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  1. r5-j2

    Review: 75230 Porg

    Great pictures and a stunningly good review, but this Porg looks like it came out of the south-bound end of a north-bound Bantha!!..my goodness it is ugly!!
  2. r5-j2

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    20180604_195724 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180130_055511-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  3. r5-j2

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    More fun than most of the Mighty Micro builds you see!!
  4. r5-j2

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    I`d like to see "The Question" ,Huntress and Captain Atom (just finished watching J.L.U. cartoon series)..also the Royal Flush gang..especially Ace!
  5. r5-j2

    [MOC] Harry Potter's Gryffindor Bedroom

    I am not a great Harry Potter fan, but I wouldn`t mind having this on my shelf...it is a lovely ,well thought out build...nice one!!
  6. Just picked up on this and while I agree that the language used to describe The Last Jedi is badly out of place on this forum, you can`t dismiss the emotions around the current Star Wars Universe. We as adults mostly collect Lego , because it connects us to something that has great enjoyable memories, for me it`s being a teenager back in 1977 and seeing a "A New Hope" for the first time . The current divisions amongst the fan base has had a definate impact on sales of action figures..etc..I wonder if this has transferred over to Lego in any way..It would be interesting to know how Lego sets based on the recent Star Wars film series ,stack up sales-wise to the older themes. A good one would be the 2 training sets out now at the same price;..classic Yoda ,mentoring young Luke and older Luke mentoring Rey..is there any way to find this out...? p.s ..looking forward to the new Clone Wars and any subsequent Lego that comes our way!
  7. Great thinking..I collect Marvel/D.C. as well as S.W. and have scored some really nice minifigs/parts from Juniors sets and as you pointed out..there are no stickers, just nice printed parts.!
  8. r5-j2

    [MOD] 76104 The Hulkbuster Smash-Up

    I really like this a lot! ..I modded my own one (here ,along with the earlier version), but lost out on keeping the smash function..I used the Star Wars "Rey`s Speeder " set for additional bricks`n`bits and jet nozzles for the shoulder to arm joint, but it kinda makes it look like a triangular body-builder, with a very skinny waist!!!..whereas your one has better proportions. Regards Kenny 20180604_195724 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180604_195625-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  9. r5-j2

    [MOC] Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice Batmobile V2

    You have hit the bulls-eye with this build..it`s instantly recognizable from any angle...superb job!!
  10. r5-j2

    REVIEW: 75956: Quidditch Match

    Really like this set , agree with MIss Feklista , that the towers look great (and it would be easy enough to make them taller). Thanks for the pics and a nice review!
  11. r5-j2

    Non-Purist Superhero Figures

    Sorry I havn`t been on forum for a while Sneakguest..the breathing mask thingie came with the figure. Take care Kenny.
  12. There are Chinese "custom" MOTU figures out there on "Fleabay" , but I would prefer Lego to be doing this...shame it will never happen!
  13. I just bought this to go with my earlier version.I noticed that the shoulders looked a bit spindly, so I beefed them up a wee bit.I used a couple of nozzle parts instead of the technic gears that Lego supplied to attach the arms to the torso . I got rid of the arm action feature, spaced the bottom hinge of the middle access panel out a bit, so that there was more room to get a figure in. Finally I used a printed white on blue tile for the Arc reactor on the chest and lost some of the gold pieces on the hands, replacing them with dark red parts (all from the Star Wars "Rey`s Speeder" set , which has tons of useful bits for modding your Hulkbuster!) Hope you like it Regards Kenny 20180604_195625-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr here are both versions 20180604_195724 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  14. r5-j2

    [MOC] X-Wing Fighter Midi-scale

    I also like nose "D".. but to be honest ,all your versions are stunning...... and show really brilliant design work .
  15. r5-j2

    [MOC] Trabant Universal 1.1

    I love this , my pal drove a real Trabi back to the U.K from Germany , it had a metal tray for a Paraffin fueled cabin heater in the dash-board!....maybe an L.E.D. in the dash could mimic this weirdness!!!....nah, only joking!!..this is an amazing build, I can`t honestly see any way to improve it...thanks for sharing. Regards Kenny