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  1. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    【BCPL MOC】China Railway DF11G diesel locomotive

    Fantastic model. Captured all the essence and details of the real locomotive. Big fan of all those little greeblings and details. Coaches look great too. Like what you did for the roof.
  2. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    1815 Steam Elephant Locomotive

    Fantastic job on this historic engine. The mechanism is just great to look at.
  3. Hey everyone, here's a shunting video on my LEGO Train Layout. Yes, it is only the bare minimum with tracks and some plant pieces. The goal is to recreate the stretch of the Old Bukit Timah Railway station in Singapore. Due to space limitations in Singapore homes, it will only be from one end of the station to the end that goes past the bridge and onwards to Malaysia. But in the layout, past the bridge will be covered with LEGO trees and landscape to hide a bunch of sidings to store trains, giving the illusion that the trains are on the way to Malaysia. Also, the actual trains usually use these sidings to wait for oncoming trains due to the single track nature of the railway, but in my layout it will probably used for shunting activities. Here's what the station and bridge looks like: Am doing a lot of LEGO studio planning and building. Man, LEGO railway modelling is so expensive. Will post digital designs here when it is ready. Cheers.
  4. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] LEGO 15 Class Malayan Railway Narrow Gauge Shunter

    Ahh, thank you for the kind words. Really pleased with how it looks. Now I just need to get decals to complete the loco.
  5. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] LEGO 15 Class Malayan Railway Narrow Gauge Shunter

    Hey everyone, here's a short update video of my LEGO 15 Class with the newly added red counterweights connected to the coupling rods. I think they look fantastic in motion. A month ago, I contacted Martin from to enquire about the counterweight pieces on his store. After further discussion, Martin suggested that those in his store were too out of scale for this shunter. He then offered an alternative smaller counterweights (S-sized) that he had just designed and 3D-printed. He was kind enough to arrange a shipment even though the items were not yet on his store. Great chap and would highly recommend his store ( for all your 3D-printed coupling rods and alternative pieces such as these counterweights. (FYI: Coupling rods in the video are from TrainedBricks) Am absolutely pleased with the results.
  6. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Am so glad that the 4-wide train has its own thread now. Love to see how creative builders get to squeeze in as much details as possible.
  7. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Virginian 2-8-8-8-4 Triplex (Version 4)

    Behemoth locomotive packed with intricate details. Love the coupling rod details. I am just so fascinated with the fact that it takes curves and switches so easily.
  8. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    FS Italian glories in 4-wide - 1:87

    Gorgeous rendition of these iconic Italian locomotives. The 4-wide train idea is really growing on me. Makes me want to do my own version of 4-wide locomotives of the Malayan railway. Would definitely be a nice office table deco.
  9. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    MOC: Santa Fe Super Chief EMD F7 A-B-A (4-Wide)

    Fantastic job on the front. Instantly recognisable.
  10. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Modifying official Lego 6-wide trains to 7 or 8 wide

    I don't have any sage advice but when I upscale from 6 to 8-studs wide, I make sure that everything else (features such as height, length, grill details and so on) are also upscaled. Looking forward to seeing your 10219 in 8-wide. Also, there is an old thread on 8-wide Maersk Train: Everything just looks better in 8-studs wide. All the best.
  11. Fantastic job on capturing the iconic streamliner shape whilst also ensuring that it is capable of handling LEGO curves. Would love to see the model powered and running! I guess all you need to do now is get custom drive wheels and stickers to complete the model.
  12. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    BR 94 - German steam engine

    Hi Duq, I replied to your DM on Flickr. :)
  13. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Credentials of 3rd party parts

    Excellent services and products. I get all my wheels and coupling rods from them. I even got 3D printed ladders from TrainedBricks.
  14. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    BR 94 - German steam engine

    Hey Duq, do you by any chance have a pictorial or video tutorial on how to fuse the PF wire with the button connector? I do not have any experience with wires and tinkering of electronic parts. My 9v adaptor that I bought years ago has an awkwardly long and stiff wire from the button connector that makes it difficult to place the 9v battery in the loco.
  15. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] LEGO 15 Class Malayan Railway Narrow Gauge Shunter

    Hey! Thank you so much. The PF wires are a nightmare because of how stiff they are. Hoping to make room to swap out the IR for PFx bricks and M-speaker.