought that is model with cool render :)) And great that it is solid enough in real
  12. Gorgeous building!! This LDD creation looks awesome, but I'm afraid that ball joints for legs would be too weak for real model :( And I like horse in the link!
  13. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    NOOOOO! =((( I'm afraid this may be beginning of my new dark age, if there will be no new fantasy theme next year :(
  14. Marishka

    Victorian Vampire Mansion

    Great! I also like custom minifigs so much and excited to see what is inside of it!
  15. Marishka

    LEGO Elves 2018

    I think for some reason it's good that "classic" or "generic" themes leaved in past. Now Lego creates much complex and delicate series with more attention for details and personality. Each universe is unique, also it's main strong side, in comparation with "Ones-who-should-not-be-named-on-this-forum" who have poor imagination and perfect only in stealing ideas. No one can walk into the same river twice, and is there need for that? I liked DS girls designs too, but I'm just not fan of comics and have limit of buying legos, so olny Elves is my choise, I collected almost everything of them. BTW may be good idea for pure girls-aimed minidolls would be like "Loki and others" :) Or Thranduil. Or Sherlock!