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  1. I bought a BUWIZZ in mid-November,hasn't been sent out yet.But Today,buwizz website has been shut down.
  2. HI, This is AT-TE With Motorized & Lights,hope you like.
  3. I agree,but 42006 looks smaller. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-wqGbeyVY04
  4. Thanks of suggestions. I appreciate it. As shown in the figure below(a red frame),It's looks complicated,What LEGO parts of show?
  5. Hi, I Want to Build VOLVO EC60E. But,I have no idea,Your comments and suggestions are welcome!
  6. It used 4 LEGO L Motors。 Principle as shown in the following picture.
  7. It's a LEGO not a model ,some details can't be perfect. Motors & sbricks like picture.
  8. 2-speed controlled 2 L motors drive 1 Servo motor steering 4x4
  9. $340 is my price.8043 original price is $200 or so,But now the price is $500. I’m not sure if I get what you mean.
  10. LEGO 42006 $100 or so + other parts $240=US $340
  11. Body uses 2 IRs + 4M motors + 88000 Chassis uses 1 IR + 2L motors + 8881