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  1. Playing BUWIZZ 2.0 and CADA 2.4GHZ at the same time, there is no obvious mutual interference. BUWIZZ 2.0 can control distances of 15 meters CADA can control distances of 8 meters
  2. Maybe I can test the interference of Bluetooth and 2.4ghz on weekends.
  3. In terms of business considerations, BUWIZZ does not limit BM's competition. Instead, it restricts consumers' curiosity about BUWIZZ.
  4. The advantage combination of this game is 5292 BUGGY MOTOR + BUWIZZ 2.0. The question is the average consumer: Who will deliberately purchase BUGGY MOTOR(discontinued)? Should limit, only use the current motor M, L, XL.
  5. Thanks for all your encouragement. Thanks for all your encouragement. Thank you, In order to increase speed, small tracks are used to a trade-off between appearance and body ratio.Even small track's are slight.
  6. The T-90S Bhishma was essentially identical to the Russian T-90. It was given a more powerful engine to cope with the new armour and equipments, a jamming system a laser warning receivers, while still relying on a powerful 2A46M 125 mm smoothbore main gun with a thermal sleeve and muzzle detector that can fire a whole range of ammunitions including HE, Frag, HEAT, APFSDS and ATGMs which were developed in India. The improved night sights allowed to detect and engage targets at 700m to 1100m in pitch black darkness, fog or sandstorms while on the move and the gun is fully stabilized. The armour protection level rests on the hardened steel hull of the T-72 with inserts of composites in the turret front, and a layer of ERA bricks (KONTAKT 5) explosive armour. Secondary armament comprises a roof-mounted 12.7 mm and coaxial 7.92 mm machine gun. Mobility is assured by two planetary gear boxes for the transmission and two final drives, plus a snorkel allowing 5m of immersion with a 20 min. preparation. The limited weight of the tank 45 tons, compared to the Arjun allows this tank to be air-transported and compatible with most bridges in India. However The Indian T-90S didn’t have the Shtora-1 countermeasure suite, and the locally-built model is equipped with sights from Thales (France) and the Kanchan composite armour developed locally.(tank ECYCLOPEDIAA ) Manual tiny tank gun elevating mechanism mechanism size:9X6X2 studs
  7. jaffrry

    42038 B Model RC

    Thanks,I've updated the design last year.
  8. I bought a BUWIZZ in mid-November,hasn't been sent out yet.But Today,buwizz website has been shut down.
  9. HI, This is AT-TE With Motorized & Lights,hope you like.
  10. I agree,but 42006 looks smaller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wqGbeyVY04
  11. Thanks of suggestions. I appreciate it. As shown in the figure below(a red frame),It's looks complicated,What LEGO parts of show?
  12. Hi, I Want to Build VOLVO EC60E. But,I have no idea,Your comments and suggestions are welcome!
  13. It used 4 LEGO L Motors。 Principle as shown in the following picture.
  14. It's a LEGO not a model ,some details can't be perfect. Motors & sbricks like picture.