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  1. robinnilsson403

    [FB] Leaving Cold Rock

    Thanks Titus. Choosing which colours to include in a build is one of my weak sides. I tend to add "just one more". Well, I don't think I'll add more baseplates in the near future. It was more about availability and suitability. They are very sturdy. Thanks! The idea with the arches was to use much tan around them, to make it look more "worked". I forgot it around the well though. Thanks! The tap thing just came up when I was playing around with furniture for the build. It used up all the tan ones that were in storage, so I wonder where Janduin would have been seated...?
  2. robinnilsson403

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Yes, yes Jonas. It just took a while to write it...
  3. robinnilsson403

    [FB] Leaving Cold Rock

    Old man Meciar returned to the small spring in the cliff again. Without this spring Cold Rocks would be a dead place, but with the help of the water plants could grow. The dirt, on the other hand, had to be carried for miles - but that didn't matter to Meciar - Cold Rocks was a safe from raids. There was only a small opening that led into the hidden ravine that Cold Rocks had been built into many years ago. Meciar filled his bucket and turned around, and there he was, Janduin. He was not in his traditional white robes, but instead was dressed as he was going to do some dirty work. A pair of old pants and a worn shirt with both belt and suspenders. And he had a backpack! Was he going to the villages to trade like that? "Uncle Meciar..:" "What are you wearing! If you are going to trade dressed like that they'll rip you off!" "I finished watering the t'mat, uncle, and just as I agreed with uncle Seirin I'll be leaving now." "Leaving!? What has gotten into your head?! You are safe here. With us." "I am not looking to be safe." "Seirin! Get over here! What have you done to the boy!?" Seirin walks over with his eyes closed. Janduin realized that Seirin hadn't talked to Meciar, opposed to his promise the night before. "Well, Meciar, you see Janduin here wanted to know what happened, and how he came to be here..." "And what?! You told him?" "I don't know much of it, just that his mother..." "Don't talk about it! It is evil I tell you!" "But Meciar, Janduin is of age. He can make his own decisions now, and if he wants to explore his past, so be it." "So," Janduin said "what can you tell me before I go, uncle Meciar?" "Boy... I don't know much more than you already do yourself. Your mother approached from the north. Not a single piece of cloth was without holes, and there was some blood. She had gone thirsty for days, so it must have been a few days since she was at some civilisation, but as you know, that's not hard to do in this area." "We must also tell you about her last word" Seirin interjected. "Juric, Estair, Janduin. We assumed it was three names, and we named you the last of the three. But it could as easily be villages, hills, rivers..." "Or a spell" muttered Meciar. "Anyhow, we haven't heard any of them before or since." "True" said Seirin "and I've kept my ears open every time I've been outside this ravine. I know it's not much to go on. Just north, and ask around. Otherwise you could go towards Petraea and the university. Perhaps someone there has heard those words before." "Thank you, uncles. I promise I will see you again some day." "Now, take good care of yourself Janduin!" Later that day... "Well, well, well, Meciar. I almost thought you didn't want Janduin to go." "I didn't! Who will now serve tea?" I first built this to add to my collection of builds inspired by the book series The wheel of time, and just as I was finishing Gideon told me that Book III was about to start, so I adapted the build to start of my story. For the original plan I needed some more space in front of the cliff, that's why there's some empty space. Some of my other previous builds may also be adapted in the future, where they fit in. It's all built in modules, on two 32x32 moduverse baseplates, and parts of the cliff can be removed to ease transportation. Any criticism, ideas, help, and what not, are most welcome! I know I'm bad at taking photos. I think I lack the patience for it...
  4. robinnilsson403

    Book III - Kaliphlin: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    May I introduce Janduin, last name unknown. He has been raised by two elderly men that he calls his uncles, but now that he has grown to become a man he has decided to leave the life of watering plants in Cold Rocks, in the east of Kaliphlin, to explore the world and maybe find himself a wife.
  5. "Platoon, march!" The recruits began to march with their squad leaders. It was hot, but regardless of that they wished for the day when they would earn their shakos. The squad leaders instead hoped they would soon earn their epaulettes. On the other hand, the commanding officer just wished they all would learn fast enough, before they would be needed to defend the colony. The worker had an other view: Every day I'm shovelling; Shovelling, shovelling; Do it fast; All the wenches, I've got loads of cash; I'm shovelling coal, all I can have; Never gonna stop, no coal is bad; Every day I'm shovelling...; On the inside General Du Pont was trying to show the new foundry ovens for some officials from Le Bellan. Breshauns mayor, Darlin Sisnera, was very impressed with how fast the new arsenal had been constructed and he was very interested in the new type of furnaces. "So what is the capacity of this organisation?" "Well", answered Du Pont, "we still don't really know. We need more matrices as the cannonballs don't cool of fast enough. We still have only lit one furnace. The matrices we have here are for 18-pounders, but we have also tried out a few 36-pounders. You can see them in those crates." "So pretty many in the long run then! You know, Breshaun could need a few of those furnaces..." "I'll make sure you can get the plans with you on your way back. Should we continue our tour?"
  6. robinnilsson403

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    I have an idea for a cannon ball foundry, so I'll guess I'll sign up for that.
  7. robinnilsson403

    [CH5A] Lost love

    Thanks! Yeah, those are chairs. My "local" (5 hours away) Lego store had them on their PaB wall, so I grabbed a bunch for future roofs. :)
  8. CH5A Lost Love | OL | robinnilsson403 | for Marider
  9. robinnilsson403

    [CH5A] Lost love

    Due to lack of time, I post a mock-up of the idea I had in mind when the challenge was posted, and I didn't have time to take any fancy photos. Against Eslandola Joshua Rubio, a young noble in Kings Port, had a little bit of a habit. He was very well known in some of the more shady parts of town, especially amongst the Ladies of the Night. This day he had a play date scheduled with one of his favourites in a run down building. He was early to the meeting, and was looking out the window when the floor boards creaked behind him. As he turned he saw that it wasn't the poor girl he had hoped - it was a musky man in a green coat with a quarterstaff. "Eh... You're not Renata...?" "You won't be seeing her no more. You won't be seeing anyone any more." "What do you mean?" "King Augusto says hi." Joshua saw the quarterstaff as in slow motion. When he felt the glass breaking he knew it was too late to do anything...
  10. robinnilsson403

    [OL FB2] Breshaun Wine Merchant

    Nice build! I really like the handle for the door and the shelf with bottles. The windows are neat to! On the other hand, I don't like the visible blue pins above the door. Perhaps cover them with something?
  11. robinnilsson403

    [OL - FB2] Ragtag barrels

    Thank you! I decided to go for the comic side with this one. The stand on the right is for storage, and the left is meant to be used when cutting planks.
  12. robinnilsson403

    [OL - FB1] Amedée's bottles

    Thanks! I take your comments to my heart for my upcoming build! :)
  13. robinnilsson403

    Settlement: Breshaun, Le Bellan, Oleon

    Amedée's bottles - Small factory - License active Ragtag barrels - Small factory - License active