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  1. Yes, that works fine and doesn't have the obvious yellow bush showing on the inside.
  2. The giant wagon wheel window connection did not work well in my set, leaving a big gap between the wheel and the building. A quick fix is to grab the extra yellow 1/2L Technic bush and swap it where the black 1L pin joiner round connector is (that you are supposed to use). The gap will fully close and look fine from the outside, plus it doesn't require any new parts right away (for a better looking fix)
  3. teos

    [MOC] Ebon Hawk

    Very nice! Your model is the perfect display size. Here's another (bigger) version that you might like: http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/392295 I used the LDD files to build this about a year or two ago. If I remember correctly, there's a small number of places that use digital glue, but all in all it was doable with some modifications.
  4. I think I'd just prefer that they stick to one blue, whichever shade that happens to be. Right now we have parts spread over 4 shades of blue with limited selection for each. Imagine if they only chose one or two instead. Many more models could be built in blue.
  5. I voted using Chrome, however the results option disappears. Version 60.0.3112.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  6. There are a few factors that make it so that I cannot. Primarily it is my skill level. Also, the motors are connection points and the instructions aren't quite a thorough as a Lego instruction book. Keep in mind that I'm not complaining. I'm just hoping for a workaround. Maybe I will be able to modify it after see the undercarriage fully build with fake motors. To msk6003: I actually want to build brick built motors with real pieces. Update: I've added a photo to show how complex this model is. There are 5 motors crammed into this small area (3 directly behind the seats, 1 under seats, and a servo in the front that can't be seen). The picture displayed here is full size for the instructions themselves. This is by no means a novice created supercar.
  7. I'm posting to see if anyone has an LDD or LDraw file(s) for brick built samples of actual motors (mainly for connection points). Specifically, I need L & Servo, as I want to build the Icarus super car (by Madoca1977) motor-less*. Besides the electronic components, I likely have most of the parts and the car looks like it would be nice to display. Thanks! * I'm not at the builder level where I could just visualize and recreate the undercarriage. I wasn't thinking at first. It doesn't need to look like a motor, instead it just needs the connection points. I've already made a fake L-motor out of technic, so I can likely do a servo.
  8. There's no 8043 in the lot and we're talking each. Not that this really matters. I'm just saying that $1500 doesn't seem like a deal for used sets.
  9. Which 3 sets go for $350 each in used condition? I don't see one that I couldn't get for about $200. No way I'd pay $1500, maybe $800.
  10. Thanks for responding. I noticed how the L-Motors fit nicely in your model, but I didn't realize until just now that they have 2 pin holes on the corded end. That way they fit securely where you placed them. The lack of connections is one of my disappointments with M-motors, so I might just splurge for a couple more L-motors.
  11. I have a question about this setup. Is there any reason why I shouldn't use M-motors in the position above where the 3 L-motors are positioned? Unfortunately, I only have 1 spare L-motor, so I'm limited at the moment to 3 M or 3 XL. If it will ruin the M-motors or be problematic in some other way, then I'd rather order some L's. Thanks!
  12. Deals on new Lego seem to come and go rather quickly. For instance, yesterday Walmart.com had the new Technic Ocean Explorer for $91, now it's back up near MSRP. It's one of those things you have to check daily, if you're in the market for a deal. Other online retailers are the same.
  13. Probably from 60161: https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=3068bpb1088&idColor=2#T=S&C=2&O={"color":2,"ss":"US","rpp":"100"}
  14. You forgot to fume over the fact that the bigger 1H sets will arrive in the USA about 6 months after Europe. I'm excited because my wallet is going to be happy this year. All the 2H sets suck and the major 1H aren't worth the price. The Ocean Explorer set looks really nice, but it's a sham for the Technic line. It should have been a creator set. I'll probably just go with the Arocs, since it's more appealing than what's coming.
  15. Did you call a special # or the regular 1-800-835-4386 for bricks & pieces customer service? I ordered a panther and leopard on the 26th (hasn't shipped), but still would like a tiger.