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  1. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] Hythe Pier Railway

    I think the little wobble gives it a little charm! My 2-axle wagons tend to wobble a little too but for my case it was due to the ball bearings axle with uneven rods attachment. As for my locomotives, they don't wobble due to its massive weight that 'grounds' the loco. I'd say not to worry about it. The train runs well and the wobbling effect gives it character.
  2. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Control Bricks

    Never knew the bluetooth control could be interrupted by presence of many other bluetooth devices! I prefer the bluetooth option because I don't like having the IR receiver seen and the fact that I have to be real close to stop the train (a lot of close calls from falling off the table). Also, @Chromeknight fantastic table! I only have experience in PFx bricks and they work wonders especially for LEGO train enthusiasts. The only downside I could think of is the need for space within your trains - PFx Brick, PF battery box, XL-speaker, PF motors and take note of all the wirings. Might not seem like much but in my 20 Class video you can see how tight it gets even though the body is essentially a large rectangular box. Take note that there are specific ways to attach the wires (e.g. the speaker wire attaches to the top of the PFx brick whilst the lighting goes into a chip connected to the side of the PFx Brick. The PF related wires goes on the top (for motor) and bottom (for battery box) of the PFx brick. All these consideration makes it a little tricky to place the PFx Brick especially when PF wires are so 'stiff'. Aside from that, PFx brick is my go to. I was able to reverse engineer (using real loco clips and Audacity software) to make my own sound profile for my locomotive. A big plus over the other Bricks IMO. All the best!
  3. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] Passenger Coaches - CP Arco - 1:45 Scale

    Phenomenal coaches Sérgio! So many great techniques used for the roof (my fav), the doors, the colour shaping and even the bogies. I hope these coaches will be on flywheels because the locomotive is going to struggle! Looking forward to seeing this photo below in LEGO! !
  4. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    2-8-8-4 AC-9 "yellowstone" ( Formerly'Getting into it' )

    WOW!!! Engine looks real mighty. Great job on all the tiny details as well as shaping. Can't wait to see it in bricks!
  5. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Thank you! Appreciate it. Really glad that so many LEGO enthusiasts enjoy this MOC.
  6. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] SOB Stadler Traverso (FLIRT4)

    WOW! The front shaping and techniques used are top-notch mate! Clever light-piping too.
  7. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Ahh, thank you so much! Yes, I still find it scary and mind-boggling that these actual locomotives are so wide and massive whilst tiptoeing on narrow gauge tracks. Hope it works out this time round! Ahh, that was one of my worries with smoke generators.. I guess I won't be doing that anytime soon.
  8. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Hey Sven! Thank you for the kind words. It means a lot coming from you. TheBrickArtist does sound nice but Craftsman sounds 'cooler'? Hehe. For the sounds, I did not mute the motor. As I made my engine sound profile using the Audacity software, I was able to increase the volume of each sound clip. On the PFx desktop app, I also increased the volume coming out of the XL-speakers. I went through a couple of rounds of trial and error to ensure that the sound was loud but not too loud that it causes the sound to 'crack'. Also, I have yet to run my locomotive at full speed because of the lack of space and tracks. All the best with your sound optimisation! Looking forward to seeing your locomotives puff and chug along with smoke and sounds!
  9. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Ciao Davide! Grazie mille! You're too kind. Appreciate it. Thanks a lot for the kind words. Yes, the stickers were tough to get on because of how thin it was at some parts. Thanks a lot Thomas! Appreciate it. Yes, the dark red looks fantastic in person. I am even tempted to make this 20 Class in dark green (an earlier paint coat before MR changed to dark red). Ahh, I get what you mean but the perfectionist in me to make the model look as realistic as possible won the LEGO purist within. Whilst the handrails could be replaced with standard LEGO bars, I feel that the antenna pieces are more thinner and in 'scale'. Also, for the small roof above the windscreen, I can't think of a LEGO part that is flat, thin and curved to achieve this hence the reason I chose to use and modify LEGO swords.
  10. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Trains 2022

