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  1. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    New Hogwarts Express

    Hahaha. Good. Maybe they'll learn a thing or two.
  2. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    <moc> NSWGR 38 Class 4-6-2 #3801

    The grey looks great! Go for it.
  3. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    <moc> NSWGR 38 Class 4-6-2 #3801

    Absolutely stunning design! Looking forward to seeing this in bricks. All the best.
  4. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Do you tend to stick to your nationality?

    I think that's the beauty of model railway! You can model your layout to any region on this planet. Same goes for building of locomotives. If you're a fan of it and you like it, go for it! I also think residents of that region would be extremely happy to come across a MOC of their local train. As for me, I have a personal connection to the locomotives and railway structures of my region (Singapore - Malaysia) hence the reason I only build trains within my region.
  5. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    New Hogwarts Express

    My thoughts exactly. Great looking locomotive and set but a huge disappointment to find out that it is not running on standard LEGO Track gauge. I've seen loads of beautifully done LEGO Hogwarts Express MOC that not only runs on LEGO tracks but is packed with all the tiny details and more. One such example from British Brick
  6. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    CP Arco Coaches -1:45 Scale

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Phenomenal coach Sergio! Brilliant design all around.
  7. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    [MOC] A4 Mallard - Lego Ideas

    Impressive model mate! I was hoping LEGO did something like this after the Crocodile Loco. Will support! :D
  8. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Looks better than the 2022 Train sets! Haha.
  9. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    60051, 60197 & 60337 nose jobs

    Infinitely better than all the previous versions! Good job mate.
  10. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    LEGO Trains 2022

    Didn't expect much for this year's train sets. It was already heading in that direction since the 9V era. Wished LEGO would make train sets with a little more realism..
  11. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Fx Bricks (Michael Gale) announces Fx Track system

    I've had this question on my mind too..
  12. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Hey! Sure no problem, go ahead. Am looking forward to seeing your Nohab Locomotive MOC. I'm such a big fan of any bulldog nose locomotives.
  13. Now that's one heck of an introduction! Phenomenal steam locomotive packed with great details. One can only dream of LEGO adopting this loco! All the best.
  14. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Trains in 4-Wide

    Updates on my mini MR 20 Class. Even made a stand with mini narrow gauge tracks (2-studs wide) to make sure the mini model is also in scale haha. A little instructional video:
  15. LEGOTrainBuilderSG

    Trains in 4-Wide

    This thread has inspired me to make my own little 4-wide trains (a nice little display for the office table). Mini LEGO MR 20 and 24 Class: Gonna get a mini nose stripe for the MR 20 Class. These are based on my two larger lego train MOCs: