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  1. Speed Champions Alternates

    Thanks Erol..my AMG mod was a simple thing..nothing like your 250 GTO, which is simply stunning..It reminds me of the convertible version;--the one used in Ferris Bueller`s day off, pity there aren`t any custom minifigs of Ferris and his gang!! Regards Kenny.
  2. Lego BrickHeadz 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    Marty and Doc Brown are top of my list..I also wish Lego would put out another Delorean..but that will never happen.
  3. I came across a discounted Star Wars set;- Rey`s Speeder , which had lots of useful elements, in the right shade of red, that I could use on my old Hulkbuster. I kept the Juniors Loki vs Iron Man car bonnet piece for the chest, but I used some of the new parts to bulk up the torso .I also modded` the hips ,by swapping out the technics gears with what look like "jet nozzle " parts, then I lengthened the legs, with grey spacers left over from a Darth Vader large figure(which I originally used on the shoulders). I did this so the mech doesn`t look as ape-like as it originally did (see first foto below , for how it originally looked)..I also ditched the stud shooters, as well as adding some wedge pieces to the feet to make them look business like. These are all small changes , but I`m happy with it ...I think! 24933444339_f951d32a34_o by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180311_164038 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180311_165002 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180311_164836-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180311_164920 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  4. My local store has huge areas of empty shelving taped off, almost like a crime-scene. There isn`t a single Lego brick left to be seen anywhere .What I noticed was some tatty looking old fashioned shelving , that I actually helped to assemble 14 years ago ,still sitting exactly as it was when I worked for them. So obviously Toys r Us U.K. truly liked to maximise their profits, not just thru pricing, but by also spending little or nothing on their outlets; ..which has ultimately led to their downfall !
  5. All U.K. TRU stores are closing...so watch this space for what happens in the States.
  6. The annoying thing about this is that by letting nostalgia (in my case for the first 1977 on wards Star Wars flicks) rule our heads and open our wallets, we created a monster within Lego ,with an appetite for style (or lack of it,often ) driven by hard core marketing ,over content.Keeping on churning out sets ,trying to squeeze as much money as possible from us the consumer !
  7. The Punisher Bust

    This is a really great build..but it does kinda look more like Bruce Campbell, rather than Thomas Jane..but still a million times better than i could do!!
  8. The Hulkbuster UCS MOD Topic

    I didn`t order the Hulkbuster (went for the Sanctum Sanctorum set instead)..because of the annoying exposed blue pins and lack of articulation ...but I`ve come across the sticker sheet for "Rey`s Speeder" Star Wars set . It has solid stickers (not the transparent type ) in the right color that could be trimmed and "Frankensteined" to cover those annoying blue technic pins, so that has now got me questioning whether I should have gone for the Mk 44 instead. Regards Kenny
  9. MOC - You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars.

    Outstanding vignette..takes me back to the movie..what a wonderful build!!...especially like the pulley (?) pieces for the hospital bed castor wheels!!
  10. Batcave MOC

    I`ve just found this and it is just incredible, the detail is just out there!! .I mean, way, way beyond any other Bat-cave/ Wayne Manor build I`ve seen on this forum. Totally nuts (and totally wonderful as well!!)
  11. Lobo Space Hog (MOD)

    Here`s my take on Lobo`s Space Hog.. the original build is magic ,but I thought it was a bit over-sized , so I shortened it ,using flick-missile parts for the front forks, I also took a wee bit off the height, getting rid of the launcher/storage bay under the main man`s seat..adding in a third engine. I think for twenty pound , you get a lot in this set, Krypto and Lobo are superb figures and I would recommend this to anybody..it`s just a lot of fun! Take care everybody Kenny. 20180205_082721-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082520-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082224-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180205_082328 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  12. My local Asda was clearing out the Clayface sets for £14, so I bought one , which meant I could build him a pair of functioning hands. Having re-watched the "Feat of clay" episodes from Batman The Animated Series , I got the idea (which some forum member has probably already done better ,than me), to use the left over bits ,to show Clayface oozing across the ground.I`m drifting in and out of this crappy flu bug at the moment, so this all I`ve come up with for now, but I`ve got some vignette ideas bouncing around my congested skull! Kenny 20180130_055711-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180130_061611-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  13. Post Your Superhero Minifig Collections Here!

    SHIELD personnel and some others including the Carter girls; Peggy (agent Carter), Sharon (agent 13) and Shannon (American Dream) along with Nick Fury senior. 20180128_093950-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180128_094254 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  14. Just got the Naboo N1 and Vulture Droid, set; no. 7660, second hand . This had been built, then broken down, but came in excellent shape and in original box and I really like it cause I`ve finally got an Anakin child minifigure;... now looking forward to getting the Imperial TIE fighter from upcoming Solo movie!
  15. Totally agree..I`d actually forgotten about Yoda`s hut set...has this already been done in the past? and if so ,how does this one compare?