    I hope LEGO builds an iconic steam locomotive! Maybe a Mallard? or a Big Boy (haha I know this will never happen)
  11. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] Hythe Pier Railway

    What an interesting (and odd, in a good way) looking train! Fantastic job on the coach and the technique used to mimic the sliding doors, brilliant stuff. Definitely one of the memorable OcTRAINber entries.
  12. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Malayan Railway 20 Class - Narrow Gauge Train MOC

    Thanks a lot guys! Truly appreciate the kind words. :D Haha! Yes it did cost me quite a lot! The most expensive piece is the minifig bracket in dark red (needed to fill the gaps under the black 'vents') which cost about $8/piece.. I needed 8 pieces.. As for the moving fan, I initially thought of linking up the drive axle straight up into the fan so that when the train is in motion the fan was too but alas, the fan had to be placed a few studs in front of where the drive axle is. Thanks for the kind words mate and yes antenna pieces seem to be perfect scale for handrails. It's always in the details! Hoho. Appreciate the kind words. I was initially worried that people would get bored of seeing the details during the first half of the video but glad to see you enjoyed the video showcase and the order of content! Wewww!! You are too kind. Nothing like a hefty 8-studs wide locomotive rattling down the 4-studs wide track. Wow mate!! Appreciate the very kind words! It's a great feeling to know that people appreciate the model as well as the video! Will definitely be making more LEGO MOC Train Showcase in the future. Surely you will be able to design and build a model like this. It just takes a little time to get used to all the LEGO parts on studio and what it can be used for. Soon enough, you would have a rough idea as to what parts are need to achieve a certain look. Appreciate the kind words! I think PFx bricks paved the way for my need to have the holy trinity of lights, sounds and power in my LEGO models. Haha. I know there are a few in the community that go above and beyond by having smoke machine in their models! Ahh appreciate it mate! I will attach some photos I have to the original post though I do not have close up photos of the trucks.
  13. It has been a long time coming but here's a proper LEGO Train MOC showcase of my Malayan Railway (MR) 20 Class Narrow Gauge Locomotive. The MR 20 Class is the first main line diesel-electric locomotive which made its debut in Malaya in 1957. A total of twenty-six locomotives were manufactured by English Electric Co at Vulcan Foundry, United Kingdom. In its roughly thirty years of service, the 20 Class hauled both the passenger express and freight between Singapore and Malaysia. The last 20 Class was decommissioned in the early 1990s. This MR 20 Class model is controlled by a PFx Brick, powered by 1x PF L-motor, fitted with lights (2x main headlights and 4x side lights) and accurate engine sound profile based on BR Class 31 as they both shared the same engine, EE12SVT. The toughest part hands down was the decals.. more specifically the lettering on the side which stands for 'Malayan Railway' in Bahasa Melayu. My decal shop had each letter made separately which means I had to meticulously place them along the body. The nose stripes were finicky to handle but sticks on perfectly. Here are some photos of the LEGO MR 20 Class: If anyone was wondering what the actual MR 20 Class looks like: Hope you enjoyed this Train MOC showcase! Follow me on Flickr, Instagram or Youtube if you want to see more of my other narrow gauge trains. :D Power Function L-Motor and Battery Box: PFx Brick: PFx LED Lights and XL-Speaker: TrixBrix Narrow Gauge Tracks:
  14. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Circuit Cubes

    I use the smaller motors shown at 1:55 of the video you posted. They are pretty powerful! The app works fine. The only downside, in my opinion, is the 'scream' it makes when it motion. Have a listen: MR 15 Class shunter (Powered by 1x Circuit Cube and 2x Small Motors), also I've lowered the video's sound because it was just too unbearable to listen to:
  15. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    My 12v layout

    Fantastic to see these vintage electronic parts still chugging! Thanks for sharing.