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  1. This is brilliant. It immediately reminded me of the Thunderbirds chair things they use to enter their respective aircraft (or Wallace and Gromit). I think you have an opportunity to further develop this! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paN781Mhb8I
  2. Ape Fight

    4 xl motors?

    An example of the power of four ^
  3. Ape Fight

    [MOC] Ferrari 250GT California - 50,000 Pieces

    To those outside of the AFOL community this car is what LEGO is all about. The general population don't think of Power Functions, SNOT etc when thinking of Lego. They think of little cuboids stacked on top of one another, and this car does that better than anything I've ever seen : )
  4. Ape Fight

    Fast RC crawler - 4XL motor

    Weird looks, awesome off-road abilities. Looks a riot to drive : )
  5. Well that's the bar re-set! I think this is the first time I've ever felt compelled to start a topic about someone's MOC. More pictures here: http://thelegocarblo...icture-special/ Incredible stuff.
  6. Ape Fight

    [MOCS] Top 5 Technic Supercars

    No idea. I think the Vampire GT is my favourite. Or Sheepos(?) Veyron or Porsche
  7. Found this 'Top 5 Technic Supercars' list today - great to see some Eurobrickers in the Top 5 list! The list was compiled by the Head Turnerz group admins on Flickr, of which I'm a member. It's a friendly group worth checking out if you have a Flickr account. http://thelegocarblog.com/2014/07/15/the-top-5-technic-supercars/
  8. Ape Fight

    Lego and sunlight

    No. Life's too short : )
  9. Ape Fight

    Displaying Models Harmful to Bricks?

    So, is displaying models harmful to them? Nope What do you guys do to your models to keep them safe? Nowt Glad I could help
  10. I have a truck powered by four XL motors (geared down once that further increases torque) and the power goes through one 3L diff. The 12t gears in the diff are fine. I broke the middle gear when the truck was geared down twice (and about six other gears), but with it geared down once it's been fine. It seems you either had a weak gear or that something isn't quite right with your drive train.
  11. Weight weight weight. Power can overcome this to a degree - but as weight and power increase, load on the parts does also. Simplicity is your friend.
  12. I've been a bit lazy and so I've not taken the chassis apart for photos, but there are a few more pictures on Flickr now, which (I think) are all that would be needed if you wanted to recreate the chassis yourself - as it's a very simply constructed design. Complete underside Sills and front and rear valances: Gearbox:
  13. Only if someone wants to make them! I can take more photos of the chassis now if someone does possess instruction-making skills
  14. The very first sentence in their 'About' section reads: Super Awesome Micro Project is: A car made of Lego, that drives, has an engine made from Lego which runs on air. (wheels and some load bearing elements are non-Lego) With that I'll take a back seat on EB - I think it's such a shame that there's so much rife jealousy here towards others' success. They're not conning anyone, because a) it says there's non-Lego involved in the construction right there in the very first sentence, and b) even if they didn't say there was non-Lego involved (which they did), they built it for FUN. They're not trying to sell it to someone under false pretences like a guy with a fake Rolex, and they are perfectly entitled not to give a stuff about the purist rules set out in a little corner of the internet by people they've never met. This isn't going to win me any friends here, but meh, lighten up people. It's Lego (mostly), not the use of chemical weapons in Syria. I'd be bloody proud if I made it and I bet anyone here would too. Except I didn't make it, and nor did anyone else here, and that to me, seems to be the problem.