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  1. Seams like a dumb reason, but if it's necessary from the system we'll have to go with it. I'll be testing it soon with a Moto Z² Play and the appropriate GamePad-Moto-Mod
  2. While installing the BC2 it asked for permission to use the Location Information. I just asked to understand, why you should need these information. Or else I will remove the permission for BC2.
  3. @imurvai I installed your BrickController and it's not clear for me which of the features use the position information?
  4. AkiyamaWataru

    [MOC] Volvo Mars Mission

    Looks nice. But I have a serious issue with the base structure bending quite heavily under its own load. This indicates lots of stress on the beams attaching the chaindrives.....
  5. AkiyamaWataru

    Show us your Working Place

    It's not a working place.... but my wife ordered a new cupboard from Ikea... After the 'build' we had a brick invasion studless style. Left Side is mostly mine! Right side is all my wifes lego :)
  6. oracid: 1.) activate Installation of Apps from unknown Sources (done on your android phone) 2.) put the *.apk-file on your fone (done with your computer or directly downloaded with your phone) 3.) access it with a filemanager and execute/open the *.apk file (done on your phone)
  7. AkiyamaWataru

    Your Best Technic Bargains

    Made a bargain for me: used 8386 for 30€. Set is complete with Instructions, no box, stickers are applied
  8. AkiyamaWataru

    42081 - Volvo Autonomous Loader

    You forgot the Speed Champions R8 LMS that uses the spoiler to mimik a diffuser.
  9. AkiyamaWataru

    Grum's Shed

    Not kind just unpolitly honest. A few pages ago you had the plan to alternate between studded and studdless set. I just want to help you fight your nemesis ;) I wonder how this plan comes along?
  10. AkiyamaWataru

    Grum's Shed

    @grum64 very nice you finished, your bwe. As the topic of your ramblings.... This is one of the things, that keep me bound to this forum. I'm always in anticipation what you build next or how far you came this time.
  11. AkiyamaWataru

    [MOC] F14A Tomcat

    @Jeroen Ottens you are talking about yaw ;) The rotation around the Up-Axis of a craft.
  12. @Didumos69 the easierst way to pair Batteryboxes is to use 2 and use 2 sbricks aswell. And then you can think about how you will be connecting the Sbricks to the motors. With your setup i would use one SBrick for front axle (motors, steering) and the other one for rear axle. What you should consider is ease of reach for the BB's. With standard BB's you could put them at the side with a vertical drop mechanism. Putting most of its weight to the center of that car.
  13. AkiyamaWataru


    Looks cool, but you did one Error. You used an L-Motor. Not the M-Motor
  14. AkiyamaWataru

    [WIP] Jaguar XJR19 Le Mans Prototype concept

    @Erik Leppen good I just wanted to raise this thought before, this change is to late and you think of could have beens :) All your points are valid and inside an LMP this room has a function for wiring, control units and fire extinguishig equipment.
  15. AkiyamaWataru

    [WIP] Jaguar XJR19 Le Mans Prototype concept

    @Erik Leppen I foubd an issue with your seating position. If it is going to be a lmp-race car, the seat should be set a bit to the right or left. The regulations for this race car state the theoretical possibility to transport a second human in the cabin must be given. It has been a discussion on 42039 as well.