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    [LDD] Jurassic World Vehicles MOCs

    Elrond, the Merc 6 wheeler and the Unimog are so instantly recognisable, I love these concepts....; here we see you out-doing Lego`s in house designers and coming up with some great vehicles and your designs have a simplicity and shaping that just works so well! Regards Kenny
  2. Thanks Bardan, I got this canopy with the Bat-Wing set and when I tore that down it ended up on my Bat-boat (for a while)...it`s a part that can be used for any vehicle ,from boats to jets to fast car builds and I wish I had more of them! regards Kenny IMG_2532 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  3. 20190813_124710-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190813_124549-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190813_125746-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190813_124533-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190813_125644 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  4. r5-j2

    [MOC] Dark Knight

    What a brilliant build..you even incorporated the taller , more sinister looking ears ,which some D.C artists like Marc Silvestri sometimes drew.....again this is great and I wish I had it on my shelf!! Regards Kenny
  5. I just finished building the 80th anniversary Batmobile and it is a brilliant build for the money (£24.99).The thing has some real weight and bulk to it, I spaced out the rear wheels, to try and make it look less slab sided (it`s only real weakness) and I ditched the 2 printed engine intake tiles at the front and did new side intakes (which cancelled out the stud-shooters)..I am sorry the pictures aren't great but I only finished the build shortly before I head to work...any how this is a brilliant , nostalgic blend of Batmobiles from the past ..I love it! Kenny 20190529_101248 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190529_102918-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20190529_102941-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  6. r5-j2

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Just got The new Batmobile set from Asda ,here in West Lothian , Scotland on my way home from work...they seem to have most of the new H.P/Batman sets in stock, a nearby Entertainer chain shop doesn`t have any for sale.
  7. r5-j2

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors & discussion

    Asda have the new sets as well...I bought and quite like the Knight Bus..except for the lack of printed parts for the bus itself..all the destination boards and the radiator really should have been printed, I think Lego have cheapened out on this, by going for stickers.
  8. r5-j2

    Tyrrell P34 1:5

    This is an insanely inspired model...incredible work..I remember Jody Scheckter driving the real thing back in 1976..(he incidentally is now the owner of a firm in England that makes buffalo mozzarella cheese!) Again I have to say that this is a mind-blowing build.. the back tyres really are a stroke of genius! Regards Kenny.
  9. r5-j2

    [MOC] Bud Spencer & Terence Hill with Puma dune buggy

    Nice trip down memory lane ,I remember the "Trinity" westerns and "My Name is Nobody" (with Henry Fonda)...these two guys were fun..thanks for the build!
  10. r5-j2

    Dom Toretto`s Charger R/T, Punisher`s Demon

    Best not use the marker paint..probably too thick.would not give a good finish!
  11. I recently bought the Dodge 75893 set for the Charger R/T.I wanted to recreate the one Dom drove in the 4th (maybe 5th) film, which had a plainer front end and nice chrome spoked wheels.I raised up the back ,to give it meaner stance (although to me it looks a bit cartoony with wider truck tyres fitted).I spray painted the rims from the Demon and also the blower with silver paint. Speaking of the Demon, I re-purposed it as transport for the Punisher, matt black gives it a meaner look altogether. I am now hooked on speed champions..the Mustang Fast-back should on it`s way in the post to me as I type this! Regards Kenny IMG_2980 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2978 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_3004 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2989 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  12. r5-j2

    Dom Toretto`s Charger R/T, Punisher`s Demon

    I`ve never done it, there are bright yellow spray paints which local authorities/motorway/rail maintenance teams use to mark repairs or adjustments on tarmac or concrete.These might be what you could use, but you would need to use a white primer first and make sure you de-grease the bricks first before you prime them.I notice that you are in Northern Italy..maybe another forum member reading this would know a supplier near you.. or a good idea would be to head to your nearest hobby shop with a yellow brick to get a color match, Tamiya, Humbrol and Lifecolor are companies I know about...there`s also Vallejo.. https://acrylicosvallejo.com/en/hobby-spray-paint/ Hope this helps Kenny
  13. r5-j2

