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  1. Semi dump truck

    I'm sorry @steph77 but this is not a pendular suspension. Your's is a bogey system. But I like your Truck an Teailer very much. Wish I could build so well...
  2. The engine is in both areas :) It's still a V8. Afaik the GT R has a transaxle transmission. So the gearbox is on the rear axle.... Also the rear axle diff is way to large to be only the diff.
  3. [MOC] Telehandler (WIP)- finalizing

    I think Lucio, choose this 'rank' for him self. The rank you're talking about is the Count rank.
  4. That was exacrly what went through my head.....
  5. Sorry for ot Looking good so far. Am I seeing this right. You want to use a Geneva mechanism to control the gearbox?
  6. You both forgot the amg Gt3 ;) Be complete if you mention race cars....
  7. @TechnicSummse Interesting... I pulled this info from what I gathered here and the philos page. Might have to do some testing, when I'm back at my lego's
  8. @JDL1967 The early boxes have currentlimitation of a constant 750mA. They darker glowing newer boxea have no limit. In @SarielSaSarielSaSaSarielSaSarielSaSa book is an encyclopedia of the available motors and there current consume while stalling.
  9. As @move5 said It's much better. This front I kinda like for a seven seater.
  10. Technic Pub

    Is anyone here watching the Total 24h of Spa Francorchamps?
  11. I give full aggreement to @Jeroen OttensOttensOtOttensOttensOttensOttensOtOttensOttens Maybe put the grill a few studs higher. You could try an Alfa-Style number plate. Put the plate on the side.
  12. For me the Frontend looks a bit like a Multipla. Not that bad as a Multipla, but it's to cluttered. Fewer and clearer lines might help a lot.
  13. Technic Pub

    Rumor has it, they will try to bring the books into a film format. I want to watch it.... NOW! They said the studio which made the cg-films in the games will produce the series.
  14. Technic Pub

    I'm quite happy to hear, Netflix will make a Series about Geralt from Rivia. Who wants to watch it aswell?
  15. It might be possible, if the guys from Bricksafe provide an API to access there service. The next thing: what do you want this app to do? And for what os's do you want the app?