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  1. r5-j2

    Minions 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Just came on to this subject and I have to say that "the other " company that had this license made ,cuter more adaptable figures ...I think that the build quality from Lego will be miles ahead ..but the mini-figs are really clunky looking!
  2. r5-j2

    [MOC] The Simpsons Krusty Burger

    This is stunning...it would leap off shop and warehouse shelves if Lego ok`d it....the packaging should say "Buy this set (or Krusty will be making a home delivery!!..heh, heh )." Totally awesome!! Kenny
  3. r5-j2

    [MOC] Infinity War Hulkbuster Mark 2

    Damn thing almost has a bio-mechanical look to it....best bad-azz Hulk-Buster I`ve seen!!
  4. r5-j2

    Lego Ideas: Chip n Dale - Rescue Rangers!

    Easily as cool as the Latest Flintstones set!!..hope to see it do well
  5. r5-j2

    [MOC] Micro Slave 1

    Wish Lego would release stuff in this scale..it would be a far more affordable way to collect. These are just superb ,If you made up a stand with an appropriate crew member up front, with the ship flying behind that would look great...but as they are, they are amazing...please keep em` coming!
  6. r5-j2

    MOC: Mandalorian Starfighter

    That is a cool build, hope Bricktooth comes back, if only to see these comments.
  7. Thanks Daddy_Stardust;--I honestly didn`t know about this set. My local Asda was knocking out the bounty hunters battle pack on sale last year for £2.99 and I started to think about maybe doing a speeder for them, but when the Mandalorian battle pack appeared, I actually built it and they got it instead. Take care Kenny P.S. I now need to get me a couple of those Mando Super-commandos, their helmet design is really cool...which series of the Clone Wars did they appear in?
  8. I just got the Mandolorian battle pack and decided to try and put together a speeder that could look o.k. for carrying these dudes (and dudettes?) around. The engine pod is a net flinger from the Batman mech/Gorilla Grod set.The side direction thrusters came off a helicopter set as did the long blade pieces that are on either side. I may get my spray paints out and do these blade pieces in silver (which is sort of cheating, but I did this on the wheel trims and scoop of my Fast`n`Furious Dodge Charger and it looked pretty o.k.) I love this battle pack and hope we some more like this; a 501st Clone trooper pack would be great, now that Clone Wars series 7 is due out this month! IMG_0228 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_0234 (2) by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_0230 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_0233 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_0240 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2980 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  9. Just saw this... https://www.fanthatracks.com/news/conventions-events/legoland-californias-star-wars-miniland-to-close-6th-january-2020/ What is going on, I love the version they have at the Windsor Park, here in the U.K. 20170506_111524 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  10. r5-j2

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    The local shops here are heavily discounting Star Wars merch..I got Boba, Han and Chewie 3.75 inch figs for 70% less than list price. Funko Pops can be had for 50% off..but S.W. Lego is still bucking this trend, I hope we get some Clone War sets and if the Mandalorian does well, then maybe another set or two from that that would be good!..finally ,I find it interesting that the kids turning up for this trunk or treat event ,were all representative of the original 1977 onwards trilogy (even K2-S0`s time-line falls just before A New Hope )
  11. r5-j2

    Should LEGO Star Wars take a break?

    Totally agree ,so glad they are away from Star Wars, but I`ve tried putting my own (negative) feelings about current Star Wars to one side , instead I am looking forward to the upcoming Clone Wars and hoping this will be a good ending to a great T.V. show (even better than Rebels, which I loved ). I love the diversity of vehicle types and even the variety of the different clone units..6 out of my last 7 S.W. Lego purchases have been either prequal or Clone Wars sets...including reeling in some 2nd hand ones , that I missed first time around.
  12. r5-j2

    AT-RT Assault walker

    Did some changes to 72561..went for the 104th Wolfpack colours and did some wee changes to legs and body..found the six stud launcher and tacked it on..it still balances o.k...(I suppose in real life that it would be made out of some super light space age alloy!)..I did have normal weapons fit unit made up ,to make it look more like a traditional AT_RT, but the multi-launcher just looks so bad-a$$, that I went with that. Kenny IMG_3010 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_3016 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  13. r5-j2

    [MOC] various DC Super Heroes Scenes

    Lovely work, nice size for a desk or shelf display. Kenny.
  14. r5-j2

    [Star Trek] Christopher Pike in wheelchair

    Great idea..but I am sure Chris Pike was sporting a beard. Regards Kenny Apologies...pike was scarred badly: not bearded...so your build is spot on....ahhhh I hate getting old...I was five when the menagerie two parter came out!!!
  15. r5-j2

    [LDD] Jurassic World Vehicles MOCs

    Elrond, the Merc 6 wheeler and the Unimog are so instantly recognisable, I love these concepts....; here we see you out-doing Lego`s in house designers and coming up with some great vehicles and your designs have a simplicity and shaping that just works so well! Regards Kenny