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  1. tuanzi

    Mini ausrada

    Good job! You bring me back to my childhood!
  2. tuanzi

    Optimus prime

    Rodimus was done,just need to take some photos.
  3. tuanzi

    Optimus prime

    Meagtron will coming soon Stop motion video is a good idea! I tried to build this in Ldd, but it was really hard because of the ball joint, always not in the right position....
  4. tuanzi

    Optimus prime

    It takes a long time to transform(10or15mins....),and not easy to make arms or other parts in a right position(although there are pins to help to do so),anyway I will try,and thank you! You are right!!! And also hard to get some parts in the right colour,the leg should be all in blue,but now you can see there are many black parts.....
  5. tuanzi

    Optimus prime

    Working on Megatron now! Thanks!!!
  6. I took three months to build this optimus prime, make this one looks like MP01 and transforms like it too, this one is the biggest legoform I have built, and the ball joint used can only support OP stand....no more pose,its too heavy..... This should be my last OP to build, I can't change anything on it,so perfect!!!! And here are Optimus and Rodimus,wish you like it!
  7. tuanzi

    [MINI] TF Ramhorn

    Ravage Laserbeak an Ratbat each of them is less than 200 pcs, these are just for fun,not for the contest.
  8. tuanzi

    [MINI] TF Ramhorn

    I also built ravage and laserbeak, you can see it from mocpages.
  9. tuanzi

    [MINI] TF Ramhorn

    Thank you for mention this!! Now fixed
  10. First of all, sorry for my poor English... Here is my entry to the [mini] contest 'Ramhorn' which is a member of autobots and transform into a cassette. Functions: transform(is this OK?) Parts:131 pcs Here is the parts of this Moc, in the upright corner there should be 10 pcs and the picture just show 6, my fault. This is the cassette mode, 11x7x3 is the size Here is the robot mode, white horn and red eyes, in the following pictures you will see how it transforms Wish you like this!!!
  11. Nice contest! Can I build two or three things each less than 200parts?