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  1. I thought the Falcon was $799, where as the ISD is $699. The competition between Walmart and Amazon has created some nice discounts, so I think we may see the same with the ISD.
  2. I have a hard time with the inflation argument. Lego has made so many cost-cutting initiatives since 2002. How many jobs were sent to overseas factories that have cheaper labor (2006: 44% of Enfield, CT and 75% of Denmark headquarters. New jobs in Mexico)? What about the diminishing quality of Lego products? Surely these must be a factor in keeping the prices low too.
  3. On the topic of just B&P, has anyone used the new VIP coupons toward their parts order?
  4. teos

    LEGO Table Idea

    That's a sharp looking table. There was a beat up dining room table left in the basement of my mom's 'new' house some years back. She wanted it gone, so I salvaged most of it, and turned it into a 2'x5' table (w/ the leaf) that became my Lego building table.
  5. Too many new colors that add little value to the technic line, due to a lack of variety in pieces. Otherwise, it looks nice. BL Colors: Blue, Med. Blue, Dk. Blue, Med. Azure, Dk. Azure, Dk. Purple, Bright Green, Green, Lime and now Olive Green(?). If Lego chose just 3 of the above shades to use in their models, then we might have a nice selection in those colors.
  6. I can't answer your first question, though I'm surprised (Pun: a strange thing) these minifigs are still holding their value. BL was flooded with dis-proportionally cheap minifigs from the $800 UCS Falcon relatively early on. There's little incentive at the moment to part these figs out.
  7. Nice stuff. I got the wolf girl, new hair pieces, and geodes in the mail the other day. If I recall correctly, pumpkins weren't available, so you lucked out on those.
  8. teos

    [TC16] Helix

    FYI- this part isn't so rare anymore. It was just used in Star Wars and Porsche 911 sets. The piece is available on Lego B&P for $0.23 (USA).
  9. teos

    42043 Mercedes-Benz Arocs 3245

    I just built the RTC this weekend with no issues. With the price of Lego Technic in Europe, I wouldn't be so sore about the occasional missing pieces. People are re-selling this new for ~$180 on BrickLink from Europe, whereas it costs $299 (MSRP) here. I don't even want to imagine what the Australians have to pay...
  10. I agree, especially if buying new parts. Once you factor in many orders and all the shipping costs, I would expect this to cost around $1000 if not more (assuming you don't have any parts). There's a point near the end of any project where pieces become difficult to find, leading to several tiny orders. BTW- Awesome model. This is the model I was hoping we would get from Lego.
  11. This is my favorite medium sized falcon since I built Flail's (?) over a decade ago. What a huge difference in Lego builds over that period: http://www.brickshelf.com/cgi-bin/gallery.cgi?f=375458
  12. teos

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors, Wishlists and Discussion

    I've wanted a Fang in Lego ever since I got to use him in the video game. Unicorns and centaurs in the Forbidden Forest would be nice also. I'd buy an expansion for the UCS Hogwarts, if it tied in nicely.
  13. According to BrickLink they are #95343
  14. FYI: Mera's dark turquoise torso from set 76095 is available for $2.03
  15. teos

    LEGO Ideas: The Pirate Bay!!

    Thanks for sharing! This is a must have model.