    Dom Toretto`s Charger R/T, Punisher`s Demon

    Thanks for the kind words. Painting Lego is probably viewed as cheating, but I used to build/paint a lot of plastic military modelling kits (until my Grandson got me interested in Lego), so painting the engine and wheel trims seemed the best way to model one my favourite movie cars. Regards Kenny.
  14. r5-j2

    Punisher Dodge Demon

    I bought the Dodge 75893 speed champions set principally for the Charger R/T (for a Dom Toretto Fast and Furious build) , but I thought the Demon sounded like the ideal car for Frank Castle . So I changed the cheerful yellow to a meaner matt black and added a "get the h*ll out of my way!" bumper. Regards Kenny. IMG_3004 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2989 by kenny burns, on Flickr IMG_2980 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  15. Far out..brother!....incredibly silly..but still brilliant...any Lego designer coming out with this, would probably end up being drug tested by the company!!…..but I love it..please do more builds like this!! Kenny.
  16. Has to be Iron Man in Lego form too..although my film/t.v favorites are Spidey and Dare Devil....Stan was a genius and a real people person who will be missed so much! IMG_2888 (2) by kenny burns, on Flickr
  17. r5-j2

    [Stud.io MOC] For Stan Lee...

    You made a real difference to millions and millions of people Stan...the world is a little bit darker now......"nuff said"
  18. r5-j2

    [MOC] AT-DT Walker from Solo : A Star Wars Story

    Totally 100 % cool and thanks to your link, even a clutz like me ,can attempt this! Kenny
  19. I had this set lying around for months and decided to build it with the intention of making it less "toy-like" (especially trying to make the cannons look more business-like ) and on it`s own it does sort of look like a proper Fighter Tank. But if you put a figure in it , then the small scale really shows it up and it does not look that good. Any how, having just watched the Clone Wars series one for the first time , I`m hooked and love the look of all the figures/vehicles from that era , guess my bank balance is in for a pounding! Kenny 20181106_110352-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20181106_110424-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20181106_110533 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20181106_110852 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  20. r5-j2

    Review: 75230 Porg

    Great pictures and a stunningly good review, but this Porg looks like it came out of the south-bound end of a north-bound Bantha!!..my goodness it is ugly!!
  21. r5-j2

    Lego Licensed Photography Thread

    20180604_195724 by kenny burns, on Flickr 20180130_055511-1 by kenny burns, on Flickr
  22. r5-j2

    [MOD/MOC] Bat_smart

    More fun than most of the Mighty Micro builds you see!!
  23. r5-j2

    DC Super Heroes Wishlists

    I`d like to see "The Question" ,Huntress and Captain Atom (just finished watching J.L.U. cartoon series)..also the Royal Flush gang..especially Ace!
  24. r5-j2

    [MOC] Harry Potter's Gryffindor Bedroom

    I am not a great Harry Potter fan, but I wouldn`t mind having this on my shelf...it is a lovely ,well thought out build...nice one!!
  25. Just picked up on this and while I agree that the language used to describe The Last Jedi is badly out of place on this forum, you can`t dismiss the emotions around the current Star Wars Universe. We as adults mostly collect Lego , because it connects us to something that has great enjoyable memories, for me it`s being a teenager back in 1977 and seeing a "A New Hope" for the first time . The current divisions amongst the fan base has had a definate impact on sales of action figures..etc..I wonder if this has transferred over to Lego in any way..It would be interesting to know how Lego sets based on the recent Star Wars film series ,stack up sales-wise to the older themes. A good one would be the 2 training sets out now at the same price;..classic Yoda ,mentoring young Luke and older Luke mentoring Rey..is there any way to find this out...? p.s ..looking forward to the new Clone Wars and any subsequent Lego that comes our way!